Weight loss Plan

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 14, 2009

i am just starting this story, i will have it up, in full, soon. These are the first to chapters, which are rather short but it gets better, i promise. feel free to comment and tell me what you think, i love incorporating ideas!!

Chapter 1
Andrea's issues

Chapter Description: fed up.

Andrea had finally reached her breaking point. It was too much or rather... she was too much. Standing at only 5 ft 6, she weighed in at almost 201 pounds. She felt fat. Heck felt is an understatement, she knew she was fat. It had gotten to the point where she was depressed and longed for days that she didn’t have to worry about what she ate because it didn’t go straight to her thighs. Before she had turned 19, she could eat whatever she wanted and never gain so much as an inch to her waistline. But somewhere in between 19 and 21, she packed it on. Now at the age of 29 and after years of diets and exercising trends that never seemed to pay off, Andrea was finally fed up with it. She decided that her last resort was to turn herself over to a specialist. So she looked through the online yellow pages....



End Chapter 1

Weight loss Plan

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 14, 2009


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