Young Again

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This is a story by Bambino Rojo I wanted to share with a friend but could not find online anymore. I saw other people were looking for it, so I decided to post it for others to enjoy :)

Chapter 1
Young Again

Chapter Description: An awesome story by Bambino Rojo. It has strong sexual content and is not for the faint of heart, but it's one of the best AR stories ever made I think, and if you like humiliation you'll love it.


This story is not my own. I posted it here because several people were looking for it and I happened to have a copy. It is a very sexual story with lots of humiliation and if that kind of thing is a trigger for you or you don’t like it, please do not read it as you will most definitely be offended.

This story contains sexual content between adults and regressed adults, not actual children. Because of that distinction, and the fact that several people were asking for it to be posted, I believe it belongs here.

Once again, no one is making you read this and you WILL be offended if extreme humiliation or sexual contact with regressed adults is something that brothers or triggers you.

Thanks and enjoy!


Young Again

by Bambino Rojo


He thought about telling someone when it first happened, but it had seemed so ridiculous, so unbelievable that he quickly dismissed it from his mind.

At thirty-four Jim was a pretty level headed guy. He wasn’t prone to flights of fantasy. Since his divorce, with his wife getting custody of his twelve year old son, his view of the world had grown particularly sober. No, this was more the sort of thing his friend Ted would believe in.

Ted was a career bachelor, and proud of it. In the past he had told Jim how, when he was growing up, his mother, a full-blooded Sioux Indian, would spin tales of magic and shaman and the like. Of course Jim never believed a word of it, but Ted always insisted such things were true. At thirty six years of age you’d think he would have outgrown such ideas, just as one outgrows Santa Claus, but apparently he hadn’t.

Both men had worked together in the same office for about six years now. Both were muscular, Jim with a thick bearish matte of hair on his chest, while Ted had inherited the dark physical qualities of his mother that made him look like a smooth skinned, black haired giant standing almost 6’4" tall. For both men, life was pretty routine.

On Saturday mornings the two would always meet at the gym to work out. Over the years they’d become good friends and, as work-out buddies, they’d built a pretty regular routine of free weights and cardiovascular exercise that they went through religiously each week. After the work out it was usually a trip to the steam room then on to a bar where talk would center around the girls they’d been seeing, which ones put out and which ones didn’t, and things of that sort. Since his divorce Jim had been playing catch-up and was always bragging about how much of a cat on the prowl he’d become.

But last Saturday, something bizarre had happened. Jim had been delayed by some unexpected business at home and didn’t arrive at the gym until late. ’Cripes,’ he thought to himself. ’Ted’s probably finished his workout and left already.’ As he walked through the equipment area toward the lockers he scanned the room. No sign of Ted.

There was no way he could have missed the big Native American. Aside from his exceptional physical features, reddish-tan skin, shoulder length black hair and wide, dark eyes, he also had a fairly loud, dominating demeanor. There was a cocky self-confidence to the big guy that made him natural dominant in almost any situation. He always had to be the one in control, as all his ladies quickly discovered.

Jim looked around. The only person he recognized was Bill, the baby faced blond kid from Alabama. Bill had moved to town with his family just a couple years ago. Now, at eighteen he was getting his first taste of freedom. His parents were spending the month in Europe on a second honeymoon and they’d left Bill on his own for the first time in his young life. Their trust was well placed. Even though Bill still carried a few red-neck prejudices and could be a little cocky at school, he also prided himself on his maturity. The worst you could say about him was he was maybe a bit too macho for his own good. Every minute he wasn’t in school the chiseled youth, who still spoke with a distinctive, southern-boy drawl, was at the gym trying to make himself even more of a man.

He was pumping up his chest with a series of heavily weighted bench presses as Jim approached.

"Hey Bill, you seen Ted?" Jim asked casually.

Bill finished the set, puffing hard, before setting the bar down and answering. "Yeah. He was here a bit ago," he said, looking around the room. "Ya’ll must’ve just missed each other. Maybe ya’ can catch ’em in the locker room."

Jim said thanks and moved toward the lockers, passing under the icy glare of the gym’s receptionist as he did so.

"Good morning, Stephanie." he said curtly as he passed.

The beautiful blond didn’t answer, just gave him the same bitter stare she always did. After so many months he was finally getting used to it.

Stephanie used to be really sweet to him, before his divorce. She had been the first woman he’d dated after that. Their relationship lasted only a few weeks and ended with the fiery abruptness of a plane crash. The reason for the break up had been simple: She wanted a man to love, he wanted a chick to fuck. End of story.

Now the hardest part about coming to the gym each Saturday was having to face her behind the desk. But he always smiled when he saw her. That part was easy. All he had to do was remember the way she used to scream in agony and delight as he rammed his big cock into her. Ah, those were the days.

The locker area seemed totally deserted and there was no sound coming from the showers. Jim was disappointed. When the day started he’d been looking forward to a good workout, but now it was getting late and without his friend to spot him he found he really didn’t have the desire to go through it alone.

’The hell with it,’ he finally decided. ’Missing one day isn’t gonna kill me.’ He looked around. The glass on the steam room door was thick with moisture. For a moment he wondered if Ted might be in there. In any case, he decided it would be a good place to work up a little sweat before grabbing a shower and heading back home.

He quickly removed his clothes and stowed them in his locker. As he passed the mirror he stopped to examine himself. ’Not too bad,’ he thought silently. His pecs were firm and well developed, his biceps something to brag about. He had the washboard stomach of an athlete and the well rounded globes of a teenager. And of course, there was his cock. Large, heavy, shaded with a thick mat of hair... It was his pride and joy. His smooth, circumcised member hung like a well weighted pendulum between his legs, set forward by a ripe, full pair of balls behind them. It was nice. Not as large as Ted’s, but nice.

Ted had the largest cock of any man at the gym and even a bunch of straight guys couldn’t help noticing that. Rumor had it that he was pretty egotistical about his manhood too. On dates, it was said, he’d treat his uncut member like a royal scepter, forcing his women to kneel before it and ordering them to pay homage. Then he’d place his hands on their head as if they were his sex slaves and guide their mouths to his enlarged man-meat, forcing them to swallow it as deeply as they could. He really enjoyed being the one in charge.

There was no way to know if Ted would still be here, but clearly he wasn’t in the open locker area. That just left the sauna. Maybe Jim would find him there. Naked, Jim hung his towel on the rack and slipped inside fully hoping to encounter his big friend.

The steam seemed exceptionally thick and puffy for some reason and Jim thought there was an odd smell in the air. ’Someone must have put some of that fragrance stuff in the steam again,’ Jim thought. Some of the guys were always putting oil, usually eucalyptus extract, right under where the steam came out. But this didn’t smell like eucalyptus. Jim wasn’t sure what it was but it reminded him of something from his youth, though he couldn’t recall exactly what. The steam was so thick he couldn’t see to the other side of the room, but as he made his way across he was surprised to hear a small voice. It was the voice of a young boy.

"Nooooo," came the pouty little utterance, whining in the fashion little boy’s sometimes do when they can’t have their way and are about to cry.

Jim moved further in and could see, sitting on the far side, a man, unclothed, whose age he couldn’t place exactly. He looked rather young, his chest and legs being smooth and nearly hairless. He was in excellent physical shape. First impressions said he was in his early twenties but there was an odd quality to him that made you think he could be a lot older than he looked. Standing in front of the man, with his back to Jim, was a nude little boy who was the source of the pinning he’d heard.

