Party of Three

by: Rufus Mendax | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2012

Chapter 2
Back to the Beginning

Chapter Description: Trapped in infancy and growing still younger, James if forced to endure more humiliations by Todd even while remembering how they first met.

"Party of Three"

Part 2 - Back to the Beginning

By Rufus T. Mendax

Yesterday Todd made me watch as he and Kayla had sex. With my "crib" placed in their bedroom there was really nothing else I could do. I tried turning away, but I just couldn’t.

Kayla is still so beautiful to my eyes. As hard as it was to witness another man doing it with my former fiancĂ©, I couldn’t help but gaze at her, captivated by her beauty.

What hurt was how eager she was to please him.

Kayla went down on him with wild enthusiasm, performing every possible sexual act he desired. I had to keep reminding myself she was drugged.

Tonight, it looks like I’m in for more of the same.

I watched Todd bring her more "medicine," same as yesterday. He gave her several of his special pills, along with a glass of milk to wash them down. The pills, of course, would keep messing with her memory. The "milk" was new. I wasn’t sure what it was for but figured it must contain whatever put her libido into overdrive.

The sad part is, I know damn well he doesn’t really even care about fucking her. He’s just doing it to fuck with me. It’s all part of my punishment.

I watched as they started to go at it. From the moment he slipped off her blouse he made sure I had a good view of her beautiful body, while HE had his way with her.

"Look at those perky beauties," he said as he slipped off her bra and admired her lovely, although admittedly petite little tits.

"You like those?" she teased back.

Taking one breast in the palm of each hand he gently massaged them.

"They’re adorable..." Todd answered, making me squirm.

They were beautiful. Though certainly not the biggest in the world, I’d always thought Kayla’s breasts the most lovely any man could desire. As her lover I’d played with them often and come to know them well. But that was all before, well... before my current situation put them out of reach.

Todd continued rubbing her sensually and soon Kayla began to moan in what certainly sounded like an intense sexual pleasure. But then, as I continued to stare, I realized something else was happening.

At first I thought it was just my imagination, but it seemed like....

Her breasts were growing larger!

Kayla seemed caught up in some kind of intense sexual pleasure, "Oh god, yes, yes baby, do it, do it to me..." she cried out in an insane state of lust.

What the hell was happening?

As Kayla’s moans continued her breasts continued to ripen, going from the lovely, perky little things I’d known, to larger, more full forms.

Suddenly Kayla began rubbing her own breasts, losing herself in a self-pleasuring erotic frenzy.

"Oh god, yes... I feel so hot... so sexy... oh god I wanna do it so bad, Todd. I wanna fuck you, I wanna suck you, I wanna do everything I can to please you!" she cried out.

Hearing her say those words to the man I’d come to hate so much these past weeks... Sitting on my diapered bottom in my crib, I let out a childish whimper of anguish.

Todd laughed, looking over at me.

"That’s my girl, always eager to please a real man, aren’t you baby?

What the hell had he done to her now?

I didn’t know, but suddenly I realized the way her body was changing was having a very odd effect - on me!

Seeing her breasts so ripe and firm, I was suddenly filled with an odd desire.

Todd knew very well how, as a man, I’d always loved to suck on her nipples. Now he was twisting that into another perverse torture for my further humiliation.

The man inside, seeing my woman used sexually by another man, felt robbed and betrayed.

Another part of me, to my unending shame, couldn’t help feeling deeply aroused as I watched her in a state of lustful passion.

But now, there was another part... something new. Looking at those beautiful breasts growing larger, I felt a new and shameful hunger... Not the sexual hunger of a man for his woman, but the hunger of a little baby for something sweet and delicious that only a mommy can provide.

To my utter shame, I felt a desire to nurse like a baby!

What the hell was happening to me now!?

Seeing her boobs growing, I was a little baby boy again, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. I wanted nothing more than to suckle up to those delicious fruits of female passion and taste the sweet nectar of my mommy’s milk.

Of course, that would be futile. However much her breast may enlarge she had not really given birth to me. Todd couldn’t possible trick her body into that... Could he?

The desire in me grew as I looked at her.

Driven by this strange new urge, I stood up in my crib, grasping the wooden rails for support. Like a hungry prisoner behind bars I stood there, pulling and tugging at my cage.

I tried to scream out at my tormentor. "For God’s sake, Todd! Enough already!" I tried to shout. "For the love of God, make it stop! Please? Please! End this torture!!"

But of course, I couldn’t make anything like those kinds of adult words outside of my own head. All the world could hear of my tortured pleadings were the fussy cries of a frustrated baby boy, whimpering and whining in his crib.

"yeah, oh yeah... that’s good..." Todd continued, smirking at me as he heard my cries of protest while pretending to be give Kayla his full attention.

Maybe it was just my infant’s eyes, but Kayla’s breast now looked to me like they had grown several sizes. The hunger inside me grew more intense, but I knew it was just a tease, there couldn’t be anything there to truly satisfy my infant desire.

And then, I saw it.

Her breasts, ripe as melons, had a drop of whitish fluid on the end of each nipple.

’Oh fuck,’ I thought! A wave of unbelievable intense hunger swept over me! ’No way! He can’t really have done this! There’s just no fucking way she could possibly be really, actually... lactating?’

But as I watched each breast swell, the beautiful white milky liquid continued to drip from the ends of each delicious looking nipple, and I knew he’d done it! It was real.

