You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me

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Chapter 4
You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me Chapter 4

When Naomi carried Karen into the house, she saw Linda and Gabe in the kitchen. He was seated in a regular seat with his mother right next to him. There was a bib around his neck, and she was holding an open jar of baby food and a spoon. "I hope you don’t mind me putting him in a regular chair. He was getting hungry."

"No, that’s fine. He’s well-behaved enough that he should be okay, unlike this one." Linda finally got a good look at Karen and noticed her matted hair and red cheeks that were flushed from all her crying.

"What happened to her?"

"I gave her a punishment pacifier, just one of the mild ones, and she threw up." Karen wanted to argue that anyone would throw up with that taste in their mouth and that smell in their nose, but any exertion would only send more of the stench into her nostrils. "She needs to eat too. I got her some food to help with her tummy problems," Naomi said, setting the bags she had around her arm onto the table. "I’ll give her a bath afterwards."

Naomi placed Karen in the highchair and snapped the tray on. She expected to be shackled in, but for the moment she wasn’t. She looked over at Gabe, who was given another spoonful of some dark green substance. But he barely reacted as he ate it. He was too busy staring at Karen. He had now way of knowing how much her throat hurt or how sore her bottom was, but he could tell that she was completely exhausted. His eyes expressed sympathy, and she noticed with gratitude that he didn’t even glance at her bare breasts this time.

Then she noticed the kettle on the table. It was right there. If Gabe could only stand up, he could touch it. Karen pointed to it frantically. Gabe understood what she was saying and nodded. He pointed to the kettle, then to himself, then made a swiping motion with his hand. The message was clear. He’d already touched it.

Then it was all over. He’d touched it but no wish had been granted. Gabe saw her look of distress and shook his head. He pointed to his lips and pantomimed speaking, then pointed at Susan. He hadn’t been able to make the wish yet because she’d been too close to him the whole time. So there was still hope.

Linda mistook Gabe’s pointing at the kettle for him trying to grab it and pushed it further away. "No, no. That’s not a toy, remember? You could hurt yourself."

Naomi grabbed a spoon and stood next to Karen. "I’m going to give you one last chance to be a good girl. Otherwise when I put you down for your nap, you’re staying in your crib all night." At this point that sounded like a relief to Karen, not a punishment. But she figured her mother would take measures to ensure it wasn’t a pleasant time, so she resolved herself to go along with whatever she said. Naomi removed the strap from around her head and pulled out the pacifier. Her jaw felt numb from being stretched so much, but she was glad to be rid of it. And the smell she’d be enduring was finally gone.

But it was quickly replaced with another smell as soon as her mother grabbed a jar of baby food from the bag and twisted off the lid. It had an odor like rotten fish. "This might not taste good, but you need to eat it to help your poopies." Naomi scooped a heap onto the spoon and shoveled it into Karen’s mouth. It was sour and salty, attacking Karen’s tastebuds. She just couldn’t eat this. She was careful not to spit it out. Instead she pushed it out with her tongue, letting it splatter down her face and onto her chest.

It’s what any baby would have done, but Naomi expected Karen to know better. She didn’t even give any verbal warning this time. She just set down the food and grabbed Karen out of the seat, setting her on the floor. "You know what happens now." Karen thought she did, expecting the syringe. But her mother ignored her and turned to the highchair, unlatching the seat and removing it.

No! She was going to put one of the things from the commercial there, Karen just knew it. Something to invade her front, or back, or both ends. Karen turned away and crawled as fast as she could, dreading the loud click of something being secured onto the highchair. She didn’t get far before her mother picked her up and carried her back, struggling all the way. She shut her eyes tight. She didn’t want to see it. As she was lowered, she clenched both holes down below and gritted her teeth.

But nothing touched her there. Quite literally nothing, as her butt sank down below the rim of the highchair as there was no seat there anymore. Karen thought she might slip all the way through, but then her ankles and wrists were locked into place. "This isn’t stopping until your meals all gone," Naomi said as she leaned down to the bottom of the chair. Karen tried to see what was down there, but her own body was in the way. She heard an electronic beep, and then her mother popped back up.

