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Chapter 6
Reverse Potty training

Chapter Description: Nick and Jack discover what their new life will be like.

I woke up and immediately noticed that my diaper was wet. I rolled over to climb out of bed, but ended up rolling into the bars of the crib. I had forgotten they were there. It was a weird feeling being trapped in your own bed in a wet diaper. It was as if any control i had before was taken away. I went to go yell for mom, but before i could i noticed my tongue was wrapped around and sucking on it. I spit it out and noticed that it was a pacifier. I looked over at Jacks crib and saw that he had one as well. Before i could yell the door opened and mom came in.

"Well hello little one," she said standing next to my crib, "How are we this mourning?" She stood me up felt the front of my diaper and then turned me around and looked down the back. She lifted me out of the crib and placed me on the changing table. She removed the wet diaper and threw it into the diaper bin next to the table. The cold air made my crotch feel so cold after spending the night in a wet diaper. She used a wet wipe to clean off my privates and then went to put another diaper on me.

"You said they were only for night." I demanded.

"Yeah but I changed my mind and decided you better start getting use to them now." She tapped up the diaper and set me down next to the changing table

Jack was a heavy sleeper and was still asleep. Amazingly enough he remained asleep the whole time she changed him. She sat us both on her lap and took her top off. Jack woke up to instinctively sucking on her breasts. After we got our fill we were taken downstairs to the kitchen where we were placed in highchairs. William was already being fed baby food by our dad while we got to eat cheerios. All 3 of us had to sit in highchairs in only diapers while Matt got to sit on a booster seat in his underwear. I never thought i would be so jealous of someone being in underwear.

We were set free to go play in the living room. William was placed in the playpen that was there. Something about Jack and I sitting on the floor watching television gave me a flashback of when i use to babysit my baby cousin. Wow. that life almost feels as though its fake. As if it were something that i made up in my head. I couldn’t accept it. I was a man. I would never have allowed myself to be diapered by some lady. A lady that my twin brother and I had nursed from. I looked over at Jack. He wasn’t my real brother. I don’t have a brother. I looked at William, Jack, and Matt and just thought of how close i had become with these three strangers. With everything we’ve been through they might as well be my brothers. I sat there thinking deep thoughts until a dreaded sensation hit me. A pressure in my stomach that needed to be relieved. I ran out of the living room and into the kitchen where mom was cleaning dishes and pleaded "I need to potty."

"Well that’s what your diaper is for." She responded, not taking my situation seriously.

"No, I need to go number 2." I said now starting to do a little dance.

"I will change you when I’m done with the dishes."

I ran to the bathroom and went to turn the handle, but it was locked. I banged on the door. Nobody responded. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I squatted like some sort of primitive animal and let go. I pushed the load out into my diaper. With how hard i was pushing i could feel my face turning red. The feeling was something i had never experienced before. Standing and just pushing a load into a diaper felt amazing. It felt so good that i just feel back onto my butt. I felt the contents spread all around. I could also feel the front of my diaper get warm as i soaked my diaper. I was taken out of my trance when my mom who had witnessed the whole thing said "I locked the doors on purpose. You and Jack are just going to have to get used to your new bathrooms. Now come on. Lets get you cleaned up."

I was expecting to be taken to the nursery, but instead i was lead into the living room where a changing mat was laid out. I actually felt embarrassed to be changed in front of my 3 brothers. They got to see the mess i had made and jack just watched speechless knowing full well he would surely end up in the same situation.

We sat around in the living room for another hour or so when our mom came in telling us "We are going to go to the mall today. We need to get you all some new clothes. Come on Nick and Jack." She gestured for us to follow her. We followed her up to our room where we waited while she dug through the dresser for some clothes. "I don’t think we have any daytime clothes that will fit you guys," she said as she held up shirts and pants to us. "How about some pajamas," she said asking herself. She had a pair of red and white striped pajamas and a pair of green and white stripped pajamas. She checked our diaper one last time before she helped us put them on. They were kind of tight but that wasn’t the most disturbing thing. As i stepped into the red and white pair she held our for me i noticed that they didn’t have any leg holes. In fact it was only one single piece of fabric. It wasn’t a set of pajama tops and bottoms. It was a footed sleeper that a baby would wear. When she was done pulling my hands through she zipped me up in the back. It was clearly a little too small. It was tight against my skin and my diaper was very visible through it. Jack got his put on as well and we were brought back downstairs while she got William ready. They at least where somewhat prepared for him and he got to wear a onesie with some pants and a shirt with a babyish design on it.

We were strapped into our car seats and we were off. During the car trip Jack squirmed in his car seat as he said "I gotta go the bathroom."

"Stop acting like a baby and just go in your diaper." mom responded.

Jack squirmed a while longer but eventually just let go and messed his diaper. It smelled bad. He just cried his eyes out at what he had just done. When we got to the mall we all stay seated as our mom came around to Jack’s side. There was no room with the car seats in the back so she used the trunk of the mini van to change him. Everyone who walked by got a good view of him having his diapers changed. While Jack got his diapers changed our dad took something out of the trunk and set it up. I was taken out of my car seat first and carried around to the back of the car. There i saw the 3 seated stroller meant for us. I was placed on one side and buckled in. William was placed in the middle and Jack was placed on the other side. We were all buckled in.

As a family we headed into the mall with dad pushing the strolled and mom holding Matt’s hand. It was quite a site.



End Chapter 6


by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 23, 2016


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