"If you keep fighting me and don’t start to behave like a good little boy and do as I tell you," the man was saying to him, "I’ll have to punish you even more."

’This is weird,’ Jim thought as he approached them. How’d the guy get in here with the kid? Normally they didn’t allow little boys in the locker room and even from behind it was obvious from his small size and tiny little ass that this kid was no more than eight or nine years old. And, it seemed to Jim, the boy was acting even younger than he looked.

"How’s it goin’?," Jim said in a casual way, not wanting to startle anyone as he took a seat across from the man and boy, "Problem?"

As soon as he spoke the man looked up at him and smiled, "No problem." Then the boy turned around and Jim nearly fell off of his seat when he saw him.

The boy had reddish-tan skin and shoulder length black hair, tears were streaming from his large dark eyes and his face had the attractive, well formed features of a Native American youth. Jim felt suddenly jolted.

It wasn’t possible that... There was no way this kid was really... Everything sensible sprung into Jim’s mind, but it didn’t help. In his gut Jim couldn’t help feeling that this boy could have been Ted’s son. In fact, if his friend Ted were an eight year old boy himself, instead of a thirty-four year old man, Jim felt certain that this would be exactly what he would look like.

When the boy turned and saw Jim, he opened his mouth as if about to speak.

"Ji..." was all he got out.

"Ut-ut-ut!" Quick as can be the strange Man put his hand over the boy’s mouth and instantly the lad was silent. "Now, now, let’s have none of that. We don’t want to bother this nice man now, do we."

When he took his hand away it was as if the boy still wanted to speak out, to say something, but couldn’t. You had the impression that he wasn’t being silent willingly, because the man had asked him, but that he actually couldn’t speak no matter how much he wanted to.

He looked up at Jim with sad eyes and made was a pathetic, helpless little whimper.

Jim was speechless. His mouth hung open and he could scarce believe what he was thinking. He must have stared at the boy for several seconds without blinking before he came back to reality.

When he finally looked up at the strange Man he noticed He was staring back at him with a cold. piercing gaze that gave Jim a chill. There was something unnatural about this guy.

Then, as if he sensed Jim’s fear and wanted to reassure him that everything was alright, the man smiled. "You know how boys can be sometimes. Such free spirits. So hard to control."

Jim swallowed hard, nodding mutely. The man just smiled, then looked down at his tiny charge.

The boy had started to cry. Looking at Jim forlornly he balled his hand up into a tiny little fist and rubbed his eyes childishly as he sniffled. He looked at Jim with pleading in his eyes, as if begging for his assistance, but the only sound he seemed able to make was a little boy’s whimper. As Jim let his eyes examine the child in more detail he couldn’t help noticing that the boy had an erection, his tiny two inch member standing rigidly at attention. ’Wonder what this weird guy was doing to him that brought that on,’ Jim thought to himself. And, he also couldn’t help noticing that, like his friend Ted, this particular boy, was uncircumcised.

"Let’s go now. This is a place for men," the Man said to his young charge, putting special emphasis on the final word, "It’s not a place for a poor little boy like you."

Something in the way he said it seemed odd. Like he was deliberately trying to humiliate the boy just because he was a kid, as if he wanted to make him feel even more inferior and childish. "Come along now," he continued as he took the boy by his free hand and started to lead him out of the steam room. "I have some nice, little boy clothes for you to get into."

As they disappeared into the steam toward the door the little boy turned back and kept looking at Jim with that pleading expression. ’Help me,’ he seemed to ask with his big dark eyes. ’Help me, friend.’

Jim couldn’t take his eyes off the naked lad until he’d vanished out the door.

That was too strange, Jim kept thinking to himself once he was alone. The whole experience had seemed surreal, way too weird and unsettling. But what had really happened? When he thought about it, all he’d done is seen a kid, a hairless little eight-year old boy who just happened to look like his friend. That was all there was to it. A bizarre coincidence. Nothing more. But he just couldn’t shake that uneasy feeling that something unearthly had just happened.

He thought about Ted, the real Ted, the big man he knew and worked out with every Saturday. You could hardly believe that powerhouse of a man had ever even been a little boy! He was the epitome of manliness. His muscles were sculpted from years of working out, his whole personality was confident, dominating. He would never even let himself be treated as anything less than a big dog. And his cock! His dick was huge, 7 or 8 uncut inches, thick as a sausage and crowned by a bush of thick dark hair. This little boy’s dinky-toy was hairless, naked as the day he’d been born, and even erect it was a tiny little boy-thing.

Jim looked down at his own member and was surprised to notice that, at some point, he hadn’t noticed when, he’d gotten an erection too.

’Shit,’ he thought. ’Hope it wasn’t while I was looking at that little boy. Wouldn’t want that strange guy to think I was queer for his kid or something.’ Unconsciously Jim found himself idly stroking his member in response to a quite unexpected desire to relieve himself. He’d never done anything like that before, never masturbated in a "public" place, but for some reason he couldn’t understand he suddenly felt a quite overwhelming sexual desire.

What the hell, he told himself, he was alone, no one would see him or know.

He relaxed and started to think of the usual assortment of big breasted bimbos that made up the normal repertoire of his fantasies, but found his thoughts drifting, quite uncontrollably, back to the tiny naked sprite of a boy he’d just seen. The image of the sweet faced, naked little man-child kept coming into his mind, despite all his efforts to shake it. He didn’t know why. Maybe it was thinking about Ted, imagining that little boy hadn’t really been a "little boy" at all but his big, masculine friend somehow set back, reduced to a second, sexually humiliating childhood. Or perhaps it was that smell, a trace of which still lingered in the air and which seemed to be playing with his brain.

There was definitely something strange in the air and it was going to his head. Both his heads, actually.

Whatever the reason, all Jim knew was that he suddenly found himself uncontrollably excited. In fact, he felt hornier than he’d felt in years. It was like he was a teenager again. He lay back in the steam room and closed his eyes, thoughts drifting where he never expected them to go and where he couldn’t stop them from wandering. No matter how he tried to steer his mind toward thoughts of women, the image of the Ted he knew, the big Ted, the manly Ted, kept morphing into images of the strange little boy he’d just seen.

He pictured the child’s pouting face, remembered that cute, helpless little boy whimper and saw his tiny wee-boy dick sticking up. It took only moments before Jim shot his load and it exploded from him with a power he hadn’t known in ages. In fact, the entire orgasm felt different. It felt like when he was a boy himself, like the first time he’d ever jerked off. The sensation was shockingly fresh. For an instant he caught that smell again, then it was gone, but he remembered now what it reminded him of. It was from his first year in Junior High School, gym class, the smell of the locker room. It was the smell of boys and youth.

The moment he came he felt his head clear as if emerging from some drug induced stupor. An incredible wave of guilt swept over him. He’d been thinking about BOYS! What the hell was wrong with him! He wasn’t a fag! Fuck. And he’d just jerked off in the gym!?

Jim hadn’t felt this guilty about masturbation since he’d been a kid himself.

He stood up sharply and burst from the steam room with a sudden desire to get away from there and catch some fresh air. As he emerged into the locker area he looked around and saw he wasn’t alone

The strange Man and his boy were still there, although they were now dressed and obviously getting ready to leave. Jim took a deep breath and tried to look casual as he walked over to the water fountain, but he couldn’t keep his eyes and ears off the pair.

