AR Punishment Center

by: doctor anguish | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 9, 2009

Short stories built around the concept of AR and shrinking used as punishment

Chapter 1
Father And Son

Chapter Description: First Story

The Cooper family sat in the AR Center waiting room, Mister Cooper calmly reading his paper as his youngest son Jake giggled.

"How old’s he gonna be, Dad?"

Sighing, Mister Cooper checked the card. "They’re taking six years off. So he’ll be ten years old."

Jake hooted. "Oh, man! That’s a year younger’n me!"

"For five weeks. And he’s getting compulsory nudity and spankings."

Jake nearly collapsed with laughter. "Oh, boy! Can I watch?"

Mister Cooper grimaced. Just then, the door opened.

A computer voice announced, ’Billy Cooper.’

There was a pause. And a completely naked ten year old boy emerged, arms crossed over his chest. Lower lip trembling, he walked across the room, trying not to look at his father and brother.

Jake howled.

He glared at his formerly little brother, now half a head taller than him, blushing furiously. "It’s not funny!" He hissed, his voice cracking.

"That’s what you think!" Jake gloated. He walked over, gleefully looking down at the fuming Billy. "Cold?"

"Aw, shut up!" Billy turned to walk away, then winced at a fresh burst of hilarity as Jake caught sight of his bright red, freshly spanked bare bottom.

"Oh, wow! I bet that stings!"

"Shut up!" Billy shouted back. "Just shut up!"

"Awwww," Jake snickered. "Is the little fella gonna throw a tantrum?"

"You..." Billy charged across the room at his brother. "I’m still big enough to get you!"

Jake’s grin widened. Apparently, Billy hadn’t read all the literature. He looked at his brother and shouted, "SHRINK!"

In mid-stride, Billy found himself dwindling smaller and smaller, until he found himself scarcely knee-high to his younger brother. Jake calmly reached down and picked him up, holding him squirming and kicking in his hand.

"Damn it, you... You make me big again right now or I’ll...

Mister Cooper looked over. "RETURN."

To Billy’s considerable relief, he returned to ten year old size.

"Aw, Dad..." Jake whined.

"Now Jake," Mister Cooper scolded. "You can have your fun. After all, it’s part of his punishment. But don’t get carried away. After all, you could always find yourself in the same prediciment."

’Speaking of which...’ The computer voice intruded. ’Mister Adam James Cooper?’

Mister Cooper looked up at the flashing red panel. "Yes?"

’Apparently, you did not receive the notice. You’ve been sentenced to compulsory AR as well."

Mister Cooper’s mouth fell open. "WHAT?" The boys looked at him.

A light shone from the panel, enveloping him. ’For traffic violations listed, you are sentenced to ten weeks pre-adolesence, with compulsorary nudity and spanking.’

"Ten weeks?" Billy gasped. "That’s twice as long as me!"

The light faded. Mister Cooper was now an astonished ten year old boy standing between his two sons in his now outsized suit.

"You... You can’t be serious!" He squeaked. "You can’t mean..."

’Please strip and follow the light-prompts to the spanking machine.’ The computer voice warned. ’We don’t want to make this any more difficult than we have to.’

"You better do it, Dad!" Jake giggled. "After all, you don’t want to get in any more trouble!"

Mister Cooper looked from one snickering, gloating son to another. "Aw..." With resigned fury, he stripped off his too big clothes as he headed off in the direction of the spanking machine.

He returned a half hour later, blinking back tears, his rump glowing like a hot cinder.

Jake snickered. "Looks like I’m gonna be the man of the house for the next few weeks!"

"Yeah!" Billy chuckled. "It’s almost worth it!"

"Hey!" Jake smacked his brother’s tender backside, making him yelp. "Did I tell you you could talk?"

"Jake!" Mister Cooper scolded, only to get a firm whack on his own little bare bottom.

"Okay, now both of you! Time to go home! Oh, I can’t wait until all the neighbors get a look at you guys!"

Billy and his father exchanged looks as they marched, Jake walking behind them, giving them the occasional smack.





End Chapter 1

AR Punishment Center

by: doctor anguish | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 9, 2009


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