Chirstmas Cookies

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 11, 2006

Who would’ve thought that a small gift from a wishing store would change a mother and daughter’s fate forever? And even on Christmas!

Chapter 1
Chirstmas Cookies

Chapter Description: Who would’ve thought that a small gift from a wishing store would change a mother and daughter’s fate forever? And even on Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day in the lovely town of Morrisville. Every Christmas Day children unwrap their presents, families get together, and loved ones get close to one another. But on this Christmas is when a mother and daughter’s lives get changed forever.


Inside a small apartment complex on the other side of town, a mother and a young daughter were gathered around the Christmas tree opening their presents and being as happy as they could. The mother, Nicole Linhart, sat on the sofa with opened presents like sweaters, jewelry, and kitchen appliances from family and friends were all around her. Her daughter Susan Linhart, Suzy for short, sat cross-legged on the floor opening her last gift, surrounded by children clothes, Barbie dolls, and Barbie play sets her relatives and friends gave her. She opened her last gift from her mother and was excited because in her hands is a DVD of “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.”

“Wow mom, just what I always wanted!” she said in the most cheerful of voices, “Thank you!” Her mother watched her daughter with the most peaceful eyes and smiled. “You’re welcome sweetie.” she said in the most pleasant of tones, “Well, I afraid that’s all the gifts we have for today. We should have a nice brunch and get ready because mommy’s got a Christmas date for this afternoon.” She was about to stand up out of her sofa and head to the kitchen to cook something up for both her and her daughter until... “Wait mommy, I got one more gift for you and me!” said Suzy. Nicole looked at her daughter oddly and was confused at what she means. “One more gift.” “Yeah mommy, I got this in a store at a mall. Let me get it.” She said as she crawled under the Christmas tree and searched for the gift. “Now, where is it?”

Nicole couldn’t help but to chuckle a little bit for her daughter. She then sit back and remember all the accomplishments she did to get her to where she was. Being 32, she managed to survive on her own after graduating college and is now working as a sells rep at a Nordstrom department store in a mall not far from where she lives. But after giving birth to Suzy at age 27, the love she use to have left her, leaving her alone to take care of a baby girl. But now she’s leaving that in the past and turning her life around. She now has a new boyfriend in her life and he’s going to take her out on Christmas for a romantic dinner and a night in the town. When she heard about the news, she was getting ready for this moment. She had her straight raven black hair cut short so it went down her neck. Her face was smooth and elegant with high cheekbones and a few laugh lines around her dark brown eyes and full puffy lips, so she got the finest makeup in her store to help make her more beautiful then before. Even though her age was showing, she still has a killer body underneath her dark red silhouette robe. Being 5’9, she was a little big for her age, but she liked being the tallest woman in the house. Her 48C breasts were ripe and were showing a little cleavage, making her look sexy with her robe. Though she gained a little weight after having a baby, she has her luscious curves and expanded hips of her hourglass shape and her butt was a round, upside down, bubble shaped heart. Her legs were long and smoothly firm, but they weren’t as toned as they were back in her twenties. And too top it all off, her creamy peach skin with a hint of tanning matched her beauty.

Though she liked to go out with her new love on Christmas, the downside is that she has to take her daughter with her because the babysitter was with her family on the holidays and was away from town. But she had no other choice because she didn’t want her daughter to be all alone in the house. Suzy is 5-years-old with a height of 3’1”. She had light brown hair with small pigtails on the topsides and a chubby freckled face with hazel nut eyes. She had lost her first baby tooth on the top front two months ago after tripping on the sidewalk and landed face first, but the rest of her teeth stayed intact and the way she talked made her sound a little hissy. Her body was a little pudgy underneath her Barbie pajamas with her arms and legs showing a little baby fat and her waist a little plumped. Nicole always wondered what happens when her baby girl grows up, but she always come to the conclusion that no matter how much Suzy grows, she’s going to be around to see it.

Just as she was about to get comfortable, little Suzy appeared out of nowhere holding a cubed shaped present with a bow wrapped around it and a note on top. “Here you go mom, Merry Christmas!” she said all excitedly. Her mother looked at the present very oddly and took it from her little hands to read the note on it. “To Nicole and Susan Linhart, Happy Holidays from all of us at Wishful Thinking?” said Nicole qwerking one of her eyebrows up. “Yes mommy.” said Suzy, “It’s a store where all your wishes come true.” Nicole inspected the gift, a little curious of what’s inside it. “And exactly where did you see this store?” she asked. “It was close to the indoor playground you left me when you were working.” answered Suzy.

