Playing the baby

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: According to the promise, the boys will be their cousin's babies.

Kimberley came to Irma’s side, smiling amused, and then they both contemplated how the mechanical hands took their rude cousins to its inside. When they were inside, for Kimberley, there was only a constant stream of each time more comical and interesting sounds, some steam surges and mechanical tick-tacks.

Inside the huge machine, Ted and Michael’s clothes were removed by the big hands and as their all four limbs were held by them, they received some spanks by the machine’s gloved hands, and by some paddles the machine was controlling. Then, Kimberley laughed as she saw a big blow of baby powder surging from the machine, and that was because in that moment, Ted and Michael’s rears were prepared to receive some talc and baby lotion. Then, the machine put them big bulky diapers, colorful baby socks, mittens, pacifiers on their mouths and baby bonnets on their heads. And then, it deposited them in two baby buggies, locked for they wouldn’t be able to escape.

The machine made another “beep”, indicating the process had finished, and then pushed the buggies, that wheeled a little to the front.

“Ahh, there come the babies!” Irma said.

Kimberley ran excited to see the babies, and Irma followed her proudly.

Ted was struggling on his buggy, infuriated by the treat he was receiving, and desperate for not being able to escape.

“I told you the seatbelts were a great idea”, Irma said to Kimberley, who agreed giggling cheerfully.

“Oh, come on, girls!”, Ted said, knowing that he had the lower hand, “that was a good joke, but now let us free”.

Gracefully, Irma walked around the buggy. Smiling, she said firmly:

“I don’t think so, Ted. This time you won’t reject playing with your cousin. You promised you’ll play with her if we managed to get you back in diapers”, and aiming at Ted’s bottom, “And we did”.

It doesn’t matter how this writer try, ten or twelve sentences would not be able to describe Ted’s reaction and the scene as a whole. It was such ridiculous this angry and bitter teenager, now addressed in a big baby costume, that he wasn’t able to say a single word. He went red as a tomato, while kept on struggling, with his skinny legs contracted in order to fit in that buggy kart. He constantly tried to object something, or at least that appeared, but he wasn’t able to articulate a word. It was so humiliating for him being in such odd situation, that his reaction made him look like... Well, a big baby.

Excited, Kimberley jogged to the other kart, where Michael was, and she held the buggy’s handle, trying to pose like a proud mom. Actually, it was not easy for her to reach the handle, since it was at some height, but when she did it, she held a good grasp on her. And then, she looked down to contemplate her shiny new baby, just as any mother will check his baby’s status.

Michael was still confused, but he looked up, where he found her little cousin’s eyes, him contemplating so funny, like if he was a pet.

“Hw thewe, baby!”, Kimmy said, giggling.

Michael was still a little freaked out, but as he wasn’t afraid of his cousin, he tried to salute back. That made Kimberley laugh.

Irma came at Kimberley’s side, pushing Ted’s buggy, and she adjusted Michael’s buggy’s handle in order to make it easier to reach for Kimberley. Yeah. That was all. Girls were totally in control.

“Now, let’s go, babies!”, Irma said, pushing Kimberley’s back, asking her to put Michael on move. It was not hard for Kimberley, since Irma had equipped the buggy with a little discreet engine that made Kim think that she was a strong adult woman.

“Ooooh, no we’re gonna have much fun!”, Kimberley said, in a loud voice that shone with enthusiasm. “I’ll be gweeat mommy”, finished, in an ironic tone.

“We both will be”, Irma said, sticking Ted’s pacifier (that he had spitted away) in his mouth.

Ted had no option to accept, reluctantly, the game his cousins had designed. So, he crossed his arms as his brother and he were being transported from the garage to the living room.

“Ha ha ha, very funny”, Ted mocked, bitterly, “and now what’s the plan, girls? When are you going to let us go?”

Irma stayed in her dominant position, and answered Ted (who

was looking at her from down) without turning her eyes to him.

“I don’t know. It was Kim’s idea, so she will tell”.

Excited, Kimberley said: “We’re going to feed the babies!!”

Ted sweated, feeling doomed. He would have palmed his face, but the mittens and the seatbelt didn’t let him do that.

“Oh, come on! You won’t make us eat that horrible baby food, uh?”, asked timidly, trying to not give ideas.

Irma raised a brow.

“You want some Gerber, wittle baby?”, Kimberley said, leaning inside the baby buggy.

