Caper of a Lifetime

by: Penbumble | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016

Chapter 3
Abrupt Change of Plans

Chapter Description: Fabricio wakes up alone and in a new place. With no memory of how he got there, Fabricio wonders where was his partner?

Lying flat on his back on the strange oversized bed, Fabricio moved his eyes back and forth as he tried to discover just where he was. Turning his head, he winced as the side of his face felt tender as it pressed against the fuzzy bedspread. He turned his head away from the pain as he tried to pull up an arm but was stymied by a bulk of what seemed to be an insurmountably heavy blanket that had been wound around his body. The weight of the blanket was keeping his arms and legs nearly immobile. Moving his head more gently, he now saw that there was a large white barrier on each side of him. Someone had hemmed him in by placing a pillow on each side of him. He wrinkled his brow as he looked over one of the large pillow to regard the room. He did not recognize the strange old fashioned furnishings and had no clear memory of how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was relaxing on Nola’s lap as they made their way to Canada and the easy life when the loud sound of skidding tires suddenly cut through the dark. After that, his memory was a jumble of disjointed images and senses: a blur of motion, the flashing red lights, biting cold soaking through his bones and a pair of giant hands coming toward him. Fabricio wrinkled his brow as he concentrated, but nothing seemed to make any sense.

Fabricio attempted to push up to see over the neighboring pillow, but found that he was pinned to the bed by the blanket.

He kicked frantically to loosen the grip of the material, but it was too massive to yield to his small efforts. In a desperate move, he attempted to rear up with the blanket around him to peer over the pillow but he was only able to lift an inch off the bed before he fell back. The futility of his effort with this immature body hit home. He began to panic as the realization of his isolation and vulnerability sank in.

‘Where is Nola? She has to be around.’ He thought frantically about his partner. The next thought sent a jolt of terror up his spine. ‘She wouldn’t just leave, would she?’

Before he realized what he was doing, he desperately called out for her. Despite his intent, the sound that issued from his mouth had little resemblance to his partner’s name. Seeming almost in response to his call, the sound click of the door knob latch being retracted caught his attention. He was still unable to see the door but he looked back over his shoulder expecting to see Nola momentarily. He heard footsteps approaching the bed. He held his breath as he waited for his partner to appear. Nola would let him know what was going on. His eyes went huge when he heard an unfamiliar female voice in the room.

“Look who woke up! Are you feeling okay, sweetheart?” A rather stout and pudgy woman in her late forties approached and leaned over him with a smile.

Fabricio looked up to see that the woman had frowsy artificially dyed red hair piled loosely on her head showing a full inch of dark roots. Her eyes had deep wrinkles at the corners with a pointed nose covered in faded freckles. Her face had an almost elfin appeal and in her younger years might have been considered to be quite cute but to Fabricio’s eyes, she appeared monstrous. He began to writhe in an effort to move away from her. He whimpered as he felt incredibly vulnerable lay there on the bed nearly immobile as the woman loomed over him. He twisted as woman leaned closer and inspected him with pursed lips. He turned his head away from her and pushed it against the bedspread. He gave a sharp cry as the pain from that side shot through his system. The woman’s thick fingers gently pulled his face away from the bed. She made a small sound as she inspected the side of his face which continued to throb.

“Ooh, that bruise is beginning to look ugly. I bet it hurts, sweetie. Mean old bruise! You’re too little for pain relievers, but maybe a cool washcloth will make it feel better. Huh?” The dowdy woman cooed at the small body in front of her. “Let’s get you settled first.”

Suddenly, Fabricio felt the strange woman’s hands on the outside of the blanket that had been wrapped around him. Despite his continued demands to be left alone, the blanket was soon pulled away from his body.

When the blanket had been removed, he felt the cooler air of the room on his bare arms and legs. He began to kick his newly freed legs as he continued to fight the woman, but nothing that Fabricio did seemed to deter the woman. She calmly maneuvered him easily down toward the edge of the bed toward her.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh. It’s okay. Let’s just see if you need a fresh diaper.” The woman cooed as she pushed the blanket down on the bed.

Fabricio suddenly felt two large fingers thrust in between the diaper he was wearing and his crotch. He froze with surprise as the fingers seemed to be pinching the diaper. The woman was checking to see if he was wet. ‘O’Dios Mio! Nola! Nola! Where are you?’ Fabricio began to silently beg inside his head.

