Occupational Hazard

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Chapter 5
Just Like Everyone Else

Chapter Description: Christina and Thomas blend in a little better their second time in the Santa line.

Christina’s eyes grew wide, and for the first time she looked down at herself. How was she even still standing? In place of her grown-up body she found chubby toddler’s legs and even chubbier arms. She looked in the grimy mirror. Her long, blonde hair was now short and curly. In fact, she looked exactly as she had when she and Mommy were just talking.

“No!” Christina lunged out and smacked Thomas’ hand. “No diapers!”

“They’re not diapers, Chrissy, they’re Pull-Ups. And they’ve come a long way since you were a little girl... the first time. Look, these little hearts disappear when you make tinkle so we can see when you need to be changed without even checking your dia...your Pull-Ups.”

“Noooooo!” Christina screamed. “Thomas bad man! No diapers for Cwistina! Make me a big girl again!”

“Chrissy, please, no yelling at the mall. Let’s use your indoor voice.”

“Fuck you!”

“Chrissy, that’s a bad word! A very bad word!” Thomas grabbed the small child by her waist and placed her on the changing table, knocking the bags in the floor. She shrieked as his hand met her rear. Don’t you EVER *smack* let me hear you *smack* say that again! Do you understand me?”

Christina’s face was red and wet as her wails continued. Thomas lifted her back down to the floor and opened the package of Pull-Ups. “Now let’s get some clothes on you so we can go see Santa. The mall closes soon, and we both have to work tomorrow morning, don’t we? Or at least I’ll be going to work.”

Christina laid on the cold, dirty floor and threw a full-on tantrum. Thomas grabbed her legs and managed to tug the Pull-Ups into place, followed by a pair of white tights he plucked from the second bag, marked “Baby Gap.” A red dress with white lace around the neck, hem and arms, and a pair of shiny black patent leather Mary Jane shoes completed the ensemble.

“There we go! That should make a darling Christmas card to send your mommy!”

He left the bags in the restroom as he carried the little girl out screaming. Her sobs didn’t stand out much in the Santa line, where several other toddlers also bawled at the prospect of meeting the big, bearded man face-to-face. Five minutes and two flashes later, the ordeal was over. Thomas handed the elf his credit card and purchased a souvenir photo of the eveining.

Christina assumed Thomas would be taking her back to the restroom until they passed it. “Where are we going? I thought you said after we saw Santa, I could go home?”

“That’s where you’re going. Home.”

“But I’m still a baby!”

“Not a baby, sweetie, just a precious little girl. And I don’t remember ever saying anything about changing you back before you went home. Now, would you like me to drive you there, or do you just want me to drop you off at your car? You can get historic plates by the time you’ll be old enough to drive it again!”

Christina started crying again. Thomas picked her up and hugged her. “Chrissy, Chrissy, wait a minute. Wait a second, sweetie, Thomas was only kidding. I was teasing you. I’m going to make you all grown up again. Just say the word.”

“What word?”


“I’ll say pwease but not ?till Cwistina get cwothes back.”

“Sweetie, we’ve already passed the bathroom where you left them, and your pants are still wet and stinky. Maybe driving home in your birthday suit will teach you how to treat your customers better next time. Unless you can give me a good reason to go back to that bathroom....”

He lifted her dress and pulled down the front of her tights. “Chrissy, I thought we were going to tell Mr. Thomas the next time we had to make tinkles.”

“I didn’t!” Chrissy yelled, stomping her foot.

“Your little hearts say you did. Why don’t we go find out who’s right?”

Chrissy squeezed the Pull-Up between her legs. It was wet! How could she have wet herself without even knowing it? Thomas picked her up. She was so tired. She started sucking her thumb. Wait, why was she sucking her thumb? It didn’t even taste good! But it felt so good. So rhythmic. So....



End Chapter 5

Occupational Hazard

by: Huggies20 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009


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