You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me

by: matrixfreak | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2012

Chapter 3
You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me Chapter 3

Before long she heard a knock at the door, and then her mother opening it and greeting Linda, who came into the living room carrying Gabe on her hip. He was dressed only in a diaper. He locked eyes with Karen, and they seemed to acknowledge their shared nightmare. "Here, you two play nice while Mommy and Auntie Naomi have some tea," Linda said as she placed Gabe in the playpen and returned to the kitchen.

Gabe crawled over to Karen. They’d never had much physical contact, but she felt an urge to hug him, to express her sympathy and have someone console her. But before she could do anything, he looked at her and said softly, "Why’d you have to make that stupid wish?"

Both of their eyes went wide in surprise. She had understood him! "How did you talk?" she asked, and her words were normal as well. They were both very confused, until Karen remembered something. "I talked to myself this morning when I was alone and understood it. I almost forgot about that." They looked into the kitchen, where their mothers sat in the corner enjoying their coffee. Karen and Gabe could hear chatter and the occasional loud laugh but couldn’t tell what they were saying.

"Maybe we can talk right if they can’t hear us." To test his theory, Gabe said "Hey Mom!" loudly, but it came out as "Hggh Mmmppff!" His mother did actually glance over but only in response to the sound. She smiled before returning to her conversation.

Karen leaned close and said, "I’m so sorry. But you know I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t know I was making a wish. I was just being nostalgic." She paused and then mumbled, "Stupid Facebook."

"What’s that thing?" Gabe asked, pointing to the strap around her head.

Karen pointed to the empty section in front of her mouth. "My mother stuck a big pacifier in here and locked it in. Now matter how loud I cried it barely made a noise."

"You were crying?" Gabe asked. Karen told him about her morning: being cuffed to the changing table, the spanking, the temperature taking, the waxing, the itching powder, the banana force feeding, and finally, the wetting. Gabe’s face grew more and more horrified as she spoke. When she finished, he sat in silence for a moment before speaking. "Jesus," he said.

"Nothing happened to you?" Karen asked. She felt a little guilty at how jealous she was.

"Well, my mom shaved my face, but she was pretty good at it. And without my glasses I can’t see very well."

"That’s it?!" Karen asked. Her voice grew louder so that the end of the question turned into baby babble.

"My mom changed my diaper too." Karen’s felt guiltier now. Even though he’d had a painless day, she knew it must have been extremely embarrassing for him to have his mother touch him down there. She could see in Gabe’s eyes that he seemed to be reliving the incident, so she tried to change the subject, though there was only so much to talk about.

"For me it happened so quickly. I kind of felt like I had to pee a little and then immediately had to go really bad and then all of a sudden I was going. Was it like that for you?"

Gabe averted his eyes. "Uh, well... I did the other thing."

Now Karen felt absolutely terrible. She couldn’t imagine going through that. "Oh Gabe. I’m so sorry. That must have been awful."

"Don’t get me wrong, it was, but it could have been worse. It was the same thing where I felt the urge a little bit and then it got stronger. But I managed to get my diaper off before I, uh, started."

This was a pretty humbling conversation to have, but Karen couldn’t help but ask more questions. "So then… where did you do it?"

"Just on top of the diaper. Then my mom came in after that and scolded me for taking it off. Said if I kept doing that she’d have to lock them on." Karen nodded and turned around, lifting her dress to show him her locked plastic panties. Despite the awful situation, Karen had basically just flashed him, and Gabe felt himself getting a little aroused. He tried to focus on other things. "So then she put me on the changing table. It had those cuffs too but she didn’t use them. I didn’t fight her too much. I was embarrassed but I really wanted to get cleaned up too."

"I understand," Karen replied, letting him know that she didn’t judge him. It was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. "So if you can take your diaper off, why are you leaving it on?"

"You want me to go around naked? Besides, then she’d just lock me into it like you."

"So what are you going to do if you have to go again?"

"I don’t know. I’ll guess I’ll decide when the time comes. Maybe I can convince her to let me use the potty—toilet," he said, correcting himself. "If we’re going to be stuck like this forever."

"Forever!" Karen shouted, but it she was too loud, and it came out as gibberish. She lowered her voice and continued. "You think there’s no way out of this?"

