The Big World

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Chapter 8
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Chapter Description: Hi my name is Everest and on the day after my birthday I had the biggest shock of my life. To me, my day was normal. I got up, had breakfast, went to collage and came home so how did something like this happen.

The big world

Hi my name is Everest and on the day after my birthday I had the biggest shock of my life. To me, my day was normal. I got up, had breakfast, went to collage and came home so how did something like this happen. When I woke up I was in the best mood, I was 19 and I couldn’t be happier. I went and had drinks with my friends and boyfriend Zoro. It was the best. When I got home my mom and dad were there "oh, I’m sorry if I wasn’t goin’ out I would have been here" I said to them. "Oh, its ok. We have a present for you" my dad laughs. He handed me a small red box, I look and ask "oh what is it?" as I was openin’ it I saw a small bit of dust and when I look up to ask what it is I see my mom and dad have gone and to men about the same age as me. I step back "who are you? And were are is my mom and dad?" One of the men starts to walk and is now in front of me. He takes the box and throws the dust at me. I was brushin the dust of me, when my head started to spin and I blacked out. I woke up in my bed, I wanted to get to the kitchen half asleep, and I tried and tried to open the door put I couldn’t get it open. Then the door opens and what looked like a giant just walked in. he looks down to me "do you need help there? And look at your expression you haven’t looked at your self. Here let me help" as he picked me up I see that my pants have come off. When he gets to the mirror I don’t see me I see a little girl only about 3 to 4 years old and when I see this I start to cry and in the mirror I see the little girl crying as well. In the kitchen, the two men are sittin’ and they have me in a baby chair "what’s happenin’ to me." And I start to cry again hearin’ my voice is a higher more childish pitch then before. One of the men was about to laugh but stopped him "oh come on don’t cry little one, I don’t like it when you cry." When he said this it just made me annoyed for calling me little one, just then a knock on the door "help me please hel… mhm." One of the men looked to see who it was, he sighed and opened the door "your late" my heart stopped to see Zoro. "Sorry, arr you were right, she is cute as a child" I new wave of tears come and I just couldn’t stop crying. Ignoring me, Zoro turned to the man with black hair and said "so Jack we got her to the age we needed?" "No" jack replied "what I put it in her drink it should have worked" Zoro said "yes but you put a little to much in. she not 7 years old she 4 years old. You put three drops to many in." he explained as they were talking I got out of the baby chair and went to the door and was about to open it when someone knocked and I shouted "help me please" and I hear a key in the door and remember that only Sam my best friend was the only person with a another key (well we do share the place) and she walks in to see the 2 men, Zoro and the regressed me. Zoro walks to her and says "this isn’t wha…" she cut him off " let go of the little girl" then he nosiest that he had me by the month. Sam took me off him "are you okay little girl?" she said calmly to me, panicking that Sam didn’t know who I was "it’s me, it’s Everest please know it’s me please help me." I was how crying in her arms she look up at Zoro who was how panicking. Seeing it in Zoro’s eyes that I was telling her the truth "come on lets call the police so we can find your mom and dad, can you boy leave? She must not like you much." "But…" Zoro started but sees the look in Sam’s eyes he left with the other men. When they left I was about to talk but Sam went first "how did this happenin’ to you Everest? When did it happenin’ to you?" but I just started to cry again, the child’s mind was comin’ in and you could see that by the way I was speaking "I dun’t wike this, I’m wcared." And she calms me down "first who did this to you?" she said "woro but he got it wrong, he made me 4 when he was wonna make me 7." I said tears still in my eyes. She walks to the door and see that Zoro is still outside "ok I still have some of my sisters cloths that she doesn’t wear go and put them on." She explained to me. A moment later I come out dressed in black "ok I’ll take you to your moms and dads they might be able to help." Start to walk but remember that the men looked like my mom and dad the first time. "I dun’t want to. The wast time it was the two wen." I said with a scared look in my eyes. Then there is a knock on the door, Sam go’s and sees who it is "it’s your mother and father." I look at her and run into my room. Sam let’s in and says, "Oh, hi sorry Everest isn’t here. Oh but she liked the dress you brought her." "What we didn’t buy her a dress we have her present right here" my mom explained to Sam lookin’ happily at my room " oh thank god, something bad has happened to Everest." She told my mom "were is she?" mom said calmly her blue eyes lookin’ at my room "is she in there?" I look out after hearin’ all this, I run to my mom "oh, I forgot how cute you were when you were a child I’m so happy I said they can do this to you." My mom said lookin down at me.

