Fun times at the JSA

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Wonder Woman finds herself out of sorts.

Chapter 1
The JSA becomes a super teen center

Chapter Description: Wonder Woman wakes up in a disorienting situation.

Wonder Woman slept. In her bedroom, closed heavy curtains blocked out most of the bright, sunny light from the outside. In the otherwise darkened room, bright streams of light hit, warming up the air, and causing it to rise. The golden dust motes that danced merrily in the warmed air would mesmerize had there been someone to observe them.

An old clock/radio with dim green fluorescent digits turned on emitting a long, well-played old classic tune from days long gone by:

All the leaves are brown,

And the sky is gray,

I’ve been for a walk,

On a winter's day…

California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and the Papas played softly, slowly penetrating the dream state of the lone occupant in the bed.

In a quick flash, a dream rolled itself across the sleeper's waking mind and she saw herself as a warrior princess of ten years riding her heavily armored war horse. The young girl raised her child-size toy bow to the heavens while heavy thunder and lightning flashed in rapid succession in the background. With her silhouetted figure showing in bright contrast to the bright flashes of light, her mount dramatically lifted its front hooves to scream a neigh of warning to those who would oppose this fearsome pair of horse and rider.

Believing herself fearsome, the warrior child laughed with wicked glee. Her excited heart pumped pure adrenaline that sloshed through her veins, raising her feeling of excitement. The youngest but greatest hunter on Themyscira looked down upon her Amazon sisters from atop her magnificent mount with the pride of a veteran rider.

Diana!” yelled the girl’s mother, Hippolyta, “You stop fooling around on that rocking horse and come over to eat dinner! Wash your hands first!”

Still sleeping, Wonder Woman now beheld a young, pig-tailed girl atop a hobby horse who abruptly crashed back to reality from her fantastical daydream by the announcement of supper.

Aww-w! But I was gonna... um, yes, mother!” piped the little girl as she quickly dismounted to do what she’d been told. She’d learned from experience what happens to disobedient girls is not only a bad thing, it also made sitting down difficult for a few days after.

The alarm clock/radio droned on and penetrated her dream state, ending her dream and waking her. She looked around the semi-dark room muzzily for a few moments before her dream fog lifted enough to allow her to sit up in her bed.

She’d slept after pulling the night shift on monitor duty at the JLA satellite and now found herself awakened six hours later. A little nap wouldn't put her sleep schedule off too much, she'd figured, and needed the rest from her day-to-day hero efforts and work.

The alarm clock showed 2:05 PM. She stared at it for a moment, still groggy from feeling the effects of getting sleep at the wrong time of the day.

She shook her head, hoping to clear the leftover cobwebs of her dreams. As they faded with each passing moment, she vaguely remembered herself back on Themyscira. She remembered with fondness the young warrior she had been and felt a pang of embarrassment at the youthful shenanigans her younger, naïve self had committed.

She reminded herself that experience is a reward that came at the cost of childish innocence. What she’d experienced as a child and a young girl tempered her for the Amazon that she’d become. Thinking of it this way helped to "salve" her soul, so to speak; it allowed her to better forgive herself and not think so critically about the precocious, daring young slip of a girl she once was.

A half-forgotten fragment of her dream resurfaced, revealing itself in vivid detail as she focused her attention on it. In the dream she was a ten-year-old girl, desperately wanting to prove to her mother, her instructor, and the rest of the Amazons that she could take part in the hunt while taking care of herself with no help from her overly cautious Amazon sisters.

The fragment had been based on what her mind remembered of that day: the same tunic, spear, bow, and arrows that auntie Antiope and the rest had just given her on her tenth birthday. She rode on her favorite horse, high in its saddle, looking down and seeing her sisters' eyes as she rode by. She felt proud on that day, for this was her first real hunt. A hunt that would mark her graduation from playing child to warrior in training.

The dream and the reality were real, but the dream instead substituted her fully grown body in place of the child. A child of ten in the body of an adult who wore the tiny tunic, while sporting the shortened spear and hefting the child's bow and arrows.

The hunt went as most first hunts did, with her missing most of the game because of impatience, making a lot of noise, not practicing proper woodcraft, and wasting a lot of arrows by rapid-firing them at the small animals of the forest in frustration.

The small animals hid their grins with their paws to not insult the princess, but she knew they were breaking out in howls of derisive animal laughter after she’d left. In a dream, anything goes, right?

More awake now, she got up to wash her body in the shower. Diana wondered if there were some small psychological issues that she needed to iron out, or if her tired mind was just having a bit of fun by picking on her fragile psyche. As she stepped into the shower and turned on the water, she would physically feel her first minor mistake of the day.

For in her haste to clean herself, she forgot to turn on the water first and let the temperature stabilize before stepping into the shower. The cold shock of the water surprised her as she realized her blunder. She’d not done that in what? A couple of decades? She must have been barely in her teens when it happened last.

Had she been more awake and a keen interpreter of dreams, she'd have realized her mind had sent her the dream to tell her something that she'd have picked up on if she'd listened to it more carefully: "Not everything is as it seems, beware!"

She soaped her body and shampooed her hair. The process had become so automatic that she failed to notice something different about her body. The change had been subtle, true, but a change had occurred to it during her sleep all the same.

After drying off, wrapping a towel around herself, and stepping over to the sink to brush her teeth, the toothbrush kept getting caught on something in her mouth. While it didn’t hurt, she rinsed and spat to examine her perfect, pearly white teeth. It was then that she noticed one of the subtle differences.

She now wore braces! She’d never had braces, her teeth had been perfect when she had milk teeth and later, her adult teeth also came in perfectly. But now she had braces on them. How did this happen?

I'll worry about that later,” Diana muttered to herself and turned to brush her hair. As she brushed out a few tangles from the lush raven black hair on her head, she found another subtle difference. There were several zits on her face! She never suffered from acne in her entire life! What was going on? Was she still asleep? She pinched herself and verified her status as being present in the waking world. That wasn’t it.

What other changes have I been through?”

She examined her body from head to toe, and other than her pubic hair being thinner than she last remembered, everything else looked just fine. She decided there and then to pay a visit to Themyscira where they could conduct a full physical on her.

Grabbing her costume, she put it on and noticed that it had become roomy in places that it normally wasn't. Putting on her boots confirmed her suspicions. They felt loose and clunky as she walked to the hangar that held her invisible airplane. Her outfit gave her extra confirmation as its bottom rubbed against her butt when she sat down and adjusted the height of her seat to see out of the cockpit better.

After a quick flight, a small series of doctor's tests, and a visit to the purple ray of healing, an Amazonian doctor sat down across from Diana to inform her of what ailment she’d contracted.

"We found nothing wrong with you, Diana. Your body is at its physical peak for a fourteen-year-old."

Diana held her tongue and waited to see what other changes she'd been through before raising an alarm. She visited with her mother and then went back to the JSA to brief them on her current condition to see if she’d still be on duty.

She would soon find out a shocking truth about the matter!

End of Chapter one.



End Chapter 1

Fun times at the JSA

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 17, 2022


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