The Day-Care Prison

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2009

Chapter 2
The Punishment System Explained

Chapter Description: Not much action in this one, mostly just talking. Trying to give a clear picture of what the punishment system is like around here. Also trying to warm up a bit after a year of not writing at all.

After Ryuu’s snack of an oatmeal cookie and some milk, he and Kenji go over to their table and sit down to chat, setting up another game of Go and playing while they do so. "Well, so I can kinda get an idea of how many ties I got, what’s the punishment system like here?" "As I said before, there are levels to the system. You start in the middle and work your way up or down based on your behavior. Trying to escape and causing trouble get you down the ladder, while turning in people who try to escape and optimal behavior get you up the ladder." "So you could have turn me to get yourself points but didn’t? Thanks." "No problem."

The two japanese boys continue their talk as they play; Kenji is winning, but just by one good move. "So, Kenji, what do I have to go through before I become a 2-year-old and stuff?" "Well, you already have severe bed wetting, basically meaning your wet yourself every night, and pretty heavily at that. After that, it’s day-time wetting, meaning you could get accidents on your own... and after that, your wetting will worsen and you might even soil yourself too... and after THAT, you end up in diapers with no control of your bladder or bowels at all." "So that’s all they’ll to me? Make me wet and/or soil myself?" "No, there’s more after that, Ryuu"

Ryuu and Kenji finish their game, with Kenji winning, but continue their talk. "Well, what else then, Kenji?" "After you get diapered, they start going after your other skills next. First they go after your dexterity, they make it so it’s hard to do things with your hands. Next, they go after your speech, they give you a bad lisp and make it hard for you to talk. Finally, they target your motor skills, and make it hard for you to walk." "Wow, those are pretty bad. So you turn into a 2-year-old after that?" "Yes, after that, you get regressed a year and sent to the nursery room with the other 2 and 1 year olds."

Ryuu gasps in shock. "They make you a infant here?!" "Only if you’re really bad, Ryuu. Very few make it to that point." "What do they do after that?" "After that? I don’t really know much, I was only a toddler for a short while, it was by that point I decided to behave and so worked my way back up." "Well, that explains how you know the system... you went through it yourself." "Yeah... anyway, what I do know is that, after you are 2, the punishments make you more infant-like. At various points you are removed of your ability to walk, talk, and even grab things. Then after you are 1, you lose things like your ability to sit up, crawl... by the time you hit the bottom, you are as helpess as a newborn."

Ryuu gasps in shock again. "Wow... guess the worst you are, the harder it is to do things." "Yup, that is the general idea. But don’t worry, if you behave you get to not wet the bed at all and even wear regular underwear... they don’t make you have accidents if you do. Thoug you have to be careful, as they will knock you down a level even for the lesser stuff that they only give accidents for the other kids." "Yeah, I guess they want to make sure that if you stay well behaved and really deserve it. You know, that reminds me, where are the 5-year-olds?" "Oh, them? They have a private room just for them. I hear it’s more like a spa then a kindergarden, they are supposed to treat you pretty well there... A reward for being so good, I guess. Still, almost no one goes there, I think only 2, 3 people are ever in there at a time."

Kenji then got up out of his chair. "Excuse me a sec, I need to use the restroom." He then starts heading for a door that Ryuu assumes leads to the bathroom. "You know, it’s funny... I never once when in there since I got here... though I did only get here a couple of hours ago." He said aloud to himself. Just then, a 4-year-old american boy with blonde hair and blue eyes came over to him,; his nametag said Chuck. "So... Ree-yoo, is it? You the new guy?" "It’s pronounced Ryuu (Re-you), and yes." "Well den, you need to learn who’s in charge around here.... me." "Oh? You think you’re in charge just because you’re bigger?" Chuck pushes Ryuu down off of his seat. "That’s right, Asia boy. I’m bigger and stronger... so watch it or I’ll make sure you’re in diapers by the end of the day." "But I’m not going anything wrong, you are."

Ryuu then gets up onto his feet, and Chuck starts crying, acting like he was hurt. James cames over to us. "Alright, what happened here?" Chuck points over to Ryuu and yells "He hit me!" "I didn’t do anything to Chuck here, he pushed me." "Okay, okay, that’s enough, you two... watch it or I’ll make sure you’re punished." James walks off and Chuck chuckles. "See? I know what makes them come a running... and I’ll be watching you, so you better watch out!" Chuck then runs off just as Kenji returns. "Well, I see you meet Chuck then." "Yeah, what a jerk." "He’s like that to everyone, using every chance he gets to rewarded... and I think he likes to see others punished. I also think he’s a racist, so it’s probably colored people he’s after." "Thanks for the tip, I’ll watch out for him."

The day went by without much event after that. Ryuu and Kenji played another round of Go, beating him this time, and Chuck played another dirty trick on some other kid, but thankfully, neither were punished. Lunch rolled by quickly, feeding us carrots and peas with sippy cups of juice, and after that, more playtime, and then it was arts and crafts, with fingerpainting being the art tool of the day. Some drew better then others, but most were pretty good with their adult minds at least mostly intact. Ryuu himself grew a nice red Oni [Japanese Orge], and added a bit of humor by writing ’Chuck’ with an arrow pointing to the ugly humaniod beast.

Seems Ryuu got himself an enemy in Chuck... Will Chuck get Ryuu punished further? and Just how far will he regress into the punishment system? Toddlerhood? Infancy? Only time will tell on the next chapter of... Day-Care Prison



End Chapter 2

The Day-Care Prison

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2009


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