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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Sarah was woken up by a tugging at her arm. She looked around blearily, and saw Lizzy standing by her bedside illuminated by a lamp.

"What's going on?" Sarah mumbled, closing her eyes again.

"Sarah, I had a bad dream."

Sarah forced her eyes open and looked at her bedside clock. "Lizzy, it's 2 in the morning. Can you please go back to sleep?"

"Can I sleep with you? I'm scared that the mean lady will come and take me away."

Sarah sighed. "What mean lady?"

"The mean lady from my dream. She looked a bit like my mommy, but she wasn't my mommy. When she saw me, she started running after me and yelled something. I can't remember what it was, though."

Sarah pulled Lizzy up onto the bed and put her arm around her. "Don't worry, dreams aren't real. They can't hurt you. But if you're really afraid of sleeping by yourself, I guess you can stay here."

Lizzy slipped under the covers and nuzzled up against Sarah. Sarah reached over to turn off the lamp.

"Can we leave the light on please?" Lizzy asked.

Sarah paused for a second before bringing her hand back to the bed. "Alright, but you've got to promise you'll go to sleep."

"I promise!" Lizzy said.

Satisfied, Sarah closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

"Good night, Sarah."

"... Good night, Lizzy."

* * *

The next morning, Sarah was the second to wake up. She looked over at the empty bed beside her, and heard the muffled sound of the TV on downstairs. She got out of bed, and headed down to check on Lizzy.

She found her sitting on the couch, watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal. Sarah was impressed Lizzy was able to pour the cereal on her own, until she walked into the kitchen and found a puddle of milk and what must have been half the cereal box on the ground.


"What?" Lizzy said innocently from the other room.

Sarah took a few breaths before replying. She looked at the tamagotchi in her hand, and remembered her mission. She took one more deep breath and said, "Nothing! Don't worry about it."

After checking on the tamagotchi to make sure she hadn't made Lizzy unhappy by yelling, she grabbed a paper towel and a broom and got to work cleaning up the mess. After she was finished, she attempted to make herself cereal, but finding the box completely empty she decided to just skip breakfast this morning.

Sarah joined Lizzy on the couch, and when the show she told Lizzy that it was time for her to take a bath and brush her teeth.

Sarah found the experience of giving her mom a bath a little surreal, but Lizzy seemed to enjoy it. Sarah kind of liked having someone so dependent on her to take care of; Lizzy needed help brushing her teeth, combing her hair and tying her shoes.

"Alright, are you ready to go to Jenny's house?" Sarah asked.

“Jenny’s house! Jenny’s house!” Lizzy said excitedly.

“Wow, I didn’t realize you liked Jenny so much,” Sarah said.

“I want to be just like her when I grow up!” Lizzy said brightly.

They both got dressed and walked a few blocks over to Jenny’s house.

“Let’s get ready for this party!” Jenny said.

Lizzy started jumping up and down in excitement, and Sarah couldn’t help smiling.

Sarah and Jenny started doing make up in front of the vanity, and Lizzy started begging to do it herself.

“Come here,” Jenny said, patting her lap.

Lizzy sat on her lap, and Jenny started doing her make up. When Jenny was done, Lizzy asked Sarah what she thought.

“You look great!” Sarah said hesitantly. “But I need to talk with Jenny alone real quick.”

Sarah pulled Jenny aside.

“Come on,” Sarah said. “This isn’t Toddlers and Tiaras. She shouldn’t be doing this much make up at her age, right?”

“Relax,” Jenny said. “I’m just trying to teach her that make up is fun. Let’s see what she thinks - Lizzy what do you think of make up?”

“I look so pretty!” Lizzy said, jumping up and down. “I love make up.”

“See,” Jenny whispered.

“I guess this is fine,” Sarah said.

“That’s the spirit!” Jenny said. “Now lets get dressed.”

* * *

The girls got dressed, and were about to take off when Sarah got a notification.

“Fuck,” she said.

Lizzy pointed at Sarah. “You said a bad word!”

Sarah shook her head, “‘Fuck’ is a great word - but that’s besides the point. Jenny, I think I might have to cancel going to the party.”

“What!? You can’t cancel now!” Jenny said angrily.

“I know, I know, but I totally forgot about signing up for summer classes. My mom was going to help me sign up today, if things hadn’t gotten so crazy.”

Jenny put her hands on her hips. “Who cares! We’re already all dressed up. It’s not like anyone’s looking over your shoulders. Forget about school, we have a party to go to!”

