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What happens when a sloppy tenant takes advantage of the kindly landlord one too many times? Please forgive any spelling or grammar issues. Feedback is appreciated

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Tessa is in desperate need for a roof over her head, the kindly Gloria is there to help

"Oh you are in so much trouble little missy."

Gloria considered herself to be a fair landlord. She understood how hard it could be for young up and comers to branch off on their own for the first time. She sympathized with them and would help them out as much as she could as long as they adhered to her rules. It was never anything too outrageous. No loud music after 10 pm, no rowdy house guests, pay a fixed price rent on time (or in a settled time period), and don’t destroy the apartment they were renting.

Gloria had many tenants over time, never having a problem with any of them. They treated her with respect, and Gloria in turn treated them with the same. She had enjoyed her career for years now, making many new and interesting friends along the way. Now in her old age of 63, she still kept to her routine, even letting a new young woman rent the apartment she owned. Her name was Tessa, and at the time, Gloria saw no reason not to let her move in.

Tessa had just branched off from home after a lengthly fight with her mother. Through chance, Gloria had crossed paths with Tessa and was informed of her situation. Feeling the same sympathy she had for many young women before her, Gloria knew letting this girl stay was the right idea. She didn’t have a lot of money, but Gloria had came to a deal where Tessa could work off the rent she owed working around the house until she had a more steady income.

She was a beautiful young woman, in her early 20’s. Dyed black shoulder length hair cascaded down from her head. She had a full pair of lips with a ring piercing to no doubt entice. She had a slim hourglass frame that any guy her age would die to be with. She was clearly aware of the good looks she was born with, and so would anyone just looking at her.

After signing a contract, Tessa had moved in immediately. For months now she had been living with Gloria. It was fantastic…at first. Tessa would help the elderly woman everyday for the first month she had moved in. It was nothing short of appreciation from Gloria, the more she got to know Tessa, the more she was convinced letting her move in was a great idea.

Once the second month rolled in however, Tessa began to loose focus. She began to bail on Gloria. At first it was no problem, after all a young girl has a life to live, but out of the entire month, Tessa had only helped Gloria twice. As the month came to a close, Gloria had discovered that Tessa had gotten a new boyfriend.

The third month had kicked off to a rocky start from the git go. Gloria had confronted Tessa after a long night of loud love making with her boyfriend. Gloria would look back and think perhaps she was a little too frustrated at the time, but she did request that Tessa keep it down in the future and show some consideration.

Tessa immediately took defense. She complained she she was a grown woman and didn’t have to justify what she did in her apartment or when she wanted to do it. Gloria was shocked. Letting the situation be for the moment, Gloria was feeling the first real feelings of regret. As the month rolled on, it was obvious Tessa had no interest in finding a job nor helping Gloria.

Today was the day though. After the long months of having the young Tessa as a tenant, Gloria was on the verge of evicting her. She would have given Tessa notice if she had even been home at all in the last 6 days. Staying at her boyfriends no doubt. Now Gloria stands, in the ruins of what used to be a presentable apartment. Where previous tenants took the upmost care of the space they rented, Tessa obviously had little to no regard for it this entire time.

The living room was covered in old dishes with food crusted onto it. Laundry scoured throughout the entire living pace, including her unmentionables, out there in the open for all to see. Picking up one of Tessa’s thongs, Gloria made a disgusted face as she tossed it aside.

There was significant damage to the carpeted floors, not to mention the walls. Stains and holes knocked into them down the hallway. Going into Tessa’s bedroom was an incredibly bad decision Gloria had come to find out. The girl’s room could be on an episode of Horders with the way it looked. Clothing, old food, garbage, dishes, and any other kind of filth smothered the neat bedroom Gloria had taken such pride in before.

Going near her bed, Gloria discovered something all too horrifying. Caked on the walls and on the side of the bed were massive vomit stains with old beer cans surrounding the area. No attempt to clean it. Gloria was feeling ill at this point. Leaving the piggish room, Gloria made one last stop before making her way out, the bathroom.

An offensive oder filled the small bathroom as Gloria put her hand over her nose and mouth to try and blot out the stench. With only minimal investigation, Gloria was able to find the source of the atrocious stink. It seemed Tessa’s toilet had plugged long ago and instead of taking the time to unplug it, she let it stay that way. No wonder she had been gone for so long.

She had to come back sometime though, Gloria was sure of that.



End Chapter 1


by: Skullovitch | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 7, 2014


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