My infant mouth began to water at the sight in a way no adult man’s ever would. I wanted to taste that fluid so bad. I was so ashamed of myself!

Fuck Todd for doing this me, to her, to both of us!

"Oh my god... what’s happening to me...!" Kayla cried out.

"It’s okay, sweetie... It’s all good. It just means you’re going to be an even better mommy to our sweet little baby jimmy."

He’d gone as far as he could with her mind, now he’d even tricked her body into believing I was a her baby boy!

I watched her now large and luscious boobs jiggle and bounce, delicious fluid dripping from them. God, the ache of desire I felt as both a horny man AND a hungry baby.

As I stood trapped, watching from my crib, my little hand somehow found it’s way down the front of my diaper. I clutched my hard little baby peepee as I rocked and watched them go at it.

Todd just looked over at me standing in my crib whimpering, and laughed at me.

He knew what he was doing to me. He knew the sexual man inside this infant was desperate to stroke one off, but couldn’t anymore.

It’s not that my body lacked the desire... Todd had made sure all my sexual urges had remained intact, but in this young baby body I no longer had much coordination. I could only grasp my little peepee and rock back and forth like the helpless child I had become.

I watched them making out while pushing my hips back and forth. My hand held tightly to my stiff little boy part while Todd went out of his way to tease me with this sexual show.

Kayla was a crazy woman now. Breasts dripping, stripped fully naked, she ripped Todd’s last shred of clothing from his body, desperate to get at his manhood, overcome by lust.

Todd stood there, naked and fully aroused, beside the bed as she reached up and grabbed hold of his five-and-a-half inches of rock hard manhood.

I’d always thought he was pretty small before this, at least compared to me. But now, seeing his mature, masculine tool while clutching my own little half-inch-baby-stiffie with my empty infant scrotum, I couldn’t escape how much he was so much more man than me now!

Kayla sat on the edge of the bed as Todd stood between her legs, his hard cock stuck out from his body in an obscene display, jutting directly toward her.

He placed his hands on the back of her head.

"Go on," he whispered, glancing to me to make certain I wasn’t missing any of this show. "Do it. You know you want to... go ahead and taste it. Do it the way you know a man likes it."

Kayla hesitated only for a moment, as if remembering something, but she was totally lost in lust. She leaned forward and began to suck him with vigor.

Seeing that was too much.

A rage of fury swept over me. I wanted to kill Todd for taking what was mine, but to my utter shame, all I did, was I began to cry and bawl!

Why couldn’t I control my emotions like the man I knew I was inside?

Tears streaming down my face, I stood there, watching my woman ravaged by another man. I was a prisoner in a crib, stomping my feet up and down, a tiny baby having a temper tantrum! I shook the bars, watching and whimpering helplessly as my best friend used my girl for his own pleasure.

"Yeah, that’s beautiful..." Todd whispered to her, while actually looking at me. "You certainly know how to give a man what he likes, don’t you, baby? I can tell, you’ve had practice. You really know how to suck a man, just like someone else I know."

A rush of shameful humiliation ran over me.

Those words were meant for me. They were meant to sting.

He hit his mark.

I felt defeated. I sniffled, whimpered and cried. I wanted comfort, I needed something to make myself feel okay.

The next thing I knew Todd was laughing at me again.

Why? Why was he laughing at me this time?

At first I wasn’t sure, then I realized, to my utter shame, what I was doing.

I still had one hand down the front of my diaper, grinding and thrusting, rocking my hips like the horny little pleasure seeking baby boy I had become. That by itself must have been amusing, but it wasn’t the only shameful thing I was doing.

When Kayla started sucking Todd’s dick, I’d started sucking my thumb!

That’s why Todd couldn’t stop laughing.

No wonder! Seeing me standing on shaky baby legs, sucking my thumb and grinding my hips, was the perfect humiliation of his former rival.

I couldn’t believe I’d come to this!

And what if it wasn’t over yet?

What if I couldn’t stop regressing? How far was Todd going to take this?

As bad as my situation was, I knew it was only going to get worse, as it had for weeks now!

Every day I was losing more and more. My behavior was becoming more and more shamefully infantile, but I couldn’t make myself stop! I was acting on a baby’s instincts now, they ruled me, along with my still deeply embedded adult sexual urges, and even with all my adult knowledge, I couldn’t stop myself from giving in to them.

I was losing more and more control as I regressed younger and younger.

Even now, feeling so much shame for what I was doing, I couldn’t stop sucking my thumb! I was just too intense on getting some kind of oral satisfaction it was providing, even as I whimpered and watched my girl giving a blow-job to my former best friend. I was ashamed and humiliated beyond words, yet I couldn’t stop playing with my small, baby-size stiffie in my diaper!

Of course, the sight of me debasing myself was too delicious for Todd! Laughing in delight, he suddenly pushed Kayla back onto the bed. With her feet still on the floor he pushed her legs wide and positioned himself between her knees.

"Come on girl, let me at it."

"Oh yeah, please... fuck me, Todd! Fuck me hard!"

God I couldn’t stand to watch this! And I couldn’t turn away! Couldn’t stop playing with myself. Couldn’t stop sucking on my own thumb while watching them.

The bastard had me good.

Todd moved forward and rubbed himself between her legs briefly. A moment later, he thrust his hips forward and entered her. She gasped as he began his copulatory motions.