"Not unless we get more wishes." It was the "we" that made Karen realize the solution. She had been hoping she’d get more wishes, but if Gabe touched the kettle, he’d get a wish.

"You have to touch the kettle. The one the genie was living in. Then you can get us out of here."

"Are you even sure it exists in this reality?"

Karen hadn’t considered this. "It has too," she said, with no real reason to believe it.

"Where was it in the other reality?"

"My mom put it in the cupboard."

"Fat chance of getting up there even if it does exist."

"But maybe if we work together. Or wait until she takes it down to make—" Karen looked towards the kitchen and then squealed with delight, which made Gabe jump. She actually sounded like an excited baby.


"There it is!" she said, pointing to the table. The kettle was sitting on the table between the two women. "As soon as they let us out of here, you have to touch it."

Gabe nodded. It sounded like a solid plan, even if they didn’t know exactly how they’d pull it off. "We have to be really careful about what I wish though. That genie already twisted your words once to make us like this."

"It’s not just us. Didn’t you see the commercials?"

Gabe shook his head. "Mom played with me all morning. I didn’t watch any TV." Karen couldn’t believe she was envious that Gabe’s mother had spent the day playing what were surely mind-numblingly boring games with him. But at least she hadn’t been torturing him.

Karen explained to him that they weren’t the only ones affected by this new reality, but that, as far as she could tell, they were the only ones who still remembered the old one. She wondered whether she should tell him about the dildo seat she had seen on TV. Most likely if they had something like that for the girls, there was something for the boys too. Was it better to warn him about it now? As she was having this internal debate, she felt something else internal, in her stomach. She began to panic as the pressure increased dramatically, but she recognized it as just gas mere seconds before she felt her sphincter release it.

It didn’t make a sound, but it was evident from Gabe’s wrinkled nose that he smelled it. "Karen, did you...?"

"No!" she told him. Even though they both knew she had no control, she still didn’t want him to think she had pooped herself. "I just... pooted."

Gabe’s face broke out into a smile, and then he actually laughed. "Pooted?" Gabe waved his hand in front of his nose. "Karen, that was definitely a fart."

Karen found herself laughing too. It was the first chance she’d had to release any of the tension that had built up over the course of the morning. Their laughter grew louder, and then their mothers were in the room, smiling at them.

"Aww, our babies are having fun together," Linda said. Their laughter subsided, and they looked at each other, knowing that with their mothers this close, they were no longer able to communicate. And that became an immediate problem for Karen as she felt pressure return to her abdomen. But this time it was definitely not gas.

She immediately began to cry, which made Gabe look at her with concern. In her panic she tried speaking, but it made no sense to Gabe. Then she pointed to her stomach, and he knew what was happening.

"What is it now, girl?" Naomi asked. She turned to Lind and added, "See what I was talking about? She’s been like this all morning."

Karen turned around, lifted her dress, and pointed to the lock. Gabe quickly grabbed it and gave it a couple of yanks, but it wasn’t going anywhere. "Gabie, leave that alone honey." Gabe let go of the lock. It wasn’t coming off. And it was too late anyway. Karen’s eyes went wide as she felt the pressure continue to build up until she thought she would explode. She had to relieve it, but it wasn’t easy. She couldn’t squat because of her poor balance and the slick booties. She got on her hands and knees and pushed. She cringed as she felt the poop slowly push out. It didn’t have much room to go because of the tight panties, so it spread out as it mashed against them. She could feel it creeping across her bottom and into her butt crack. But the pressure in her stomach wasn’t going away. She still had more to get rid of and seemingly nowhere to put it.

Gabe thought about looking away, but it was like watching a train wreck. The horror of what was happening was oddly hypnotic. By now Karen was grunting audibly as she tried to void her body. She lifted her butt into the air as she kept pushing, feeling some of the poop already in her diaper slide towards her crotch. This was the most revolting, disgusting, humiliating thing that had ever happened to her. She’d take another waxing, more bananas, or even more of that terrible powder over this.

Her mother added to her misery by smiling as she walked over in front of her. "Oh, baby girl’s making a big poopy. Maybe she’ll poop the fussiness right out." Linda laughed at Naomi’s stupid joke as she stepped by her side. Both of them were watching her as she continued to do the most babyish thing imaginable, and neither one seemed to be concerned that she was crying helplessly. Karen closed her eyes, not able to stand them looking at her.

