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Chapter 2
The perfect Saturday

Chapter Description: Adam has his hands full until a hot neighbour help him with the diapers

The bright Saturday morning sun shone through the windows, Adam yawned as he turn and held Gwen’s naked body, who open her eyes groggily, almost thinking it was a dream until he smell the air and sat up, throwing the covers off, the bedsheet is soak with Gwen’s poop and pee.

’Guess I should’ve kept my diaper on’ she giggles, Adam sigh as he got dressed, put Gwen on the floor as he remove the sheets and threw it out. As soon as Gwen was in a new diaper, he put her in a adult bouncer as he started making breakfast. Gwen bang and pop the toys around her, bouncing in excitement, Adam ate his bacon and eggs as the doorbell rang.

’Must be Lois and the kids’ he sigh, really not looking forward to this, but then he remember Lois’s new life so he ran to the door and open it wide. Lois stood, in a pink dress going down to the top of his diaper as she hug him, ’Hey Adam! can we play with Gwen?’ Adam nod as Ellie carry Annie to the living. Adam sat Gwen next to Lois and Annie in the playpen.

’Hey Lois! How have you been?’ ask Gwen

’Well I saw a bird flew by yesterday, I ask Ellie if we can get a bird but she told me no’

’Pretty Birdy!’ squeal Annie shaking her bear

’Yeah it was pretty!’ whine Lois, Gwen just threw a toy at her as they started throwing toys at each other.

’So how was school Ellie?’ ask Adam grabbing a coffee, Ellie was busy texting, not paying attention. Adam sigh, ’can you survive one day without your phone?’

’I don’t know, can you survive one day with banging you new adult baby?’ she mock

Adam raise his eyebrow, ’you mean Gwen?’

’Yeah, mum needs someone to take care of her, and you decide to bang that stupid slut’

’Hey listen young lady! enough with the attitude!’ Ellie groan as Lois started to cry.

’Whatever’ she went to pick Lois up, who seriously needs a new diaper and carry her to the bedroom. Adam put down his coffee, man, to think she was a perfect little girl, he look to the computer, maybe she can be again, he logged on to ChangeReality and started typing.

’Ellie Darvil wears diapers and plays with her mum and sister, being a baby like she was before’ he enter as he could hear two cries from his room. He ran in, spotting Lois and Ellie laying side by side on the bed, crying as they wore their big poopy diapers. ’Does someone need a diaper change?’ he stood over them.

Ellie nodded, ’do me first, Mum is a big poopy head’

’NO! change me first!’ beg Lois, Ellie hit her as they continue to cry. Adam try to shush them.

’How about I change both your diapers? happy?’ Lois and Ellie calm down, Adam remove their diapers and wipe their butts, he roll up the diapers and slid new ones under them, powder their big butts, Lois being the biggest and tape them up in new diapers. He led them out of the room into the playpen, where Gwen and Annie started to play battle dolls. ’Boom!’ yell Annie, Gwen playfully got back, ’OW! curse you captain bear!’ they giggle as Ellie and Lois sat next to them. Adam got back on the computer.

As he goes on facebook, The babies started to watch Sesame Street. He chuckle as they clap and laugh and sing along. Adam log off, ’Ok who wants to go to the park?’ he yelled.

The babies squeal, ’YAY! we get to play on the swings!’ yelled Gwen

’Can we get ice cream?’ Ellie as while holding her hands up for a lift. Adam pick her up and held her as Gwen fumed, ’Hey! I wanna be carried!’

’I wanna be carried too!’ said Annie, Ellie stuck out her tongue as Gwen and Annie started throwing tantrums, Adam put Ellie down, who started throwing one as well, Lois started to cry because she start to poop her diaper again. Adam moaned, ’Ok calm down’ but they continue to cry as the bell rang.

Adam open it to find a hot woman standing infront of him. She has long dark hair and wore a jacket, shirt and tights. ’Um excuse me, but can you keep the noise down? I was in the middle of a very nice sleep’

’Well sorry about that, but I got my hands full’ he gestured to the source of the crying, the girl peek behind him to the grown women crying.

’Can’t handle your kids eh? how many you got?’


’dam, well do you need a hand?’ she offered ’I could help with the diaper changes if thats a problem’

Adam thought about this, ’you wanna help a stranger with his kids?’

’Well you look like a decent guy, and I feel kinda sorry for you’ she laugh, ’I’m Brooke by the way’

’Adam, come on in’ he led her through, Brooke look at the girls crying.

