Family Secrets

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Chapter 2
Welcome Home Big Bro.

Chapter Description: Gabe's Home.

Today is the beginning of a....


Today is the beginning and the end of Gabriel L. Spence, and even though he didn’t know it Alexander P. Spence was going to get a new start too.

And everybody was going to be happy.

That was the happier ever after Aaron was hoping for, but he knew very well that everything doesn’t always work out as planned. That was one of the reasons he stayed up all night, going over every note he ever wrote down about psychiatry and ever book he had on hypnotist. The second reason he stayed up was b/c his father hadn’t returned from and all night drinking and partying with his friends. It wasn’t unusual for him stay out all night and come back later that after noon, stumbling over himself not fully clothed. It was normal.

Aaron glanced out the window in his bedroom he shielded his eye from the rising sun that flooded his bedroom. He cursed himself and hurried to the window to close the blinds, he thought he shut them earlier. Making his way back to his cluttered desk were he had been working for 13 hours straight with no break from his never ending study. Aaron sunk back in to the impression he made in the oversized leather chair, he took a moment to collect his thoughts before getting back to work.

With a heavy, he was sitting back over the book he’d been reading for 3 hours, leisurely flipping from page to page making sure he had everything he needed. With that he threw the book down by his feet with the other thirteen books he went over in that same night.

He yawned.

He sat back in his chair, astonish at how much stuff he went through and the pass three days, ?if only his teacher and mentor was here’ he thought. But, cut him self off immediately when he focused on his room, papers were everywhere, things obscured and clothes hanging off of lamps.

And his frown deepened.

?He’ll get to it later’ he thought, because right now he was going to bed and when he awoke Gabe should be home.

Home for a whole week.

That put a smile across his dry chapped lips as he settled into his warm bed. He felt like a kid on Christmas Eve so much anticipation and excitement knowing when he woke his gift would be there.

“””~~~~~~~~~~~””” ~~2~~

Aaron strolled leisurely through the hall feeling refreshed and renewed after taking a long needed nap, his slippers scuffing across the floor as he entered the large kitchen area were he spend most of his time in, if not in his room .

“It’s two o’clock, dad and you are both sleep in bed at two o’clock” Gabe said curtly, leaning against the counter top drinking water.

“Hello to you too Gabriel, how was your day? My day went great, thanks for asking” Aaron brushed by him, opening the freezer.

Aaron sat down at the island facing Gabe, his white dress shirt and black tie slightly wrinkled as he swallowed the last drop of water in the glass cup. If Aaron didn’t know any better he would had guessed the man was waiting for a funeral march, he looked so tired and pitiful.

Upon seeing him, Gabe brightened some “You and dad need a hobby” he paused “you know fresh air and socializing, that kind of stuff” he flattened his tie and sat the cup in the sink.

Aaron snorted at that ideal, he scoop out a big spoonful of ice cream and shove it into his mouth, he admired Gabe’s businesslike attitude. He looked up at him, smiled “What do you wants us to do, go fishing together so dad can get drunk and fall of the boat and die” he looked back down into the tub of ice cream, eyes disdained slightly .


Gabe leaned further on to the counter “I’m sorry” he whispered feeling sort of guilty “I’m just really tired from work, I didn’t mean that”.

Aaron’s ears perked up, he put the lid back on to the ice cream.

This was his chance.

He chuckled lightly “My class been studying hypnotist and stress and I’m just a beginner but..” He stop to get his composure together “Can I try on you ?”

He watch as Gabe fidgeted, probably trying to figure out why he was been so nice to him, they hadn’t been in the same room together this long and a couple of years. Nor had they even did anything together or help one or the other; it was so long ago he couldn’t even think that far back.

“What do I have to do ?”Gabe asked shyly.

Aaron was having a very hard time suppressing his excitement, he swiveled the chair back in forth in tiny half circles “Nothing, you just go lay down on the couch and I go get my notes”. Aaron got up from the chair and proceeded to leave the kitchen.

“Wait” Gabe said worriedly, reaching out as if to stop him. “This isn’t a cruel joke your going to play on me is it ?”

Aaron stop just shy of leaving the kitchen, he turned and with a reinsuring voice he said. “No, I really need to learn this if I want to pass my class” He continued on his journey up the steps to get his notebook.

“Thanks big Bro” he said, before he took off up the steps.


The blank expression on Gabe’s face and deep murky green eyes framed by dark greying circles stared openly at Aaron.

And he knew he was almost in the state he needed him in. Five minutes passed and then he asked very softly “Gabriel, where are you ?”. There was a long pause then he mumbled something incoherently to Aaron, maybe to himself. That was ok, as long as he herd what he was saying, it didn’t really matter if he replied back or not.

“Gabriel, who gave you that name ?” he spoke in the same soft tone as before .

There was the same incoherent mumbles, but he made out some words. “ name ....when...little”.

Aaron snickered, he started to wish he was taping this “Now Gabe, I’m going to ask a couple questions about dad, but when you refer to dad I want you to call him Daddy, ok” he reopened his note book preparing himself for what he was going to write .

He cleared his throat “Gabriel what do you really think about dad since you moved out”.


“I don’t really...don’t much about Daddy” Gabe lips poked out in to a slight pout “Cause...I don’t think he thinks of me”

Aaron wrote down what Gabe said and transferred it to medical references, for later use. He flipped his notebook closed, the pen neatly tuck in the page he left off at for quicker access. ?Now time to get down to business’ he thought. First he gave Gabe a couple of simple commands, touch your nose, and pull your ear and his favored suck his own thumb.

“Ok, Gabriel” he said softly. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves “Gabriel if you hear dad talking about alcohol you will feel a very strong need to go to the bathroom to urinate. If you see dad drinking alcohol longer then five minutes you will piss yourself wherever you’re at, no matter what. Do you understand ?”

Gabe grumbled but nodded his head.

Aaron smiled,”When I count to three Gabriel you will awake and won’t remember anything I said to you other, one, two, three” he snapped his fingers.

Gabe’s facial expression turned from blank to confuse and a matter of seconds “What H-happened”. Aaron watched as his older brothers eyes darted around the room franticly for answers. Answers he will never find.

“It worked Bro” He threw his hands up gesturing to him “You were out cold”

“b-But, -“ he stuttered.

“I know dude, I’m just as shocked as you are” He lied “Come, let’s go make something eat, I’m so hungry” He clutched his lower belly as he stood up. He looked look down at his brother, whom was still lying down on the couch.

“Are you coming ?”

“Yeah, I be there in a sec” .



End Chapter 2

Family Secrets

by: babykalie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2010


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