His modest cock may have been smaller than what I used to have, but it certainly seemed to be pleasing Kayla now. My woman was moaning and making all the same lovely sounds for him she had always made for me when WE made love.

Sadly, Kayla remained oblivious to me, her former lover, trapped and watching from the sidelines. I was no man for her now. To her I was just a fussy infant in a crib, watching and whining as the adults played, while inside I was a tortured man, torn by her every sound and motion.

Todd never forgot I was there, never forgot this whole show was just for my debasement.

He was doing everything he could to push my buttons. I could do nothing but whimper pathetically in sexual frustration.

With every moan of erotic satisfaction he pulled from her writhing body he would look to me, making sure I wasn’t missing a beat, and he’d smile at me and wink, as if to say, "See how I can please her more than you ever could? See what I’m doing to ’your’ woman? I’m a man, you’re not! I’ve got a real man’s cock to please a woman. You’ve just got an ittsy-bitsy little baby peepee! I can pleasure her like a man! You can’t because you’re not a man anymore, pal. You’re just a little bitty baby, aren’t you? A teeny, little baby-boy, tugging and playing with your tiny little baby-boy weewee in your diaper. You couldn’t please her now if I put you naked in bed with her! Could you, old friend?"

I felt rage.

I felt shame.

I felt horny as hell!

Standing in my crib I trembled and rocked and continued to suck my thumb even as I played with myself and leaned against the railings of my prison for support.

I’d worked so hard to become a man, all through high school, all through college, and look at me now! All my time at the gym, all my studying, all my working to gain money... It was all gone now. I wasn’t a man anymore... I was just a diaper wearing little bitty baby boy, stuck in his crib with no control over his own body and certainly nothing that could please a woman.

"She’s all mine now, little boy!" I could hear Todd in my head, continuing to tease me as he fucked my girlfriend. "She’s all mine to use and toy with and there’s nothing you can do about it, Pal!"

Kayla was going wild on the bed as he thrust repeatedly into her. I could tell Todd was hard, hot and horny as hell, but only because he knew I was watching him.

Seeing another man make love to my woman, I wanted to cry, and being a baby, I did. I couldn’t stop myself.

I began bawling loudly. I was an itty-bitty baby who’d had his favorite toy taken from him. I couldn’t fight like a man for my woman. I could only cry like a baby for his lost plaything.

"Oh, god, the baby’s fussing!" Kayla complained as I took her out of the moment.

"Let him fuss!" Todd exclaimed as he pumped harder and faster.

All at once Kayla began to moan louder and louder and I knew she was about to climax.

At the same instant, something began to happen to me.... A sensation began to overwhelm my body.

I knew what it was. I was about to cum! But not like the way I used to cum as a man. My orgasms now were different.

With the ferocity of a sexual tornado ripping through a trailer park, a dry cum surged through me with an intensity unlike anything I’d known as an adult. My whole body shook, and trembled. I felt myself going weak.

With my hand inside my diaper I continued to push and grind my tiny stiffie, but unlike an adult orgasm, there was no relief to be had!

As I’d regressed my balls had grown smaller too, going first from a man’s balls to a teen boys overly productive nuts. As I’d passed back through puberty they shrank suddenly again, dropping dramatically in size until I had two small pebbles in my sack, a little boy’s tiny, useless, impotent marbles. Finally, they had vanished from my infant scrotum entirely, disappearing back up into my increasingly infantile body. Now I was just a 9-month-old baby boy whose testes had not yet descended. Even if I’d still had them, they’d be too immature to make sperm. I could only dry cum!

And that’s what was happening!

Without any fluid to release, the sensation of pure sexual ecstasy exploded through my small form, leaving me shaken and rapt with quaking ecstasy more intense than any adult orgasm felt.

And it also left me wanting more, again, right away!

So I kept going, kept rubbing my little thing, kept playing with my tiny stiff baby boner.

Forced to watch as Todd climaxed into the woman I loved... I felt another incredibly intense wave of uncontrollable pleasure rush over me again.

As Kayla cried out in ecstasy... I came again.

As Todd stood up, I came again.

And again... And again. Without stopping!

I couldn’t control myself! Even as I experienced orgasm after orgasm, each more intense then any I’d known in my adult life, I got no relief! I cried and whimper for satisfaction, but got only a torture of unending waves of pleasure that left my small body quaking and wanting more!

Todd had left my full sexual desire in tact, but had taken away the off switch.

Not for the first time since this ordeal began, I felt myself buffeted by wave after wave of pleasure. As I have grown younger the intensity of these juvenile orgasms has grown stronger! Each time it happens it is as if all my full, former adult orgasmic furry had been compressed into a smaller and smaller container, causing stronger and more violent sexual ecstasy.

Now, as I felt it happening again, I just keep cumming, over and over, my tiny body wracked with pleasure until I simply couldn’t take anymore.

My knees buckled. I collapsed to the mattress of my crib, shaken and sniffling, an exhausted baby.

I found my tear streaked face pressed against the cute pictures of the little yellow duckies on the pillow. Thumb still in my mouth, I continued to suck on it for comfort even as my orgasms passed and I whimpered, cried and trembled. My tiny body was racked and shaken from the intense sexual seizures I’d just experienced.

