Party of Three

by: Rufus Mendax | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2012

X-Rated! Sexually Explicit, Erotic AR Story! A man regressed to infancy recalls how he came to be in this situation as his former fiance diapers and teases him.

Chapter 1
"Party of Three" - Part 1

Chapter Description: Strong Sexual Content - Trapped in the body of an infant, James contemplates the betrayal that brought about his regression.

"Party of Three"

By Rufus T. Mendax

Warning: This is a sex story.

What follows is a sexually explicit, non-consenting age regression story in which a regressed, straight male character will take part in sexual activity, both consenting and non-consenting, with members of both sexes.

It’s X rated. Triple-XXX actually, if the story gets continued.

It will contain explicit sexual actions, implied and described, between males and females, males and males and multiple males with a female.

Because it’s AR, and the central character is an age regressed adult male, he spends most of the story trapped in the body of a child while going through these sexual situations.


1. This whole thing is fiction. Nothing is real. No one is actually doing this to anyone.

2. Even in the story, this is NOT A REAL CHILD. This character is an adult, a fully sexually aware and sexually active adult man. This is AR! No one is hurting an innocent child or doing or implying anything about sexual activity with real children, even in fiction. This is an ADULT, trapped in a younger body, in an adult AR story.

The story is told from the point of view of the regressed adult male to help the reader always keep that in mind.

Finally, this is an adult’s sexual fantasy, an intentional erotic dream, with enough plot to make it interesting. I wanted to write a no-holds-barred erotic AR story because there don’t seem to be many out there that push the envelope on content that way.

Even though this first chapter has the character as an infant, in subsequent chapters (if this is continued) he will be in previous stages of his regression, so this is not going to be just an "infancy" story.

At this point you know what you’re getting into. The story may get pretty wicked in future chapters, sexually explicit without holding back. Please don’t send letters or post comments that you were offended. If you don’t like this kind of thing, don’t read!

For those of you who think you might enjoy this type of thing, and I believe there are more of you out there than care to admit it, then please continue and know that I would love to hear from you.


Party of Three

By Rufus T. Mendax

How did this happen?

Three years ago I graduated college at the age of 24 with a degree in economics and business management.

Two years ago, at the age of 25, I began working a lucrative job for a major multi-national corporation.

One year ago, at the age of 26 I met Kayla, the woman of my dreams.

Six months ago I asked her to marry me.

Three months ago I celebrated my 27th birthday with her and my best friend, Todd.

Three weeks ago everything changed.

Today, I am a 9-month old baby again.

At this exact moment I am a naked infant, a nude little baby-boy, lying totally exposed on a changing table as Kayla, my former fiancé, rubs baby powder all over my tiny penis. She is about to change my diaper. In spite of my physical age her touch has given me an infantile little erection, as it always does. I can’t help that I still find her hot. Inside this body I have remained a man, with all my adult memories, all my adult knowledge and, if anything, even more than my previous adult level of sexual desire.

That was done to me on purpose. I’m always horny, but at this point I can do nothing about it on my own.

"Oooh, look at little jimmy’s cute widdle baby peepee! Isn’t he adorable! Such a tiny little thing!"

As usual, my pathetic little baby boy stiffie causes her to giggle and tease me.

Even though I retain all my adult thoughts, memories and desires, I have only the physical and emotional control of an infant and her teasing causes a wave of childish emotion to overwhelm me. My lower lip begins to tremble pathetically as I look up at her grinning face. My girlfriend is laughing at my tiny peepee. I feel childishly humiliated and ashamed and in spite of my efforts to maintain control, I begin to sniffle, then to cry like the pathetic little baby I have become. As a man I was quite proud of my pretty impressive tool. Now, my tiny little baby dick only makes my girlfriend want to laugh and giggle.

"Oooooo, wattsa matter widdle baby!" Kayla says in a patronizing tone. "You know, you’re still mommy’s sweet little man, even if you do just have an itty bitty little baby peepee."

It’s not her fault. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Her mind has been so messed up by Todd she doesn’t know what’s real anymore.

Me, I’m trapped in here knowing everything. An adult man imprisoned in an infant’s body.

Each day I lose more control until now my efforts to move produce only random motions, like my little legs kicking uselessly in the air, causing my rubbery little baby peedee to jiggle. I can’t walk anymore. I can barely crawl and soon I won’t be able to do that. I can stand only if I hold onto things and it’s been a week since I could speak any adult words. My efforts to say anything remotely intelligible now result only in an amusing babble of baby talk.

But inside I know what’s going on. I know what’s happened.

Kayla doesn’t.