I back away scared at what my mom said "what, you let them do this to me!" I shouted at my mom "well they said they needed some one who would have it comin’." My mom said calmly "how does she have this comin’ to her!" Sam was startin’ to shout now "its simple see you were a bad girl grownin’ up and this way you can be my little girl again and I won’t have to only see you 1 time a year and I will have a child to look after again." She would have gone on but there was a knock on the door and my dad opened it to see Zoro. He walked to me "hello little one you’re comin’ with us, the vans outside." He grapes my hand and Sam tried to stop but my dad stopped her and take her outside to the van the same as me. In the van they had me on my mom lap and my mom sees that I’ve crossed my legs and she knows what that mean, if I don’t go to the total soon I’m goin’ to wet myself. My mom buts me on the sit next to her and talks with Zoro who is driven. He stops the car but its to late, my mom looks at my face and sees that its bright red, she sees my sit is dripin’ "arr I didn’t think I would see you wet yourself again and how I have to clean you up." I look up not wantin’ to know what she meant by ’clean you up’ "I haven’t wet myself and you are not cleanin’ me up." I replied "arr its cute that you thing that but we need to get some cloths for you and we are goin’ to change car so we are lucky." She was smiling’ at me now. "I dun’t want to go mommy." I said covin’ my month in shock that I just said ’mommy’ but my mommy juat looked at me a little shocked herself then she smiles at me "yes Everest, your mommy is here." I shake my head when my mommy picks me up, dripin’ comin’ from my skirt. She walks me out and puts me on the floor and walks me into the shop "oh my little girl needs a new skirt do you have any?" she asked the shopkeeper "oh yes please come this way" he replayed lookin’ down to me "let me take this cutie around the back so that she can get changed, would that be better?" I was now in the back of the shop and when my mommy went to get the cloths and left me with the shopkeeper I started to feel scared and I was now cryin’, the shopkeeper tried to calm me down "mommy, mommy I ’sniff’ want my ’sniff’ mommy" I cried over and over, my mommy come and saw me cryin’ for her "Everest, I’m here, your mommy is here." She said calmin’ me down. A second later she was takin’ off my cloths and putin’ the new ones on me I see a second bag with her and why she is payin’ I looked in the bag I see more cloths. Zoro walks in a tells her that they have to leave, Zoro picks me up and I didn’t want him to but he is very warm and his soft shirt made it impossible not to hug him and I fell asleep in his arms, Sam see this and is startin’ to like that this happened to me.

