The Day-Care Prison

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2009

Inspired by TabulaRasa's "The Prison" story among his Vignettes, it's the tale of a prison that regresses it's prisoners into small childern to make escaping impossible. Now rewritten with less japanese and no glossary!

Chapter 1
Enter: Ryuu Ainaki

Chapter Description: The Opening Chapter that introduces the main characters and basic storyline. Sorry if it seems slow, I'm kinda new to story making, and I needed to introduce a lot of things and reveal some background on the two main characters.

Ryuu Ainaki, a 20-year-old japanese man with short spiky black hair and purple eyes, found himself kidnapped and taken to some fortified complex. He was made to wear what he could best describe as a giant baby-blue hooded sleeper with a white patch of cloth over his heart that used as a name tag, with his first name in all caps, and nothing but his underwear underneath it. After being put into his new attire, he was present to what looked like the head guy of the complex. "Who are you," He shouted as he saw him "and Why am I here?" the guy just made a big grin. "Answer me!" Ryuu continued. The man responsed. "My name is of little importance, but as for why you’re here... well, let’s just say we kidnap rich people and collect ransom money."

Ryuu growled in anger as he was kidnapped simply for ransom. "Do you really think you get away with it? My father is a stubborn old goat, he doesn’t give in so easily." The man chuckled. "You’ll find that we are quite patient... speaking of which, I think it’s time we got to ready for your stay." He then made a strange hand-signal and moments later, Ryuu found himself shrinking down in size and age, his outfit shrinking with him. Feet were lost in minutes, and it wasn’t long before he was regressed into a very small boy and finally stopped.

The man spoke when the regression was complete. "You are now 3 years old, and you may notice that your underwear has become a pull-up. By making everyone so young and using even further regression as punishment, we are able to make escape practically impossible. We start everyone off at age 3 with a bit of bed-wetting, good behavior leading to it’s removal and eventually progression up to age 5, while bad behavior leading to it worsing and removal of other basic skills as we slowly regress you down through babyhood, down to a helpless 1 year old. Get the picture?" Ryuu nods, still a bit shocked from the regression as he was picked up and taked away.

Ryuu was taken to a room what looked like a pre-school classroom, full of 3 and 4 year olds of various ethic groups, all wearing hooded sleepers similar to his, expect some were pink instead. He soon realized that the pink ones were girls, though at their young age, it was very diffucult to tell otherwise. Many were gathered in small groups of 2 to 4 people, all playing their own little games for self-amazement, but one kid was sitting by himself. ’I wonder why’ Ryuu thought to himself.

After Ryuu was placed down, he wandered his way over to the loner, seeing his name tag as "KENJI", and was a 3-year-old japanese kid like he was, though his hair was a dark brown and had green eyes. Ryuu greeted Kenji in japanese, for though he was raised as bilangual with english, he wasn’t sure about him. "Konnichi wa[Good Afternoon], Kenji-san." he said to Kenji. "Hello to you too, uhh... Ryuu. You must be new, I haven’t see you before." he replied, showing that he too spoke english, and rather well at that. "Yes, I just got here. Why are you sitting all alone like this?" "I’m alone because I’m an outcast here." "Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be your friend, Kenji-san." "You can quit with the polite talk, we’re technically the same age. Forget the titles too, as we’re the only two asians here, japanese or otherwise, and I don’t mind at all." "Hai[Yes], Kenji. I guess this means we’re friends then?" "Sure, why not?"

Ryuu and Kenji then take out a large piece of paper, draw a 9 by 9 grid, and use small lego pieces, Red ones for Ryuu and Blue ones for Kenji, to play a quick game of Go and took their turn as they spoke. Ryuu went first; "So, tell me... How long have you been here?" "Hard to say, It’s felt like forever." "You seem to fair well for being little for so long." "I’m just strong and stubborn. Some allow himself to mentally regress a bit to better match their body after a while, but I won’t." "Same here. Any plans for escape?" "I’ve given up on that. For now, I just behave well enough to stay in underwear." "Yeah, I gotta wear this pull-up. Will I have accidents too?" "Maybe. They use that as a quick punishment for misbehaving... those that aren’t in diapers, that is." "Diapers?! There are kids in diapers here?" "Yeah, a few are. That’s three punishments down, and there’s 3 more after that, after which they regress you down to a 2-year-old and take you to the day-care area." "You seem to know the punishment system pretty well." "Yes. I learned it all through experience, both personal and through others. Being here so long, it was merely a matter of time." The two finish their game, it ending in a tie.

Soon after the game, Ryuu looks over when he hears a fight break out between two kids, one boy and one girl, both looking they are 3, though the girl had jerky movements and yelled in minimal sentences like a toddler, no bigger than 4 words. Soon after, an adult watching them in the room jumped in and broke up the fight, afterwards pointing a remote-like device as each of them and pressing a button. The button didn’t seem to do anything to the boy, while the girl was regressed down to a 2-year-old and taken away.

Kenji having watched the fight as well says parily to himself and parily to Ryuu "Poor Sarah... she just won’t stop picking fights." "What about the boy? Why wasn’t he punished?" "He was... look closely? See the burge in his butt?" Ryuu looked and nods as he saw it. "Is that... a diaper?" "You guessed it; He was diapered and removed control of his bladder and bowel movements. Don’t worry, you’re a fair ways from that." ’Man... I gotta get out of here.’ Ryuu thought.

Soon naptime rolled around and Ryuu, unable to sleep, tries to sneak off out of the room, only to be quickly catched by a nearby guard and punished via the remote device they all seemed to carry. When the button was pressed, Ryuu felt a tingle in his brain that stunned him a bit as he was carried back into the room and put into his cot, where he sleeped soundly from the stun.

Ryuu soon awoke, finding his pull-up soaked with urine as he got up, blushing from embarassment. The adult that was watching them, who he then learned was named James, a young man in his mid twenties with blond hair and blue eyes. James was going around the room, checking everyone and changing them if needed, which was sad to say, a majority of the room. James eventually made his way over to Ryuu and patted his underside to check for a sag, only to have his sleeper removed in front of everyone and have his pull-up switched out for a dry one before being redressed, Ryuu putting on his hood in embarassment.

Kenji walked over after Ryuu was changed. "Get used to it, it’ll happen every time you wake up now. That’s the first level of punishment; severe bed-wetting. If you try that again, you’ll learn the others first hand as well." Ryuu looked over at Kenji. "You knew I tried to escape during nap time?" "I knew you would, and I heard you run out." "Well, I’ve gotta try to escape. I have my pride as a man!" James then yelled "Snack time!" and Ryuu shouted "Yay, Cookies!" as he ran off to get his snack. Kenji shook his head as he walked over to get his own.

It seems that Ryuu has had a rough start here at this strange prison, but his new friend Kenji seems to be helping him adjust. Will Ryuu follow Kenji’s advice and behave? Or will Ryuu continue to try to escape?



End Chapter 1

The Day-Care Prison

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2009


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