“Who is this woman? Where is Nola? Get away! Leave me alone! Get hands off me!” is what Fabricio intended to say, but his infantile coordination only allowed raw guttural screams to issue from his mouth rather than understandable statements. All his attempts to escape from the woman’s clutches were dismissed as infantile furtive uncooperativeness

“Oh, honey, I know. It’s been a hard night, hasn’t it? It’s okay.” The woman easily removed her fingers and pushed Fabricio flat on his back as she announced. “Yep, that diaper needs to be changed.” Like a magician, the woman suddenly placed a cloth diaper, rubber pants, baby wipes and a cardboard box of cornstarch beside him.

‘Oh, no!’ Fabricio thought as he stared dumbfounded by the sight of the items sitting next to him.

In the next instant, he felt the woman’s fingers and a pulling motion at his waist. Before he could turn his head to see, his body jerked back as something seemed to be tugged down over his hips. He could only stare up at the woman as she had pulled the plastic pants halfway down his thighs. The elastic scrapped along the sensitive skin of his inner thighs as the woman lifted his legs in order to completely remove the plastic pants. The pants funneled his legs together till suddenly they were pulled free and the woman set his legs down on the bed.

Fabricio yelled abuse at the woman and tried to kick her hands with his legs, although, it did not seem to deter the woman from her chosen course of action. She just continued to coo and pat his tummy to calm him down as she reached over to release on the diaper pin on his side. It was this motion that directed his attention to what he was wearing. He was wearing cloth diapers! When had that happened? He had been wearing disposables on the bus with Nola. How long ago was that? Where was Nola? What had happened? Where was he? The questions filled his mind as the woman continued with her work to remove the diaper pin on the opposite side, eventually sticking it into her shirt alongside its partner once she had freed them from the diaper.

The woman rolled up the small flannel shirt and grasped the top of the moist urine filled diaper. She expertly pulled down the diaper with a surety of experience from between his legs. She pulled the used diaper down between his legs, exposing him to the strange woman’s gaze. Fabricio froze with surprise as he felt the cooler air in the room hit the moist skin of his pubes. In the next instant, the woman wrapped her finger and thumb around his ankles to pull them up in a ninety degree angle to his body. As he looked at the small feet being held above him, the whole situation had taken on an unreal quality to him. Before he knew it, he felt large fingers holding a cool towelette being moved over his crotch. He shivered slightly as the cool moisture left behind dried on his skin. He again tried to fend off the impudent woman but was pinned in place by the woman’s hold on him.

Finally coming to the realization that he could not win this fight, Fabricio lay there defeated as his rear being lifted off the bed as the used diaper was being pulled out from under him and a new one was slid under him. There was an odd ticklish feeling on his buttocks as a rain of cool powder was applied. To complete his submission, he felt the intrusion of fingers as the powder was being rubbed into the creases of his legs. His legs were lowered and the cloth of the diaper was pulled up and taut over his stomach. The woman began to add sound effects as pulled and pinned the new diaper. It was quickly followed by a fresh pair of plastic pants that was fitted around the fresh diaper.

Brushing her hands together, she sighed with accomplishment as she pulled the shirt back down and then rewrapped the blanket loosely about him.

“Okay, let’s get you something to eat.” She announced she slid her arms underneath him and scooped him up in her arms.

Fabricio pushed against the wall of the woman’s breasts but it did little to loosen the embrace of the woman as she walked out of the room. A moment later, they walked down the strange hallway into a warmly lit kitchen. He twisted his head to see where they were going. He could only turn his head a small bit since he was grasped so tightly to the woman.

They walked through a narrow doorway into a new room. Fabricio saw that it looked like a kitchen out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It seemed to be stuck in a time when the country was naïve and patriotic. As they walked past them, he could see the enamel appliances that had turned ivory with age. As they walked further into the room, Fabricio noticed there was a large kitchen table sitting under a large glass lighting fixture. There were tall skinny Victorian chairs surrounding it.

“So, how’s he doing?” A masculine voice drawled from the table.

Looking awkwardly over his shoulder to the source, Fabricio saw someone who seemed oddly familiar. Where had he seen this man before? It was….It was… that guy from the bus who sat next to him and Nola. Fabricio racked his brain for the name. ‘Oh, yeah! It was Carson.’



End Chapter 3

Caper of a Lifetime

by: Penbumble | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016


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