She’s lost all touch with anything like reality.

She thinks she’s my mommy now and that she is married to Todd. I am their little baby boy. That’s what Todd wants her to believe. But as she powders my little stiffie, she pauses once again, staring at my tiny, uncut penis. Something is trying to break into her mind, her feelings for me keep telling her something is not right.

Every now and then she starts to remember I’m her lover, not her baby. It causes her to treat me oddly, until she is snapped out of it again. It’s my curse, like a bizarre age-play game, she will start to tease and fool around with me sexually, only to abruptly stop. It’s frustrating, but it’s also my only hope.

If I can just get her to remember everything, there might be a way out of this.

In the weeks since this ordeal began I’ve been many ages. When it started, before I was made into a baby, I was first regressed to a little boy for awhile, then I was made younger, a toddler. I never lost my sexual desire and at every chance I tried to do things with Kayla to help her remember the man I really was. But if it started to work, Todd would catch us and I’d be punished with greater and greater regression, along with other humiliations. Now he’s taken me all the way back to being a helpless infant, unable to speak and barely able to move, and I’m still growing younger.

And yet, in spite of my appearance, something about me still causes Kayla to remember things.

It’s clear she still has sexual feelings for me, some part of her knows the truth, but she just can’t reconcile it with the distorted reality we’re living. It’s really got her messed up.

Now, as she takes my little foreskin between two fingers she stares at it curiously. Her head tilts. There’s something there. I can see in her eyes. She’s trying to remember. A man. The only uncut man she ever slept with. My uncircumcised member, tiny as it is, makes her remember that man she knew. Who was he, she wonders? What happened to him? Didn’t she have great sex with him and why does this baby make her think about those sexual experiences?

My rigid little boy-toy, so different from the manly cock I once had, still reminds her of the passionate love making we used to engage in.

She pulls the skin back, as she used to do when we played as adults, and mindlessly begins to stroke my stiff little boy part up-and-down as her brain slips to another reality.

I whimper in response. I can’t coordinate my hands very well these days so I can barely grasp my own penis by myself, let alone stroke it. I still have a man’s aching desire for sexual relief but this is as close as I can get to finding it. Her touch is joy to me.

Holding my little dinky between two fingers she actually begins pumping up and down on my little boy part, sending shivers of intense pleasure through my small body. I want this so badly. I need this. And I want it to help her remember too!

Her hands remember. She starts playing with me the way we sometimes did before this happened, only now she holds my tiny member between two fingers when it used to be both hands. But she’s doing it again, doing what she used to do to me before, when I was a man, doing something she knew I liked. A part of her remembers.

I can see her struggling with why this feels right, but I can do nothing to help her. I can only enjoy the sensations her touch is inflicting on me, causing me to coo in delight.

I can feel an infantile orgasm building up. I need this. I only hope she can take me all the way, get me to the point of some kind of relief before...

"What are you doing, Kayla?"

Too late! Todd has walked into the room.

She jumps, stops her ministrations abruptly as she suddenly realizes what she’s doing.

I make a feeble baby whimper and begin to fuss and wave about desperately, crying and sniffling softly in my sexual frustration. My little legs kick in the air.

Baby wants more!

Just like a baby wanting food, or needing changed, it’s the only way my infant body knows to communicate a need. Unlike a real baby, I have another need, an adult man’s need.

Kayla is embarrassed as her brain tries to reconcile her actions with her situation. She has just been caught masturbating a baby! She turns red and you can see she is mortified at what she was doing.

If she only knew what Todd has me do when she’s not around!

"It’s okay," Todd says, trying to make sure she doesn’t think there’s anything unusual about this situation. "You know in some cultures when a baby was fussy the mother would rub the baby’s genitals to soothe them and help them sleep."

Yeah, that’s Todd. Making all this insanity sound as normal as he can.

He doesn’t care what she does to me sexually. He likes the way she teases me and adds to my frustration in this body.

He just wants to make sure she doesn’t start remembering again.

But Todd loves seeing me toyed with. The more she can tease and humiliate me, bring me to the edge then leave me wanting, the more he enjoys it.

"You’re just feeling a good mother’s instinct to take care of our little baby boy. That’s all."

He looks at me and when she can’t see him, he winks at me, grinning, enjoying my predicament and taking pleasure in my frustration.

In spite of his efforts to persuade her she’s really my mother, I can tell Kayla’s more and more aware that something isn’t right.

Getting her to remember is my only hope of putting an end to this.

"I’m sorry," she apologizes to Todd. "I was just.... Thinking."