"I wonder why she’s crying like that," Linda asked.

"Probably because she doesn’t understand what her body’s doing. Most girls her age seem to be aware when they make, but not her."

"Gabe certainly is. I didn’t tell you that I found him this morning crouched over a dirty diaper he had taken off in his crib. It almost looked like he had taken it off before he went."

"Maybe he’ll be ready for potty practice early. Not this one though," Naomi said, looking back at Karen. "I can’t believe she’s still going. I wonder what her Daddy feed her yesterday."

"Probably stuff she shouldn’t have had. But don’t they just make the cutest sounds when they’re going?" Karen couldn’t believe the conversation they were having. Here she was, sobbing as she filled her diaper with warm, mushy poop, and they were saying it was CUTE? Finally the pressure went away. She was done. And her diaper had gained a hefty amount of weight. It felt terrible, and she was careful not to shift it around too much as she leaned forward and laid down on her stomach to catch her breath. She’d never been so worn out from pooping before. Of course, she’d never had to fight against material wrapped tight around her butt before either. She kept crying, though quieter now. She tired to control her sobs because they were making her breath in deeply with her nose, and the air was permeated with what she’d just released. It smelled like the foulest public rest room toilet, only this time it was wrapped around her waist.

The mothers smelled it too, though it didn’t make them want to gag like it did her. And Gabe too, as she saw out of the corner of her eye that he had retreated to the corner of the playpen. She definitely couldn’t blame him. Naomi shook her head as she leaned over the railing and picked Karen up by the armpits and turned her towards Linda. "Can you hold her up while I see what we’ve got here." Linda nodded and took Karen’s arms, holding her upright. She still wobbled around on her floppy legs and nearly slipped because of the booties, but Linda made sure she didn’t fall.

Her mother unlocked the panties and slid them down. Linda helped Karen lift one foot and then another to get them all the way off. Karen felt the waistband of her diaper being pulled back. What was her mother checking for? It was one hundred percent obvious what she had just done. She suddenly wondered if her mother was considering not changing her right away and cried again. Every second she remained in this filth was agony.

"Goodness girlie, no wonder you had so much trouble!" her mother exclaimed. Then, looking at Linda, she said, "Look how solid this is!" Linda peeked over Karen’s head, down into the back of the diaper that Naomi was holding open.

"Whoa, that’s pretty bad. But at least it’s a healthy color." Karen could not believe this. They were talking about her poop! She looked over at Gabe who quickly turned his head, ashamed that he had been watching all of this. Linda knelt down, still holding Karen up, and said, "Your Daddy must have been feeding you big girl food. We’ll have to get him for that."

Karen couldn’t take it anymore. She’d just gone through the most embarrassing ordeal of her entire life, which was being made even more so by the adults discussing it. And she still felt disgusting and thought she was going to be smelling this terrible odor for the rest of her life. So when Linda gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "You’re a poopy poopy girl," Karen snapped and struggled to get away. In her mad flailing, she felt her hand hit something, and then suddenly there was nothing supporting her weight. She wobbled in what felt like slow motion, and then tumbled backward to the floor.

She hit butt first, squishing the solid mess to all corners of her diaper. It seemed to make the smell even worse, but that was probably her imagination. She wailed as loud as she could. Though her streaming tears, she saw Gabe and both the adults cover their ears. Then her mother was standing over her. "Karen Elizabeth Moseley!" Karen opened her eyes but didn’t stop crying. That is, until she saw Linda rubbing her lower jaw. Karen had hit her. And Naomi was furious.

"What is wrong with you?!" she bellowed. Karen was terrified. As awful as she felt at the moment, she’d seen enough from her mother to know that she could make it worse.

"It’s okay, Naomi. I’m sure it was just an accident."

"No, she’s been a pill all day. And there’s only one way to teach her." Karen ignored the mushy mess in her diaper and got on her hands and knees, trying to crawl away. But there was no chance she could escape her mother’s wrath. Naomi descended on her, sticking in the large pacifier and twisting it into place in one swift movement. Karen resumed her loud wailing, but it was little more than a humming noise with the bulb in her mouth to silence it. Her mother wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her in place and began pounding her butt with her open palm. It didn’t really hurt but was emotionally devastating. And then her mother placed her hand on the diaper and began rubbing all over it, spreading the poop to any area of her body that hadn’t already been touched. She could feel it sticking to her crotch, clinging to her inner thighs, even working it way to her lower back. She cried until her throat hurt, then finally her mother released her.

