Applied Science

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Chapter 5
The Serum

Chapter Description: The protagonist fulfills his end of the bargain.

It took about 20 minutes to get my stuff together. I felt a lot more comfortable wearing my own clothes than I did before. The car ride didn’t take long about half an hour or so. I was cuffed all the way there until we arrived at a plain office building. There were no outward markings or insignia. Just bland glass offices. I was moved from the car and taken into the building. A normal looking reception with typical pretty reception girls met me as I was lead through two security doors. I eventually found myself in a stylish bedroom. A nice en suite. A nice TV with satellite with all the sports channels good quality comfortable bed and stylish furniture. This was not what I had been expecting at all. I had expected the full lab experience with glass test tubes and microscopes nothing like what I had found. The door was locked but I had everything I needed in here.

I moved to the window and cracked it open. Evening was setting in now and the cold winter sun was slipping behind the cityscape. I lit up a cigarette and sat in relative peace. I was still withdrawing from the coke and it was hitting me hard. A pained mind drifts to tortured places under stress and that’s all I could think about. The path that had led me here and the life I had lived. I still considered it a good life considering the circumstances but only now here kept as a lab rat did I truly start to have regrets. I had never been in a relationship or known love. I had never had a first kiss I had never experienced school. All I had experiences was excess and fear, Christ I needed a bump I had got by in the prison before the trial by some of the contacts I had being able to sneak me some in but here I had nothing. I finished my cigarette and tossed it out of the window. I showered and lay down on the bed and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

I awoke at around 7am my head pounding from comedown and looked around. I had been hooked up to many computer or machines.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed loudly.

I immediately noticed that it was David the man who met me in jail. He looked over to me reassuringly.

“Just taking some vitals from you now before the procedure. We are unsure if the narcotics in your system will interfere with the serum so we will be waiting until this evening to make sure you are clear, don’t worry for the life you have lived you are a very healthy man”

I relaxed somewhat and sat there but nothing but fear was running through my mind. This was really happening. Part of me marveled at the technology available I couldn’t even deny that these fucking eggheads had certainly been working hard to get to this stage. I had questions for David that I was scared to ask but I needed to know.

“How many people have gone through this so far?”

He answered briefly.

“ well the serum is still highly experimental but so far you are the 3rd person to undergo the change”

I was only the 3rd? I wanted this to put me at ease but it didn’t help at all.

“The third what happened to the other two? Will this hurt? I know I signed up to this shit but I don’t want a fucking death sentence!”

He chuckled softly.

“If you were awake for it then yes it would hurt. But as I mentioned you will be sedated. Also worry not the other two subjects are doing well they just didn’t regress as far as you are planned to”

At least I was somewhat clear here if other people had survived it. I laid back once again and rested. The machines kept bleeping and bleeping tearing at my head like daggers.

“ any chance of an aspirin or something? My head is fucking pounding over here” I asked hopefully.

“No can do I’m afraid you need to be clear of any outside drugs or narcotics so no smoking or anything else I’m afraid.”

“Fuck that! I need some now you have no idea what this is like! I need my smokes! I’m not lying in this fucking pit all day!”

“Sir if you keep resisting you will be restrained! I don’t want for this to come to that but if it has to I will.”

I moved to get up angrily which prompted David to call in his security gorillas. I was swiftly tied down to the bed with hidden restraints hidden underneath. I tried to thrash but the restraints were lock solid. You would have better luck keeping a politician out of a brothel than I had of breaking out of these.

“You fucking piece of shit I’ll fucking gut you I swear!”

“You are certainly going to have to control outbursts and language as bad as yours in your new life or you will find it very difficult indeed. I’ll leave the television on for you. Try not to struggle.” He flicked onto BT sports where a game of rugby was being played. I had always followed the rugby due to the high class clientele I dealt with and the bars I frequented playing it. I lay there and watched a few more games being played before I dozed off into an aching sleep. I awoke around 6PM the television was playing away to itself and I was surrounded by scientists with their IV equipment.

“It’s time”

I was having second thoughts.

“Fuck this let me out! I’d rather be banged up. Let me fucking go you cunts!”

“You signed the contract try to relax”

A plunger connected to the needles in my arm was pushed and everything went dark.



End Chapter 5

Applied Science

by: appliedman | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2016


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