I was exhausted, but to anyone on the outside, I looked like a baby who was just crying himself to sleep after a temper tantrum.

My other hand was still in my diaper, clutching my tiny peepee, only now it felt warm and damp inside there.

For an instant I thought I’d actually cum somehow, before remembering I couldn’t do that anymore.

That’s when I realized, to my shame, I’d lost control during my sexual convulsion.

I’d wet myself. I hadn’t cum like a man. I’d just peed my diaper like a baby.

Every day, every minute, I was growing younger and losing more and more control.

Just a few short weeks ago I’d been such a man. I was so big, so strong, so muscular, so in control. I’d worked for years to become that man. Now it was all gone, all my maturity and masculinity, stolen from me in an act of incredible betrayal.

I was nothing but a weak little baby again, a helpless infant lying in a crib and sucking his thumb while wearing a wet diaper.

How far was Todd going to take this? How young was I going to get?

I’d already been regressed through so many ages... In the past weeks I’d gone from being an adult man, to being a teenage boy again. Then I’d slipped to a preadolescent. As tween-ager I’d tried to escape, and been punished for it. He’d made me younger, turning me into a boy of 7-years-old and humiliating me in front of girl by dressing me in superhero underwear and telling her I was his nephew. When I’d tried to tell her the truth, he’d punished me again... like a child! After that he’d regressed me further. He’d made me a toddler, forced me back into diapers. I’d slowly lost my ability to speak, to walk, to control my bodily functions.

Where was it going to stop!?

Or would it?

When the regression began I couldn’t believe it was happening at all, but even when I realized it was really happening, I never thought I could possibly end up this young! Now I feared Todd planned no end to this. He was going to take me all the way back to the beginning!

Back to the beginning!? What did that mean? The thought terrified me.

I rolled onto my back, looking up at the ceiling, asking myself how things had come to be this way. I was so exhausted; I had to close my eyes and rest, just for a moment.


"Hey there, little guy!" Todd said as he looked down at me, smiling a wicked grin.

I was staring up at him, flat on my back as his face loomed over me.

"Looks like you may have over done it a bit there," he joked.

I had to catch my breath. He was right. I’d over done it, but didn’t want to admit it.

Lying there I felt weak and exhausted, but I wasn’t ready to surrender just yet.

"Sure you don’t want some help?" he asked.

I tried to get up, but it was no good. I couldn’t do it. I was too weak. Finally, I had no choice but to ask for his help.

"Yes, please!" I begged, breathlessly.

Todd reached down and took hold of the barbell that was crushing my chest.

Together the two of us were able to lift it back up and place it into its cradle on the bench press.

He was right. I was ashamed to admit it, but I’d over done it. The weight of the barbell had been too much.

I caught my wind before finally sitting up.

"You okay, man?" he said, putting a hand on my shoulder as he sat down on the bench beside me.

"Yeah, just... embarrassed I guess," I answered. I’d tried to bench press more than I could handle at that point. After all, I was just getting started with weights. It would take time to build up to the level I wanted to reach.

"It’s okay, we all have to start somewhere. It’s a beginning. Just means you’re pushing yourself. Stick with it, you’ll grow."

He had an amazing smile and was so friendly.

"Name’s Todd," he said, extending a hand. "I’m a freshman too."

I took Todd’s hand and shook it for the first time.

"Jim," I responded.

That had been my first trip to the University Athletic Club. My scholarship for swim included a membership and having seen the other guys on the team, I realized I needed to get into some serious weight training if I was going to make the cut. I was out to create a new man of myself after high school. I wasn’t a little kid anymore. I was 18 now. I was an adult. My goal was to transform my young, high school boy’s body into that of a successful, collegiate athlete.

This wasn’t a good start. Clearly, I needed some guidance.

One look at the guy sitting next to me in a loose workout shirt and shorts, told me he was someone who knew about weight training.

Back then Todd wasn’t nearly so ripped as we would both become later, but he was in great shape, especially for a kid just out of high school. His chest, smooth and hairless, had well defined pecs, while his stomach had the beginnings of a healthy six pack.

I wanted him to be my friend.

It was just the normal, heterosexual desire for friendship one guy feels for another. This new guy clearly shared the same interest in working out that I did and clearly knew what he was doing.

’This guy could help me remake my body,’ I remember thinking.

That’s what I wanted most, to stop looking like a kid and make myself into a man.

Even though Todd was only a freshman like me, he’d been weight training for years in high school, so he was much further along in shaping his body than I was.

The fact he’d approached me, that he’d just come up out of the blue to help, made me feel we’d click.

I was right.

That first meeting lead to a friendship for life.

Todd and I became workout buddies. Together we made a great pair of gym rats. All through our freshman year we spent every free moment at the gym.

There was so much we had in common, like our family histories... We’d both been raised by single parents. He’d lost his mom early and I’d never even known my dad.

Another thing we had in common, we were both ridiculously competitive, each one of us determined to be best.

It drove us both to push harder than we would have with anyone else.

As the weeks and months went by our shared physical progress was obvious. Endless hours at the gym always ended with a trip through the locker room and a good sweat in the steam room before hitting the showers. We were like brothers, no secrets, no shame. Of course, we each saw the other’s bodies as they changed and developed.

Todd had the head start, but I was working out hard. Under his guidance, I soon had a physique to rival his. He noticed, and as we would sit naked in the steam room I’d catch Todd eyeing me.

