A growing experience

by: Writer Nick | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 25, 2007

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: A strange night, a weird morning

Stephany slowly awakened to the sound of birds singing. Even before she had opened her eyes, she realized that it was probably still very early. The air in the small hotel room still felt cool, and the ray of light that penetrated the curtains had a warm orange colour.

Lazily, she opened her eyes to a slit, turned on her back and arched her back, stretching out her arms to both sides and opening her mouth for a big yawn. Then, as her hand met with something that felt like skin, she shut it again abrubtly.

In an instant fully awake, Stephany sat up, eyes wide open, and turned her head to see what she had touched. The back of her left hand rested on the slightly hairy chest of a good looking young man, who seemed to be about nineteen years old. Just before she could start wondering about what this guy was doing in her bed, or how a boy almost twice her age could seem so small, the memory of the night before started seeping back into her conciousness. Half shocked, she put her hand to her mouth and felt her cheeks heating up as she remembered the things she had allowed him to do with her body; the places she had let him touch; the things she had done to him...

A deep groan erupted beside her and the spring mattress creaked as two big arms with well-formed biceps were extended into the air and a mouth of shiny white teeth let out a giant yawn. Eyelids opened up to reveal two perfectly blue eyes, that met her stare with seeming satisfaction.

“Morning babe”, he groaned.

“M..morning..” she managed to stammer back.

The boy half sat up, leaning on his right arm and used his left hand to brush away a lock of smooth blonde hair from before his eyes. Then the arm was extended to touch her waist.

Discomfort suddenly created an itchy feeling in Stephany’s stomach and she quickly rolled away, stepping out of bed to evade the boys hand. This seemed to surprise him, because he sat up further, making the covers slide off the bed. Stephany blushed at the sight of his body, now fully revealed, and at his erect manhood.

She then looked down, saw her own naked body; that of a sixteen year old. Breasts and crotch in open view, and blushed again.

From the door of the linnen closet hang her sisters bath robe. She hurried around the bed and quickly put it on. While she still struggled with the belt, trying to make a ty, the boy swung his legs to the side of the bed and looked at her desiringly.

“What’s the matter, babe? It’s okay. Why don’t you come back to bed for a little while? I’ll make you feel just the way you did yesterday. You remember yesterday, don’t you?”

Oh, yes. She remembered, and part of her told her to do just as he had said. Told her how good it had felt and how much she wanted to feel him close to her again. But another part of her was screaming inwardly, confused; terrified; reminding her of who she really was: a ten year old girl, and wanting the older boy to disappear. Besides, she needed to go to the bathroom.

“I’m going to take a shower”, she said, more confidently than she felt. “In the mean time, I think you should get dressed and go.”

“Are you okay, babe? Is something wrong?”

“I’m fine. Just make sure you’re out of here before my parents wake up. They’ve got a room down the hall.” That worked. The boy was apparently in no hurry to meet any girls parents this early in the morning. As he started picking up his clothes from the carpet, Stephany stepped out into the shady corridor and softly shut the door behind her. Then she almost fell, stumbling over the legs of her sister Carol, who had apparently fallen asleep where she sat in front of the door.

Carol snorted, and moved a leg but didn’t seem to wake up. She looked terrible. Stephany almost felt for her, the shock she had undergone yesterday. She carefully stepped over her sister and made her way to the bathroom.

Instead of having the shower she had planned to take, or actually going to the bathroom, Stephany just sat down on the toilet lid and tried to figure out what to do next. She couldn’t stay like this, could she? What would her parents say? Maybe they wouldn’t even recognize her and send her away! The longer Stephany thought about it, the more she became certain that she had to become normal again some way. But how? She didn’t even know what had happened to make her look like this in the first place. All she knew was that she had gone to sleep, and when she woke up, she had looked like this. She did remember having a strange dream though. A dream in which she had been in Wonderland, growing huge from eating a mushroom. She had been Alice... Alice....... The old lady had been called Alice. The lady who had given her the amulet. That strange amulet! Immediately as it crossed her mind, Stephany was certain that it must have been the amulet that had done this. Those inscriptions on its surface must have been a magical formula of some kind. She reached inside her bathrobe, touching the skin between her breasts, but found that she wasn’t wearing the amulet now. The boy must’ve taken it off the previous night. Stephany decided that she would go find it as soon as the boy was gone and give it back to old Alice. It scared her and she wanted to have nothing to do with it anymore. But first she had to become normal again.



End Chapter 2

A growing experience

by: Writer Nick | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 25, 2007


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