Seconds later, a leather strap snapped up against her bottom. She yelped and bounced up. The strap struck again, this time on the other cheek. The third one connected right in the middle, striking her from crotch to crack. Karen wailed like a banshee, tears streaming from her eyes. "Sorry about this," Naomi said, but she wasn’t talking to Karen. She was apologizing to Linda for the noise.

Naomi took another spoonful of the icky food and shoved it into Karen’s mouth. She closed her eyes and somehow choked it down. The strap continued to spank her, but it altered the placement of the blow and the time between them, so that she could never get used to it. She kept her eyes closed tight as the feeding continued, determined to swallow everything she was given in order to get this over with.

Gabe stopped eating to watch this horror show. He knew Karen was in agony, but watching her bounce up and down, her breasts jiggle with each swat, was an incredible turn-on. He began to get an erection, but his diaper prevented it from straightening out. It pushed uncomfortably against the material, and he grunted as he reached for the outside of his diaper. "What’s wrong, Gabie?" Linda asked, looking him over. She saw the bulge in his diaper. "Oh, is your wee-wee stuck?" Gabe tried to fight her off when she reached for it, but she was too strong and quick. She reached into his diaper, grabbed his penis, and gently maneuvered it so that it was sticking straight up. "There you go," she said, pulling her hand out.

Karen had opened her eyes briefly to see what was happening to Gabe. She felt sorry for him, but she had her own problems to deal with. She finished another spoonful and heard the sound of the spoon being dropped into an empty jar. "There you go," her mother said. But she didn’t turn off the machine. She went to the fridge and returned with a bottle of milk that she handed to Karen. "Now drink this all up and you’ll be done." Karen attacked the nipple like a starving child, thankful that drinking from a bottle seemed to be some innate skill of hers. The cold milk was in fact that most pleasant thing she’d had all day, but she didn’t take the time to enjoy it. She pounded it like she was doing a kegstand. It was difficult because she couldn’t help but flinch every time the strap struck her, but she finished the bottle in record time.

"Good girl," her mother said. She turned off the strap, and Karen collapsed into her seat, completely worn out. She would have fallen through if she wasn’t buckled in.

Gabe was given a bottle of his own, but his erection wasn’t going anywhere. It strained against his tight diaper, which was both painful and pleasurable. His mother noticed his facial expressions and looked down at his crotch once more. "Mommy hasn’t helped you out yet today, has she?" Linda said, moving her hand down to his diaper and getting a firm grip. She began to move her hand up and down on the outside of the diaper. Gabe couldn’t deny that it did feel good, but that fact only made it worse. He batted Linda’s hands away. "Okay. You want to finish your bottle first?" Gabe was thankful that his mother left him alone, but he worried what would happen once the bottle was empty. He drank as slowly as he could.

Naomi stood up. "I’ll go run them some bathwater." She was gone for a few minutes, during which Gabe slowly nursed the bottle and Karen actually dozed off a bit, all her energy gone. He hadn’t finished when his mother picked him up and placed him on her hip. His penis, which had lost some of its firmness while he drank, sprung back up when it was pressed against her warm body.

Naomi unlocked Karen and picked her up. She and Linda carried the children into the bathroom. The tub was full of bubbly water, along with a few bath toys. Naomi set Karen down on the closed toilet lid and untaped her diaper. She pulled it off and tossed it on the floor, leaving Karen completely naked.

Any hope of Gabe’s erection fading was long gone now as he stared at Karen’s naked body. Even though the skin was red, it was still her vagina. Karen saw him looking and blushed. He thought about looking away but realized he would be on show next.

Naomi put Karen into the tub, and she sighed as the water soothed her aching skin. Gabe was placed on the toilet, and when his diaper was removed, his erection sprang to life. Karen couldn’t help but stare at it. It was only the third erect penis she’d seen in person, and Gabe’s dwarfed both her old high school boyfriend’s and that frat guy’s. She looked up to see Gabe watching her, and she arched her eyebrows slightly and nodded as if to tell him he had nothing to be embarrassed about.

But that changed when he mother playfully touched the tip of his penis and said, "Somebody’s excited!" Gabe blushed ten shades of red. His mother picked him up and placed him in the tub with Karen so that they were facing each other. Linda wet a washcloth and reached for his genitals. "Let Mommy take care of that for you." Gabe scooted forward to get away from her and crashed into Karen. She felt his warm, rock hard member on her stomach and pushed him back, splashing some water. "Okay, I’ll let you babies play."

