I, Nemo

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A series of stories based upon dreams; Part 1 is a dream, Part 2 is medieval.

Chapter 1
Off to never never land

Chapter Description: A series of stories based upon dreams (I hope!)

It was a Friday, Larry Parkour rushed home from his demanding job. Sporting a stiffy he eagerly pulled open his drawer of baby things and selected a super-absorbent diaper, a colorful onesie with little duckies and bears on it, a number 5 Nuk pacifier, and his favorite blanky. He laid the diaper on the bed, opened it and put an excessive amount of baby powder in the nooks and crannies, and then laid upon it causing a puff of powder to saturate the air around him. The nostalgic smell of the powder filled his nostrils and his stiffy became a raging hard-on.

He added more of the wonderful powder on his nether regions and pulled the diaper up through his legs fastening the two tabs at the top across the clown decorated landing zone. With his soft, cloud-like diaper around his waist, he pulled the onesie over his head and snapped the five snaps at the bottom together then laid back on the bed with the paci in his mouth and suckled it.

As he began to imagine that he was growing younger, he began to make rhythmic babyish movements rubbing his powder encrusted penis into the absorbent paper fabric of the diaper. Faster and with more force, he began to masturbate without his hands touching his lower regions, in his mind’s eye he continued to see the image of him passing from adult to teen, still sucking on the paci and turning off his conscious adult thoughts.

Smaller and smaller, his mind convinced him as he passed from teen to tween and then to childhood, his self-pleasuring was beginning to come to a climax, smaller and smaller, his mind’s canvas slowly becoming a tabula rasa with his portrait going from toddler to rug-crawler, the pleasure of sexual stimulation peaking in the climax. His strained personal equipment screaming for release as his mind pictured him laying on his back, wearing a thick pamper with a onesie over it, kicking his arms and legs in the all too familiar infant pattern, he released.

The pleasure, so intense, so satisfying as he came into the front of his adult diaper and lay there, spent. After a few moments, he drifted off to a peaceful, stress-free sleep of oblivion.

He awoke, it was morning as his eyes came in but not quite focus with a big happy smile on his face. The paci had dropped out of his mouth and he couldn’t find it on the bed. Bed? There were bars all around him, he could see the baseboard of what appeared to be a crib, but his vision was still blurry and he couldn’t tell. He attempted to get up and found that the only thing he could do was roll over to either side and only for a moment at that.

What was wrong? It was as if he was paralyzed and his arms and legs barely obeyed his wishes. Then he noticed that he’d peed in his diaper during the night and that it was full to bursting. This wasn’t right! That diaper was rated at five liters! He didn’t have that much liquid in his body to do that much in such a short time, could he?

Attempting to get up once more, he put everything he had into it making grunting sounds but he could only move from side to side and roll sideways but for a moment. He was frustrated and didn’t want to play baby anymore. He let out a yell and realized that it sounded like a baby's yell. This and the growing discomfort of being cold and wet down there with no way to fix the situation only made drive home feelings of helplessness.

He squirmed and kicked and got more and more frustrated until finally, he realized that there was nothing he could do and began to whimper. He whimpered for a little while and that didn’t help, so he began to cry softly. Soft crying didn’t do anything, so he began to cry loudly with great tears falling down his cheeks, such a pitiful baby he was!

A door opened and his mother entered the room. He hadn’t seen her since the funeral when he’d bent down and kissed her on the forehead. Her cold, powdered head had a slight smudge on it when they’d lowered the casket, but he was sure that she wouldn’t mind. A loving goodbye from a loving son was all that it was and nobody seemed to notice the powder stain on his lips.

His mother went to the crib he was lying in and lifted him cradling his head with one arm and his wet, diapered butt with the other. She cooed to him, but being in the middle of a good cry like most babies, he wasn’t going to stop that easily.

His mother put him on a changing table, pulled off his wet onesie, undid the tabs on his pamper, lifted his legs, then slid it out from under his legs and rolled it up, and tossed it into the diaper pail. She took a large baby wipe and rubbed off the smell of urine from his lower body and butt. He stopped crying when the smell of the powder-scented wipe hit his nose, bringing back memories of what was begin done to him currently. Up went his legs again, a fresh pamper was slid under his butt, fresh baby powder sprinkled down on the diaper and his crotch, as the smell permeated his nostrils he began to giggle and smile at his mommy.

Up the diaper went between his legs, tapes were applied, and then dressed in a fresh onesie. Then she pulled out a pink ruffled dress with the words “Pretty Princess” on the front and dressed him complete with pink ruffled socks and buckled black Mary Jane’s. He laid there on the changing table happily breathing in the fresh smells from his powdered behind and burbled happily.

“This has to be a dream” Thought Larry, “Let’s see if we can spice it up a bit!” Larry then willed himself into a sitting position, jumped off the table with his mother following close behind. He then went to the refrigerator and pulled out a PBR and was unable to open it. “Not for you!” His mother said taking away the can. She then opened it and filled a baby bottle with the contents of the can and handed it to Larry.

Larry took the baby bottle and sucked down the frosty beverage. Due to his tiny liver, the beer hit him almost instantly and he started to get a buzz from it. “Hey, Ma! Why don’t you have one for yourself and we can have a chat.” Said Larry slightly slurring his words. That PBR was good stuff! He’d better suck it down slow though or he’d pass out soon.

Larry awoke with a start. His cell phone time stated that it was Saturday and fairly early as well. A funk arose from his nethers that had the scent of talcum powder over it. His five-liter diaper was only half full and laughed at his attempt to fill it but added the smell of morning dew to the funky fragrance coming from his loins.

“Just a dream.” Thought Larry.

“What dreams may come.” Indeed...



End Chapter 1

I, Nemo

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated May 23, 2021


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