"Now you’re as dirty as you are naughty." Naomi said. Karen didn’t dare look at her mother. First she looked at Linda, who seemed to disapprove of the punishment but wasn’t going to say anything. Then Karen looked at Gabe. He didn’t look away this time. He couldn’t. He mouthed, "I’m sorry." Karen wondered if their lips moved correctly when they spoke to adults but that they didn’t notice because of the baby babble. It didn’t really matter, but she needed something to think about to distract her from her current situation.

Karen’s mother laid her on her back. "You stay right here. I’ll be back in a second." Naomi walked down the hallway towards Karen’s room. Linda gave Karen a pat on the head. This soothed her a little bit, and her tears slowly started to recede. Her mother returned moments later with a diaper, but when she unfolded it, it was gigantic. It could probably fit a three hundred pound man.

"Whoops. Look what I was going to try to put on you." Naomi laughed, and Linda joined her, though hers was forced. "Looks like we’ll have to go to the store. I’m all out of diapers." Karen had been right. It could get worse. She silently cursed the genie, who was surely behind the fact that her mother just happened to be out of diapers at this particular moment. Or maybe her mother was lying in front of Linda just to make her suffer.

Linda tried to help by saying, "I have some of Gabe’s with me that you can use."

But Naomi shook her head. "Thanks, but those are too big and won’t fit her hips right. And I need some other stuff from the store. Besides, a little bit of diaper rash might be just the cure for her behavior." Karen had no tears left to cry at the moment. Which was good, because she knew she’d need them later when the rash set in. "You and Gabe can stay here. He’s being a good boy. No sense in disturbing him. You need anything?"

"No, I’m good," Linda replied. She seemed to want to say more but didn’t want to clash with Naomi.

"Okay." Naomi grabbed Karen and sat her up, spreading the mess around again. She just couldn’t get used to it. But it seemed that she would have to. "I don’t want you getting your dress dirty if you leak." Karen had almost gone comatose from her exhausting ordeal, but this put some fight back in her. But it wasn’t enough to stop Naomi, who slapped her hands away as she pulled the dress over her head, leaving her in nothing but the diaper.

Gabe knew it was wrong to look. But this was the girl of his dreams, and she was half-naked right in front of him. Sure, the rest of her was covered with a poop-filled diaper that reeked to high heaven, but that didn’t mean her breasts weren’t still amazing. He felt himself getting hard as he stared at them.

Karen quickly covered herself with her arms, and then her mother picked her up, not caring how much she pressed on the bulging diaper. Resting on her mother’s hip, Karen was able to hide herself be leaning close to her body. She glanced in Gabe’s direction and found him staring at her. She knew he had seen her, and for a brief moment, she hated him. But then she decided there wasn’t much else he could do. All of the attention was on her, so it would have been natural to look.

A few minutes later they were headed to the store in her mother’s SUV, Karen strapped tightly into the car seat in the backseat. She had access to her diaper now and could easily undo the tapes, but that wouldn’t do her any good. She was stuck in this seat and would still be pinned up against this mess. And trying to take her diaper off would only result in another punishment. So she endured every bump and brake that made the foul contents move around even more. Finally they were at the drugstore. Her mother lifted her out of the seat and carried her to the entrance, then veered off to grab a shopping cart. Karen saw that there were various kinds, some larger than others. They all had a seat next to the handle for a child to sit, some for kids that were actually young enough to normally use them, some big enough to accommodate a girl of her size. Her mother slipped her into one of them, but she didn’t flip down the plastic seat, which meant Karen was sitting directly on the metal bars which dug into her thighs and pressed into her diaper. And unless she kept leaning forward, the cold metal chilled her back.

Her mother either didn’t care about her discomfort as she wheeled her through the store and down the aisle for the "baby" supplies. Everything came in varying sizes. The amount of diapers was astounding. Her mother grabbed a large package and tossed it into the cart. Finally Karen would get some relief. Maybe her mother would change her here in a rest room, which wasn’t ideal but she’d endure it. But even if she waited until they got home, Karen was that much closer to finally feeling clean.