"Oh, don’t you look like a precious little thing now," the Man was saying to the child. Jim saw that he had dressed the boy in a little sailor suit, the dorky looking kind with the really short, short pants.

"Geez,’ Jim thought as he crossed the room. ’I didn’t even know they made those things anymore.’

Seeing him clearly in the light the boy looked even younger than he had in the steam room. When he first saw the child Jim had thought for sure the boy had been at least eight years old, but now it was obvious he couldn’t be more than six or seven. Yet even at that, it was apparent the little sailor suit he’d been dressed in was meant for a younger child.

’Poor kid,’ Jim thought silently to himself. ’Must be embarrassing to go around dressed like that.’

"I know it’s a little tight now," the Man was saying to the child as he adjusted him in his little outfit, "but you’ll grow into it soon enough." The man finished tying the boy’s shoes then noticed Jim looking at him and smiled back. Jim continued toward the water fountain but he still couldn’t take his eyes off the man and boy. Somehow he felt the man didn’t mind him staring. In fact, he actually got the impression the man wanted him to look at what he had done to the child, at just how embarrassingly he had dressed him.

In a move that surprised him the man turned the boy toward Jim. "Don’t you think he looks cute in this?"

As the child turned to face him Jim swallowed hard. There was no doubt, the kid was cute alright, in an innocent, boyish way. But there was also no missing that the boy’s pants were way too tight, revealing an unmistakable tent in the middle. The poor little kid still had a raging hard on underneath those tight shorts, and apparently he wasn’t wearing any underwear to hide it. Jim felt more embarrassed than ever for the little kid.

Jim struggled to say something, "Yeah. He’s adorable," he managed to say. "Cute kid."

As Jim stood there naked he suddenly felt his own cock starting to swell up again. ’Cripes,NO!’ he thought to himself. ’Not now, not in front of someone!’

The little boy had that pouting look again, as if he felt totally humiliated in his current condition, but couldn’t protest. He seemed entirely under the Man’s control.

"Here," the Man said to him, raising one of the boys hands to his mouth. "Why don’t you suck on your thumb like a good little boy, and when we get home..." he leaned forward and whispered in the lad’s ear, "I’ll have other things for you to suck on."

As if powerless to resist, the boy willingly sucked his thumb, looking all the more infantile for doing it, then the Man took his other hand and lead the boy past Jim to the door.

Just as they were about to leave, Jim overheard the man say something to the boy that made his heart skip a beat.

"As soon as we get back to my place, I think I’ll dress you in a sweet little Indian boy outfit."


When Jim got home the first thing he did was to try and telephone Ted. There was no answer, nor did Ted show up for work the next day. An entire week past and despite the efforts of friends, relatives, employers and even the police, no trace of Ted was found.

Naturally Jim thought about telling what he saw. But he always caught himself. How!? How could he possibly expect anyone to believe what he thought? He couldn’t even convince himself. Who could believe that big, macho Ted had truly been transformed into a crying, thumb sucking little boy-child. Things like that just didn’t happen. But even though everything in his mind told him there couldn’t be any connection between Ted and the boy he’d seen at the gym, he was never able to fully shake the uneasy feeling in his gut.

They tried to contact the media to get word out about Ted as a missing person, but the press and the police were already dealing with a more high profile disappearance, a police officer who’d vanished on the job one night. No one had time for a more pedestrian case of a man who just didn’t show up at work.

As Jim spent the week reflecting back on the incident of the previous Saturday he found himself getting more and more obsessive about it. The only thing Jim felt absolutely sure about was that there was something really odd about that Man and boy.

Finally, it hit him! Why the man had seemed so odd? Of course, Jim decided, the guy must have been a freakin’ faggot! Some sort of homo-pedophile! He’d probably walked in on the guy right while he was molesting the kid! That would explain why the kid was crying, and why he had an erection, and why Jim felt there was something weird going on. (The fact he looked a little like Ted was just a bizarre coincidence. Hell, he probably didn’t even look like him all that much, it’s just that Jim had been thinking about Ted when he’d walked in and his mind made a false connection.)

Jim soon had himself convinced there was nothing "unearthly" about what he’d see after all. The guy had been a child-molester, damn it! Somehow, believing that, made Jim feel less guilty about his own thoughts and actions that day. He grew angry thinking about what that man might have been doing to that poor helpless boy.

"Fucking faggot!" Jim caught himself saying out loud more than once during the week. He vowed, if he ever saw that guy again, he’d set him straight -- with his fists!

When the next Saturday rolled around Jim got down to the gym early. In the back of his mind was a faint hope. This was the last place anyone had seen Ted, they always met there on Saturdays. Maybe, just maybe, Ted would show up.

But Ted was nowhere to be found.

Jim was frustrated. He needed to workout and his regular partner was missing. Bill was there, working out alone as usual, so he asked the 18 year old Alabama boy if he’d mind spotting him while he did his routine. The baby faced blond agreed readily. Because Bill was not Jim’s normal work-out partner he couldn’t know just how much harder, longer and more furiously Jim went through his routine than usual.

Jim was upset. His friend was missing, under very mysterious circumstances, and he couldn’t help feeling that, somehow, he’d been responsible. Maybe if he’d just been on time last week, they would have met up and worked out together, then whatever happened to him, well... Maybe it wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe, if when that boy had looked at him, his eyes pleading for help, maybe if he could have...... No! Jim caught himself. That was being ridiculous again.

As they worked out Jim told Bill about the "fag" he’d seen in the steam room the week before, and the way he’d walked in on him molesting a poor helpless little boy.

"No way!" Bill responded in shock, his sweet southern drawl coming through in droves, "You shittin’ me!? A fag? Doin’ a kid here? Oh, that’s just sick man. That’s just too sick."

The guys at the gym had long made a point of keeping out queers. Not officially, of course, but if they ever caught a guy hanging around the showers a little too long, or looking at them as they got dressed just a bit too much... Well... They gave them a little talking to, and those one time visitors seldom made a return trip. This was a straight man’s gym, and they were gonna keep it that way. Telling Bill there had been a pedophile in their midst had pushed every button the kid had. Nobody would tolerate that kind of shit, and Bill was ready to draw blood.

Jim did an excessive amount of reps on all the free weights and ran on the treadmill until he was ready to drop. Finally, exhausted, he was ready to call it quits when he saw something that brought his energy back up to a tepid boil.

"Son-of-a-bitch," he muttered low under his breath.

"What?" Bill asked. Jim responded with a nod of his head.

Across the room Bill saw an odd Man of indeterminate age making his way to the locker room. From the Man’s strange appearance he knew at a glance this was the "child molester" Jim had been telling him about.

They watched him go into the locker area, then Jim turned to Bill with a burning fire in his eyes. "How’d you like to teach that fucker a lesson?"

The teen just nodded.


The locker room was empty as the two men got undressed. All the better, Jim thought, for what they were about to do.

Jim looked over at his companion. He’d never paid much attention to the teenager before, but as they undressed he realized what a sharp looking kid he was. The boy worked out regularly, more often than Jim actually, and he had the muscles to show for it. His wispy blond hair was light on his head and almost transparent across the rest of his body. His chest and legs were covered with a soft, downy fuzz that was almost invisible to the eye. The only exception was his pubes, where the hair darkened slightly and had the wiry crispness of adolescence.

