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Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Tessa shows her true colors, and Gloria has had enough!

Arriving home sooner than Gloria had expected, Tessa made her way into the trashed apartment, not expecting her landlord to be standing there, arms crossed and foot tapping like a disappointed parent. Tessa gave Gloria an odd look before finally speaking. "Um…is there something I can help you with Gl-" but before Tessa could finish, Gloria angrily cut her off.

"When I extended an olive branch to you, I never expected it to end this way Tessa." Gloria’s words were serious and even cold, something neither Tessa nor Gloria herself were used to. Tessa could feel worry building, it was becoming clear to her that her landlord had seen all that she had done to her apartment, After months of promising herself she’d clean up the place, Tessa’s time had ran out.

Gloria could see the worry growing over Tessa’s otherwise lovely face. Biting her lip, she dared not to interrupt Gloria with excuses. "You seemed like such a nice girl, but clearly you only care for yourself. I used to think your mother was unfair to you by how you described her Tessa, now I think she may have been right all this time." Tessa was starting to get upset at this point.

"Who do you think you are Gloria?! I have a life old woman!" Tessa’s words were venomous and cut deep. "If that’s how you feel Tessa. I’m sorry, but I’m evicting you from living in this apartment." Tessa looked shocked at this news, it was still too much for the simple but beautiful girl to understand. "Oh don’t be worried yet Tessa, I haven’t even gotten to the worst part of this, and believe me you’re going to want to hear this."

Gloria pulled out the contract Tessa had signed. At the time Tessa was just overjoyed to have a place to lay her head, she would have signed anything without giving it a glance if it meant she would be out of her mother’s house.

"You see Tessa, this is a first for me and I admit a wild part of myself was kind of hoping I’d have a good reason to finally try this out. All of my former tenants have been respectable and have always gotten to keep their deposit when they left. You however young missy will not." Tessa was infuriated at this point.

"I didn’t even lay down a deposit you old bitch!" Gloria smiled at the girls naivety. "Oh but you did my dear. You see, if you just would have taken a second to actually read this contract you would have known you had used something very precious as the deposit since you couldn’t afford it, it was all part of our deal." The nervousness was creeping back into Tessa as Gloria spoke.

"You didn’t even realize this at all did you? Tessa, I’m keeping the deposit we agreed on."

Without a moments hesitation, Gloria reached deep into the purse she brought with her that was sitting on the couch. Never breaking her gaze from Tessa, Gloria produced a small wooden box from the purse. Tessa looked at the box curiously, wondering if Gloria had finally snapped. Moving closer to Tessa, Gloria could feel a smile creep over her face as she began to slowly open the box in front of the slobbish girl.

A brilliant flash washed over Tessa as she brought her hands up to shield her eyes from blinding. In only a moment, Gloria snapped the box shut. Standing before her was no longer the sexy young 20 something that had ruined her apartment, but a little girl, no older than 5 years old.

Tessa stood in a pool of her formerly tight fitting clothing. Her bra hung off her uselessly as she looked down at her now sexless form. Her lip ring was long gone and no piercing could be seen. Her hair was no longer dyed jet black but was now a light brown. Feeling her now flat chest, Tessa looked up at the now giant Gloria as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"W-Why you do dis to me?" Tessa was shocked by her now childish voice. It made her freak out even more as the tears streamed down her now pudgier face. "Because my dear, I only punish those who act childish around me, so far you’ve been the only one. So instead of taking your money, I took your maturity. You don’t deserve the grown up body you had, now you are more suited to your attitude missy!" Gloria responded.

Tessa had lost everything without even realizing it was at risk all long. "Mah boyfwend wiww git you for dis mean wady!" Tessa’s terminology was unavoidable. She tried to talk like the big girl she used to be but was unable. "Boyfriend? Oh honey you’re far too young to have one of those." Her words threw Tessa into a fit, hitting her now tiny hands against Gloria’s leg. She could barely even feel the childish strikes.

Gloria lifted Tessa up effortlessly and plopped her down onto the couch. The little girl was sitting there naked as Gloria brought the box up again. "This nudity won’t do my dear, is very unbecoming for such a little girl." As Gloria spoke, a now pink light flashed over Tessa. As the box closed, Tessa now sat there in a little girl’s attire.

Her shirt now had a big picture of the ponies from My Little Pony and a small pink dress to match. She looked like an adorable child with her long hair made up into pigtails. An adorable child no one would have guess only mere moments ago had the body of a gorgeous grown woman.

Tessa was growing desperate, it was clear this woman had no intent to return her back to her former age. Seeing her chance to not have to go through puberty for a second time, Tessa made a mad dash to the magical wooden box Gloria had used to steal her age from her. Panicking, Gloria tried to lift the box away from Tessa, but the pint sized girl was able to knock it out of Gloria’s grip.

The box fell on the ground and opened in front of the landlord. A shriek was heard before she was washed in complete white. Running to the box, Gloria lifted it back up and slammed it shut as fast as she could. Taking a couple breaths of relief, Gloria looked up to see Tessa with her mouth hanging open. Looking down, Gloria realized she was no longer an old woman in her 60’s but now in her early 20’s much like Tessa used to be.

Reaching down, Gloria let out a soft moan as she squeezed her now perky breasts, a sensation she hadn’t had in quite some time. Feeling down her body, Gloria giggled excitedly as she lifted up her now youthful rear end. Tessa screamed out, pointing at the new Gloria as she had noticed something devastating. There was a very unique mole on Gloria’s right breast. The same mole Tessa used to have!

"NOOO! DOS ARE MAH BOOBEHS! DAT MAH ASSTH! GIVE BACK!!" It was true. Even Gloria was confused how this could have happened. It seemed the box didn’t just steal age, but also attributes from it’s victims. "Sorry child, but this box costed me a lot of money a long time ago when I bought it, and now I’m reaping it’s rewards. Thanks for giving me a reason to finally be able to enjoy it." The now youthful Gloria said, laughing along the way as the inconsiderate child basked in the fact that she was going to have to grow up all over again.

After a short time, Gloria had gotten her apartment back to presentable order, ready for new tenants. She was overjoyed that now she’d be able to do this for decades with the youth she had kept as a deposit from the foolish girl. A warning tale for any new tenant looking to live on her property.

Before all that though, Gloria had contacted Tessa’s mother. It was an odd circumstance, but in the end her mother was glad to have her daughter back at an age she could handle. This time she would re-raise her child with more discipline, to avoid the obnoxious woman she had once been. With her adult mind still in tact, Tessa now had the IQ of an ordinary 5 year old, trapped in the prison that is her own body. She’s starting kindergarden soon, ready to re-learn lessons she no longer knew.

One lesson was still obvious to her though. The lesson she has to live with the rest of her days. Never take advantage of those who trust you.



End Chapter 2


by: Skullovitch | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 7, 2014


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