But Naomi didn’t head for the register. Instead, she pushed the cart further down the aisle. Karen whined and rocked back and forth in her seat, ignoring the mush in her diaper in order to let her mother know she was ready to go. Her skin was starting to feel warm again, like it had with the powder, and she knew the rash was setting in. Her mother acknowledged her by saying, "Hush, baby girl. I have some shopping to do first. You sit in that diaper and think about how you’ve been acting."

Karen pouted as her mother stopped the cart to examine some products. It looked like more baby food. An associate approached them, a male in his 30’s that was pretty attractive. Karen wasn’t sure whether she was more embarrassed to have her see her in a dirty diaper or topless, but he only smiled at her politely and waved playfully before addressing Naomi. "Anything I can help you with today, miss?"

"My baby girl’s having some trouble pooping." Karen cringed at having her bodily functions discussed with this stranger. The associate stepped closer to Karen and dramatically sniffed the air.

"Doesn’t smell like she’s having much trouble." He laughed, and Naomi joined in on it. Karen was mortified. It was one thing to have her mother and Gabe’s mom comment on her dirty condition, but hearing this cute girl talk about her like she was a baby was even worse.

"Yeah, she finally got it out. But she was grunting like a little piggy. Weren’t you, baby girl?" Naomi asked, patted Karen on the head. She turned away. She wouldn’t let herself be a part of this mockery. "I think it was probably something her father fed her while she was with him yesterday. He’s not the one that has to deal with a snotty baby the next day."

The associate pointed to the array of foods on the shelf before them. "All of these will help her get moving. And you might want to do it for a couple of meals to make sure she stays regular." Karen realized these were some kind of laxative-enhanced foods. And she knew that if her mother purchased them, she’d be eating them one way or another. The man pointed to one particular brand. "This one works the best, but supposedly it tastes the worst. Not sure who they have testing that though."

Naomi laughed as she grabbed a couple of jars. "That’s okay. The bad tasting stuff might help adjust her attitude. Speaking of, you still have the Naughty Baby products, don’t you?"

"Right over here," the associate said, leading the way as Naomi pushed the cart forward. "What exactly are you looking for?"

"I think I’ll just go with the pacifiers for now." She looked Karen square in the eye. "But if you don’t start acting right, I’ll be back for more."

"Here we go." Naomi stopped the cart as the associate pointed out the items. "Right here you’ve got the standard flavors." Karen looked at boxes he was pointing to. They pictured a large pacifier that looked just like hers, but each one listed a different flavor. Soap. Prunes. Castor oil. Karen squirmed in her seat as she figured out what this meant. Her mother could lock these things in her mouth, and she’d be forced to taste the disgusting flavors for however long they lasted.

The associate continued talking. "And here we have some of our newer flavors, like dirt, hot sauce. They must be selling well because they keep coming out with new ones."

"These are perfect," Naomi said as she grabbed a few boxes and tossed them into the cart. Karen turned as far as she could, trying to see what was in store for her, but they were out of her field of vision.

"If you want to use one now you can just save the box and have them scan it at the front," the helpful associate said.

"Oh, wonderful. Thank you so much." The associate nodded and walked away. Karen could hear a box opening, and then her mother stepped in front of her holding the pacifier. It gave no indication of its flavor, so she had no idea what horror awaited her. "Here’s your new paci," Naomi said. She unlocked the one in Karen’s mouth and twisted it out. Karen meant to snap her mouth shut, but instead she cried in horror as he mother shoved the pacifier in. Karen cringed as it came into contact with her inner cheeks and tongue, expecting the worse. But there was nothing. The rubber tasted a bit different, but other than that, it was fine. She was very confused as her mother locked it into place.

"Here you go," Naomi said as she pressed a button on the front of the pacifier. Karen immediately wailed in disgust and thrashed in her seat. It tasted like sour milk! There wasn’t any actual liquid coming from the pacifier, but the rubber was coated with something that reacted with her saliva to create the horrendous flavor. Karen hands flew to the pacifier, searching desperately for the button. She found an indentation and pressed on it. But it didn’t move. It wouldn’t deactivate. She tried yanking on the pacifier, twisting it, pulling on the strap. She’d moved to the combination, foolishly trying to solve it when her mother finally slapped her hands away.

