The strange appearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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Chapter 2
In the club room...

Chapter Description: Haruhi has a little surprise for her club mates.

After school, I approached the club room, as not showing up would probably cause Haruhi to become bored and create another pocket universe. I saw this as one of my most important obligations.

“Excuse me!” I said as I knocked on the door and entered the room politely.

There I found Yuki Nagato rapidly typing on a portable computer and no doubt making another addition to our rival, The Computer Research Society’s war game, who were next door to us. Yuki typed away happily, (at least to me). She was a person of little emotion and very few words.

Itsuki Koizumi sat directly across from her and while reading a book on strategy, moved Shogi pieces on a board while studying them. He looked up at me and said “Hello” with a little wave and a knowing smile before returning his attention to the current move he was working on.

Mikuru Asahina, dressed in a bunny girl outfit complete with large cloth ears was as usual a pleasure for my tired eyes. If it were possible, I would wish for nothing better than to bask in the glow of this delightful creature!

She motioned to a seat for me to sit in and made to get a cup of tea for me. Apparently, she was working on her “bunny girl maid” appearance today.

Noticing that Haruhi hadn’t appeared yet, I indulged myself in watching the delightful Mikuru as she walked to the hot water thermos in a corner of the room and made tea.

The door slammed open, breaking my calm reverie. Haruhi was making her usual noisy and impolite entrance! It was perfectly natural, of course, as it was her club after all.

As my back was to the door, I didn’t see what she looked like as she stomped across the floor and turned around to address the room. She pulled herself up on her desk and swung her legs to and fro as a little girl would, with a happy smile on her face.

It was at that moment that the fact that she was a little girl registered with all those present, I can tell you! We all did a double-take and stared at her, trying to wrap our brains around what we were seeing.

On the desk, wearing a plain orange shirt with rolled-up sleeves, jean shorts with rolled-up cuffs, and sporting a pair of plain tennis shoes and no socks sat Haruhi, age 12! She ignored us and looked around her domain with a hint of mischief in her eyes while her little girl legs continued to lazily swing back and forth.

Mikuru came out of her stupor first. She asked if Haruhi would like a cup of tea? As Haruhi turned her full attention to Mikuru, her face lit up with a combination of disgust, a very mean smile, and a little jealousy. She jumped off the desk and walked over to her with pure malice in mind.

Mikuru screamed in unadulterated terror as she was physically dragged by a girl at least a foot shorter than her behind a portable screen that was set up for costume changes and modesty.

Itsuki and I immediately got up and left the room to stand out in the hall. Whenever Haruhi dressed Mikuru in one of her many costumes, it was understood that we weren’t to be present.

We waited for several moments for Haruhi to sound the “all clear!” and excused ourselves as we reentered the room.

Mikuru was still dressed as a bunny girl. She sobbed after being terrified and man-handled by the now smiling and satisfied Haruhi. She moved off to stand in front of the tea set and attempted her best to not show a sad face as that wouldn’t suit her role as a bunny maid.

Did I mention that in the time that Itsuki and I were in the hall, Haruhi had somehow reduced her age to 11? Perhaps I didn’t.

Oh well! At least the bunny girl costume had been shrunk to fit her adolescent frame in the process!

If only she could get past her fear and sadness, she’d have been a very cute little bunny girl! I resisted the impulse to hold her and comfort her as I noticed that Haruhi was watching my every move like a hawk.

One wrong move and Mikuru or I, for that matter, could find ourselves wearing diapers! I was certain of it!

“Haruhi, why is Mikuru now a child?” I ventured, hoping that the meanness she’d exhibited to her was only for her and not the rest of us.

The young Haruhi smiled, crossed her arms prominently displaying a band-aid on her left elbow, and said “I didn’t like the fact that she had bigger boobs than me!”

Yuki stopped typing on her computer and walked over to where Haruhi was standing.

“I suppose that I’m next, then?” she asked.

Haruhi looked her over; she was almost as tall, and definitely more endowed, even at age 12. She then said, “Nah! There’s no competition there!”

Yuki turned around and resumed her typing at the computer.

“Although-h-h,” began Haruhi as Yuki looked up from her keyboard and stared at her with her usual blank expression while still typing.

Haruhi thought better of it, put on a face that said it wasn't worth the bother, and said “Never mind!”

It was at that moment that she turned to me. 

(To be continued.)




End Chapter 2

The strange appearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2022


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