Caper of a Lifetime

by: Penbumble | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016

Chapter 2
Off the road

Chapter Description: Everything seemed to be going as planned till a patch of ice upset the plans

Fabricio was in heaven as he sat on a chair by the exquisite pale blue water of the pool. The sound of the palm fronds rustling in the wind became a hypnotic cord of music. The plush cushions of the chair were holding him just right so he could float in and out of consciousness as he waited for his partner to come outside. The sale of the necklace had been completed, allowing him and Nola to embark on their new lifestyle in the south Pacific. Once they made it over the bridge into Canada, it was a matter of a few connections and the money was theirs. He became thirsty as he waited for her, smacking his lips to wet his mouth, so he brought the straw to his lips. As he did, he heard Nola’s voice from behind him.

The pressure on his lips caused him to lazily begin to blink his eyes open. He automatically opened his mouth to sigh when the insistent object filled his mouth. He automatically clamped down on it and as a result a squirt of milk shot into his mouth. He choked on it slightly before swallowing it. He opened his eyes surprised to see a plastic cylinder being suspended in front of his face. His eyes traveled upwards to see Nola’s features weathered by age looking down at him. They were still on the darkened interior of the crowded bus as they made their way north.

Nola craned her neck as she encouraged Fabricio to take the bottle. She had the small body cradled in the small of her arm with his head propped up in the nook between her breast and bicep. The blanket was tucked around him, loosely cocooning his lower legs. It has started snowing as the bus had turned northward. The sound of the large windshield wipers making a steady rhythm that sounded precariously close to the pond fronds in Fabricio’s dream.

“Here you go!” Nola’s voice gently encouraging as she continued to maintain the angle of the bottle in Fabricio’s mouth. “That’s a good boy.”

Fabricio’s eyes traveled back and forth between Nola’s face and the bottle before settling down to drinking the bottle. The formula that was deposited in his mouth was strange, it was not similar to milk It was a delicate concoction with a strange chemical scent but it danced on his tongue and made it seem even more satisfying. Since he was not able to close his mouth completely with the nipple, slow leaks of formula appeared at the corners of his mouth. He could feel the puddle turn into small tracks down his chin to disappear into the shirt that rested under his chin. It was oddly ticklish as the wet spot on his shirt grew larger.

He lifted his chin away from the wet material and looked up into the interior of the bus. He could hear the snuffles and snores from the people packed in around them. The only light was coming from the lighted dashboard at the front of the bus which set an unearthly blue glow over the bus’ occupants. Tilting his head back, he looked up at the window into the darkness that was being decorated with smears of white snow as the bus traveled on the dark highway.

He turned his head back and concentrated on the bottle in his mouth. He found the hum of the bus’ engine relaxing as the bottle’s contents filled his stomach so he closed his eyes. He floated in a sensuous sea of warmth and comfort, the gentle rocking of the bus sending him further and further into that attractive embrace. Suddenly, the bus lurched to one side as the screech of wheels broke the silence. The bus seemed to halt and then twist in an uncontrolled slide on the roadway. The body of the bus lurched over, hanging on the edge of the tires for a brief instant. There were shouts and screams as the people jostled against each other to grab a handhold. The baby blanket fell over his face as he was pulled violently against Nola’s chest as she clutched him hard to her. In the next instant, everything went black.

The next time, Fabricio opened his eyes, he saw a large white mass just inches in front of him. His eyes followed it from end to end and he realized it was a pillow that had been lain next to him. He felt small pebble like bumps under his cheek and the back of his hand. Looking at the surface, he recognized that he was lying on a white chenille bedspread. He was laying on his back on a large bed. He turned his head to see a milk glass ceiling fixture suspended from an ivory ceiling above him. His eyes began to take in the room. There was a large dark heavy Victorian head board that was bookended by two bulbous lamps with a rose motif. One was lit, casting a golden light over the room. From the remaining lethargy that was still affecting his body, he could tell that he had been a sleep a long time. He was puzzled about how he managed to land in this unexpected yet quaint bedroom and where was Nola.



End Chapter 2

Caper of a Lifetime

by: Penbumble | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016


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