"What are you lookin’ at, fag?" I’d tease him. He’d just laugh it off.

"Just lookin’ at how much progress you’re makin’ there, buddy! Hey, it’s not gay for a coach to be checkin’ out your muscles, right?"

"Yeah, right, it ain’t gay," I said, teasing, "checkin’ out your best friend naked in the sauna ain’t gay at all," I joked, but in truth, I really didn’t care. If anything, I thought it was cool he was noticing how buff my bod’ was getting.

While he seemed proud of how much progress I was making I think he still got a little jealous when he’d see the girls starting to take more notice of me than him.

Not to worry, I told him. We’re buds! Bros’ before ho’s! Right? There was no girl gonna come between us. But all my assurances didn’t stop him acting weird about the girl’s hitting on me.

As we hung out, we talked and shared our most private secrets. We built an inseparable bond.

By summer we’d become such good friends he came home and met my mom. She liked him and he was really sweet to her.

For our sophomore year we decided to become roomies.

Our college careers kept us on very different tracks. I lived more of a "jock" life, being on a swim team athletic scholarship, but he was the smarter one, no doubt about it.

I was a business major. My studies were in economics and management.

He was majoring in biology and chemistry.

You’d think we’d have nothing in common, and yet, aside from our studies, we were always together.

Outside the gym we hung out and even when we had girls we would double date.

As we both kept up our competitive and obsessive body building, we started to get known around campus as the A&F boys, because they said we looked like we just walked out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

Occasionally someone would make a comment like, "Where’s your boyfriend?" but it was always joking. Everybody knew we were both straight. But over time, there got to be more to our friendship then people knew about.

Look, it was college, for cripes sake! Everyone experiments a little bit, right?

Sharing a room, seeing each other naked all the time... He was my best bud! Who else was I gonna blow off steam with?

So take two good looking, muscular, horny college studs with plenty of time naked together with no one else around, combine with the fact that there was, frankly, not all that many girls wiling to put out, and what do you think is gonna happen when the testosterone levels get so high something’s gotta blow!

Shit happens, ya’ know?

We both drank a lot, even though we weren’t supposed to. We also smoked a lot of weed, even though we weren’t supposed to.

It was college.

One day when I came back to the room, Todd was in his bunk jerking off.

"Studying for a class in advanced masturbation?" I joked. I though it would freak him out but he just acted like he didn’t care.

"Yeah. Want to join me? We can turn it into a study group."

"That’s okay, I’m not in that class."

"Bullshit, man! You think I haven’t heard you practicing your technique at night?"

"Yeah, well, I prefer independent study."

"Suit yourself, man, it’s a great class! You should join in."

After that first time whenever I’d come back or walk in and he’d be doin’ it, he just kept going, sayin’ it didn’t matter to him, as long as it was okay with me.

Well, that kind of shit goes on in college, right?

I probably should’ve told him to can it, but... I was curious about shit and so I just acted like it was no big deal. It kinda got me hot that he was doin’ it right in front of me and didn’t seem to care. Besides, I guess I was kind of checkin’ him out, just a bit. Not like college roomies got a lot of privacy anyway, and a guy’s gotta do what he’s gotta do sometimes, right?

But truth is, whenever he’d do it, as much as I tried to act like I didn’t care, secretly, I couldn’t stop sneakin’ looks at his gear.

Like I said, I was curious, that’s all. I didn’t have any brothers or close friends before Todd so not like I’d grown up seeing other guys naked. Hell, I didn’t even have a dad to compare to when I was growing up. I was sort of lacking for male role models in the genital department.

So I’d sit at the desk and pretend to be studying.

One day I’d had a few beers. Okay, and some rum. And I’d also done a little weed. We were both in for the night and not going anywhere.

Todd was over on his bed finishing up a little smoke. Whenever he’d do weed he’d get horny and start playing with himself.

The last few times he’d been whacking I’d seen him take out some kind of weird restraint thing, like a big rubber band, and strap it around his cock and balls. I was really curious what that was all about but no way was I going to say anything and admit I’d been looking.

This time he had on a big black one. I didn’t know what it was for, really, but I knew he also had a red leather one and a blue one with metal studs in it. Of course, I never let on I’d seen anything and always acted like I never even noticed what he was doing.

I was wearing a loose pair of sweat shorts and no boxers. I usually went commando going to bed anyway. I guess I was horny too because I got all boned up knowin’ he was stroking one off, and in the sweats it must have shown.

"You know, you can join me if you want, bro’? Wouldn’t be a crime, " he said, then added, "well, maybe in some states, depending how carried away you get," and laughed.

"What? Oh, that. Naw, that’s okay," I said, as always, acting as if I hadn’t even noticed what he was doing.

"You know, I’d really feel better if you’d do it with me, bro’, instead of just perving on me."

"I don’t perv on you," I said, keeping my back to him. "You think I give a shit about another guy’s junk, man?"

"Yeah," he said.

Suddenly he got off the bed and walked up behind my chair totally naked. He covered my eyes with his hands.

"I bet if you had to, you could describe exactly what my dick looks like right now."

"Dude, I don’t care what your dick looks like!"

"Bull! I’ve seen you. So tell me what my dick looks like right now or I’m gonna make you suffer," he teased.

"I don’t care what your fuckin’ dick looks like, man! I don’t... Ahhhh!"