It made Jim think back to how he’d looked himself during his youth. As a boy he’d been scrawny, waif-like and something of a late bloomer. For years, it had seemed, his skin was as smooth and hairless as a newborn babe. Not anymore. Jim had grown to become quite a man, his chest and legs covered with thick, masculine hair and the past few years of working out had given him a build he could have only have dreamed of in his youth. Not only that, but the tiny little member he’d had as a boy had matured into a very respectable masculine tool.

Thinking back, Jim realized he’d never really liked being a kid. He didn’t like his body then, or his looks. He liked being an adult, fully in control of his own life and proud of the firm, masculine body he’d worked so hard to perfect.

Looking at his young companion Jim had to smile. Bill may have been more youthful and muscled, Jim thought to himself, but he had the kid beat hand’s down in the dick department. The boy had nothing to be ashamed of, to be sure, but it was no trophy compared with Jim’s. Bill’s newly matured cock was nicely cut, well formed, perfectly proportioned and smooth as milk. In fact Bill’s body very much reminded Jim of Michaelangelo’s statue of David; beautifully sculpted, perfectly proportioned, smooth and youthful, but nothing to brag about in the dick department.

Jim was a little startled by his own thoughts. He had no sexual interest in men or boys of any age. It struck him as odd that he had taken so much notice of Bill just now. He’d seen him in the locker room before a hundred times and never paid him any mind. Why did he suddenly notice how nice looking he was now!?

A wave of anger washed over him, a sort of self-loathing for his thoughts about Bill. An anger he immediately transferred to the target of their attack -- the man that sat waiting in the steam room. Somehow he was responsible, Jim just knew it, and although there was nothing rational in the thought, Jim vowed he’d make him pay.

Without a word about their conspiracy the two men passed through the showers, rinsing the sweat of their workout off before heading into the steam room.

There target was there. Alone. Sitting at the far end, just waiting for them.

Jim and Bill exchanged a smile, then each sat on opposite sides of the room, flanking their victim.

At first the Man took no notice of them, until Jim broke the silence.

"Where’s your boy?"

The man looked at Jim curiously. "My boy?" he asked innocently.

"You know," Jim continued harshly, "The boy I found you with in here last week. Remember?"

"Oh, you mean little Teddy."

Jim felt his heart skip a beat as he remembered how much the boy had reminded him of his missing friend, Ted. Now, he finds out, this man was calling him ’Teddy?’

"He’s just staying with me for a few weeks. I let him stay home today. I don’t think he enjoyed himself here as much as I did last week."

"Yeah," Jim muttered, "I bet."

The steam kicked on. As Bill made eye contact with Jim the teen’s smooth sinews began flexing in anticipation. Jim had only to give the signal now and they’d begin dealing their punishment onto this child-fucker. But just as Jim was about to give the signal...

The odd Man leaned toward the steam vent, a small vile of liquid in his hand. "If you boys don’t mind, I’d just like to put a little something in the air here."

Without waiting for their approval he poured the liquid directly into the venting steam. Instantly the quality of the vapor changed. It billowed out, much thicker and denser than it had been an instant before. Within seconds Jim lost sight of Bill in the gaseous shroud

For an instant Jim felt as if he were being smothered, pushed down into some dark hole as the cloud enveloped him. He felt himself fading out and soon the only thing familiar on his mind, was that smell. The smell of youth.


When Jim first opened his eyes he couldn’t remember anything. Although only seconds had passed he felt confused. He was still in the steam room, but he didn’t recognize it. He felt suddenly frightened, like a little boy lost in a department store, fine one moment, terrified the next as he realizes mommy and daddy are gone and he’s all alone in a grown up world.

He couldn’t even remember who he was.

As he took in his surroundings the first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t actually alone.

Across from him, sitting on the other side of the steam room, was a sweet faced little tow-headed boy. The kid was maybe three years old and totally naked. The boy was looking around just like he was, like he just woke up and with a very confused look on his face.

Jim also noticed the little boy’s tiny wee-wee was stiff and, some reason he didn’t understand, that made Jim giggle.

The wispy haired blond boy looked down at himself as if seeing his own body for the first time. He saw his aroused little member and realized that HE was the cause for Jim’s amusement. Suddenly, uncontrollably, the little boy began to cry. "Me want my Mommy," and pulled himself tightly into the corner, a helpless, frightened child. With one hand he began sucking his thumb. With his other hand he reached down as if intending to cover his shame, but instead, unconsciously, clutched his stiff little member in the way little boys sometimes do when they feel insecure.

Jim was sure he’d never seen this boy before, and yet his face looked very familiar. Jim felt he should know him. But he was feeling weird, small and frightened himself. He didn’t understand why he’d giggled. He didn’t understand what was happening to him?

Then Jimmy looked at himself. The first thing he noticed were his hands. They were tiny little things. His chest, arms and stomach were baby smooth, totally devoid of hair. Even in his confused state he knew that wasn’t right. He was a big boy. He was a... a grown-up Daddy-Man, wasn’t he? For some reason he was having trouble getting the right words in his head.

His eyes took in his own unfamiliar body. With sudden horror he looked between his legs and realized his loss. It was gone. His huge, hairy man cock, his pride and joy, was gone. Looking down across his baby smooth skin his eyes revealed a greatly reduced organ. His mighty manhood was gone and in it’s place was now a small, hairless, erect, little child’s plaything. He had a little boy’s body and a little boy’s pee-pee.

"Noooo," he suddenly heard himself whine uncontrollably.

"Awwww, what’s the matter little boy?" The voice came from a strange Man standing on the other side of the steam room.

Jimmy continued to cry, "You took my big wee-wee." He whined like the little child he was. "Me want my big pee-pee back." Jimmy knew he shouldn’t be talking like this, but he couldn’t help himself. It was as if the memories were there of other, grown-up words, but he couldn’t get at them. And even in the few moments since he’d opened his eyes, he’d felt he was forgetting things, reverting, both mentally and emotionally, back to a child.

Jimmy stamped his feet. "You make me little. Me no want. Me want my big pee-pee!" His hard, rubbery little boyhood bounced up and down as he stamped his feet. His joy, his manhood, had literally been taken from him. He knew that he was supposed to have a big one. Big and covered with hair. It was his favorite toy. But now, his big man-cock had been replaced by a little boy’s two inch stiffie! He was erect, hard, solid as a rock. But it was so tiny! Of all things he knew this was wrong, he wasn’t a little boy, he was a grown-up, and he wanted his big, beautiful, grown-up pee-pee!

"I’m sorry," the Man said in a condescending voice. "But only men have big pee-pee’s. And you’re just a little boy."

"NO!" Jimmy bawled, rubbing his fist in his eye. "Me not a little boy. Me a daddy-man!"

The Man just laughed. "Noooo," he said as he reached over and pulled little Jimmy toward him. As he set the helpless child on his knee he reached down and gently took hold of the child’s miniscule penis. "How can you be a Daddy with this little thing?" He continued.

Jimmy stopped crying. Something about this Man touching him suddenly felt so good. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want him to stop.

"No, you’re not a Daddy," the Man continued. "I’m the Daddy now, and you’re my two new little boys."

Was that right? Was this Man his Daddy? Jimmy couldn’t remember, but as the man gently massaged his tiny boy-meat, he could feel himself losing control. His memories were getting harder and harder to find as the sweet Daddy man continued to fondle his tiny-dick.