’watch and learn Adam’ she pick up Gwen, ’Oh what wrong? did you had a accident?’ she cooed as she pull back her diaper, ’nope your all clean, yes you are’ Gwen laugh as she tickle her belly, she put her down and lift Lois up, who sniff her butt, ’yep, your the poopy one!’ Lois calm down as Brooke held her, ’change room?’ she ask as Adam point to the bedroom, as soon as Brooke change Lois into a new diaper she pick both Ellie and Annie up, ’now who want a visit from the tickle monster’ Ellie and Annie tilt their heads as they were sat on the couch, Brooke started to tickle their feet, making them burst into laughter, then she blew on their bellies, Adam watch as they laugh themselves to tears. dam she’s good he thought

’Ok I promise we go to the park today’ he said finally, ’wanna come along?’

Brooke shook her head, ’sorry I gotta get somewhere, I can’t spend my day taking care of your babies’ she put Ellie in his arms

’Well let me make you a coffee, just to say thanks’

Brooke hesitated, ’Ok one cup, then I’m gone’ Adam put Ellie in the high chair, as Brooke was busy tickling Gwen, he log onto the website on his phone, downloaded the app to save time. then he started typing, ’What’s your last name?’ he called

’Its Cole’ she replied ’why?’

’Just wondering’ he started typing ’Brooke Cole loves to help with the babies’ he got off as he hands her the coffee. Brooke took a sip as Lois sat on her lap, chewing on her toy. ’So wanna come to the park with us?’

Brooke frowned, then she shrugs, ’sure why not?’

They stroll through the park, Brooke was pushing a stroller that held Gwen and Lois, who were dressed in onesies with their paci’s clipped on. Adam was carrying Annie while holding Ellie’s hand. She were dressed in a pink baby shirt and skirt that barely cover the diaper. Once they rach the playground, Gwen, Lois, Ellie and Annie ran towards it to start playing while Adam and Brooke watch from the park bench.

’They look so adorable’

’I know’ grin Adam, the babies slid down the slide and run around, acting like complete retards, he couldn’t help but picture Brooke with them. ’Hey wanna play with them?’

Brooke gave her a ’you serious’ look, ’Think of this, just a few minutes of being your inner child’

’you mean my inner baby’

’well yeah’ Brooke scoff, Adam then pull his phone out.

’What are you doing?’

’Texting’ he lied as he type ’Brooke likes my suggestion’ he watch as Brooke fumble around, shifting her butt, Adam pull out a diaper, Brooke bit her finger as he laid out a change mat. ’last chance’ he tease, Brooke then stood up.

’Ok, diaper me up’ she pull down her pants and took her panties off, she lay down as Adam powder her and put her in a big thick diaper. Brooke then gave him a big hug, ’Thank you!’ she then got up and ran to the playground. Adam watch her play with the babies, an hour passed, he went to tell them time to go, after checking their diapers, and changing Gwen and Ellie, they all then head home.

They put them in the crib as they fell asleep, Adam notice Brooke yawning as well as she lay Lois down, ’Looks like you need a nap too’

’Nah I’m fine’ but she yawned again, Adam pat the open space in the crib, Brooke gave up as she crawl in, taking her jacket off as Adam pull the rails up. He then went to the couch and started watching tv, today is great he smiled But I can’t take care of them every day he pull his phone out and made some changes.

’Lois will be a baby every Saturday, when she comes here at 8 and leaves at 6, Brooke spends the day every Saturday, putting on a diaper and helping me with the babies’ he grin, there problem solved

He watch Tv for a while, then he went into the bedroom, he check everyone diapers and discover Brooke had poop her diaper. Quietly he pull down the rails and lift her up. She started moving, thinking she was about to wake up but she just suck her thumb. Adam sigh as he lay her on the bed. He remove the diaper, wipe her butt which he discover it’s sexy and slid a new diaper under her. Brooke open her eyes as she sat up, seeing Adam powder her vagina.

’what are you doing?’

Adam look up, ’you had an accident so I’m changing your diaper’ Brooke was about to argue when he gave her a pacifier. She lay back down and allow Adam to tape the diaper around her waist. Once Adam threw the dirty diaper out he pick her up and carry her out.

Brooke try to get up, but she was too drowsy as Adam gave her a warm bottle of milk. She held the milk like a infant as she lay on the couch, legs in the air as she suckle. Adam peek at her belly, which is expose by her shirt pulling up. Remembering what she did to the others, he figure she should have a turn from the "tickle monster"

Adam kneel down as he pull up her shirt, then he blew into her tummy, Brooke drop the bottle as she start to laugh hysterically, spitting out milk over her shirt, ’Adam stop! heheheheahahahahaha!’ she kick her legs as Adam started tickling her sides, Brooke laugh as her diaper is going yellow, Gwen woke up to the laughter as she rub her eyes.

