by: Bgh369 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 4, 2021

One man recalls his experiences after being suddenly regressed into a child. This is my first story in the AR Archive, and is a modified version of a story of mine on deviantart.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Some food for thought before the beginning of the story

Before I tell you my story, let me give you a scenario. Suppose that you wake up tomorrow and end up physically regressed, with all intelligence and memories intact despite being in a child’s body. How would you react? Would you be shocked at how much you have changed? Maybe you would be happy to be back in simpler times, with plenty of youthful energy. You could also be nervous about the unknown. You wouldn't yet know if you could still function as an adult or be placed in someone’s care.

Now think about your first day after being regressed. What is the first thing you do after finding out about your sudden regression? How would you spend your first day after being regressed? There would certainly be plenty of logistics to think about, especially if your regression is indefinite.

How would the people you know and love react to your change, especially your family? Would they still treat you like an adult, or start treating you like a child? How would you feel about the possibility of being re-enrolled in elementary school and socializing with kids your new age? Would you make plenty of new friends, or would you be a loner this time around? Would you treat this like your second chance to correct your mistakes?

Now you may ask, why am I asking these questions? Well, that is because it is exactly what happened to me earlier this year. I do not know how or why I was regressed, but all I knew was the fact that I was suddenly regressed. This is my story.



End Chapter 1


by: Bgh369 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 4, 2021


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