"Now you’re going to be a good boy and do everything Daddy tells you to do, aren’t you?"

Jimmy nodded mutely, the pleasurable sensations radiating from his unbelievably stiff dick were surging through him in uncontrollable waves. But Daddy wasn’t happy with just a nod.

"When I ask you a question, you say, ’Yes, Daddy’."

"Yes, Daddy," the boy repeated obediently.

The man tousled his hair approvingly. "That’s my good little boy. If anyone asks you, you’ll tell them you’re my little boy and you’re six years old. Can you hold up six fingers for Daddy?"

Jimmy held up six fingers.

"That’s a good boy."

Now the Man turned his attention to the other child in the room, the frightened little tow-head sitting in the corner sucking his thumb and clutching his tiny penis.

"Poor little Billy. Your friend didn’t even fare as well as you did, I’m afraid. Victim of the 80 percent solution." He turned back to Jimmy as he continued. "The formula makes everyone 80 percent younger. You were in your thirties, so now you’re a sweet little six year old. But your friend, poor little fellow, he was barely eighteen when we started, so now he’s just a frightened little three year old."

Jimmy didn’t understand most of what the man was saying, but he did remember his friend Billy. He remembered how he had looked just moments ago, how they had come in here as big strong men. Now, he just felt humiliated, being fondled in his most private spots like a helpless little boy in front of his friend, and yet he didn’t want the man to stop.

"Tisk, tisk. See the trouble you got him into when you talked him into coming after me with you. You shouldn’t bring a boy to do a man’s job. That was very bad of you, do you understand. You’ve been a bad boy and you’re going to have to be punished for it."

"Nooooo," Jimmy said sadly as the Man continued to massage his overly stimulated young cock.

"Look at that hard little dinky of yours. You must be in such a state. In just a moment you’ll cum for Daddy and we’ll get that last bit of man juice out of you. That’ll help keep you this nice new age you’ve become. But I’m afraid you’re still going to be hard. One of the side effects. All that Man size sexual desire stuffed into a tiny little boy wee-wee. I’m afraid your body never gets enough, never gets satisfied. You just stay very, very horny, all the time. Even when you come, no matter how good it feels, you’ll never be satiated, you’ll always want more. That’s why you’ll always be my sweet little boy slave and you’ll do whatever I tell you."

Jimmy felt sad, frightened and humiliated. Deep inside he wanted to be strong again. He wanted to be a big, strong man and stand up and sock this man in the gut like he’d come in here to do. But he couldn’t! Everything this new Daddy had told him was true. He would do anything the man asked, he would be a willing sex slave, just to keep this wonderful feeling when this man touched his little wee-wee.

Poor little Jimmy felt a funny feeling in his loins. He was going to cum soon. Involuntarily he moved his hips, rubbing his dinky harder into the Man’s hand. He couldn’t control himself and soon he started to whimper in pleasure. He looked at the other little boy, little Billy, watching him. He felt so naked, so embarrassed. He knew now that little boy was really his friend Bill watching him get jerked off by this man. He couldn’t recall everything, but he remembered enough to feel the total shame of his situation. He felt the humiliation of the way he was being fondled by this man, like he was being put on display. The way the man could touch him anywhere and he couldn’t stop him. But Jimmy couldn’t help himself. He wanted more.

He moved his hips, pushing his wee-wee against the man’s hand harder and harder.

"Oh, would my widdle baby like to cum now like a big boy does?" the Man asked, mocking him in childish tones.

Jimmy nodded, too horny to think of anything but giving in to this erotic sensation, "Yes, Daddy," he whined childishly, "Me wanna cum like a big boy for you."

"Isn’t that sweet? You’re such a good little boy. Now, give Daddy the last of your man juice."

With that the Man placed his mouth over Jimmy’s tiny member and began to suck on it. Man or boy, Jimmy knew he’d never felt anything so incredible in his life, and he was right. The formula had made him more horny than he’d ever been before and his dick more sensitive than ever. Now he had only the urge to cum again and again.. Within seconds he felt an explosion in his loins and he began pumping the last of his seed into the Man’s mouth, emptying his over-full balls into the sweet oracle of his new Daddy.

As he came he looked over at little Billy, sitting in the corner, staring at him. Jimmy wanted to cry. He’d never come in front of another male before and now he was being forced to parade his tiny boy meat and shoot his juice in front of his friend. He felt so helpless, so humiliated. He didn’t want to be a little boy. But not only was he a helpless little child, he was a sex slave who would gladly do whatever his new Daddy told him to.

He felt the last of his juice surging out of his tiny dick and for one brief moment, there was relief. Jimmy sighed as the soft warmth of the afterglow wrapped around him like a baby’s swaddling blanket.

It didn’t last. Even as the Man took his mouth away, Jimmy immediately longed for him to start sucking again. It was his first realization of what the man had said, the horniness would never end.

"Oh, that tasted sweet," The man said to him. "Now that I’ve sucked all the man juice out of you, you’ll stay a little boy for as long as I want."

Jimmy felt a wave of sadness sweep over him. Somehow, he knew, the man had just taken the last of his manhood. He had "drank it in," swallowing his man-seed and, in the process, consuming the last of his adulthood.

"Now, before I take you boys out of here, I need to do your little friend."

Jimmy felt a wave of angry defiance build in him. He wouldn’t be treated this way, he would fight it. He wasn’t really a little boy, he was a man. He’d fight it and...

Before turning to little Billy, the Man spoke to Jimmy in a tone the was clearly an order, "Go sit in the corner, suck your thumb and play with yourself like a good little boy."

All desire to fight instantly fell aside. Jimmy couldn’t begin to resist the command. Feeling even more powerless, even more humiliated he found he obeyed completely, obediently sitting in the corner, sucking his thumb as if he were a toddler and playing, uncontrollably with his firm little boyhood. It felt so nice to be Daddy’s good little boy, so nice to obey. He couldn’t fight it.

As he watched the Daddy Man moved to his friend. At first Billy was frightened and tried to pull away.

"Me want momma!" he cried. Even in his baby talk there was Billy’s unmistakable southern drawl. But the moment the Daddy-Man put his hand on the boys tiny hardon, all fear and resistance vanished from little Billy’s face.

"Oooooooo," the man-child moaned in helpless pleasure. There was no stopping things.

Now it was Jimmy’s turn to watch as the younger boy was forced by desire into sexual servitude. Slowly the man caressed the little boy’s body, rubbing his hands through his hair, touching his face, stroking his tiny lips with his thumb. Little Billy purred and cooed like a small animal, involuntarily rubbing himself against the Man’s touch. You could see Billy throw his head back in a drug induced ecstasy. Jimmy knew what he was feeling – erotic sensations too much for any man, or boy, to resist.

The Daddy moved his hands down the boy’s smooth chest and stomach to his tiny rod and began to fondled it. He reached his hands back across the tight, wrinkled ball sack, between the smooth hairless legs and cupped the boy’s baby-soft bottom. It almost looked like Billy would cry in pleasure.

All the while, he kept talking to the boy in the same humiliating, condescending tone he’d used on little Jimmy. Mocking him for his sudden weakness, his forced childhood.

With his hand on the boys bottom in this way, the man lifted Billy to his feet and pulled the child toward him, gently maneuvering that tiny, willing boy-meat into his own wet, warm mouth.