I let out a holler of agony as he reached down, grabbed my nipple and twisted it, hard.

"Ahh, fuck that hurts you son-of-a...." I tried to reach back behind me and grab him but he kept a distance while still keeping my eyes covered.

"Tell me man, what’s my dick look like, and if you don’t get it right this time I’m gonna do it worse!"

"I don’t fuckin’ know what your dick... AHHHH!"

He grabbed me again and pinched really hard.

That was it!

I grabbed his hands, his arms, and tried to pull him loose, but he was really strong.

Reaching up behind me I got a grip on his neck, but instead of me pulling him off, he stood up and pulled me right out of my chair.

Next thing I knew we both went tumbling to the floor! We started wrestling one another with him naked and me all boned up in my sweat shorts!

I was the athlete, but he was still really strong!

I tried to get him off but next thing I knew I was face to the floor, pinned down, arms twisted behind my back!

"Ahh, get off me ya’ fag!" He was pressed against my spine, holding me there with his knee in the small of my back.

"What’s my dick look like, pervy boy?" he asked

"I don’t fuckin’ know what your... ahhh!"

Damn, he knew how to hurt a guy, and without leaving a mark!

"Yeah, right! Tell me about my cock! How big is it?"

I didn’t answer and he twisted my arm again. I winced in agony and whimpered.

"Aww, what’s the matter little boy, you gonna cry like a baby? Is little Jimmy just a big baby?"

"Fuck you, Todd!" I said. I wasn’t really angry. In fact, I’m ashamed to admit, I was enjoying the horse play way too much. Hell, we were just college buds fuckin’ around. What’s a little pain and teasing between roomies?

He twisted my arm again.

"All right, all right, Todd. Here’s the truth, you got a tiny little pecker, an itty bitty little baby dick, the smallest little prick any man ever ha..."

"Ooooh, you fuckin’ liar!" he said and twisted harder, "Who’s your daddy now, little boy? Huh? Whose my little boy, now, huh Jimmy?!"

Why was all this teasing turning me on?

"Come on, now boy! Tell the truth!"

I struggled to get up again and acted like I wanted to beat his ass! I was stronger, but he had me in a solid wrestler’s hold!

"Boy, don’t you even THINK you’re stronger than me. Now come on, you think guy’s don’t check each other out? Is that what your mama taught you? Well I got news! All guys ALWAYS notice."

"Yeah, all fags.."

"No, everybody. Like I know you’re uncut, about four-inches soft and when you got morning wood it’s over seven. Oh, and you got a big vein on the side of it, and it bends just a bit to the right when you’re hard!"

"Fuck you, man!"

"Whatever," he said, not seeming to care what I thought.

"I know what yours looks like," he added. "so, what am I? Cut or uncut?"

I was hurting. I was hard. I was embarrassed by what I was feeling.

I wanted this to stop now.


As an uncut guy I was always really conscious of how I was different than most of the guys I saw in the locker room. So yeah, I’d noticed that first time we’d showered.

"Very good! Right answer!" He relaxed his grip on me just enough to let the pain ease up a bit. "So, how big am I?"

"Little thing! About five inches.... ahhh!" he twisted my arm again and I changed my tune fast... "Errr, BIG.... BIG.... BIG COCK! Maybe, five inches!" I blurted, comically.

"Hey, don’t under estimate me, boy! I’m at least five-and-a-half, wouldn’t you say?"

"Yeah, sure, that’s right, that’s it, anything you say... big, giant cock... big freakin’ five-and-a-half inches, man cock, ya’ prick."

"And now the final question... What am I wearing on it right now?"

Fuck, if I admitted I knew that, he’d really know for sure I was checkin’ him out just now!

"I dunno... AHHHH FUCK!"

Again with the pain!

"I DUNNO! I don’t know what it is.. what it’s called...."

"What color is it then?"


"Have you seen me wear any others?"

I nodded I had.

"What colors were they? What did they look like?"

Oh fuck, he had me. "Er.... Blue.... with metal studs... and..... Red, I think...."

"You think?"

"I KNOW, I know! Red leather."

He let go of my arms and I just lay there on the floor, aching.

"Pretty good guesses, for a guy who claims he’s never even looked."

He’d done it.

He’d made me admit I’d been checkin’ his dick out all along.

"See, that wasn’t so hard to admit now, was it boy?"

He rolled me on to my back and sat on my stomach, grabbing my wrists and keeping me pinned.

He was sitting naked on my chest and his cock was right in my face.

"You’ve been perving on me all along, haven’t ya’ little Jimmy boy? But seeing as how you’ve finally admitted it, why don’t you just go ahead and take a good look at what you want."

I could have bolted. He didn’t have me pinned so hard I couldn’t break loose anymore.

But I didn’t.

His cock was right in my face, where no man part had gone before. I froze. I’d never seen another guy’s junk so close like this. I didn’t know what to do, but I was buzzed, my head was swimming. I felt weak and weird and incredibly... horny.

"Fuck, Todd!" I tried to say it in a way that sounded like "that’s gross, Todd... get your dick out of my face." But I was too transfixed on his cock head.

My own dick didn’t have a head like that. My foreskin covered me most of the time. This was a chance to see another guy’s thing up close, something I’d always been curious about, but had never really had a chance to do. His cut dick looked like mine did when I pulled the skin back, only his looked like that all the time.

