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Chapter 2
The Meyer's

Chapter Description: Nick meets his new family.

"What the heck." The other kid jerked awake to my screams. He too seemed to be in shock about his appearance. He was dressed just as I was in only underwear. He stood next to me looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"Whats going on in here," a woman said as she opened the door to two prepubescent boys staring at themselves in the mirror. "Oh my you’re already up. Get some clothes on and come downstairs. I’ll explain everything to you." The woman left leaving me and the other boy.

I asked him "Do you know whats going on here?"

"No. one moment I’m being sedated and the next i wake up to you screaming like a girl." He responded.

"Whats your name?"

"Jack. Yours?"


"Well we better go get some answers."

Taking note of our apparel I suggested "We should get some clothes on first." We looked through the one dresser in the room and found some white shirts and some overalls which we put on. The other boy was blond and had bright blue eyes. I on the other hand had dark brown hair and was brown eyed. We both looked as pale as could be.

We made our way out of the room and went downstairs. The house looked expensive. We didn’t really get to see much of it, but from what we could see it looked like really wealthy people lived here.

Downstairs we found two other little boys with the same clothes as us sitting on a couch. They looked to be about 10 as well. One had brown hair like me while the other had dirty blond hair. The lady from earlier and a man sat in chairs that faced the couch. They gestured for us to sit.

I wont bore you with the details, but in short they told us their life story. How they inherited a fortune and owned a big piece of land. How they got married, but discovered they couldn’t have kids of their own and how they adopted us from the rehabilitation system. None of us seemed to know what that was so they explained it. Since we didn’t do any actual violent crimes, all though they did point out my actions lead to an old mans death, that we received the treatment to be rehabilitated, but would be able to come live with them before the process stopped. They said that usually violent offenders were made babies and wern’t released from custody till they were that age. The process took about a month to be fully finished. Then the worst part came. We learned what age they picked for all of us. Jack and I were to be two year old twins. The dirty blond kid whose name is Matt is to be 4, and the other brown haired kid whose name is William is to be 8 months old. We were to be brothers. We all argued and fought. A lot of swearing went on. In the end we all were sent to our rooms after receiving bare bottom spankings.



End Chapter 2


by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 23, 2016


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