Trish vs Maliena

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2007

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: becoming mommy Trish Stratus

JR: Hello everybody and welcome to Raw last week we saw one weird crazy match it was Trish vs Malina in a age regression match witch means the looser will have to be turned into a baby and the winner will be the mommy and that was the case last week when trish beat Malina and regressed her then diapered her right in front of us. Now we got exclucive footige of Trish taking care of her new baby girl Malina lets take a look.

JUMBOTRON: Malina stop cryin ok it’s going to be ok it’s going to wear off soon and you will be out of diapers and right back into bra and panties ok sweety. Speeking of diapers Mommy Trish is going to have to change your bum.

Malina: noooo!!!

Trish: yes!! (and if you say no one more time your going to be my baby for the rest of your life witch means alot more diaper changes!!, now lets get that dirty diaper off you cutie.

Malina: mommy me sticky

Trish: yes you are baby so lets get this diaper off ok now time to clean you up baby wipes Malina: thats cold mommy but your gentile Trish: thanx Malina her comes the powder and the best part of the diaper change THE DIAPER so let mommy put it under your bum and bring it over your privite area and taping the diaper up THERE WE GO ALL DONE so lets get you into a onsie it’s way to hot to wear anything else.

Malina crying a bit: Trish i’m sorry i’m kinda getting use to this get i be your baby girl forever pwease mommy.

Trish: sure you can Malina i’m also getting use to having you as my baby girl i’m espcially getting use to changing your cute diapers and also the stuff that injected you with will not let you grow up again sorry.

Malina: silly mommy niddles are for doctors. bye bye

JR: well ladies and Gentleman thats all folks!!



End Chapter 2

Trish vs Maliena

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2007


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