Naomi was about to start washing Karen when her cellphone rang. She checked the screen. "Can you watch them? It’s Gary." Linda nodded as Naomi stepped into the hallway. Karen could still easily hear her.

"I sent you that picture so you’d see the damage you did. What did you feed her anyway?" Naomi’s voice grew louder. "Chicken fingers?!" Karen daydreamed about eating such a thing. They weren’t even one of her favorite foods, but right now they seemed like a delicacy.

"And that diaper was nothing compared to how she’s been acting all day. Anytime she stays with you, the next day she’s uncontrollable. How many orgasms did you give her yesterday?" Karen cringed at the thought. "Only one?" Naomi nearly shouted. "Well, no wonder." The conversation abruptly ended, and Naomi stormed back into the bathroom. "That man, I swear." She ducked to the cabinet under the sink and rummaged around in it, emerging with a sponge that she strapped around her palm. Karen saw as she approached that it had a small dildo protruding from it.

"You were still a brat today, but at least now I understand why." Naomi leaned down towards the tub. This time it was Karen who rushed over to Gabe, wrapping her arms around him. She didn’t care that his penis was poking up against her. At least he wasn’t her mother.

"I think maybe they want to take a nap together," Linda suggested. Karen wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but she was happy to see her mother remove the dildo-sponge.

"Alright, I guess she’s earned that." Naomi and Linda bathed them with efficiency, even washing their hair. They couldn’t avoid having their genitals touched, but it was only to clean them and not in a sexual way. Finally, they were done, and Naomi pulled the drain out of the tub. "I’ll go get her ready," she told Linda. She grabbed a fluffy towel and dried Karen’s top half off, then picked her up and wrapped her in the warm softness. It felt wonderful. Naomi carried her to the bedroom and sat her down in the crib before drying the rest of her.

Karen laid back on the mattress, the most at peace she’d been since the day started. She thought her mother was just grabbing her arm to dry it some more until she felt a cuff attached to her wrist. What had she done wrong now? Her mother continued the process, securing both wrists and ankles, leaving her splayed out on the bed, legs wide open. Karen whined at having her restful moment interrupted. "I know, I know," Naomi said sweetly. "But you babies squirm around too much unless we do this." Naomi then slid a diaper under her but left it open. It was gigantic diaper she’d brought out earlier that day. "You probably don’t need this, but just in case." Her mother grabbed a small bottle and squirted some onto Karen’s crotch. Then she rubbed it in, taking care to push her fingers in and out of Karen’s vagina. It was lubricant! And then Karen realized what was about to happen. She cried loudly, cursing and pleading but of course only spitting out nonsense. "Oh, baby likes that already," Naomi said, completely misinterpreting her.

Gabe heard Karen’s cries as he was carried toward her bedroom and wondered what was going on. His eyes went wide when he saw her spread-eagle on the bed, and his penis grew even stiffer. Despite that, he struggled and cried as well. He didn’t want this forced on Karen either.

But he was no match for the two women who worked together to lay him down on top of Karen. At that point he didn’t punch and kick as much for fear of hurting her. He squirmed trying to get away as his mother reached underneath him and grabbed his penis, guiding it towards Karen’s vagina.

"Here you go babies," she said. Their cries both fell silent for a moment as he entered her. Gabe had never done this before and thought he might cum immediately because of how wonderful the warm, wet feeling was. Karen felt herself growing aroused despite the situation, his largeness filling her up.

Naomi pulled up the rest of the giant diaper over Gabe’s back and secured it around the both of them. Then the women sat them up, wrapped their arms around each other’s back, and secured them in wrist cuffs. "So you stay close until you’re all done," Linda said with a smile. The women stepped back and raised the side of the crib. Neither Karen nor Gabe dared move. "Aren’t they so adorable? Don’t you just wish they could stay like this forever?"

Gabe and Karen looked at each other in panic. Linda had touched the kettle too. Would her wish be granted? Would that mean they couldn’t undo it?

"Well don’t just sit there like bumps on a log," Naomi said, reaching over to switch on the bottom of the crib. When she flipped it, the crib rocked back and forth. The sudden movement sent Gabe and Karen toppling over, and he penetrated her even deeper. Even if they tried to stay still, the crib’s rocking made them grind into each other.

