FMA Fanfic: The Rebirth of Alphose Elric

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2009

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: In this Chapter, Ed starts training with his new arm and leg while Al gets used to his new body. The Brothers almost miss their old bodies.

The morning after the night the Elric Brothers got their bodies back to normal, Ed gently awoke to the warmth of the rising sun through the window and the sweet sounds of birds chirping. However, his pleasent awaking was short-lived, for Ed began to notice a foul smell in the air. At first, Ed thought Al might have wet the bed; with his new body, weakened muscles and the fact he hasn’t slept in years, but it wasn’t the smell of pee... it was far worse.

"Al? Al, you okay?" Al was still fast asleep. Ed goes over to shake Al awake and he slowly opens his eyes. "Uh? Ed, wha-" Al then notices a feeling of discomfort in his lower regions and starts to tear up from embarrasment and shame. Ed quickly saw this and said "Shh, it’s okay, Al, it’s okay. I’m sure you didn’t mean to. Come on, let’s get you and the bed cleaned up." Ed then helps Al out of the bed and to the bathroom where he starts to help clean him up and get him in clean clothes while he lets the Rockbells handle the sheets.

Winry Rockbell, a 15-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and Ed and Als neighor and friend growing up, and formally Ed’s auto-mail mechanic, runs up to Ed and Al just as they are leaving the bathroom. "What happened?" Ed replied "I’m not sure, I guess Al’s having trouble adjusting to his new body. Remember, he didn’t eat or sleep or even go to the bathroom when he was bond to the armor." "Yeah, I guess so. It’s okay, Al, don’t worry about it, accidents happen."

The whole time they were talking, Al was blushing. Ed saw this and gave him a hug. Al then smiles and lightly hugs back. "So, brother, umm... what are we gonna do about my... accidents?" Winry nods. "Yes, you can barely walk, Al, and if you can’t even hold in your poop while you sleep, then you might have accidents during the day too. You need protection." Al blushes heavily at this while Ed adds "Protection? You mean like diapers?" Al blushes beet red at this. "Do you really think I need diapers, brother?" "Well, only until you can get your strength back up." "Okay, brother, if you say so."

So it was decided; The plan was that Al would be diapered (suppled with Ed’s alchemy) until he could et enough strength to be able to make it to the bathroom. Once he could, he would then be put in padded training pants (pull-ups, basically) during the day until they were sure he was able to make it every time, or at least a very good majority of it. Meanwhile, he was to be in diapers at night until he didn’t mess himself in his sleep anymore, and then his training pants at night until he didn’t wet the bed anymore.

After they got Al in his diapers, Ed went outside to train while Al stayed inside with Winry, mostly because Al didn’t wanna be seen in his diapers. Ed, his new arm and leg still feeling weak, while at first thought the difficulty was in the lack of being used to it, now realized that the muscles they made through the alchemy were so weak because they were as the proportal strength of an infant, likely even that of a newborns, because they were like brand new and never used before. That would certainly explain all of Al’s troubles. And so, not wanting his two formerly superhuman limbs to his two weakest ones, started training them so they could keep up with his strength. Ed realized that his automail really helped him a lot as the Fullmetal Alchemist, but he’d just have to get used to it; at least he could still transmute without a circle now.

While Ed was busy training his new limbs, Al was training too. However, it was much simpler for Al now, he just had to do things. Everything required effort for him, he just felt so weak and helpless. He did think it was nice of Ed and Winry to be so understanding about it, but he was used to having to rely on himself that it felt so weird to him. "Al! Breakfast is ready!" Al then walked toward the kitchen as fast as his legs could carry him, though the weakness of his legs and the bulge of his diaper turned his walk into a clumsy toddle.

Winry laid out a plate of diced ham and scrambled eggs for Al. "There you go, Al." "Thanks, Winry... this looks great." Winry then tied a bib onto Al. "There you go, so you don’t make a mess." "Winry! I’m not a baby!" "No, but you’re a lot like one right now. I thought it’d be good for you... after all, you had it rough these last few years, you deserve it." Winry then began to spoonfed Al his breakfast. Al was embrassed at first at the baby treatment and tried to feed himself, only to get about half the food in his mouth and the other half on his bib. Not wanting to waste the food, he then let Winry fed him. It was actually pretty nice, it brought back vague memories of his now deceased mother taking care of him when he was little. He used to only get sad when he thought about his mother, but he was happy this time.

After his breakfast, Al was given a sippy cup of orange juice and sent him off. Winry almost said "Now run off and play" when she sent Al off, but he knows how sensitive he is, especially right now, and she didn’t want to take it too far... at least not yet. Meanwhile, Al was beginning to expect his limitations, which is mainly why he didn’t mind the sippy cup. However, he almost wished he hadn’t eat and drank, for roughly an hour after breakfast, he smelt that he used his diaper at both ends. He thought it was odd that he didn’t even feel it, but like his brother said, he couldn’t help it.

Not long after he had used his diaper, Winry walked in, blinked her eyes a bit, and waved her hand in front of her face. "Phew! Al!" Al blushes heavily and Winry responded with a hug. "Oh, relax, I’m just teasing. Come on, let’s get you changed." She then takes Al to the boy’s bedroom and the spare diapers and lays him down on the bed. "Umm, Winry, can’t I change myself?" "Sorry, can’t do that, we need to make sure they are on good and we can’t count your motor skills yet. Oh relax, just let me handle everything." Al then laid on the bed as Winry began to change him; He didn’t have the strength to fight back that well anyway, so he thought he might as well get it over with, and so Winry began the process. After removing his diaper, she used a damp wash cloth to clean Al, and then sprinkled a bit of corn starch over his diaper area before taping a new diaper onto him. It wasn’t exactly fun for Winry either, but she was happy still could be useful to one of the Elrics... just in different ways.

[Continued in Chapter 3: Infancy - Will Ed join the fun? ;)]



End Chapter 2

FMA Fanfic: The Rebirth of Alphose Elric

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2009


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