I knew, intellectually, what circumcision was all about. I knew that as a baby he must have had his foreskin removed, and that for whatever reason, I hadn’t. But understanding it wasn’t the same as seeing one for real, close up. I’d never really had a chance to see and study what the difference was like up close, until then.

I couldn’t stop looking.

Todd reached back and grabbed my dick through my sweat pants.

"Ahhh," I moaned, then quickly tried to act like it was just in shock and disgust! "Ohhh, I mean, fuck man! What are you doin’?"

"You feel big man. If you don’t like looking at my cock how come your dick is so hard?" he asked, rubbing me through the soft fabric.

A small dark spot had formed on the grey cotton material right at the place where the head of my dick was. It was pretty obvious I wasn’t just hard, I also had been leaking precum the whole time.

He slid forward, moving his thing closer to my face. My attempt to pit my better judgment against my surging teen libido was losing big time, no doubt thanks to my pot and alcohol addled brain.

He reached down, stroked my cheek gently.

"It’s okay. I’ll do you to," he said.

I looked at him like he was insane. If anyone ever found out what we did...

"You will?" I asked.

"Fuck, yeah!" was Todd’s response.

I looked at what was in front of me, awkward thoughts in my head.

"Swear to fucking God you’ll never say anything about this anybody, not even me, ever again?"

He laughed. "Yeah, like I want people to think I’m a homo! Dude, I swear to fucking God. You’re my bro’. Just help me out this one time and I’ll help you too, that’s all."

If there was ever a time and place I was gonna do some stupid shit like this, it was here and now, with him.

I trusted Todd.

I closed my eyes, then turned my head away.

I had no choice, I lied to myself. Todd has me pinned down, he’s forcing me to do this.

That’s what I thought.

The fact is... Todd knew me better than I knew myself.

"Come on, baby... Don’t fight it. You know you want it," I heard Todd say.


I felt something soft pushing against my lips followed by the taste of something warm and wet dripping from the tip.

I opened my eyes.

Todd’s face was looking down at me. He had the nipple of a baby bottle pressed to my tiny mouth.

Warm sweet milk was dripping from the nipple onto my lips.

"Don’t fight it, dude..." he was saying, "You know you want it."

I was still in my crib. Morning sunshine was streaming through the bedroom window, so I knew I’d been here, asleep, all night. Kayla was still in bed as Todd hovered over me.

I knew this was just another attempt to get more regression drugs into me. I tried to push the bottle away but found it harder than ever to coordinate my little hands and make them do what I wanted.

Fuck! I realized I’d regressed even more!

How many weeks had I lost just while I was sleeping? What age was I now? Six months old?

I’d reach that point where babies change a lot. Every time I woke up there was less and less I could do. My regression was continuing and the bottles Todd kept feeding me were just the delivery method for his regression drugs.

I had no way of knowing how far he was going to take me, but I had to fight it while I still could.

Todd laughed at my feeble efforts to resist him.

"What’s the matter, buddy? Trying to prove you won’t just suck anything a guy sticks in your mouth?" he laughed. "I guess we aren’t back in college anymore are we, James?"

The bastard, I thought.

"It’s okay, bud. I know you’ve ’moved on’ from that sort of stuff these days, haven’t you? But I know you better than any one, and there are some things you will never be able to resist."

"You fucker!" I shouted in my head as I tried my best to vent my angry, "I’m gonna get out of here, I’m gonna grow up to be a man again and when I am I’m gonna kick your ass, ’friend!’"

At least that’s what I was saying in my head.

In my former bedroom a baby cried and fussed, causing my girlfriend to wake.

"What’s wrong with him?" Kayla asked, her head still muddy with sleep.

"I think he’s hungry, but I can’t get him to eat anything."

He took the bottle away as he looked me over closely.

"Well, why’s he being so fussy then?" Kayla asked.

Todd leaned down and suddenly I felt him slip his finger up the leg of my diaper! Damnit! As many times as he did that I still couldn’t get used to the feeling of someone’s fingers brushing against my little boy parts!

"He’s wet. Needs changing."

"Waaa!" I kicked and fussed, trying my best to scream out my adult frustrations but only my little baby bawls could be heard! The idea of having Todd powdering my little penie again, and all that went with it, was too much.

"I dunno," Todd continued, "I think maybe he wants his mommy to change him this time."

Giant hands reached down and lifted me from the prison of my crib.

I kicked and struggled without really realizing how much size I’d lost overnight. I discovered just how smaller I had become when the heavy, wet, oversized diaper I was wearing, suddenly fell off my regressed body. Once more I was naked, exposed and dangling in the hands of the man who’d done this to me, a man I’d once considered my best friend.

The cool air hit my soft, tiny little infant weewee and caused it to shrink even further, while more cool air swirled around my bare baby bottom to give me a noticeable chill.

Once more I looked down and gazed at the tiny bald nub of shriveled little uncut flesh that was all that remained of my once proud manhood.

Todd just laughed, as he always did, only this time I wasn’t sure if it was amusement, yet again, at the sight of my reduced little member, or the way I reacted to seeing it myself again, smaller than ever, that he found so funny.

I stopped crying as my lower lip trembled. It wasn’t fair. I was a big boy! I shouldn’t have a little baby weewee like this!

When I finally looked up, Kayla was walking toward us.