Michael was still perplex, looking at his little cousin’s face so close to her, like she was actually a superior for him.

“Well, Kimmy...”, he began. But her cousin’s high-pitched voice interrupted her:

“I’m not Kimmy! I’m mommy!”, said, cheerfully.

It was a nice petition, and even sort of funny, but for Michael’s new status it sounded more to an order than a special request. Nervous, he only could agree by nodding his head up and down.

Irma smiled at the answer, then she took the buggy’s handle again: “You heard the Queen”, she said to Ted, taking Ted’s buggy to the kitchen.

Kim ran to check the furniture looking for an appropriate apron, and she found a new one, that she was going to wear at the kindergarten. It was white and had a babyish drawing of a hen and some little chickens in a farm. She put her on at flash speed and then she piled two benches in order to reach the upper shelves, and get some Gerber foods. While, Irma placed the babies next to the table and addressed them with baby bibs.

“OMG, I just can’t believe this”, Ted said, “and better it’ll be quick.”

“Just shut up, Ted”, said Irma, taking a spoon full with mashed peas to his mouth.

In other case he’d have spitted the mash at Irma’s face, but Ted was actually hungry (he was planning to go for some burgers to the square for first) and he accepted the spoon quickly. He tried to chew in a snobbish way, in order to dissimulate his new position, but he couldn’t help finish with some of the green mash around his mouth. Irma took the bib and proceeded to rub his messy cheeks.

“Oh, damn!”, he protested, “Don’t do that, you jerk! I’m not a...!”

He interrupted himself, looking at Kimberley’s scared face next to him, and then he turned slowly to see Irma’s hate expression. “OMG”, he thought, “She’s a mad scientist... I better not say anything.” So he accepted the next mouthful more calmly.

While, Kimberley had decided to give Michael for eat some mashed mango. She was having much fun filling the spoon with the sweet paste, and playing to give it to Michael. And he seemed to like it too; in fact, Michael thought he was pretty competent at motherhood... If she was his mom, of course.

“How is it? You wike, my baby?”, Kimberley said, trying to repress her giggle and adopt the prideful mother tone.

“It’s... yummy!”, Michael said, funny, while trying to lick the rests of mango that had finished stuck at his cheeks.

“No, baby. Mommy cwean!”, Kimberley said, rubbing Michael’s cheeks with the bib. It actually felt good for Michael; soon the mango jar was empty and Michael’s stomach almost full, while his face clean and shiny.

While, Ted didn’t feel able to endure more mashed peas.

“Oh, come on! Bring me some normal food!”, he said, turning his head when Irma approached the spoon to his mouth. “This just sucks! It tastes yucky!” His mouth and bib were totally stained on peas, the same his bib and even his mittens and bonnet.

“Please, Ted! Get serious!”, Irma said, playing the airplane with her spoon. “It’s for your cousin, and you promised... Now, be a man, please!”.

Ted took the next pea spoon, tasting it disgusted, and with much difficulty he ate it all.

“Wrra!”, he complained. “This was the last, eh? I won’t accept more of that green... thing.”

Irma accepted, not without annoying, and put the half-full jar on the side.

While, Kimberley had brought a baby cup and filled it with delicious apple juice. She took Michael by the chin and proceeded to give him the drink. Not uncomfortable, Michael started to sip that tasty nectar.

“Well, it seems is time for your drink, too”, Irma said, shaking a baby bottle filled with milk”.

“Oh, damn, you’re not going to give me that!”, Ted said, very angry, blushing red.

“It was Kimberley’s idea”, Irma said, taking advantage of Ted’s speech to introduce the bottle’s teat in Ted’s mouth.

Surprised and with the milk filling his mouth, Ted couldn’t do nothing more than suck on the teat. Irma smiled pleased, as she thought it wasn’t going to be a very difficult task. But she couldn’t help to say... “Maybe that’s because your immature behavior. She thinks you’re a younger baby than Michael.”

Ted sneezed the milk out, squirting on his bib and creating a mess of milk around. It even flowed through his nose, squirting Irma.

“Oh, you... Look what you did, BIG BABY!”, Irma replied, very angry.

Ted was infuriated. “Oh, so she thinks I’m a baby! I’m older than her... I’m older than you! I’m the oldest of all you!”

Irma humped and cleaned the table.