When I wake up it was mornin’ and I’m in Zoro’s arms his asleep I look around and see Sam is drivin’ the car "what are you doin’? You are the one that should be helpin’ me get back to the way I was." I said tryin’ not to wake up zoro I get out of his arms and get in the seat next to her "well, I was thinkin’, you looked so happy yesterday I thing that this is good, that you got younger." She explained "WHAT?" I shouted at her with my high-pitched voice wakin’ up Zoro not seein’ I keep shoutin’ at Sam "how could this be a GOOD thing? Come on tell me!" I turn away to look out the window. The next thing I know I’m bein’ lifted on to Zoro’s lap "Everest, don’t shout at people who are tryin’ to help you." He said to me, I look up, startin’ to push him away from me "put me down, I’m not a child." I said afraid that I might like it again but him just holds my head and put it on his shirt, again he is very warm and his soft shirt made it impossible for me not to hug him he is just smilin’ at me again "that’s it just hug daddy I’ll make you fell much better." He said which did make me feel better about bein’ in his arms "stop the car." He says to Sam so Sam does just that. He puts me down and gets out of the set I start to whimper a little not wantin’ you to go "nooo, you stay." I said my arms out wantin’ you to lift me up "I’ll be one second." He said with a big smile on his face then he put me on the chair "made shore the on one can see you, ok?" I just nod, then I hear him say ’Everest is gone, better look out side’ Sam gets up to see put then she just sits down and is about to start the car I hear a big band that sounded like two door bein’ slammed Sam starts the car and just floors it, I look in the mirror and see my mommy and daddy runnin’ after the car "stop mommy and daddy are behind us." I said lookin’ at Sam. Zoro comes to me "they are not you mommy and daddy. I’m your daddy," he said huggin’ me although I didn’t understand that much I was happy that he was my daddy "daddy!" I said with excitement in my voice. But then my adult mind kicked in and I pulled away "what am I doin’ your not my dad." I said jumpin’ to Sam and hitting the brakes I open the door and I start to run seeing a hole I get in, hid and I close my eyes. I must have fell asleep because it was dark when I opened my eyes, I look out of the hole the car was gone and they was no one there and I start to shake in fear ’I’m in the middle of no were and I was alone’ I think to myself, then I hear a noise from behind me I turn to see a wolf ’this is great’ I think you see I’m not just a collage girl I’m a wolf tamer. When I calm the wolf down I hear a car and I go and see it was a police car, when they see me they stop and come over to me but when they see the wolf behind me they get out there gun and point it at the wolf and then I run to the wolf and stop them shuttin’ "its ok I’ve tamed it." I tell them. After they take me to the police station they ask me the basic questions and I answer and I find out that I can’t lie, the truth just comes out.

After I explain what has happen from me gettin younger to bein’ here. After they make some calls and me bein’ board to death I see a car out side and a man walks in he was about 30 years old black hair and average height for men but I think I’ve seen him before then it hides me on TV, I was watchin’ a show about orphans so I walk up and ask "did you do a show on orphans? Are you goin’ to make me an orphan?" "Oh yes I did do a show on orphans but I’m not makin’ you an orphan and hi I’m jack " he says "but someone is?" I say to him "mhm I… mhm" he says tryin’ to find his words I put my head down but than he picks me up "we have to go now, every body is waitin’ for us." He tells me with a big smile on his face "e…every body" I say a little confused. He just laughs and put me in the car. After fallin’ asleep the man wakes me up "come on wake up" he gets me out the car as it’s a little high and seein’ that I’m a little scared to jump "where are we?" I ask lookin’ up at him, he looks down and then opens the door "remember this will only be for now, when we find your mom and dad we will see if they can take care of you, ok?" he asks me so I just nod "oh come on" he says in a happy mood as he picks me and shuts the door he walks into the office, I see two other people "oh is this the new kid, arr isn’t she just the cutest thing" the woman said, she looked about 25-30 she had black hair like mine but lighter and with on highlights, she had dark green eyes and was taller then most woman would be "hi I’m Jenny" she said happily. "Don’t over do it, you’ll scare her hello there I’m Dan" the boy said he looked like the same age as me (19 not 4) he was the same height as Jack with blond hair and brown eyes. After they had said their names they were waitin’ for me to say hi but I just nod. "Now Everest, this house has been mhm… children protected and you might find it a little hard to open the doors" I look around and see that the door handles are higher then most doors "so we will put one of the older kid with you so that you can get around, ok?" I nod again. He walks me into one of the room and I see about 12 kids there and they all look back and most of the girl come up and just say ’arr how cute’ Jack puts me down and says "ok I need someone to help Everest around the house." Most of the girls turn away but one says ’I’ll do that’. "Hi, so your name Everest that’s a cute name my name is Beth." She looked about 14 years old and she had blue eyes like I did and blond hair witch was very light then I started to go red "Everest what wrong?" Beth asked me "I need to go to the bathroom" I say she picks me up and takes me to the bathroom. Beth was wantin’ out side and I can’t open the door, Beth sees the handle move a little but then just hears a knock on the door so she opens it "maybe next time you’ll be able to open it your self, come on it’s time for diner." On the plat was fish and I just look at it "Everest is something?" Beth asked me "I’m… a vegetarian, I’m sorry." I say for some reason tears are startin’ to form in my eyes "it’s ok, Jenny Everest is a vegetarian." Beth tells her "oh I’m sorry Everest I should have asked you about food." Jenny said to me I was I pit shocked that she was the one that was sayin’ sorry. After we had eaten Jenny tuck me up stairs "Everest we got you some cloths seein’ that you only have the cloths your wearin’, so lets get you in the bath and then in to some pyjamas." She said smilin’ happily. She takes me into the bath room and starts the bath and starts to take my cloths off "I can get washed by myself" I tell her "no were not aloud to let kid under 6 go to the bath by them, sorry." After an embarrassing 10 minuets she tuck me out of the bath and dried me down she gave me the pyjamas and I got dressed. I knocked on the door and Jenny opened it "ok you can go down stair for a bit but bed soon, we but your bed in Beth’s room, ok?" she told me so I just nod and go down stair but before I get to the bottom "Everest can you get one of the older kid to write down what kinds of food you like and if you know any think that is bad for you" Jenny asks me so again I just nod. So I find a piece of paper and a pen and I start to write, happy that my handwritin’ is the same I see that Beth is comin’ over to me, when she at me she picks me up and puts me on her lap "you drawin’ something, oh OMG your handwritin’ is better then mine!" she says in shock "Beth stop shoutin’" a girl says as she come over to us "sorry but look at this rocky." she was the same age as Beth and had light brown hair and dark green eyes. Then she looks down and sees that my writin’ is almost perfect and before she can say any thing I jump off Beth’s lap and go to Jenny and hand the piece of paper to her.