’Whats going on?’ she got off the crib and waddle out, stopping short of seeing Adam blow on her belly. ’What are you doing?!’ she yell

Adam and Brooke stop as they spot Gwen standing there in her pink onesie. Adam got up, ’it was a game baby, something like what she did to you’ he explained.

Gwen fold her arms, ’Oh really? so you not gonna take her clothes off and do her right here where I play?’

’I think I better go’ whimpered Brooke as she grab her jacket, panties and pants and quickly waddle out.

Adam held Gwen in his arms, ’Oh baby, are you jealous?’

’Jealous? Me? no!’ she shook her head ’Just because she’s more mature and I’m just a big dumb baby!’ Adam pat her back.

’Tell you what, how about tomorrow we go out? anywhere you want’ Gwen look up at him, eyes wide and smiling

’Really?’ Adam nod as Gwen hug him tight. Then Lois walked out, dressed in her jeans and white cardigan as she held both Ellie and Annie, who were still sleeping.

’Thanks for the day Adam’ said Lois as she put them in the double stroller, ’just don’t put me in the crib next time’ Adam grinned as Lois wave goodbye and left the apartment.

’Ok now can I take this stupid onesie off?’ ask Gwen undoing the buttons, once Adam said yes she strip it off, exposing her big boobs as she threw it away. Adam then lift her into the air.

’Ok time for dinner young lady’ Gwen giggles she was put in the high chair, locked in and got a bib tied around her as Adam put smash apples in a bowl. Gwen wave her legs as he sat infront of her, ’Open wide’ he coo as Gwen open her mouth, closing it around the food. With the other one she decide to spit it out over the table. ’Gwen!?’ he moan as Gwen giggle, he continue feeding her until the bowl was empty. Gwen’s face was a mess with smudges and drool as she lick her fingers.

Adam remove the bib and pick her up. ’I think you need a bath’

’Sorry, I guess I’m just a widdle dirty beebee’ she spoke in baby talk, Adam wanted to bang her here but he need to clean her first so they went to the bathroom.

Gwen sat naked on the floor as Adam fill the tub with water, then he put her in it. Gwen started splashing as Adam rinse her hair and body. During the hair wash Gwen play with a rubber ducky, making duck noises as she got rinsed. Adam soap her body, around her boobs and big butt as Gwen wave it infront of him, ’How about a spank for the notty baby’ she tease, Adam grin as he slap that ass and rinse her body with water. He then drain the tub as he wrap her in a towel and carry her back to the bedroom.

Gwen kick and babble as Adam rub baby oil on her butt and vagina, powder them and tape up a new diaper. Gwen squeal with delight as Adam pull out a sleeper from the closet. He put her legs through the opening and then her arms, then zipp the sleeper up, covering her naked body. Adam carry her back inside the crib, ’Ok its bedtime’ he said as he tuck her in.

’Nu uh! I wanna go out and play more!’ she complained but Adam shove a paci in her mouth, pull up the rails and turn the light off, leaving Gwen to doze off, the sound of her sucking fill the room.

Adam sat back at the computer, he look at his list of video tabs, Gwen, Lois, Ellie, Kelly and now Brooke. He click on the latter as Brooke video feed show up. She was watching her shows as she wore her nightie, Adam type in that she watches baby shows as Brooke switch the channel to a baby channel. Smiling he turn the feed off and click on Lois.

’Ellie hold still!’ she yell as Ellie shook her legs, fresh out of the tub as she kick her legs, making t impossible for Lois to diaper her. She then gave her a toy phone, which she grab and pretended to text. Lois smiles triumphantly as she tape the diaper snugly around her, and put her with Annie in the crib. ’Night night girls’ she call as she turn the lights off. Adam started typing, soon Lois took her clothes off, leaving her in a big diaper as she went back in and crawl into the crib. Adam close the feed as he sat there, thinking what else he could do?

He created a feed showing Chloe, he watch as Chloe was on her bed, wearing sexy black lingerie while waiting for her boyfriend. ’Come on Derrick!’ she call out as she sat up spreading her legs, ’Come blow my world’

’Two minutes!’ call Derrick from the other room, Chloe sigh as she lay back, couldn’t help himself Adam type in "Chloe is a newborn baby" then watch as the scene change. Chloe lay on the bed, her lingerie gone as she only wore a big cloth diaper with pink pins. She cries as she really need a new diaper right now. Adam watch as Derrick walk in and started changeing her. Gwen will love this! he thought, as soon as Chloe were place in a new diaper, Derrick lay her down in a newborn crib, which is more pillows and softness. Chloe babbles nonsense as Derrick left her to sleep.

Adam log off the computer as he went to bed. Looking over to Gwen who is now snoring, and pooping her diaper. Adam grinned, yep it is a good day.



End Chapter 2

A Strange Website

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 20, 2015


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