“No more milk for you. Bad Baby”, she said. And then she whispered: “You have made a total scene, Ted. You gotta do something really good in order to compensate it”.

“Oh, no”, Ted continued, calmer, “This is over. You aren’t going to make me your will”.

Irma blinked an eye. “You know, we’re the adults here. What are we going to do now, Kimberley?”, she asked, cheerfully to her cousin.

“We’re going to take babies for a walk!”, Kimberley answered, raising the arms.

“What a good idea!”, Irma said, tapping Kim’s back. “But first we’re going to wash the dishes, ok? Babies can wait!”

Kimberley ran to the dishwasher while Irma placed the buggies together.

“Hey... is not that bad, eh, Theodore?”, Michael asked, still tasting the apple juice.

“Oh, God!”, Ted said, crossing the arms again.

Next, we find the cousins in the backyard, where Irma and Kimberley had worn their summer dresses, and the babies take some fresh and the gentle sunrays.

Kimberley pushed the buggy with all the determination of the world. Michael looked to the front, amazed with the shiny ambient, while Ted was still complaining in his cart.

“When is this going to end?”, he asked. “We have been waling in circles for half an hour”.

“Mmmmh, I think he’s right, Kimberley”, Irma said, funny. “Any idea?”

Kimberley stopped their cart when they were passing on front of the door.

“Yeah! A walk twough the neigbouwhood!”, Kimberley said.

“Oh, NO!”, Ted said. “This is definitely not going to happen!”

The backyard’s fence was tall enough to block the sight to any people on the street, but taking a walk as a baby on front of everyone would be a suicide.

“We’re not going to let them do that, eh, Michael?”, he asked, in search for approval.

“Mmm... there’s no people on street. And they’ll understand if you say you’re playing with your cousin”, Michael said, in a wisdom exposure.

What the hell was he talking like that? It wasn’t supposed he was the boss there? He realized it was maybe the first time Michael give him his opinion... Or the first time he had the chance to do that.

“Yes, Ted”, Irma agreed, “It’s going to be only for a little while... Around the house and the return”.

“Do I have an option?”, Ted asked himself. He only covered his face with his arms and the bonnet, and hoped nobody passed on front of them.

Irma opened the door and Kimberley pushed her buggy out. Soon Ted knew they were at the street; the wind blew cold on his bare legs, and Irma said to Kimberley:

“Babies really like the fresh wind, eh?”

Kimberley only agreed with a dopey “S“”.

The cement of the street felt harder then the soft garden of the backyard, and Ted could feel on his spine every bumbling of the buggy. He heard the far cars honking the claxon, and sounds of people and birds... But for sure, he wasn’t going to face the world in baby clothes. He only waited for it to be over the soon as possible.

“I’d like to go to the mawket, I’d buy a cookie fow my baby”, Kimberley said.

“Oh, no, Kimberley. You promised”, Irma said. “Oh, look, there it comes Margaret."

Ted felt a chill when he heard that name. Margaret was 8 years old, but he was the girl he wanted. He was always trying to demonstrate his manhood to her, and until now he had managed to impress her. But what was going to happen if she looked him in that predicament?

In a weakness moment, Ted removed the bonnet from his face and extended his neck as possible as it was, in order to find if Margaret was really near, or she was crossing the street or something.

He was very surprised when he saw her just on front of him; they had arrived to the house’s corner and Margaret had unexpectedly turned the corner, jogging in a girly way. Margaret was wearing a very girly dress, white socks, tap shoes and a big white hat. As always, her face was showy in beauty, with red rubicund cheeks, and her long straight black hear spread under the hat.

Ted tried to hide on the buggy, but it was too late. The walk had called Margaret’s attention.

“Oh, what are you taking in those buggies?”, Margaret asked, innocently. “Are they babies?”

Ted started to sweat cold; it’d be better Irma tell something to repel her.

“Yes, they are”, Irma said, laying her hands on Kimberley’s shoulder, “and she’s the mom”. Kimberley smiled proud, as if she really was.

“Awwww”, Margaret said, “Congratulations... May I see?”

“Of course”, Irma said, but it came to Ted’s ears too late, since Margaret’s hand had lifted the little blanket that covered him and she look inside, surprised.

“Wow! What a big baby!”, commented.

Ted was frozen in embarrassment, with Margaret leaning towards to see him. Her sure and funny expression, while he was in the more humiliant moment on his life, made him wish to disappear.