After handin’ Jenny the piece of paper and she looks at it "who wrote this I didn’t know one of them could write like this" she asks me lookin’ around "she wrote it, I feel bad now, a 4 year old writes better then me." Beth says lookin’ a little sad, Jenny just looked down at me "Everest, come here for me." Jenny told me so I walk over to the table and she gets a piece of paper "Everest can you write your name for me?" she asks "ok" I said a little confused, so I write my name and she was shocked to see that the handwritin’ matches the one on the paper. "Amazin’ this is pretty amazin,’" they all said, and then Jenny looked at the time "bed time, come on everyone." She said to all the kids then she picked me up and gave me to Beth, she knows that I was sleepy because I couldn’t keep my eyes open and she didn’t want me to fall on the stairs.

Beth went up stair and put me in the small bed that was next to hers "I’m not sleepy I don’t want to go to bed." I said but Beth just looked away and got dressed so I closed my eyes, a minuet later she said that I could open my eyes how, she goes over to the light and turns it of and that was it the darkness made me go to sleep. I woke up to Beth "come on, ok look I have to go to school so I can’t help you around but I’ll leave the doors open for you, ok" I nod a bit sad but ok with it. When they all leave, it’s is a bit boring bein’ here alone so I find a book and I go get some applies and I start to read by the time they come back I had almost finished the book. Beth comes in the room and see me sat there readin’, she comes over to me and looks at the book, it is one of the biggest books in the house "you read all that" she says "I know if the book was good I would have finished it by now." I say smilin’ at her.