"Stop it or you’ll get the jalapeno." That sounded much much worse. But if her mother had bought it, didn’t that mean she was going to use it eventually? Maybe if she behaved and did everything her mother asked her, she could avoid that. She did her best to sit still as the sickening taste filled her mouth. Since products like this pacifier and the stuff she’d seen on the commercials existed, she knew other children were also punished this way. But she wondered how normal it was. Her mother was borderline sadistic. Of course, she currently had Linda’s personality. But as Linda really that bad or had the genie made things worse just so she would suffer?

Her mother filled the cart with a few other items, though thankfully nothing that pertained to Karen, before making her way to the register. As she was checking out, another woman that Karen thought she recognized came around an aisle, headed their way. Then she saw the boy with her. Well, technically he was a man, but not in this world. It was Mark Powell. He was a couple of years older than Karen, and she’d had a huge crush on him in high school. He was about to graduate college.

Well, he had been in their previously reality, but that seemed unlikely now as he waddled next to his mother, an elastic cord attached to his wrist keeping him closer, dressed in a short T-shirt and what appeared to be very large Pull-ups. Karen was more determined than ever to get out of this world. Even three years from now (she shuddered at the thought), she’d still be barely able to walk and just learning to use the toilet. God, what kind of punishments would her mother dole out for potty training failures, she wondered. A cat of nine tails?

Mark’s mother spotted them and waved as they headed over. "Hi Susan," her mother said. "How are you doing?"

"Oh, pretty good. This one’s a handful though. But he gets his intelligence injections next month. Can you believe it? Then he’ll be all grown up."

"Remember how we used to have to get TWO injections? I’m glad they’ve fixed things so they can skip adolescence entirely. This one’s handful enough as it is."

"Just wait until she starts walking and talking. And trying her hardest to make it to the potty," she added, tousling Mark’s hair. He smiled and pushed her hand away.

"I don’t even know if I’ll bother with her. Why go through all that trouble when the injection will take care of it in a few years? Besides, something tells me she’d be a slow learner." Naomi glanced in the direction of Karen’s diaper, and Susan gave a knowing smile as she smelled the air.

"Oh wow, you’ve got quite the little pooper," she said with a laugh. By this point, Mark had made his way over to Karen. He looked at her closely, but there didn’t seem to be any real reconnection of who she was. Then he scrunched up his nose, fanned his hand in front of it, and backed away.

"Tinky!" he yelled, pointing at Karen. Susan patted him on the head again.

"Yes, Marky, Karen made a poopy. But she can’t help it. She’s just a baby."

"I big boy!" he shouted proudly.

"Yes you are, sweetie," she said before turning back to Naomi. "Do you need any help changing her?"

"Oh, that’s sweet of you to offer. But I don’t want to put you through that now that you’re finally done with it."

"Well, I’ve still got Renee at home," Susan said, referring to Mark’s 13-year old sister. "But even she can’t do this kind of damage. It smells like you might have your hands full."

"I won’t say no to help," Naomi replied. Karen was conflicted. She definitely wanted out of this nasty, odorous diaper, but did she want a woman she barely knew changing her? And Mark would be there, probably seeing her exposed and filthy. But what choice did she have in the matter anyway? She looked at Mark, who was standing close to his mother, chewing on his fingernails. Seeing her naked wouldn’t mean anything to him.

Susan looked down at Mark and pulled his mouth out of his mouth. "No Marky!’ She pulled a can from her purse and sprayed it on his fingers, all ten of them. "We have to put that peppery stuff on him or he’d chew his nails right off."

"That’s one thing she doesn’t do. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts." Naomi said.

After they had both paid, Karen expected to be wheeled toward the bathroom. But they went outside and back to the SUV. Her mother opened the back and spread out a colorful plastic changing pad. They were going to change her outside! Her reasoning told her that no one would care as it wasn’t out of the ordinary, but she still hated the idea and wiggled around as her mother lifted her out of the cart and laid her down in the back of the vehicle. This new position seemed to increase the intensity of the sour milk flavor in her mouth, and she foolishly tried to spit it out, which only resulted in adding more saliva to the equation. All of this discomfort meant she wouldn’t lie still, much to her mother’s annoyance.

