A Strange Website

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 20, 2015

Adam bounce his adult baby girlfriend on his knee as he log in to his favorite website

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Adam takes care of his girlfriend Gwen, who can't keep her diaper clean

Adam Darvill drove through the streets of New York one late afternoon. He yawned as he rub his brown hair, can’t wait to head home he thought as he drove towards his apartment, no doubt his girlfriend Gwen is busy trying to cook him dinner for once, seeing that everything she cooks end up as a crisp, and I mean a literal crisp.

As he parked his car, he entered the aprtment block, he smell smoke, he ran to the kitchen to see Gwen putting a burnt steak on the bench. Gwen looked up at him, ’Adam! I didn’t hear you come in’ she smiled, her long red hair a mess as she rub her face with the apron, Adam smiled

’I see your still bad at cooking’ he looked at the steak which is, a crisp.

’Sorry, it looks so easy on youtube’ complained Gwen, Adam held her as they kissed,

’how about you take a bath while I get dinner ready’ he said

Gwen grin, ’you treat me like a baby sometimes’ she teased as she walk off,

’Then stop being so dam cute’ he slap her ass as Gwen toddle towards the bathroom. Adam cleaned up her mess and started the stove. Once he cook a nice, healthy steak, he put them on plates, turn the stove off as he set up the table.

Gwen came in, drying her hair as she wore a shirt and sweat pants, ’smells deliciouse’ she sat down as Adam eat his dinner. Once they finished they put the plates away and watch a movie. Gwen lay on him as he stroke her hair, after the movie Gwen yawned, ’well that movie sucks’

’Come on, it had Bruce Willis’

’Still sucks’ she giggles as she got up, ’so you coming to bed?’

’I got work to do’

’Wanna do that later? who knows I might be naked’ she tease as she left the room.

Adam, now tempted, got up and went with her, they went to bed, kissing and stripping as they fell on it. After a few hours, They stop as they huff and puffed. ’You are such an animal!’ moaned Gwen

’Yeah, well you’re not bad yourself’ he laughed as Gwen punch his shoulder. He got off as he put his boxers on, ’well might as well finish the report’

’Don’t take too long’ Adam left the room, heading towards his computer which he turned on. As he logged into his work website, he spots a strange ad. ’What’s this?’ he clicked on it as it open a new tab, taking him to a website called, ’ChangeReality?’ he look at the front page, ’Type in whatever changes you want and reality will change to fit it" sounds bullshit’ still he was curiouse, but what will he type? he looked at his girlfriend sleeping naked on the bed through the bedroom door, then he got a funny idea. ’Ok’ he started to type ’"Gwen Carrel wears diapers because she has never been potty trained" man she will laugh at this’ he watch as it auto saves. Adam close the tab as he went back to his report.

Adam was shaken awake as the sunshine shone through the windows. ’Wakey wakey sleepy head’ he look up at Gwen smiled down at him, ’been up all night huh?’

Adam rub his eyes, ’Man, what time is it?’

’Seven, now come on I made us some coffee’ she walked off as Adam started to hear a crinkly sound. He clean his ears as he turn to spot Gwen slip into the kitchen. He rub his eyes, those are weird panties she got on, He knows Gwen is wearing his t-shirt but something was poking out from under. He entered the kitchen as he look towards her, mixing the caffeine in the mug and pour out the coffee, Adam grab the tip of her shirt and pull it up, exposing the big diaper she’s wearing. ’Gwen? what are you wearing?’ he asked

Gwen look at her diaper, ’Its my diaper stupid, you know I’m not potty trained’ she pull down her shirt as she grab her coffee and went to the couch. Adam blinked a few times, no way.

Gwen watch her shows as Adam got dressed, looking over to Gwen sitting on the couch, legs spread due to the big diaper, with pink tabs and cartoon stars on it. Did that website actually change reality? he shook his head as he did up his tie. He grab his bag, ’Ok I’m going to work baby’ he said

Gwen stood up, ’have fun at work sweetie’ she hugged him as they kiss, Adam feeling the diaper pressed against his crotch, making him a bit turn on. He then left the apartment as Gwen’s diaper started to go yellow.

