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Never Too Old To Be Taught A Lesson

by: d2og Last updated Mar 7, 2018

Commission from cowkites. Elizabeth Turner, fresh-out-of-college and feeling in over her head, is a newly hired teacher at the prestigious Vitae Academy. Between her age and her good looks, she's been having difficulty garnering the respect she believes she deserves. To make matters worse, one of her new students is a girl she used to babysit; a girl named Rachel that holds a grudge against her. When Elizabeth does something a bit drastic to get her class under her control, Rachel responds ten-fold and Elizabeth's life changes forever.

A Lesson Not Soon Forgotten by Cowkites

by: d2og Last updated Mar 7, 2018

Story I commissioned. 18 year old Rebecca is tutoring 12 year old Hannah. Too bad she's super rude about it, and too bad Hannah knows a bit of magic.

Little Sisters can be Such a Pain

by: d2og Last updated Feb 6, 2017

A commission I did last year and forgot to post. A little sister turns the tables on her older sister while bra shopping.

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