All thoughts vanished from my mind when I saw her, and the look on my face must have spoke volumes.

Kayla was still topless, and her breasts.... oh my god.... her BREASTS!

They were enormous, large, swollen milk factories the likes of which she’d never had before, and yet, she seemed oblivious to all of these incredible changes, not only in her "little boy" (who this morning was younger and smaller than he’d ever been!) but even the changes Todd had caused to her own body.

"Ohhh, look at my poor little guy!" she teased as she took one soft feminine finger and felt along the underside of my little boy part to check my wetness. "No wonder he’s crying," she said, taking me into her arms and holding me close to her. "Mommy’s little man woke up in a wet widdle dydee, didn’t he?"

She slipped her warm hand under my soft baby bottom for support as she held me close to her.

"Don’t you worry, little guy. Mommy’ll take care of you. I’ll give you a nice warm bath, get you all nice and clean, then powder up your little hinny and sprinkle your little dinky and get you changed into a nice, warm, dry dydee."

As she held me close she gently caressed my little baby buns as any loving mother would do to comfort her crying little baby boy. I sniffled, relaxed and let my heavy head fall gently to rest on the soft pillow of her breast.

On instinct I began rooting toward her nipple, my tiny lips moving with a hunger I’d never known.

A moment later I attached to my girlfriend’s nipple like any hungry infant would suckle to his mother’s breast. So many times in the past, as her man, I’d had that nipple in my mouth, only now, for the first time ever, I was getting more than JUST emotional satisfaction out of it. I was truly nursing. I wasn’t Kayla’s boyfriend anymore. This wasn’t one of our playful little games. I was her little baby boy now. I was nursing.

Because of Todd, it wasn’t just a game anymore!

He had regressed me from a strong adult man, his sexual rival for this woman, to a helpless little baby boy nursing at his mommy’s breast.

"Awww, you see there," Todd said as he stepped over and began to stroke my head, "He was just hungry after all! Weren’t you little guy?"

I looked at him with as much hate as I could, but could only whimper.

As I tasted the warm, sweet mother’s milk flowing into my mouth from my girlfriend’s ample teat, I looked up at the woman I had asked to marry me only a few months earlier and saw her smiling down at the adorable little baby boy in her arms.

For a moment, the smile faded, and Kayla got a confused expression on her face.

There it was again, that flicker of realization, that sense that something wasn’t right. My only hope of escape is that she’ll remember and somehow save me.

"He... he...." she stammered "he seems so...."

Todd could see she was trying to remember something.

"He seems to really like it," he quickly cut in, breaking her thinking before she could put something together. "I think he’s very happy this way. And isn’t that what you want? That little jimmy be happy and get what he always wanted?"

"He seems to really... like it," she continued.

"Well of course he does," Todd said, soothing her concerns. "After all, what little boy wouldn’t be happy getting to suck on those wonderful beauties?" he teased.

"I’m.... mommy now?"

With all my will I forced myself to stop nursing, as the man inside struggled to overcome every infantile instinct that was driving my actions and direct every effort I had left into trying to save myself.

I pulled away from her nipple, looked up at Kayla. Our eyes met.

"Ja... Jimmy?"

I began to shake my head, whimpering... Not Jimmy, James! She had to look in my eyes and see the man inside... She had to see JAMES was in here!

I tried to talk...

I looked right into her eyes and did my very best, but only ridiculous baby babble followed, absurd "goo-goo, gaa-gaa" sounds. That was all I could make!

With my last, best effort, I tried to call her name -- Kayla! Say KAYLA!

Such a simple word. If I could only say it.

"maa... maaa..."

My heart sank as I heard the sound of my own tiny voice. The look in her eyes faded as she smiled, touched and amused at the sound of her little baby boy calling her mamma.

"Oooh, did you hear that, Todd? He called me Mamma! Oh, how adorable! He’s never done that before... Has he?"

Todd grinned. "No, I don’t think he ever has."

Kayla cooed with delight. "Ohhh, our little baby boy’s first word!"

Before I could try again Todd reached down to me. He turned my head back to her nipple and with one finger, stroked the side of my cheek. The gesture triggered some kind of automatic infant instinct and before I knew what I was doing my lips slipped once more over Kayla’s large, pink areola. My mouth filled once more with her luscious teat, I could say nothing as his finger continued teasing my cheek, encouraging my sucking action.

"Yeah, that’s my good little boy," Todd mocked. "Just keep nursing. We want to make sure you get all the special mommy milk you’ll need to keep growing into the man we want you to be, isn’t that right little guy?"

Suddenly I knew what he’d done.

I’d been duped again.

The drugs he’d given Kayla weren’t just for her! They’d been for me! He’d knew I might be able to push away a bottle, but would never be able to resist Kayla’s breast. He’d made it so I would get the regression drugs when I drank her milk!

And he knew I couldn’t stop myself.

"Isn’t he so adorable," Todd continued, "Some things you just can’t resist, right little guy?"

Todd smiled down at me triumphantly as I futilely made my tiny hands into little fists.

"I guess some guys are just born suckers."

Next - Chapter 3 - "Milk of Amnesia"

James is terrified as he realizes he’s beginning to lose his memory. In an effort to hold on, he struggles to remember every detail of how his regression began, and all the humiliations to which Todd has subjected him, at each age, since he first started growing younger.



End Chapter 2

Party of Three

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