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The Great Divide

by: thepaddedquill Last updated Oct 18, 2012

A story commissioned by bribri666 about a man learning what it takes to fill a little boy's pants. Wait, that sounds bad. Ah, you'll figure it out.

A Fitting Position

by: thepaddedquill Last updated Aug 14, 2012

Consider one Margaret Everywoman. Today, our beloved Margaret is going in for a job interview at a large pharmaceuticals company, a job for which she is woefully under qualified. What Margaret doesn't know, is that she is in fact interviewing for a position in.... This AB/DL/AR story! *dramatic stab* This is a story that was written as part of a trade with SebTomato and I think it came out rather cutely, if a tad bit unethical.

Reality Filter

by: thepaddedquill Last updated Aug 6, 2012

Two friends who love to role play online find a new chat program that has a little bit of a problem telling reality from roleplay. This story commissioned by and for Iso Cross, based on his ideas and requests.

Hide and No Seek

by: thepaddedquill Last updated Aug 2, 2012

After a long night of partying, a young girl flees from the cops, stumbling through a door and into... A nursery of some sort? Just roll with it. A commission for my good friend FoxingtonIII

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