FMA Fanfic: The Rebirth of Alphose Elric

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2009

The Elric Brothers has finally gotten their bodies restored; Ed got his right arm and left leg back, and Al has returned to flesh and blood. However, after being unable to feel sensation and true emotion for years, will Al be able to live with his new body?

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: In this Chapter, Ed and Al, with the help of Mei, use the combined power of Renkinjutsu [Alchemy] and Rentanjutsu [Almedica] to restore their bodies.

The Elric Brothers had finally found a way to restore their bodies. For those that don’t know, Edward and Alphose Elric had performed a taboo in Alchemy; Human Transmutation. Because of it, Ed lost his left leg and Al lost his whole body; Al then gave his right arm to bond Al’s soul to a suit of armor. Ed was currently 15 and Al was 14, though they were 11 and 10 when it happened. However, they would now finally get to restore their bodies and leave the military after all that’s happened.

Edward is very short for his age, likely do to his dislike of milk. He claims to be 165cm tall (5’5"), but that’s only including his platform shoes and his hair antenna. His hair is blond and usually tied in a long brained tail in the back with two wing-like flaps over his face. His eyes are yellow, the same color as his blonde hair.

Mei, their friend from Xing (basically China) and Rentanjutsu expert, finished up the final prepartions for the transmutation. Ed has removed the auto-mail (bionic) arm and leg, and instead gathered the materials needed to make up a new arm and leg for him. "Are you ready, Mei?" "Ready, Edward." "Okay then... 1.. 2.. 3!" And in that instance, Ed activated the transmutation circle he was laying on, and Mei activated her own, the air filled with the energies of their alchemies.

The theory behind using the two together to remake their bodies was that the variety of alchemy that Ed knew, Renkinjtusu, was better at contructing things but nothing complex as living tissue, while the variety of alchemy that Mei knew, Rentanjutsu, was better at manipulating things and keeping the pattern of things, since it was mostly used for medical purposes, but wasn’t good at making new things. By using the 2 together, they make up for each other’s faults, Ed using his alchemy to make the arm while Met using hers to make sure the arm matched up with the rest of his body.

After several minutes of transmutating, both Ed’s arm and leg were successfully restored. His theory worked perfectly! Though it wasn’t a pleasent experience getting the blood flow of his arm and leg back in sync with the rest of his body, it was nothing compared to the pain of getting his auto-mail, and it was worth it all.

Reforming Al’s body, on the other hand, wouldn’t be as easy; Al didn’t have a body for Mei to build upon. Plus, they had burned their house down, so there was nothing left of Al’s old things to try and use. However, Grandma Rockbell luckily kept Al’s a set of old clothes, the one’s he had when he lost his body, and there was still some of his blood on it, as well as an old hair; It wasn’t much, but it was all they had.

And so, the two prepared the transmutation bringing back Al’s body. They had took out the piece of Al’s plate with the blood seal used to bind the soul to te armor and set it among the various making of Al’s new body. Again, Ed counted off, the two triggered their circles, and the transmutation began with the room set aglow with the energies of their two alchemies.

It took them for what felt like hours, and the two of them barely made it, but they managed to keep it up until Al’s body was finished; Al was just as he appeared when it happened 3 years ago, a 11-year-old boy roughly Ed’s height with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Once the transmutation was complete, Al’s body jerked to life as his whole body suddenly turned on, much like how a newborn is when he takes his first breath outside the womb.

Once Al got his bearings, he found his new body was diffucult for him to move; he had grown used to the superhuman strength of his armor body. That combined with how his muscles were brand-new, his body really was like that of a newborn in some ways. Ed didn’t mind, though, he was happy that he finally had his brother back to flesh and blood, and had finally fulfilled his promise. Ed hugged Al with tears of pure happiness after 3 years of getting to this moment.

Ed and Mei got Al back inside to the Rockbell household and dressed (his new body didn’t come with clothes) before the two embranced each other in a brotherly hug that they hadn’t shared in so long. "We finally did it, Al... we finally got our bodies restored, just like I promised we would." "Yes, brother, thank you so much... and thank you too, Mei." "I agree, Mei, we own you more then you’ll ever knew!" "It was my pleasure, for you two have also done much for me." The brothers then laughed as they finally were free from their nightmare.

[To Be Continued in Chapter 2: Adjustment - Expect Al to have ’troubles’ with his new body]



End Chapter 1

FMA Fanfic: The Rebirth of Alphose Elric

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2009


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