Applied Science

by: appliedman | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2016

Chapter 3
3 Rounds.

Chapter Description: The protagonist seals his fate.


Drugs flowing through my head I headed out from my house into the cold November night and climbed behind the wheel of my Rover 75. I was to drive round to meet a member of my old crew from when I was a kid. And I was going to put a fucking round between his eyes when I did. Apparently my man had been borrowing money and drugs that wasn’t his. I had been paid 8 grand for this hit and for that money I’d easily do it. I had a habit and a lifestyle to feed and I did not give a fuck. I had never done a wet job before so this was all alien to me. I pulled into the underground car park, it looked like every other one in the city grey cold and faceless. One man stood leaning on the bonnet of an old Renault clio shivering from the cold. I pulled up and got out. This man had been one of my friends as a kid. We were both of similar age at the time. He walked up to me arms out expecting an embrace and that’s when I did it. I pulled that same shitty old .22 pistol out of my suit pocket and dropped him. Three rounds to the left eye socket meant he didn’t as much as quiver when he hit the deck. I climbed back into my car and drove home. When I stumbled through my door I saw blood had splattered all down my suit. I took the whole lot off and threw it into the bin. Fuck it I can buy another. I sat for a second in my underwear feeling dirty and used. I hated this feeling and knew I had to shower immediately. Two strong shots of overproof rum and a hot shower did me no good. I still felt dirty. I collapsed tired, my eyes bloodshot from the previous few days. I fell into a deep slumber.

I was rudely awoken at some point around 3 AM. By the filth, boys in blew suited and booted gats out the works. They fucking ruined my flat the bastards. Bootprints and shit everywhere was all I noticed as I was dragged out of there in cuffs. It’s not like I would be seeing it anytime soon. It was a fucking slam dunk and for the second time in my life I was brutally fucked. They had my gun they had my bloody clothes they had the texts on my phone with the job details and they had footage of my car at the scene. I’d have to hire a fucking wizard at this point to get me off the hook. The police station was how I had expected it. I was made to wear a shitty grey tracksuit in a shitty white cell with a rock hard slab to sleep on. The trial was a fucking disaster for me they had my dead man’s bitch cokehead girlfriend wailing on the stands and I was well and truly crucified. I was sent down for 45 years no chance of parole, murder firearms offenses and enough Charlie to keep Hollywood going for a few hours. I was lead back to my white cage and I sat on my bed. This was all real now I was shafted. I sat on my bed and held my head in my hands. I knew this day was coming but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I was only 22. Very soon I had a knock at the door. And a man in a suit stepped in.

“My name is David Blakemore and I am here with applied sciences and I have an offer to make you”



End Chapter 3

Applied Science

by: appliedman | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2016


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