Todd looks at me, suspicious, as if he thinks I could still somehow be responsible for this. If only I could, but he’s made sure that is no longer possible. Not after what happened before. We got so close then!

Kayla again looks confused as her brain tries to adjust to a reality that makes no sense.

"I’m sorry," she repeats. "It’s just.... I keep feeling..." she lets it trail off.

Todd comes in to play the role of consoling husband.

"Feeling... what, dear?" he asks.

"It’s just... I still don’t remember anything. I don’t remember being pregnant, or giving birth. I don’t remember... "

"Kay, please. It’s the accident, you know that. The doctors all said it would take time for you to remember things properly. And you may never regain all your memories. We just have to take each day as if it were the first."

Because each day IS the first! Every time she sees me I’m younger than I was before. How long can he keep messing with her brain to accept that before her ability to handle reality completely cracks for good?

He takes her in a warm embrace. "I’m just so glad I’ve still got the both of you. The two people I love most in the world. I wouldn’t want to lose either of you, not for anything. And after the way that truck took out the car.... It’s a miracle you’re both alive. Is it any wonder you remember things oddly?"

Bullshit. Total bullshit. There was no accident. It was all Todd and the way he trapped us both.

Kayla shakes her head, trying to make sense of confused memories. "It’s just, when I look at baby Jimmy... Something feels wrong. The way I feel about him. It’s not the way a mother should feel for her son."

"Are you saying you don’t love little Jimmy?"

"No, I do love him, I love him so much. More than I can say. It’s just, I feel, I love him..." Once more, her eyes go to me lying naked on the table in front of her. "I love him different than the way a mother should," she finally gets it out as best she can.

How can she admit to anyone, even to herself, that she’s got romantic feelings for a baby? How could any normal person make sense of that?

In her own mind it seems sick and twisted, but part of her remembers the truth.

God, Kayla, if only you could put it together. I’m not your son, I’m not even really a baby. The naked infant on the changing table in front of you is your man, your lover, your fiancé. That "baby" is the man you’ve made love to over and over and had wild, fiery sex with countless times. We’ve been passionate and erotic and touched and stroked and caressed each other in every intimate way, and now there is a carnal bond we share that part of you can’t forget. That’s why it’s hard for your brain to adjust to seeing me this way. In spite of all Todd has done to us both, it knows the truth.

I’m not your infant son. I’m James. I’m your man. I’m your lover!

"Kayla, it’s okay." Todd tries to dissuade her. "Every mother has odd feelings and you’ve been through an accident so of course it’s normal you’d feel strangely."

"But, it’s not just that," Kayla continues. "Every time I look at baby jimmy I keep feeling... well, I’m always struck by how small he is, how tiny... how young."

"Well, honey, that’s just because he’s still a baby."

"No, it’s not that. I try and I try but.... I can’t remember him as a newborn, or me being pregnant, or anything from any time when he was younger than today, but I feel like I can remember him... older. A bigger baby, a toddler, a bigger boy... Even... It’s like, every day, he seems younger than I remember."

She’s trying, but what person would trust their own sanity if they felt their son was getting younger each day?

"Really, Kay, listen to yourself. You know how crazy that sounds."

"I know," Kayla answers, "I know."

"It’s just the effects of the accident playing with your brain."

You can see she wants to believe him. It’s the only way to make sense of this insanity, but part of her won’t let go of this "fantasy" that her infant son is really her lover.

Todd lifts her chin, look directly into her eyes and projects the best image of caring, loving husband he can. "Speaking of the accident, it sounds like maybe it’s time for you to take another pill, Kayla?"

’No, Kayla, don’t take the pill,’ I scream out! ‘Don’t take another pill! It’s not medicine! It’s what he’s using to control you and cloud your brain!’

That’s what I’m trying to say, but trapped in this body, that’s not what comes out.

"Waaa! Waaaa!"

Both turn to look at me, but all they see is the nakey little baby on his changing table getting all fussy. I try to talk, to warn Kayla, but all that comes out is baby babbling "goo-goo, gaa-gaa" baby talk sounds.

Trapped in this infant body I can do nothing to help the woman I love.

Kayla relents to his reason. "I guess you’re right, it’s just... Sounds kinda crazy, I guess."

I want to shout out, ‘you’re NOT crazy.... You’re NOT out of your mind. It’s me, it’s James. Your lover! Don’t take another pill!’

On the changing table, the baby that is me kicks and wiggles his arms and legs in a fussy way as he babbles and whimpers and it’s clear, Todd is very amused by my desperate attempts to communicate.

"You go take your pill. I’ll finish changing baby jimmy," he tells her and she turns to go.