Jimmy watched as Billy rolled his head back in mute pleasure. He knew what he was feeling and actually felt jealous of the attention Daddy was giving him. He wanted Daddy to play with his wee-wee again. But all he could do was suck on his thumb and massage his own aching member faster and more furiously. He could see Billy was getting ready to cum and something about that excited him all the more.

When the moment came Jimmy could see Billy was about to give up his seed. He wanted to cry out, to warn him that, somehow, his only chance of being a big boy again, of being a MAN, lay with that load. But he couldn’t speak. All Jimmy could do was watch the scene and whimper helplessly with his thumb in his mouth, as he fondled his own tiny dick uncontrollably. The power was just too strong.

Billy shot his load with such youthful force that some of his white cream spilled from the Daddy man’s mouth and went dripping down the small shaft of his little dick. The Daddy just smiled, extended his tongue and licked it off like you’d catch the sweet, creamy drips that run down the edges of a melting ice cream cone, his actions sending a shiver of pleasure through the helpless youth. He licked his lips and kissed the small boy’s penis.

"Um, that was nice," he said. "And now, you won’t be growing up on me again until I’m ready to let you."

Billy’s lower lip trembled and the teen-boy, now a mere toddler, started to pout. Like Jimmy, he realized what he had just lost; his man-juice, his last chance of regaining adulthood, had been surrendered for the fleeting pleasure of an single, irresistible orgasm. He knew that, if he’d only been able to control himself and resist his sexual urges, somehow, keeping that man-seed inside his balls would have caused him to start growing up again in a way even this man couldn’t have stopped. But now....

"Yes," the man continued, enjoying the boys’ predicament, "you and your little friend are going to remain my cute little boys for as long as I want to keep you that way. And of course, you’ll do anything I say, just to feel that pleasure again and again, because I know that little-boys, just like grown up men, can’t seem to resist playing with their toys."

Tears ran down his cheeks as little Billy began to bawl, crying and rubbing his eyes. "Me no want! Me gwon-up, big boy. Me no wanna be awl widdle, ’gin!" he cried, but his pathetically childish little protests did no good and, in fact, only made the man smile at him more, amused by his juvenile tirade.

"Now, now, come along boys," the man commanded, taking charge of the young lads. "Let’s get you two out of here and back to my place. Give me your hands."

Obediently they reached out to him. He took the boys by their hands and lead them out to the showers. "First Daddy needs to wash you."

It had been decades since anyone had given Jim a bath. He wouldn’t, he just wouldn’t let himself be handled that way. Not in a public place. Not where someone might see them. He had to fight it, had to resist.

"No," he tried to sound defiant but instead just sounded like the pouty little boy he had been turned into. The Man gave him a sharp look.

"My, my, aren’t we the determined little man. Now, tell me again...." the man kneeled down and cupped little Jimmy’s ball sack in the palm of his hand, massaging it gently. Again, the uncontrollable sensation of pleasure spread from his tender young loins and erupted throughout Jimmy’s body.

"Ooohhh," Jimmy cooed, closing his eyes at the wonderful sensation.

"You do want Daddy to get you nice and clean -- DON’T YOU!?"

Jimmy’s answer was delayed only by the sigh of ecstasy he let loose, "Oh, yes Daddy," Jimmy whimpered, "Me wanna be a clean little boy for you. Make me a clean little boy, Daddy," he begged.

The Man smiled, pleased. "It feels good when you do what Daddy wants, doesn’t it?"

Jimmy nodded uncontrollably, "Yes, Daddy."

Billy watched, appalled at how easily Jimmy’s defiance had been handled. He too had a desire to resist, but when the man touched him it faded as quickly as Jimmy’s.

Soon both boys were in the shower as the mind-controlling affects of the regression continued to wash over them, altering their thoughts and emotions no matter how they tried to resist. In spite of the knowledge that they were really adults, they continued to lose control of themselves. Bit by bit they found themselves beginning to act like real children. Adult memories kept slipping in and out, the only constant being the intense, grown-up sexual desire they felt in a way real children never do. At one point they even began to giggle as they playfully grabbed at each other, and quite soon each boy was actually competing for Daddy’s attention in the shower.

The Man washed Jimmy first. He started from behind, gently caressing soap across Jimmy’s smooth back. Just hours earlier Jimmy had been a bear of a man, he would never have allowed another man to touch him in this way and now here he was, his skin smooth, with nothing but the faintest wisps of boyish fuzz, and desiring nothing more than the touch of his sweet new Daddy.

It felt so good when Daddy washed them, his hands slowly lathering down their back until his fingers probed gently between their firm little butt cheeks.

"Spread your legs so I can wash you good." the man said.

"Yes, Daddy," was the sad reply, as each man submitted to the indignity of being washed like a small child. Each spread his feet apart, allowing the man to trace the inside contours of their bottoms with his soap slick fingers, passing down through the tiny clefts to the inside of their thighs and violating what, as men, had been a very private area, but little boys being washed by their daddy have no "private areas."

With each boy the Man took time to reach through from behind and caress their tiny ball sacks, reinforcing his control over them as he sent shivers of ecstasy through their bones. Once these had been the proud repository of manly gonads, now they too were reduced to just the wrinkled little scrotums that hold a small boy’s tiny peanuts.

Finally, he’d reach all the way through between their legs, reaching the front, grabbing their little shafts from aft and sensuously soaping them with strong, gentle strokes. With each sudsy caress, the man knew, they would become less and less the tough Men they had been, and more his humiliated little boys. Inevitably as he rubbed them, the boys began to move their hips, humping his soapy hands in an involuntary rhythm they were powerless to fight. The Man knew they would be his forever now, if he wanted them for himself, but he had other plans for these man-boys. They weren’t for keeps -- these little trophy boys were for show.

Their shower was interrupted as one of the other men working out at the gym came in to clean up. Even in their reduced form both Jimmy and Billy immediately recognized the man as their friend, Sam, a regular at the club.

Sam was startled to see the two boys in the shower. "Er, hello." he said awkwardly.

Jimmy instantly opened his mouth to speak, his heart bursting to shout out for help. He had to tell Sam who he was and what had happened to them. He had to let him know, but before a single syllable could escape his tiny lips he felt the firm palm of the Daddy man over his mouth.

"Now, now. Didn’t Mommy ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"

And he was silenced. No words would come. He looked up at Sam, the desire to speak still bursting inside of him, but all he could do was look up at him with pouty little boy eyes and whimper, like the helpless child he was.

Jimmy became aware of Sam’s eyes on his stiff little boy meat. Embarrassed, he tried to turn away, to hide his shame, but the Daddy-Man took his time washing them and always turned both boys around so their tiny penises were visible to Sam. It was so degrading, feeling his boy meat put on display in this way and left helpless, unable to cover his itty-bitty from the eyes of a real man.

Although he tried to be casual, Sam couldn’t take his eyes off of their hard little cocks, just as Jim, in the previous week, couldn’t keep his eyes off of little Teddy’s stiff weenie. Now he knew just how humiliated his friend Ted must have felt as he stared at him.

He could also tell that just as he had, Sam was getting turned on. As soon as an opportunity arose Sam would slip off alone, probably into the steam room, to relieve himself. It troubled Jimmy to realize he was about to become another man’s whack-off fantasy.

When their Daddy-Man seemed to have had his fill of parading them naked around the shower in front of Sam, he marched them out to the locker room. Immediately Sam slipped into the steam room where the Man knew he would be self-occupied for awhile as he relieved a desire he couldn’t understand. At least he’d be leaving them totally alone for awhile in the locker room.