Adam sat in his office, the website displayed on his screen. ’This seriously can’t be real’ he rub his hair when his secretary walked in.

’Mr Darvill the boss wants those reports’ said Kelly

’Thanks Kelly’ he watch as Kelly walked back to her desk, started to picture her blonde hair in pigtails and her business suit replaced with a big thick diaper, he snapped out of it as he turn to the website. ’Maybe one more test’ he logged in as the page got up. His page with the sentence he wrote last night, he clicked under it and began typing.

’Kelly Anderson wears diapers and ask me for a diaper change’ he entered and save it. He looks at Kelly as her bottom began to expand, when she spread her legs Adam saw the diaper peeking under her skirt. Oh my god! it’s real! he cover his mouth. He turn back to the website and study it more. He saw a tab titled "Gwen" and another titled "Kelly" as he clicked on Gwen a video feed popped up. He sees Gwen at her photography studio, she wore her long sleeve shirt with jeans, he spots the diaper peeking out of course. Seeing a text box under it Adam began to type, ’Gwen gets taken care of by her assistant Rebecca Hawks’ he entered as Rebecca went to Gwen.

’Diaper check time’ she said, Gwen groaned as she stood up and pull down her jeans.

’I didn’t use it!’ she complained as Rebecca pull back her diaper, ’I stayed clean all morning’

Rebecca nodded, ’yep, sure looks like it, good job’ Gwen pulled up her jeans as Rebecca left. Adam watch as Gwen stuck her tongue behind her back and went back to her desk. Adam turn the video off, ok i’ll just take a break until I can figure this out that’s when Kelly knock on his door, a big blush on her face as she asked ’Can you change my diaper?’

Adam push back, he nodded as Kelly walked in and lay on the ground. He went through his draws and spots extra diapers, powder and wipes. ’Ok hold on’ he went to her carrying the supplies as he gulped. He pull down her skirt as the smell hit his nostrils, he held his breath as he undid the tabs and open it up. He spots the mess around her ass and vagina, vowing to never tell Gwen he lift her legs up, remove the diaper and wipe the mess clean off. Once he rolled it up, he grab a fresh diaper and slid it under her, he powdered and pull the front up. Kelly was going beet red as she gazed away, never thought she would ask him for a change. Once the diaper was fully tape Kelly stood up, pull her skirt up and walk out, ’thank you’ she whimpered as she hurry back to her desk.

Adam continue to work for the whole day, once he completed his work and was the only one left in the office he turned the website back on, click on Gwen as the feed pop up. He see’s her back at the apartment, wearing her dress shirt and diaper as she watch tv. Gwen started to groaned, she stood up as Adam watch her diaper sagging. Gwen gasp as she finish pooping. ’Whew! that feels better’ she then waddle towards the bathroom, where a big change table was placed, she sat on it as she started changeing her diaper. Adam dick getting hard as she rub her privates, powder her ass and put it back in a diaper. He figured that maybe she should be a baby full time. He started to type, ’Gwen acts like a baby, she doesn’t want to grow up as she stays in her babyish habits’ he turn to the video as Gwen is now wearing a pink baby shirt, she waddle back to the living room as she sat on the couch, turn the channel to a kids show and sat back, watching play school. Adam grinned, he logged out, turn the computer off and left.

Once he got back, Gwen was sitting on the ground, playing with toys as she turn towards him. ’Hey Sweetie! how was work?’

Adam look at her diapered ass, ’Oh just the usual, reports, clients and what not’ Gwen smiled as she went back to her toys. Adam sat next to her, ’so what you playing?’

’I’m playing with Barbie stupid’ she held a barbie doll ’She is going on a date with Ken to kissie kissie hill’ she put them in a toys car as she push it, crawling around making car noises to the top of the couch. Adam left her to play as he turn his computer on to ChangeReality. Gwen waddle behind him.

