Occupational Hazard

by: Huggies20 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009


Sticks and Stones

When Christina becomes annoyed with a patron at the height of the holiday shopping season, her manager invokes one of business' oldest creeds: The customer is always right.

Jan 2, 2009


A Winter Chill

Christina learns that problem customers don't always go away once the sale is made.

Jan 2, 2009


A Dark Blue Christmas

Christina's visit to Santa doesn't go exactly as planned--or maybe it does.

Jan 2, 2009


Changing Room

While Christina waits for Thomas to bring her new clothes, she begins to remember a few things she'd rather forget.

Jan 2, 2009


Just Like Everyone Else

Christina and Thomas blend in a little better their second time in the Santa line.

Jan 2, 2009


The Morning After

Christina knows Santa isn't real--which makes her unexpected gift even more terrifying.

Jan 2, 2009

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