"I see you’re still not going to cooperate," Naomi said. She climbed into the SUV, practically straddling Karen. She wondered what her mother was up to when she reached on the vehicle floor and pulled up a strap that she pulled tight over Karen’s waist and clicked into place on the other side. Then Karen noticed the cuffs by her arms and the ones hanging from the ceiling next to her feet. Her mother quickly locked her wrists into place, leaving her arms stretched toward the front of the car. This backseat was much larger than usual, which Karen hadn’t noticed until now. Her ankles were locked in, and Naomi pressed a button on the side panel. The ropes retracted into the ceiling, pulling her legs up, and then spreading them. Her mother leaned forward and undid the tapes before pulling the diaper forward.

Everyone reacted to the intensity of the smell, but Karen thought she might vomit as the horrendous odor wafted through the vehicle, totally consuming it. A mechanism in the ceiling did realize a spritz of air freshener, but it was like squirting a water gun at a forest fire.

Another button was pressed, pulling her legs back almost level with her head but leaving her spread-eagle. From her point of view she could see that her crotch was completely coated in her thick and gooey mess. She couldn’t even see any white of her skin poking through. If her front was this bad, she could only imagine what the back end looked like.

But she didn’t have to imagine because Mark began to shout "Poopy! Poopy!" over and over while his mother exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! That might be the biggest poop I’ve ever seen! And it’s so solid!"

"I know. She was with her dad yesterday and God know what he feed her. He just won’t listen when I tell him she can’t handle solid foods. Maybe this will prove it." A flash filled the back of the vehicle, and Karen lifted her head to see her mother still aiming her camera phone at her bottom. She had taken a picture of her like this!

"Well, better get to work," her mother said, pocketing her phone and scooping her hand underneath the diaper. She cupped it over Karen’s crotch and scraped it backward, making Karen writhe as the disgusting goop smeared over. Satisfied that she had gotten as much of the stuff into the diaper as possible, Naomi rolled it up and refastened the tapes. Karen could see that brown gunk was leaking out of the legholes. She still felt like the stuff was all over her though.

Naomi set the diaper down on the vehicle’s tailgate. Susan looked around and spotted a nearby trashcan. She could have easily reached it herself, but instead she held it out to Mark. "Can you be a big boy and throw this away for Mommy?" She didn’t wait for a response before depositing the item in Mark’s hands.

"Ugh! Poopy!" he shouted, throwing the offending item away. Karen watched as, seeming in slow motion, the full diaper headed right for her. It hit her smack in the face before bouncing off. With it now lying right next to her, the smell seemed to be injecting itself directly into her nostrils. Then she looked down and saw a small brown smear on the strap around her mouth. It was right under her nose, and even though it was only a small amount, the stench, combined with the awful taste in her mouth, was too much for her to handle. She felt and acidic taste in her mouth and knew she was about to throw out. Would she choke to death? That was the last thought that crossed her mind before she retched.

The pacifier made a beeping sound and then shot out of her mouth, followed by the contents of her lunch that hadn’t made it into her diaper, which was a surprisingly large amount. She turned her head, but most of the stuff felt back onto her face anyway. She could feel it in her hair. She wailed like she was being beat to death. People walking by in the parking lot turned to look. She didn’t care. Her throat hurt, and tasted like vomit and sour milk. All she could smell was vomit and poop, and her bottom and crotch had once again started to burn.

"Oh, poor baby!" Susan exclaimed. "She must be sick."

"I took her temperature this morning, and she was fine," Naomi said. "She probably just didn’t like the taste of her punishment pacifier." The look on Susan’s face could only be described as a horrified one, but she quickly brushed it off.

"Well, why don’t you get her cleaned up? I’ll take care of back here." Naomi climbed into the vehicle again, careful to avoid the mess. She grabbed a towel and scooped up as much of it as she could. She opened a container of wipes and pulled some out. Each one was the size of a washcloth. She cleaned off Karen’s face and ran some through her hair, but it was still sticky. Then she removed the strap from around Karen’s mouth. Karen wanted to rub her cheeks, as they were beginning to feel quite sore. But because she couldn’t do anything else, she kept right on crying. Naomi scrunched up her face, obviously annoyed by the piercing screams. She grabbed another wipe and cleaned Karen’s lips, then held it there.