’Ooooooh what that?’

Adam grinned, ’Just a website baby’

’Why does it say I wear diapers and being a baby?’ she teased, she then gasp making Adam tense, ’You cocky bastard! You’re writing about me online to your buddies!’ she gave him a mischievous look, ’Well you better tell them about this then’ she pull her shirt off as she threw it to the ground, Adam jaw drop as she clutch her big breasts, ’Yeah, oh! this feels good!’ she teased

’Ok you got a point’ he surrendered, Gwen cheered as she put her shirt back on. Adam watch her go back to her toys as he type ’At home, Gwen likes to take her clothes off, but only wear her diaper’ as he press enter Gwen took her shirt off again. He turn the computer off as he went to get dinner ready.

They ate dinner as normal, as Adam cleaned the plates, Gwen tug his shirt. ’Hey! Your hot girl needs a new diaper!’ she yelled as she stood point to her sagging backside. Adam took her hand as they went to the bedroom. Gwen lay on the bed as Adam wipe her butt, powder her privates and tape a new diaper on her. He grab the used diaper and threw it in the pail, which was getting full. Gwen went back out to play so Adam empty the pail into a garbage bag, and threw it in the garbage chute.

They watch movies like everything was normal, Gwen yawned as she got up, ’well I’m going to bed sweetie, don’t stay up too late’

’Ok baby’ replied Adam as Gwen walk to the bedroom. He watch her crawl into bed, diaper butt wagging as if to say ’Spank Me Adam’ as she lay down and got in the covers. Adam continue watching, then he look over to the computer. He turn it back to the website, he stop his hands, wait do I wanna do this? this means more diaper changes, feedings hell even playtimes, it will be like taking care of a actual baby, he then thought of Gwen’s naked body, a diaper her only clothing as she poop and babbles, well she always acts like a baby, he started typing.

’Gwen is a adult baby, she never works, only get fed, change even bathed by someone, also she still have sex’ he added, he quickly ran and peer in the room. Gwen was now sleeping in a adult crib infront of the bed, she suck on a paci as she pee her diaper. Adam grin, he logged off and went to bed.

Adam woke by the rain of toys landing on his head. He sat up as Gwen laughs, kneeling behind the rails.

’Morning sleepyhead’ she stuck out her tonge, Adam sigh as he got out of bed, ’Morning Gwen, do you feel anything different?’ he asked

Gwen pouted, ’different? what do you mean?’

’I mean has anything change recently, like with what your wearing?’

Gwen look at the dirty wet diaper, ’you mean my diaper? I always wore diapers, so I don’t go poopy on your floor’ Adam frown, guess she really doesn’t notice the change, ’Hey! Are you gonna change me? or stand there like a idiot’ well her personality hasn’t changed.

’Your going to work today?’ he asked as he lay her down and remove the diaper.

’You drunk or something? I don’t go to work’ she replied as Adam lift up her legs. Adam shrug as he put her in a new diaper. Once Gwen was on the crawl she crawled out to the living room, then the doorbell rang. ’Huh? who can that be?’ he went to answer it as Gwen sat infront of the Tv and watch teletubies. Adam open the door, ’Chloe?’

Chloe, Gwen’s sister, who has short dark hair and dressed in a sundress as she entered the apartment, ’morning Adam, how is my widdle sister?’ she spots Gwen looking at her, ’Gwen!’ she call

Gwen groaned ’Hi Chloe’ she has never like her sister, always think of her as a bitch, same the other way around. Adam close the door, ’So what are you doing here?’

’I’m here to look after her, Rebecca couldn’t make it so she called me and well, We know I love my baby sister, even though she can be a brat’ she whispered

’I heard that!’

Adam pondered this, ’Well I’m running late so guess I better be going’ he went to Gwen who grab him by the coller, ’Please don’t leave me here! She spanks me every chance she gets’ that image pop into his head as he kiss her, then walked out.

