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Some food for thought before the beginning of the story

Apr 4, 2021


When regressed, what starts is your appearance. You no longer resemble a man, but a boy once again. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for everything to change.

Apr 4, 2021


Friend to Brother

When young and helpless, someone would inevitably be there for you to depend on. Especially if that means that person is treating you like a child.

Apr 4, 2021


Legally Minor

Sooner or later, society would catch on to your change. How is the law supposed to recognize you? The answer is complicated.

Apr 4, 2021


Back to School

You’re expected to go back to elementary school years after graduating, surrounded by kids your age. Would you be accepted as one of them, or be shunned just for being the new kid?

Apr 4, 2021


After spending some time looking like a child and being treated as one, you start to adjust and even begin acting like a child. That is when you reach an epiphany: you ARE a child again.

Apr 4, 2021

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