As Todd smiles down at me, walking over, he calls back to her before she leaves the room. "Oh, and while you’re at it," he adds, "Don’t forget to make sure little jimmy gets his special baby vitamins. After all, we want to make sure he keeps getting those every day so he keeps growing up like he’s supposed to."

He’s looking right at me as he grins, knowing I understand very well the effect those "vitamins" she keeps giving me are having.

When he’s sure she’s gone he finally drops all the pretense.

"Look at you, James. How pathetic. Not the big man you used to be, huh buddy?"

With one finger he flicks and teases my stiff little baby penis, reminding me once again of how small I’ve become.

I want to kill Todd right now. My friend since college, we’ve done so much, known one another for so many years, and now he’s done this to me!

He laughs softly to himself as he tugs on my little member. "I couldn’t blame Kayla for picking you. You were pretty hot, nicely endowed, bigger than me ‘down there’. But now...." he tugs and toys with my tiny dinky, amusing himself with it’s diminutive size and hairless immaturity. "Now, you’re just my little plaything, aren’t you, Pal?"

He leans in to tease me wickedly, "Wittle jimmy’s just my widdle bitty baby boy to pway wif, aren’t you, James!"

He chuckles, taking pleasure in reminding me how much I’ve lost to him, how much he totally controls me now and can make me do any sick twisted thing he wants.

Emotion wells up within me. I fuss and kick my legs in the air uselessly as I whimper in shame. It’s all I can do now. Humiliated by the size of my tiny, former manhood, embarrassed by my ridiculously small, bald penis, I want to cringe as my tiny boy part is mocked, touched and fondled by another man. I feel so used and ashamed. My cock was bigger than Todd’s before, but now, I’m so tiny. He took my manhood, took my girl, and trapped me in a body ruled by infant emotions, desires and impulses. I can do nothing but whimper and pout and kick my legs in the air as I lay here exposed, waiting to be diapered!

He takes hold of my foreskin.

"You know James, I think something about this little thing keeps reminding her of the old you, though I can’t see how. This is so tiny, nothing like what you used to have."

He skins it back exposing the head of my little wiener and even though I can’t stand that another man is handling me this way, I also can’t help how good it feels to be touched.

He toys with it, back and forth, exposing the tiny glans and covering it again, taking joy in the sensations he’s inflicting on me, tantalizing me with adult pleasures he will then deny me.

He pulls the skin up again, holds my little infant proboscis in his fingers, pulling it out.

"I think we’re going to have to do something about this," he says. "Can’t have little things reminding Kayla of stuff she needs to forget. Maybe it’s time we had you circumcised? What do you think about that, ol’ friend?"

He grins a wicked grin at me as I shudder at the thought.

"Maybe a little trim, just a bit off the top, don’t you think? " He pulls up on my foreskin and with two fingers makes a scissor shape to indicate just where he’d like to give my tiny boyhood the snip.

Then he laughs at the look of horror on my infant face.

How did this happen to me? How did this nightmare become my reality?

As the utter helplessness and humiliation of my situation sets in, I once again hear a distant sound of a baby crying, and realize after a few moments, it’s me.


How did James end up in this situation?

The Answer - To Be Continued, (if there is any interest in reading more).

If you’d like more, please write me with details. If you don’t want more, well, silence speaks volumes and if there’s no interest I’ll get the picture.

The plan for the rest of the story is to describe the way it all happened as he remembers what brought him here, taking time to detail all he’s alluded to in this opening and more. Although in this chapter he has already been regressed to infancy in future chapters he will be older, going from adult man through regression stages, spending time as a little boy and eventually a toddler before ending up in his current state.

The full story is all worked out in my head as far as the plot of what happened, how it happened and where it’s all going to end up, but it’s not written yet so I can still adjust details based on reader feedback. If you want more, let me know what you liked, what you feel is working, what you want more of, and what could be improved.

The basic idea behind this whole story, as you may now be able to tell, is to have fun creating an erotic AR fantasy dealing with the kind of "mommy/boy" age-play in which an adult male is "babied" by his girlfriend in the role of his "mommy." There is also some non-consenting male humiliation stuff as the former straight, alpha-male, tough guy is turned into a submissive little boy by a dominating man out to sexually humiliate and use him. While I know most people tend to like only one element or the other, I thought it might be fun to have both.

Finally, there actually is an ending for this story with a real conclusion, if I get to write it.

Honestly, I have no idea if I’ll ever finish this or even write another chapter, so enjoy this piece by itself as this could be a start, or this could be all there ever is. Just depends on the response, I guess.




End Chapter 1

Party of Three

by: Rufus Mendax | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2012


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