At the office, Adam watch as Chloe put Gwen over lap, diaper-less as she slap her ass like a ball. ’Now what did I say about that word?’ she scolded

’BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH!!!!!!!!’ SLAP! ’WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!’ she cried banging her hands and feet, Adam getting horney by the minute as Kelly walk in.

’What you watching?’ she ask, Adam quickly change tabs, lowing the volume, ’Nothing what is it?’ he ask

’I had another accident’ she pointed to her diaper, Adam nodded as he proceed to change her. At lunch he took his laptop with him as he bought a sandwich meal at a cafe. Gwen, in a new diaper as Chloe fed her baby food. He then click on Kelly’s video to see her having a sandwich by the park. He sip his coffee as he notice the woman walking up to him. ’Oh hell’

Standing before him was his Ex-wife, Lois Darvill stood before him, wearing her jeans and dress shirt with her long brown hair tied back. ’Working from the cafe eh?’

’What do you want Lois?’ he close the laptop

’Its about tomorrow, I don’t think Anna should play with Gwen anymore’ Adam looks puzzeled


’Well your baby use alot of swear words, she should at least be punish or at least ban from your 2 year old daughter’ Adam sigh, picturing Anna in her favourite dress playing with Gwen in the same, but adult dress, then Lois waddles in crying for a new diaper.

’Just give me one more chance’ he said

Lois sighed, ’Ok but if she learns a new word, you aren’t gonna see her again for a while’ she huffed as she left the cafe.

Bitch, he open his laptop as Gwen was rock to sleep and put in the crib. Adam click on a button ’New Video’ and type in Lois’s name. Lois appear in her video feed, driving Anna, who was playing in the back and his 14 year old daughter Ellie, brown hair in a ponytail as she play on her phone.

Back in the office Adam watch as Anne play in the playpen while Ellie watch tv, Lois was hanging up the clothes, Adam then began typing, ’Lois is a big baby like Gwen’ he watch as Lois is now wearing nothing but a big diaper as Ellie walk out, ’Mum! come inside it’s gonna rain!’

’No!’ shook Lois ’I wanna play some more! Please!’ she beg, Ellie sigh

’Fine but when it rains you are going straight in the tub’ Lois cheer as she ran around the backyard. Now satisfied Adam log out and close the tab.

When he got home Gwen was standing infront of Chloe, naked with no diaper as she folded her arms. ’Come on say it’ teased Chloe holding a diaper.

’Chloe is the greatest sister in the world, I love her’ she mumble, Chloe giggle as she held the diaper under her and tape it in place. Now back in a diaper, Gwen ran to Adam and hug him, ’Thank God! she is horrible! at least Rebecca change me when I need and sure she is dumb as a brick but she doesn’t make my hot ass go red!’ she whine

’Cry baby’ said Chloe as she grab her bag, ’Well I gotta get going, see ya Adam’ she peck his cheek as she walk out. Gwen then jump into his arms as he held her, hand holding up her bare back and padded bum.

’So how was work?’

Adam gave her the same old same old when he mentioned Lois.

’ah how is Lois?’ she ask as Adam sat her on his knee and started to bounce her.

’Well she doesn’t like you teaching Annie rude words’ he said

’But she and Lois beg me to tell them’ she pouted ’wait why wasn’t Ellie with you, who si taking care of Lois?’ she tilt her head.

Remembering what he did, ’yeah she was there as well, they’re coming over tomorrow’ Gwen squeal as she bounce up and down, Adam then stop and lift her up, ’What are you doing?’ she ask

Adam grin as he carry her to the bedroom, they started kissing, Adam thrusting against her diaper as she teared his shirt off, Adam rip her diaper off as he thrust. ’Oh YES!’ she moan, Adam keep thrusting and thrusting until they both exploded. Laying next to each, Gwen huff, ’where did that came from?’

Adam smiled, ’Oh just thinking about you’



End Chapter 1

A Strange Website

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 20, 2015


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