"Have a good nap," Linda said as they left the room. As soon as they were gone, Gabe opened his mouth to speak.

"I wish..." but he was cut off when an uncontrollable moan of pleasure seized him. Karen would have been more annoyed if she wasn’t beginning to make noises of her own. She was still very sore down there, but this felt wonderful. She was just beginning to get heated up when Gabe opened his mouth wide and closed his eyes, releasing a grunt of ecstasy as he came. It was a new feeling for Karen too, as she’d never had sex without a condom before. She had a sudden worry about becoming pregnant and almost laughed at it.

Gabe was still hard and still moving inside of her, so she was still enjoying herself when he softly said, "I wish we were back in the reality where Karen’s wish was never granted."

Nothing happened. They looked at each other in utter defeat. Suddenly Karen’s face took on an even more pained expression. "I’m sorry," she sobbed.

"You couldn’t have known," Gabe said, trying to comfort her.

"No, I..." She was cut off as the pressure built in her stomach, and she automatically pushed to release it. The food had done its job as this came out much easier. Her poop was now barely semi-solid. Gabe knew what had happened from the look on her face, but then the smell filled the room.

"Man you stink," he said with a laugh. And Karen laughed too even as she cried, knowing that moments like this might be the only happiness she’d find in this new reality.

They had to move on their sides, which shifted Karen’s poop so that it was touching Gabe too (which she apologized for profusely), and even then it was difficult, but they finally fell asleep.

When Karen woke up, everything felt different. Because it was. She sprang up in bed. Bed! There was no crib! She was dressed normally! Her room was back to its old self. She cautiously moved a hand down to her crotch and caressed it. No soreness at all. As she touched herself down there, she couldn’t help but think of last night with Gabe.

Gabe! Was he okay too? She leaped out of bed and ran outside, not bothering to put on any shoes. She spotted Gabe emerging from his front door and heading her way. He’d had the same idea. They met on his front lawn and embraced. "You did it!" she yelled excitedly.

"It was your idea."

"Well it was my fault in the first place."

"I wonder why it didn’t happen right away."

"Because that genie’s a bastard." They both laughed and then looked each other in the eye. They both knew they were thinking about the incident in the crib.

"I don’t know if you can ever forgive me for what happened."

"You didn’t do it."

"But if I hadn’t gotten... aroused," Gabe said sheepishly.

"You’re a nineteen-year old boy, and I’ve got great tits." She was trying to lighten the mood, but Gabe kept his head down.

"You’re just so beautiful, and I’ve always loved you and—" Gabe stopped, realizing what he’d just admitted. Karen stared at him, a warmth in her eyes. She’d never thought of Gabe as anything more than a friend, but not because she’d rejected the possibility of something more. She’d just never considered it. Maybe it was only the shared experience they’d just gone through that motivated her, but she wrapped her arms around Gabe and engulfed him in a kiss. When they pulled away, he said, "I wish we hadn’t had to go through all that for this to happen."

Karen put a finger on his lips and said, "Don’t say ’wish.’" They laughed, but in that moment their memories of the previous days events were erased, and they kissed again, just two people who had finally realized how they felt about each other.


Well... shit. I certainly wasn’t expecting to get screwed over like that. What kind of lesson is it if they don’t remember it? Gabe’s a nice kid, and I’m happy for him and all, but all that work I put in was for nothing.

I was never planning to leave them like that. I didn’t even make them go through a full day. Though, I’ll admit for Karen’s sake I did pack about a week’s worth of punishment in there. But I wanted her to learn to be grateful for her sweet, caring mother. And now that she doesn’t remember what a demon woman that other version was, I fear the lesson will be lost.

If you’re wondering about those last two wishes, I didn’t grant them because they were made in an alternate reality which, since I wasn’t planning to make it permanent, didn’t technically exist. However they both technically touched the kettle, so I owed them a wish. These things get complicated, so just go with me.

That’s what I’m holding out hope for right now. Both of their mothers still have a wish, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll say something that lets me provide that lesson. Of course, the mothers could learn some lessons of their own. But we’ll just have to see what happens.

One thing’s for sure. Whenever I get the chance again, I’m going to do that whole diaper thing to someone else. If I had sexuality, I’d really get off on that.



End Chapter 4

You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me

by: matrixfreak | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2012


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