"Open," she commanded. Karen complied, and her mother stuffed the baby wipe into her mouth, rubbing it all over her tongue and teeth and the inside of her cheeks. It wasn’t pleasant, but it tasted much better than vomit or sour milk, so it was an improvement.

Naomi pulled out the wipe and tossed it onto the pile of used ones. She grabbed the strap and secured it around Karen’s head again. Immediately the smell of poop was launched up her nose. The smear was still on the strap. She tried to tell this to her mother, but all her crying did was make Naomi shove in a pacifier before Karen could react. Thankfully it was her regular one, though she was reminded by how it made her cheeks puff out that it was much larger than the other one had been. Still, she’d take a sore mouth over that foul tasting stuff any day.

While all of this was going on, Susan was busy wiping away the colossal mess that was still covering her diaper area. Karen was grateful for this kind woman. Though she would have preferred to be cleaning the mess rather than having made it and sat in it for over an hour, she still didn’t envy her.

Naomi crawled back out of the vehicle, taking the dirty towel, the reeking diaper, and the used wipes with her. She deposited them in the trashcan before returning to the car. By now Karen felt mostly clean, but her inflamed skin was really bothering her.

"She’s pretty red down here," Susan said, as if reading her mind.

"Yeah, I’m not surprised she’s getting a rash after spending all that time in a dirty diaper with no powder. I told her she’d get some ointment tonight if she was a good girl, but so far she hasn’t shown much improvement, have you momma’s bad little baby?" Naomi placed her hand over Karen’s crotch and gave it a quick whack with her fingers. Karen bucked at the pain and gave another muffled cry into her gag. Susan gave Naomi another look, and this time it didn’t leave her face. "What?" Naomi asked.

"Don’t you think you’re being a little hard on her?"

"You haven’t had to deal with her all day. I think I’ve lost hearing in my ears. Plus she bit my finger and did this." Naomi lifted her shirt to show Susan the bruise on her rib. It wasn’t much, but you could see it.

"I know it can be frustrating, but..."

"Susan, I appreciate your help, but I won’t let you lecture me on how I choose to raise my daughter. I had it a lot worse than her growing up, and I turned out fine." Karen didn’t agree with that statement, but Susan wasn’t going to argue it. She was trying to get out of the conversation as carefully as she could. While this was going on, Mark had finally decided to come close to the car again and had sat down on the edge of the bumper. Karen saw him point at her crotch.

"Ginny!" he yelled excitedly. Susan barely glanced at him over her shoulder, still trying to figure out how to respond to Naomi.

"Yes, sweetie, Karen had a ginny just like your sister and mommy." She turned back to Naomi. "I didn’t mean to step on your toes. We just have different styles, that’s all." Naomi’s look softened, accepting this apology. Meanwhile, Mark grew closer to Karen as he continued to point at her "ginny." In fact, he got so close that he was about to touch it. Karen tried to get the attention of the adults, but her cries were ignored. Suddenly Mark’s finger touched the outer lips of her vagina and kept going as it entered her. She yelped in surprise and frustration. Yesterday she’d have been pretty excited about him touching her this intimately, but right now she felt totally violated.

It wasn’t until a second later, when he started moving his finger around, that Karen noticed a weird feeling down below. She wasn’t aroused. She felt like her vagina was on fire, and she had no idea why. Then she remembered. The peppery spray on Mark’s fingers. She kicked her legs and shook her arms and rocked back and forth as the pain shot through her like an electric shock. She thought she might black out. And she screamed loud enough to cause the adults to look over.

Susan grabbed Mark’s shoulder and pulled him back. "Mark, no no. You don’t touch baby girls like that." The removal of his finger did little to ease the fiery sensation. Susan stared at Karen’s reaction, not realizing what had happened. She was merely confused, but Naomi was frustrated once again.

"What are you whining about now?" Naomi ignored her cries as she taped another diaper into place. "Just for that you can stay like this for the ride home," she said as she slammed the back door shut. Karen wasn’t sure that rubbing herself would help the pain, but now she didn’t have the chance to try it. Tied up on her back like this, there was no way she could rub her crotch to get any relief. All she could do was wiggle around a bit while he mother finished her conversation with Susan outside, then got into the car to drive them home.



End Chapter 3

You Ain't Never Had A Fiend Like Me

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