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Can't Go Back

by: Romano Last updated Feb 24, 2015

Eric West is a big bad corporate lawyer and Zach is his right hand man. Their easy, working relationship suddenly delves into something totally unexpected after a peculiar mishap in a lab changes everything for the mentor and mentee.

Big Bad World

by: Romano Last updated Feb 6, 2015

It was never Alec Grayson’s plan to aim an unforgiving gun at a dark-haired, sniffling toddler who was once a tall, muscular FBI agent only minutes prior, with a thoughtful finger idly massaging the trigger.

Brand New Day

by: Romano Last updated Jan 3, 2015

Seventeen-year-old Ryder Ellis is a troubled, certified genius, who lives with his last remaining family member and guardian, Daniel. Things are slowly starting to look up when he is suddenly plagued by recurrent headaches that only seem to be getting worse. Yet never in his wildest imagination could he ever have dreamt the cause.

Heard You Crying

by: Romano Last updated Dec 1, 2014

Zach wakes up in what he swiftly determines is an alternate reality - one where Eric grows concerned every time he calls him Eric, and he can't seem to stop shedding stupid tears.

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