The Man moved to his own locker first, taking out a large laundry bag as the naked little boys stood by helplessly. With a gleam in his eye, he moved inexplicable to the lockers where the men had stored their adult clothing and toiletries. He opened each with ease and removed all their belongings, placing them into the sack. "No point leaving these lying around here for someone to find. And you certainly won’t be needing them."

He held up Jim’s man sized underwear, holding it against him, checking its size against the tiny lad. It was ludicrously large. With the waistband held high above his stomach the crotch dropped below his knees. Even if he’d wanted to try there was no way Jimmy could wear them, they wouldn’t stay on him.

"Tsk, tsk," the Man said in a mocking voice, "Certainly not the man you used to be, hey little boy?"

The man held up Jim’s electric shaver as he put it in the bag. "And you certainly won’t be needing this for a while now, will you little boy?"

Jimmy wanted to cry but managed to keep it down to just a sniffle.

Next the Man returned to his own locker.

"Now’s the part I really enjoy," the Man said. "Dressing you boy’s in just the right little boy clothes."

Jimmy felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he remembered the mortifying outfit Ted had been forced to wear in the previous week. What could this Man have in store for him!?

"I wasn’t expecting to have two of you, so I only have one full set of clothes. Fortunately, I have something here that’s just perfect for a little baby boy like Billy here, don’t you think?"

Jimmy felt himself gasp at what the Man removed.


"Noooo!," Billy cried, starting to pout again. It was too much, even for a boy slave. "Me no want!"

"Of course you do," the Man ordered as he gently touched Billy’s erect member, now merely a tool used to control him through pleasurable sensation. "But we have to get you ready first. Lay down on your stomach on the bench." Helpless to resist, little Billy lay face down on the bench where, as a big boy, he had so often sat to get dressed after his workout.

An hour ago he was the most macho kid at his school. He was the one the boys envied and the hunk all the girls wanted. Now he was about to be diapered like a little baby. The three-year-old-teenager lay with his little bottom poked up in the air and his tiny hardon pressed into the wood of the bench. He began to cry, sobbing softly in his humiliation, knowing it would do no good.

Jimmy felt his shame. The regressed six-year-old-man felt so sorry for him, so sorry he had lead him into the locker room. Look what had happened to them now, and it was all his fault.

"Jimmy, I’d like you to help me diaper the baby. Come here please."

As Jimmy stepped up to his "Daddy" the man put a bottle of something in his hand.

"Rub that all over the baby’s bottom, please."

Jimmy looked at the bottle in his hand. Baby oil. He had used baby oil before, for sex, masturbation and when diapering his own son back when he’d been just an infant. But this was his friend Bill. Bill was, a teenager, a young man! How could he do this to him?

The Man sensed his resistance again and without a word brought his fingers up to touch the youth’s tender scrotum. "Jimmy!" he said softly in a warning voice.

Jimmy gasp at the man’s touch, and soon he was gently gliding his oily hand across the smooth little boy ass of his friend Billy.

Billy quickly stopped sobbing as Jimmy gently caressed his bottom. It wasn’t just the man’s touch, he now realized. Any touch had the power to control him. The more sensitive and private the area, the more powerful and intoxicating its control. He knew Jimmy was feeling the same sensations of pleasure and degradation he was, so he reached out his own hand, and gently laid it on Jimmy’s arm.

Jimmy sighed softly at the touch of his companion. The Man looked on, fascinated, taking pleasure in watching as the boys took their first steps in a direction he very much wanted them to go.

"Billy, turn over now." the Daddy ordered softly.

Billy didn’t want to turn over. His tiny dick was so hard, he was ashamed to turn onto his back and have it sticking up in the air for all to see. But he did as he was told, turning over and exposing his erect little piston.

Suddenly Jimmy found himself staring at his friend’s proud little boy meat. Something about it gave him a sensation he’d never known before. He wanted to touch it. Not waiting to be told he began putting more baby oil on his hand and reached toward the stiff member when the man stopped him.

"Wait," he said, gesturing with his head toward Billy’s groin, "I don’t think we dried him well enough. See the water on his little ball bag?"

Jimmy saw the tiny droplets of water which sparkled off of Billy’s tiny scrotum. He reached to pick up the towel, but the man took his hand. "Not like that. Daddy wants you to lick them off."

Jimmy pulled back, started to shake his head. He couldn’t, he’d never. He wasn’t a fag, he wasn’t! Daddy couldn’t make him start to do fag stuff like licking another boy’s balls. But as a gentle caress moved across his own naked bottom, he felt his desires change.

"Do it," the Man commanded, "Lick his little boy balls clean."

"Oh, yes Daddy," Jimmy heard himself say as he dropped to his knees.

Jimmy pushed his face down between young Billy’s legs and hesitated. His nose, just an inch away, took in the pleasant smell of Billy’s freshly scrubbed scrotum. Jimmy was shocked to find how much the smell excited him. It was the smell of a clean boy, soap, mixed with the fragrance of baby oil coming up from his well greased bottom. It flooded his mind with new desires he’d never known before and, without thinking, he found his tongue extending out and gently licking the other boy’s balls in long smooth strokes. He was like a cat cleaning a kitten. With loving care he swept his tongue all across the little boy’s soft and wrinkled ball sack as young Billy moaned with pleasure at the wonderful, warm and wet sensations welling up from his groin.

Billy put his hands on Jimmy’s head, running his fingers through the older boy’s hair in mute sexual ecstasy as he pushed him further into his groin area. At eighteen he’d had very little experience with real sex. Now, with all his intense, rampant teen horniness crammed into the body of a three year old, he was experiencing an exaggerated state of arousal. It was pleasurable beyond words and beyond all his comparable experience.

The Daddy smiled as he watched the boys explore each other. This would be perfect for his plans. Now, to take this former straight man, the man who had come in here with the intention of hurting him, and take him that short, final step to turn him into the very thing he had so despised.

"Jimmy," the Daddy said as he reached his hand between the boy’s legs and caressed his organ from behind. Young Jimmy purred softly in response, continuing to lick little Billy’s scrotum.

"Jimmy," he continued, "Daddy wants you to do one more thing."

"Yes, Daddy?" Jimmy paused just long enough to answer.

The man leaned forward, whispering his the boy’s ear. "Daddy wants you to suck little Billy’s dick."

Jimmy started to pull back, resisting the suggestion. The words "cock sucker," burned into his brain since childhood, leapt into his mind. It was the worst thing you could be. He hated cock suckers. He couldn’t be one. He wouldn’t be one. He had to fight it.

"Please, Daddy, no. I don’t wanna suck dicky."

The Man was impressed. It had taken a lot of power for Jim to put up that resistance. But the Man was confident that no matter how powerful the anti-"cock sucker" indoctrination had been, he could stir more powerful feelings in this man child. He would bend him as easily as a green twig, in the direction he wanted him.

Jimmy was on his knees licking Billy’s balls. With one hand the Man stroked the nape of the boy’s neck. With the other he grasp his small testes, firmly holding them in his hand. He quite literally had him by the balls.

"Do it. Do it for me now. Or Daddy will have to punish you. Do you know what will happy if I give you the formula again?"

Jimmy’s heart skipped a beat at the very thought of what that might do to him.

