AR Punishment Center

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Chapter 2
Red-Bottomed Romeos

Chapter Description: Second Story

"Kathleen!" The girl did a double-take at her friend sitting apparently by herself in the soda fountain booth. "I thought you had a date!"

"I did!" Kathleen smiled. "Actually, I had two. Tom and Carl both dropped by earlier. Unfortunately, they started arguing. Some punches were thrown, someone called the police, and..."

The girl gasped. "They’re in jail?"

Kathleen shook her head, smiling, and pointed down at the table. There, grimacing at one another, were two tiny pre-adolescent boys, both completely naked, their freshly spanked bottoms firey red.

One of them glared at the other. "This is all your fault!"

Kathleen smiled. "Sit down, Peg. I’m sure the guys won’t mind!" She smiled down at the mortified little cherubs. "Will you, boys?"

The two tiny figures glowered at one another. "Oh, when I get big again, I’m gonna get you for this!"

"Well, what are you waiting for, peewee? In case you haven’t noticed, we’re the same size!"

"Ah ah ah, boys! No fighting!" Kathleen waggled a finger. "You don’t want another spanking, do you?"

Gulping, they shook their heads.

"So be good little boys and say hello to Peg."

Wincing, they turned, painfully aware of their nudity.

"Hi, Peg."

"Yeah, hi."

Peg giggled. "Well, they’re certainly excited about their date!" The boys reddened, looking down at themselves.

"So, which one’s Tom and which one’s..."

The little redhead waved his arm. "I’m Tom!"

"And I’m Carl!" the dark-haired mite added.

"Aren’t they just adorable?" Kathleen smiled. "I almost like them better at this size!"

Peg giggled. "Well... They certainly are cute!" She goosed the little dolls, the two girls laughing at their squeaks of surprise. "And they have such red little tushies!"

"Yeah," Kathleen smirked. "That’s the best part of it! I get to check out the merchandise... though in a reduced state! Which one do you think has the best tush?"

"Oh, I don’t know," Peg snickered. "Maybe if they walked around..."

"Good idea!" Kathleen poked one of the boys. "Tommy, go over and get Peg a piece of candy from that dish over there!" She indicated a small dish on the side of the table holding an assortment of mints.

Tom nodded and, to the girls’ amusement, paraded over to the dish, his embarrassment warring with his desire to win out over his rival. He bent over, picked up a mint the size of his head, went over and held it up to Peg.

"Okay, here!"

Now Kathleen poked the other boy. "Okay, Carl. Your turn."

Carl hurried over, blushing furiously, completely humiliated. He grabbed a mint, trying to ignore the girls’ laughter, and held it up.

"Both pretty cute, no doubt about it!"

"Aw, c’mon, Kath! You’ve had your laugh!" Tom whined.

"Yeah!" Carl whimpered. "Can’t you just take us home?"

Then a shadow fell across them.

"Hey, ladies," Darwood smiled. "So, both of you alone? Care to dance?"

"Oh, I’d love to!" Kathleen slid out of the booth, taking Darwood’s hand. "Peg, watch my little dates for me, willya?" She waved at the fuming little mites looking up at Darwood, who’d just noticed them. A gleeful smile spread across his face before he and Kathleen headed to the dance floor. "Don’t let them fight!"

"Aw, don’t worry, fellas!" Peg chuckled. "I’ll bet his butt’s not half as cute as yours!"

"Very funny!"



End Chapter 2

AR Punishment Center

by: doctor anguish | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 9, 2009


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