Young Again

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Chapter 2
CONCLUSION: House of Boys

Chapter Description: How it could have ended if he kept on writing it. In the Author's own words.


"House of Boys"

I hate leaving things on a "cliffhanger" ending like this since there is more to this story that takes it all the way to a conclusion, but I know now that I’m never going to have the time to actually write the sequel to this, a story tentatively titled "House of Boys." That being the case, I might as well tell you what happens in synopsis form because I’ve actually worked out all the details and this story DOES have an ending. Here goes:

Billy and Jimmy are taken to a large house in the country. There they become part of their Daddy Man’s "House of Boys," a place run by him and his partner. They meet up with a nearly naked Indian boy in a loin cloth that doesn’t even cover half-way down his tiny erection. It’s their friend, Ted, having been turned into a six year old boy. With him is the missing policeman, who you may remember got mentioned briefly way back near the beginning of this story. He was also abducted one night while on patrol cruising to bust some "homos" in the park. He too has been forcibly rejuvenated and is now an adorable little five year old, dressed in a child’s play-policeman outfit.

The "House of Boys" is like a bordello or a "Chippendales" catering to the sick and perverted interests of men with a fondness for boys. There are no "real" boys here, although the patrons don’t know that. Here the boys are encouraged to perform sexual acts on one another, and on the adults, for the amusement of the men who patronize the place. Each is dressed in sexy kiddie clothes that match their characters. For instance, Jimmy is forced to wear a cowboy outfit with no crotch to conceal his boyish charm. He wears only boots, a toy gun belt with a plastic six shooter and a cowboy hat. Billy is forced to perform in his "diaper baby" outfit with a penis pacifier to suck on, the Indian boy shows off a teepee in his too short buckskin loincloth and the five year old cop, naked except for his little police hat and pop gun, rounds out the show. It’s like a twisted version of the Chippendales meets the Village People, only more extreme. Needless to say this place is not at all legal or known to the public at large.

Clients, who pay big money, get to see, fondle and sometimes even have sex with these boys, but don’t know the secret of where their host finds these perfect, parentless, sexually desiring little waifs. The only time a client finds out the truth, to their regret, is when they refuse to pay their bills. "What are you gonna do to me? Call the cops." Spouts one piggish customer, a heavy-set Asian man who leaves laughing and complaining that they don’t even have any Asian boys in their lineup. The next night the show has an unexpected, new addition, a sad, chubby little Asian boy forced to dress up in a Sumo Wrestler costume. As he is made to perform for the amusement of the audience the men howl at him and his tiny endowment while commenting what a pity the Asian man from last night didn’t show up tonight, just when they finally got an Asian boy he would have liked. Heck, the kid even looks a little like him! ("Ah, they all look alike," one customer muses.) Those who cross their hosts suddenly find themselves becoming part of the show, turned into little boys and being forced to perform for the men they were sitting with the night before.

I kinda wanted to play with the idea of this place being to sick, twisted adult men what Pinocchio’s "Pleasure Island" was to bad little boys -- a lot of fun, until you find yourself being transformed into part of the show.

Jimmy tries to resist again, and is given an unexpected and particularly humiliating punishment. Without explanation he is taken to the local public swimming pool. There, in the showers, the Man puts something on the soap just as a twelve year old boys come in to shower. The kid is a rude stuck up little prick, very much like Jimmy was as an adult and Jimmy realizes with horror that it’s his own son! (Although Jimmy is now six years younger than his own kid!)

The Daddy-Man humiliates Jimmy in front of his unknowing son and Jimmy is embarassed that his boy actually seems amused by the show the man makes of him. His son washes with the soap, unaware the man has put one of his formulas on it. Jimmy’s twelve year old boy finds himself feeling very horny as he rubs all over with the soap because it just feels so good. Soon he feels so sexually aggressive and dominating that he decides to take advantage of the other, younger boy in the shower. Jimmy is forced into sex-play by his own son and ends up being used sexually, by the dominating older boy. The son, of course, has no idea the kid he’s screwing around with is really his own father turned into a "widdle" boy. I wanted to make a point that Jimmy had unknowingly passed certain bad behaviors on to his son. Although the soap made him horny, his bullish attitude and lack of caring for others is not unlike Jim, as an adult. His son is growing up to be a lot like him, and seeing it from a new perspective gives Jim pause to consider how he has raised his child.

After they’ve been at the bordello for about a week the man promises a surprise for all of his boys. He drives them to an apartment in the city which seems familiar to Jimmy. (When he was a man it was his apartment.) There he lets the boy’s freely on their own engage in sex play with each other one more time. It has become something they really, really like, satisfying mutual urges they all have as regressed men. Finally, he gives them their "treat," something they’ve never had. He allows each of them to suck him off, something they had never been allowed to do before.

This time he lets himself cum for them, giving each what he calls "the gift of my manhood." The boys fall asleep on the bed sucking each other happily.

When they awaken they are adults again, lying naked and intertwined. Their minds return a bit slower than there bodies and for a bit they are men acting like little boys. Slowly they remember everything that has happened and soon they are back fully to the mental level they were before their regression. A note left by their "Daddy" has pictures of them as adult men, sleeping naked together and sucking on each other. He warns he has the originals and if they every try to find him, he’ll post these pictures up at the gym or where they work for all their friends, family and co-workers to see. Not only that, he will find them and return them to their former childish states permanently. Since the shots appear to show them all as adult men engaged in consenting, aggressive, homosexual activities none wants to see the pictures posted.

Their adult clothes (taken from their lockers at the gym) are laid out for them. The humiliations are over, as long as they stay quite. Not surprisingly they all agree to tell no one the truth about what has happened to them.

They return to their normal lives, but with different perspectives on life now. For example, we see Jim with his son now trying to teach him tolerance and compassion for others less fortunate. And another thing is different in their lives too, a hold over from their time spent together as children. Each finds they have a strong desire to be with the others sexually. At first they’re uncomfortable with it, especially Jim. But Ted, the most macho one of the group, finally puts it best. "Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you can’t still play with your friends."

And of course, they no longer have any desire to beat up on "fags."



End Chapter 2

Young Again

by: LitLOne | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 29, 2015


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