"That’s right. It’ll make you even YOUNGER! It’ll turn you into a crying little one year old baby. You like that idea? Of you being nothing but a helpless little infant; a plaything for little Billy boy here and you may never be able to cum again. Do you want that?"

Jimmy was feeling so many strange and powerful sensations. He was confused. He began to feel like he really did want to suck on Billy’s dinky, but something in the back of his mind, something he’d been taught, told him that it was wrong, that it would make him a... a "cock sucker," and that was a bad thing, wasn’t it?

He also felt fear. He was afraid that what this Daddy Man was telling him was the truth. That he would expose him to that eighty-percent solution he’d used on him before. If it had turned him from a thirty-four year old man into a six-year old boy, what would it do to him now!? He didn’t want to be turned into a helpless baby, forced to crawl around and wear diapers.

And there was a third sensation, the most powerful of them all, overcoming everything else, driving him to do anything the man ask him to. It was the unbearable sensations of pleasure he felt radiating from every point on his body where he was being touched, especially his most private areas. It was the normal sensations of pleasure all men and boys experience at the touch of another only magnified a thousand fold to the point no man, and certainly no boy, could resist it.

He raised his eyes and looked at the small shaft of boyhood just an inch from his face. It was so beautiful, firm, smooth and pink. The tiny mushroom head seemed to be reaching toward his lips. It looked delicious, and he wanted it. He really, REALLY wanted it.

The only thing stopping him was something in the back of his mind, a lifetime of indoctrination that had told him it was wrong. Now, as he found himself nuzzling at the base of Billy’s small cock, he couldn’t help wondering why he had always thought that. He so wanted to do it, to slip that beautiful little hot dog between his lips and taste the sweet meat of another. He wanted to. Why was he resisting?

"Do it," a small voice called out, almost a whisper, and it was NOT the man’s voice this time.

It was Billy, his hands still stroking Jimmy’s head in a loving caress. "Pwease," he continued, pleading softly, "Suck my wee-wee, pwease..."

Jimmy’s eyes looked up and met Billy’s. Of course. He realized poor Billy was being tortured as well. He too was feeling unbearable pleasure from the caresses Jimmy had been inflicting on him. With each stroke of his tongue, each gentle touch on his thighs and Jimmy’s moist breath on his balls, he was being driven mad with pleasure. He was desperate for relief.

All Jimmy’s reservations faded at once, he couldn’t let Billy suffer. It was his fault they were in this situation. He owed him that.

Slowly, Jimmy opened his mouth and slid Billy’s tender boy meat between his young lips.

"oooooo," Billy moaned, throwing his head back in heavenly delight.

Jimmy also felt pleasured, as the Man continued to fondle his cock and balls, to caress the nape of his neck, petting him as if he were a well trained dog doing a neat trick. He too was feeling the oncoming rush of an approaching train, the thrill of an impending orgasm surging through his boyish loins.

And, he quickly realized, that far from being disgusted, he actually LOVED the sensation of sucking on another male’s penis. It was primal, sensual, as natural as a babe suckling at his mother’s breast. He couldn’t recall why he’d resisted, all he knew was that it felt good. How could anything that felt so wonderful, so sweet, that gave such pleasure to another be considered wrong?

"That’s my good little boy," the Man continued softly.

Jimmy went wild, tonguing Billy’s tiny meat without restraint. Soon Billy’s hips began to gyrate uncontrollably, pushing his boyhood deeper and deeper into Jimmy’s welcoming mouth. Suddenly Billy began to spasm, holding his pelvis high off of the bench as his muscles tensed and he pushed upwards with all his might. At the same moment Jimmy felt a wave tear through him, ripping like a pleasurable blaze sparking out form his groin and engulfing his entire being.

It was the most powerful orgasm either of them had ever experienced. But virtually nothing came out of their tiny cocks. The were pumping from a dry well. The Man had drained their balls of the last of their manly semen while they were still in the steam room and there would be no more to cum until their bodies again experienced the changes of puberty. They were shooting blanks.

The boys collapsed onto each other, Jimmy continuing to nuzzle lovingly at little Billy’s scrotum and tiny testes.

"Oh, that was so sweet," the Daddy Man’s voice suddenly came in. In their moment of ecstasy the two boys had almost forgotten about him.

"You know what you are now, Jimmy?" the man said toying with him. "You’re a cock sucker, Jimmy. That’s right, that’s what you are now. You’re a cock-sucker, just like Daddy."

Jimmy knew it was true and inside felt a sinking as he knew it wasn’t just that he’d been ordered to do it. He’d WANTED to do it, and he’d enjoyed it, and he would do it again now, every chance he could get for as long as he lived. Even as he grew up again, he would be a different man than before.

And he was glad.

"Thank you, Daddy," he said, his voice breaking slightly, "Thank you for making... making me...."

He couldn’t finish. The man stroked his head lovingly and finished for him, "A cock sucker?"

Jimmy nodded, tears in his eyes as he pressed his head between the nude legs of his young friend.

"Me a cock sucker, daddy. Me like it. Me like sucking on wee-wee, Daddy. Me wanna suck on Dada’s weewee too. Pleaaassse, Dada?"

The Daddy Man smiled. He was so happy with how quickly Jimmy had come around. From a man of so much resistance, anger and hatred, to so much acceptance. There was no doubt, Jimmy had had it in him all along, he just had to be taken back to being a boy to discover it.

"Soon," he told his young charge. "Very soon. That’s my sweet boys. My sweet, sweet little cock sucking boys. Would you like Daddy to take you someplace where you can be with other boys like you and you can all suck each other as much as you like?"

"Yes, Daddy," both boys said, almost at once, "Please, Daddy, we wanna go now."


Stephanie was a little surprised as she looked up from her post at the reception desk. Coming from inside was a man with two of the cutest little boys she’d ever seen.

"Hello there," she said to the boys as they approached, holding the Man’s hands. "I didn’t see you go in."

"We just popped up to visit a friend here for a minute. These are my boys."

Stephanie bent down to be at eye level with the youngest boy. The cute little blond was dressed only in a diaper and was sucking on a pacifier. She noticed there was an odd look in his eyes, and decided he was just being shy.

"And how old are you little man?" she asked. The little boy in the diaper hesitated for a minute then held up three fingers as Daddy took the pacifier from his mouth.

"I’m fwree... Fwree years old," he answered proudly and Stephanie noticed it sounded like he had just a trace of a Southern accent.

"Oh, how cute!" Stephanie exclaimed to the Man. "He’s adorable, such a little doll."

"Yeah," the Man replied calmly, "I think I might keep him for awhile," he joked.

He started to walk out before Stephanie could speak to his other boy, but she called after. "How old’s the other one?"

The little boy in the cowboy outfit turned around to face her. He was wearing a cute little cowboy hat, little cowboy boots and an overly tight pair of those little boy short, shorts that she didn’t even think they made anymore. He held up six fingers.

"I’m six," he announced proudly. "I’m six years old, and this is my Daddy."

"Come along now, Jimmy. Plenty of time to flirt with the ladies when you get older."

Stephanie started to laugh, but she couldn’t help noticing the boy’s tight little shorts did more to reveal, than to conceal, a firm little boyish erection.

As they walked out she heard the man speaking to the boy... "Come on Cowboy Jimmy, I know a little Indian boy who’s really looking forward to playing with you."[color=#FF0000][/color]



End Chapter 1

Young Again

by: LitLOne | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 29, 2015


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