Family Secrets

by: babykalie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2010

A young man tries to put his broken family back together which leads to his older brother regressing back to childhood. This is my first story I ever tried to write so it's probably not as good as some on this site. But, I try my best and Thats all I can do .

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Introduction .

Family Secrets. 1

Where going to start this story off with a very true statement and that is ?no one is perfect’, if only Gabe knew that earlier he may not be in this mess. Yes, Gabe was very handsome and very successful at his career, being the first born he felt he always had to strive be perfect. He always wanted to be viewed as someone that flourished and grew into his own, being as that may have been he felt he may never live up to his fathers standards.

Four years, two months plus extra hours for community services he had completed college and gotten his GED, but had that impressed his father?. No, but it got him to come to his graduation were his dad told him with a grimace of a smile “I’m proud of you son” then a pat on the back.

Right now you’re probably thinking his father must be one old grumpy Bastered. Your right, he is and was a grumpy bastered that really doesn’t care about anything in particular which includes his sons. Alexander or like most people called him Alex was a middle age retiree, father of two and was a daily drinker since his wife passed 5 years go. He loved his sons, loved his 18 year old son for finishing high school and going to college and graduating and at 26 Gabe was working at the biggest law fern in the state. How could a father not be proud of that? And then there was Aaron same as his older brother very good looking, tall and had a very bright future in head of him. But to his fathers misfortune he took up after him and not to his brother like his father had planned.

Aaron is.....just Aaron.

You’re probably wondering what that is.Yes.

Well, at 19 he just scrapping by and graduated from high school, only to go to college and fail multiply times before graduating. At 24, two years younger then his brother Gabe and still living with his father, Aaron got into medical school to get his PhD. to become a psychiatrist. Living at home with his father some people might think it would be terribly, being that its huge house they never really see each other. Don’t see each other your never talk to that person so, never any problems.

As long as his father stays on one wing of the house he’ll stay on his. Simple.

But this isn’t about Aaron living with his father or Gabe rubbing his wealth and fortune in his younger brother’s face....well maybe it is. You see Aaron hates his older brother, he still loves him just doesn’t like him. He would never say he’s jealous cause he would rather die then do that. Really he would!

Aaron didn’t like how his brother came over to supposedly ?Help Out’ were only thing he would do was sleep, eat and pay two bills and leave. All that was fine, a matter of fact it was great.

It’s just when Gabe gets to close and pretends to care, that’s when everything gets fuzzy and lines begin to look the same.

That is...Gabe’s fault.

This dangerous spinning vortex and mystery of a man. His involvement, his ever-present... meddling in their affairs has opened a whole new set of doors and threatens to swallow them all, sweep them away with its temperamental waves, blur their vision and choke down on their consciousness until they lose their ways, and all mistakes are final and irreversible.

Gabe hurt him and he’ll never for get that, no matter how much money he spends the scar will never go away.

Gabe left. He left and never looked back for a whole two years, leaving his drunken father to care for hi after there mother died.

Aaron blames him for the way he is.

Like his father. A drunk, alcoholic...which ever one floats your boat.

So Aaron, dumb naive Aaron, so they think had come up with a master plan that only the finest of finest psychiatrist could possible do. To be hypnotist, no, to be a good hypnotist you had to study psychiatry and study under the best. He had done both and had a wonderful teacher that taught him so many things he could have never found out on his own.

His brother was going to pay. A lot.



End Chapter 1

Family Secrets

by: babykalie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2010


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