Sarah bit her lip and thought about it. It wasn’t like today was the last day for her to sign up for her summer classes. Plus, did she really want to sign up for them? That was something her mom was pressuring her to do - not something she wanted. Right?

“...Okay, let’s go,” Sarah finally said. “Come on, Lizzy.”

Lizzy had watched this exchange with attentive eyes, and was happy when Sarah decided the party was more important than some dumb school thing. The girls took Lizzy’s hands on either side of her, and walked to the car. Soon enough, they were at Rick’s house.

“Hey, Rick!”

“Hey, Sarah! Jenny! Welcome to my humble abode,” Rick said.

His house was on the nice side of town where all the rich kids were, and his house was huge. Perfect for a big party while his parents were away.

“Here’s the basement,” Rick said, “Feel free to put your sister down there - my brother is already playing.”

“No fair!” Lizzy complained. “I want to party with you.”

“Now, now,” Sarah said. “You’re to small to party with us. When you’re older, you can go to as many parties as you want. But right now, you need to go downstairs.”

Lizzy sulked, but complied. She walked down the stairs and saw a boy playing video games.

“Hi,” he said. “Want to play?”

Lizzy wanted to be upstairs partying, but she decided to make the best of this situation. “Okay,” she said sadly.

Upstairs, Rick was introducing Sarah and Jenny to the other guests. It seemed like the whole football and cheerleading teams were there, as well as a few miscellaneous popular kids.

Sarah got swept up in a conversation with Rick, when she heard a series of beeps from her pocket.

Oh no.

She pulled out the Tamagotchi and looked at her mom’s status.

Age: 14 Weight: 95 lbs Happiness: 3/5 Hunger: 4/5 Discipline: 1/10


“I’m sorry, Rick,” Sarah said. “I’ve got to check on my sister.”

Sarah rushed down stairs, and found her mom had indeed become a 14 year old. The clothes she had been wearing were now stretched to the limit on her budding breasts and hips, and had become a tight midriff bearing top and a scandalously short skirt which threatened to show off her underewear if she shifted even a little bit.

For his part, Rick’s brother was just staring in stunned silence at his magically aged up play partner.

“Hey, Lizzy,” Sarah said. “Do we need to get you new clothes?”

Lizzy looked down at her clothes, and shrugged.

“No way!” she replied. “Look at how sexy I look! Can I party with you guys now? You said I could go to as many parties as I wanted when I was older.”

“I did say that,” Sarah said hesitantly. “But how am I going to explain your sudden appearance? And are you *sure* you don’t want a change of clothes?”

“You sound like my mom,” Lizzy said. “Just tell them I’m your cousin or something, and that your aunt stopped by to take care of me.”

“How did you become older?” Rick’s brother finally said. “Can I do that?”

Lizzy walked over and rustled his hair. “I’m sorry tyke, you’ll have to wait to grow up like everyone else.”

She started up the stairs and Sarah followed.

“What do you remember at this point?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Well, I know that I’m older than 14,” Lizzy said. “But I’m really not sure how old I originally was. Was I originally your older sister or something?”

Sarah titled her head. “Uh, yeah. Something like that. You don’t mind how Jenny and I have taken care of you?”

Lizzy shook her head, “Of course not! You two are really cool. I can’t wait until I’m your 18 year old sister again or whatever, and then I can take *you* out to parties for a change.”

“Yeah, about that…” Sarah said.

“Am I not 18?” Lizzy said. “How old am I? 21? Am I at least old enough to drink?”

“You’re already old enough to drink,” Jenny said. She had apparently overhead the last part of the conversation. “We’re about to play king’s cup, do you two want to play?”

“Isn’t that a drinking game?” Sarah said uncertainly. She had never drunken alcohol before. Her mom had absolutely forbid it.

“It is,” Jenny said cheerily. “Do you two want to play?”

“Of course we do!” Lizzy said enthusiastically.

“Um, I guess…” Sarah said.

Jenny grabbed their hands and led them to the circle that had formed around the cup and deck.

“Here you go,” Rick said, handing the three of them beer cans.

“Do you have anything stronger?” Lizzy said.

“I don’t think we’ve met,” Rick said. “Are you a relative of Sarah’s?”

“Yeah,” Sarah injected. “She’s my cousin. My aunt took my little sister away and dropped her off.”

“My name’s Lizzy,” Lizzy said with a flirtatious smile.