By the time it was Friday I was board to death, I had read all the books in the house but Beth still wasn’t back. "Everest, I have good news, you won’t be board any more, we got you in a first school close to here" as I cut her off "FIRST SCHOOL! I’m not goin’ to first school!" I shouted at her "you didn’t let me finish, but they are goin’ to do a test for you because of how smart you are, ok?" she explains to me so I just nod my face goin’ a little red. When Beth gets back she sees I’m asleep on the settee she comes over and sees that I’m shakin’ so she wakes me up "Everest, come on Everest" she said a few times before I wake up but my eyes were startin’ to tear up and I put my head down so that she doesn’t see "what were you dreamin’ about." She asks me "it was nothing, hay I’m goin’ to school next week isn’t that great." I say changin’ the subject "oh, that great so you would be in your first year of first school?" askin’ me "yes but they goin’ to give me a test and if I get a high score they’ll move me up a few years, I bet that it will be three different papers." I explain. The weekend went past and I got up with Beth "I’m happy that you are goin’ to school and won’t be in the house alone" she say why’ll she gets dressed "I…hmm… yes it’s good" I mumble "what’s wrong?" Beth says turnin’ me around "I don’t want to go to first school it’s to childish." I tell her but she just laughs "come on Everest, lets get breakfast." "Ok" I say runnin’ to the door and try to open it but I can’t get it open then Beth opens it for me, so I just walk out "shouldn’t you be in a uniform." Beth asks "no because I might be moved up some years we don’t have to buy one until we now what year I’m gonna be in." I explain to her. Later I’m in the school office and bein’ lead to the class room I walk in to the class and everyone looks at me "oh, everyone say hello to Everest who will be in are class for some time." The teacher says lookin’ down but I didn’t say a think I just bowed at the class "ok Everest you can sit in the back they." "Ok" I say walkin’ to the seat. Later the teacher says to everyone "Ok everyone it time to go get your book and start to read and you can ask over people for help if you can’t read a word right." Then when everyone was getting’ they book the teacher comes up to me "Everest, do you have a book with you?" she asks me "yes I do" I answer her "oh ok, can I see it?" I nod getting’ the book out of my bag and hand it to her "oh, The Hobbit you like this do you?" "Yes, it a good book!" I answer "ok, put this is a hard book to read so if you have any problems ok" she tells me "ok"

Before the week was up I had to take the test that the one that was goin’ to tell me if I was goin’ to move some years. When I come out I know I’ve got a high score, I’m smilin’ to myself a bit because they looked a little surprised at how fast I did the test.

The weekend past and I had to go to the schools office and so did Jenny "this is amazin’, she is workin’ at a collage level but we think it would be best to move her up to middle school." The teacher explains to us "but you just said that she is workin’ at a collage level so why put her below her level?" Jenny asks him "well, we have to think of the physical side of moving someone up in years for P.E. middle school will be a little easer for her…" they just go on like I’m not there, although I don’t like the idea of bein’ in middle school again, the thought of bein’ in first school was a really bad idea. "Ok, so Everest looks like your movin’ up to middle school so we are goin’ to get you a new uniform and you will be in the same year as Ben so I will ask him to look after you, okay?" she says when we are leavin’ so I just nod.

That night jenny gives me the uniform and then asks Ben to look after me, Ben was a boy of 10 years old and he had brown eyes and hair. The first day of middle school was easy and went past fast and very one was so nice I enjoyed school life.

Almost a year later a box came for me in the post and everyone come around me to see what was in the box and were surprised to see some cloths (all black) and some books and a note that said To Everest, good luck with your new life and I hope that you are happy from Zoro P.S. Happy Birthday, then Jenny took the note out of my hands and said "who is Zoro?" when she asked me this I didn’t know what I could say then she says "it’s your birthday today? Why didn’t you say any think?" I looked up a like shocked "it’s my birthday? How could I forget my birthday?" everyone looks at me, and then laughs at me then Beth says to me half laughing, "you forgot your birthday? You know for one of the smartest person I’ve meat, your not the best at remembering thinks. Oh that means that your 5 years old" turning to Jenny "let’s have a party for her!" jenny still looking at the note just nodded to say yes. Before the party that I said no for Beth made me get dressed in the black cloths that were in the box. They weren’t that bad the black skirt had little skulls on it and the top had one eye on it that had blood coming down and the huddy that was on top of the top had a spine coming down the front and back of it. When the party was going on I couldn’t help but think that this is my new life and I think that I am going to like being here.



End Chapter 8

The Big World

by: immortal | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 9, 2012


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