“And what a big diaper he wears!”, Margaret said, giggling and blushing a little. “Do you change him?”, asked.

Kimberley didn’t contained herself.

“Yes! I cwean him, I feed him and all!”, she said, getting too excited. “And he loves being with me!”

“Is that true?”, Margaret asked Ted. “Are you that babyish?”

But as he was paralyzed on fear, Ted couldn’t say anything in his defense.

Margaret introduced her hand on the buggy and caressed Ted’s cheek. “Coo-chee-coo, babeeeeey!”, She said, giggling.

“Isn’t he cute?”, Irma said, placing at Margaret’s back.

“And nimble!”, Margaret answered. “Congratulations again! Keep on taking a good care on the babies!”, and then she went away jogging again.

It had been a nightmare... It was the first time he had been alone with Margaret, and it was maybe the worst scenario for that. But finally, Irma and Kimberley took him again to the house.

“I hope that be the end”, Ted grunted.

Irma turned to see Kimberley again. And she was checking on Michael.

“Uuuuh, it seems the baby peed his diapoo!”, she said, feigning alarm.

“Gotta take them inside for a change”, Irma said.

Ted was again feeling doomed when they came to the changing table.

“OMG, Mike!”, he said to his brother, “Did you really...?”

“Yes, why not?”, he answered, lying on the table. “I had to. And it’s easier in a diaper.”

Irma and Kimberley came with the changing stuff.

“Oh. I don’t need a diaper change, really!”, Ted begged to Irma.

“Don’t you?”, Irma said, while spreading all the stuff on the table.

“Yes! I haven’t... Do anything!”, he replied.

“Stop resisting”, Michael said, from the other table. “Hadn’t it been great? This is just like an spa”.

“Well... It doesn’t matter you don’t need it. Remember we’re only playing!”, Irma said, detaching Ted’s diaper’s clip.

Ted covered his eyes with the hands and hoped everything to finish soon.

While, Michael was actually enjoying the diaper change.

“You have first to take the dirty diaper off”, Irma instructed her sister. It was difficult for Kimberley, so Irma helped her to change Michael, teaching her how to that in the process.

Kimberley’s quick hands worked surprisingly well on Michael, as she was learning how to wipe the baby’s bottom. It was such pleasant that Michael started to fall asleep.

For Ted the experience was very different. He was rubbed with cold wipes in order to clean him from the sweat of the walk, and Irma used too much powder, that made him cough. In result, Ted struggled against the change.

“What a siwy bad baby!”, Kimberley said, feigning anger.

“Oh, but you’re doing great with yours”, Irma indicated her. “He’s behaving pretty fine.”

“Yes”, Kimberley said, proud. “Michael is a perfect baby”.

After the change, Irma and Kimberley took Michael to the rug, where they deposited him. The kid slept there, suckling at his thumb, as Kimberley stayed at her side, enjoying of his pacific view, and feeling like his actual mother.

Ted had to stay half an hour on bed, under Irma’s watching.

“I told you I’m not sleepy”, he said.

“It doesn’t matter. As I told you, this is a game, so you better feign on sleeping”, Irma pointed.

“I won’t!”, he answered, “what happen if dad looks me like that!”

“I promise the game will finish before our parents arrive.”

An hour later, Irma took a look at Kimberley and she found her on the rug, sleeping with Michael. And then, she turned again to Ted’s cradle.

“OK, the game is over”, Irma said, activating her remote control. “I’m really proud of you, cousin. You did what you promised”.

And as Ted freed from his chains, she kissed him in the cheek. Something that none of the cousins was expecting to happen.

“Mmmm... right”, Ted said. “It was... Well, it was good to see her happy. I mean...”

And Irma couldn’t stop smiling at him all day.

NEXT SUNDAY, at Irma’s house.

“So, wanna go to the movies?”, Ted asked Irma.

“That’d be cool”, she answered. “And don’t worry for the kids. They’ll be quite well”, she said.

Michael was laying down on the sofa, wearing only a big diaper on his bottom and a pacifier on his mouth, taking a snooze on Kimberley’s lap.

It had been the best experience of their lives; Ted and Irma’s hatred had finished, and Michael had become his cousin’s baby forever.

"... We’ll go to the 3.30 movie for we can return home early", Ted finished. "Remember I have a date with Margaret at night and I promised bringing the diapers."




End Chapter 2

Playing the baby

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 9, 2010


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