“Well, welcome to the party Lizzy.”

“About getting something stronger...” Lizzy said.

Rick frowned. “You look like you’re in middle school or something. Are you sure your mom would be okay with this?”

Jenny slapped Lizzy on the back. “She was just born to party, that’s all! Give the girl a shot!”

Someone passed a shot glass, and poured some vodka for Lizzy.

“Wait, Lizzy,” Sarah whispered. “Are you sure it’s a good idea for you to drink? Do you know your limits, yet?”

Lizzy smiled at Sarah. “Come on, *sis*. I totally know my limits! Don’t forget I’m older than you.”

Lizzy picked up the shot glass, and kicked it back in one gulp. She winced for a second afterwards, but didn’t ask for a chaser.

“Let’s play king’s cup!” Jenny said, giving Sarah a don’t-forget-our-master-plan look.

“Let’s play king’s cup!” Sarah said, grabbing another shot glass for herself.

* * *

Sarah woke up on a strange couch with her head pounding. She looked over to her side and could see a few other people still asleep after a long night of reverie.

Sarah tried to remember how she got here. She remembered king’s cup. And then they had played ‘Never have I ever.’ She vaguely remembered lying on a few questions. Lizzy needed to know it was okay for a 16 year old to have already had sex with her boyfriend. Sarah hoped she hadn’t come off as too much of a slut - she just wanted to raise Lizzy the right way.


Sarah pulled out the Tamagotchi and looked at its status.

Age: 14 Weight: 96 lbs Happiness: 0/5 Hunger: 0/5 Discipline: 1/10

Sarah started searching the sea of people who had crashed, but didn’t find Lizzy. She got up, and searched around for the bathroom. She found Lizzy passed out by the toilet, wearing a t-shirt that was several sizes too large for her.

She shook Lizzy awake.

“Lizzy, are you okay?” Sarah said.

“Rgh,” Lizzy mumbled. “Why is the world spinning?”

“You’ve got a hangover,” Sarah said. “So much for knowing your limits.”

Lizzy gave a weak smile. “Totally worth it though. I can’t wait to party again soon.”

Sarah was impressed, and a little worried. Right now, she couldn’t wait for the pounding in her head to be over. She never wanted to party that hard again. But Lizzy was just ready to go.

“Lizzy, maybe you should-”

Somebody cut Sarah off.

“Oh, you two are up,” Rick said. “James is making pancakes if you want any.”

Lizzy shook her head, “I’m still feeling a little nauseous. I don’t think I could keep it down.”

“Oh, do you want to a hit off my vape pen?” Rick said. “You know what they say, THC stands for ‘The Hangover Cure,’”

“Sure,” Lizzy said eagerly, taking his vape pen and putting it to her lips.

“Wait!” Sarah said. “Are you sure this is a good idea, Rick? Shouldn’t we just give her water or something?”

Lizzy rolled her eyes. “It’s one puff of marijuana, Sarah. Wasn’t it you and Jenny that told me that weed wasn’t that big a deal when I was younger?”

Sarah started sputtering. “I-It’s not a big deal, but you’re still pretty young, and you’re already hung over…”

“What are you going to do, Sarah?” Lizzy said. “Ground me for vaping? Tell my parents about this? I thought you were cool!”

Sarah threw her hands up in the air. “Do whatever you want, okay! Just remember I let you do this when you’re older.”

“Don’t worry,” Lizzy said, winking. “I’ll definitely hook you up when I’m older.” Then she did one puff, then two.

A few minutes later, the various hangover cases had meandered down to the kitchen and were partaking of pancakes.

Lizzy giggled. “I love the texture of these pancakes in my mouth. It’s so weird. But like a good weird, you know?”

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Rick said. “The clothes you threw up on are in the dryer, Lizzy.”

Lizzy giggled again. She leaned unsteadily towards Rick. "Everyone needs friends as good as you, Rick. You're officially the group's mom!"

Rick shrugged, "This isn't my first rodeo. I just try to make sure everyone has an excellent party so they'll come back next time!"

Sarah looked at her mom’s status.

Age: 14 Weight: 96 lbs Happiness: 5/5 Hunger: 5/5 Discipline: 0/10

Well, at least Lizzy was full and happy. Sarah just really hoped her mom wouldn’t be mad when she was grown up again. If this plan worked, she’d have the coolest mom ever, for sure.



End Chapter 3


by: Anostus | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2021


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