Nicole shook her head and rubbed the temples of her forehead. “Susan Linhart, I thought I told you not to leave the playground until I come to pick you up.” she said in his most harshest of tones. “Sorry mom,” Suzy said a little sad, but brightened a little, “but I wanted to see this store for myself. When I went into the store, there was nothing in there but a desk. But some old man appeared through the curtain in the back and he was kind to me. I asked him what-“ “You asked him?” her mother protestedly said, “I also told you never to talk to strangers.” “But he was so nice to me at the store.” Suzy said, trying to give her mother some understanding. “Now when I ask him what this store all about he said that it’s where wishes come true. He told me it doesn’t matter if the wish is big or small, the wish will change your life forever. He even asked what I want to wish for.” Her mother was a little curious on her daughter actions at the mall and thought what type of wish she said. “Well, what did you wish for?” Nicole asked, “A pony?”

Suzy giggled a little about that thought, but shook her head. “No, it will be too big in my room.” she said in a happily mood, “What I wish for is for me to be in your shoes and you in my shoes.” That answer made Nicole’s smile faded and had a look of confusion. “You mean if you and I would switch roles?” Suzy nodded for a yes. “But why do you want to wish for something like that?” Nicole asked. “Because,” answered Suzy, “I want to be just like you. You’re pretty, you’re smart, you’re big, you’re brave, you’re everything I want to be when I grow up.” “Then why do you want me to be you?” “Because I want to see how cute you are.” Suzy said giggling again.

But for Nicole, she had her head down and shook it back and forth for a no. She knew that she would talk to her daughter about a girl’s development to womanhood, but she never thought it would be this soon. So without holding on to it much longer, she looked up at Suzy and started talking. “Listen sweetie, I know you want to be like me when you’re older but it takes time for you to mature and grow up. You still have a long life ahead of you and if you speed that life up, you are going to miss out on everything you could be accomplishing. Not only that, it’s too late for me to go back to my childhood. I have succeeded in so much in my life and the last thing I want is to return to being a child and start all over again. Besides, I think this present you got from him is just a fake. How much did that present cost anyways?” “Um... He actually said that that gift was free.” Answered little Suzy as her mom blinked her eyes in surprise. “It was free? Wow, I never knew that. But still, it’s just a useless gift he gave you to make you feel happy.” “It’s not useless!” Suzy protested, “The old man said that there’s magic in that gift that will make my wish come true. If you don’t believe me, then see for yourself!”

Suzy’s mother was shocked at the sudden outburst from her only child and was about to punish her. But decide to let it slide since its Christmas. Instead, she decided to open this present and show her daughter that this gift in phony. She carefully untied the ribbon and ripped the wrapping paper apart to reveal a cubicle green box with designs on the side and a label that said ?Wishful Thinking: Where all your wishes come true.’ She opened the box and took a peek inside it. What she saw in the gift made her smile and laugh. “I’m sorry dear,” she said still snickering, “but I’m afraid he gave nothing but baked goods.” She showed the box to her daughter and Suzy took a look inside. What she saw wasn’t anything wishful at all. What’s inside were just two tree shaped cookies with hard green frosting and the names, ?Nicole Linhart, 5’ and ?Susan Linhart, 32’ labeled with white vanilla icing.

Suzy just stood there in shock when she saw the cookies. “But- But- But- I thought that the box might have contained some magical dust, or a gemstone, or a secret potion or something.” she said completely flabbergasted. “I know,” told her mother, “but this is what happens when you talk to strangers. Especially ones that work in a store I never heard of.” She then looked at the inside of the box and sighed. “Sadly, we can’t return it because it was free and we can’t let them go to waist.”

After a few moments of thinking it through, Nicole came up with an idea. “I got it. Why don’t we have these with our brunch? Since there are only two cookies inside this box I think we should each eat the cookies. What do ya say?” Suzy couldn’t help but to bow his head in shame and couldn’t believe that the present is nothing but two cookies. “Sure...” was all she said. Upon hearing that, Nicole stood up and headed to the kitchen. “Whenever you’re ready dear,” she said, “come to the kitchen table before you miss you’re brunch.” When Nicole left the living area, Suzy let her feet slide on the carpet floor; ashamed at the worthless gift she got for both her and her mother.


A few minutes later, Suzy was sitting at the kitchen table with the cookies on the small plate in the middle while her mother was making brunch for both her and her daughter. She was still saddened about the fact there was no real magic in that boxed present, just two little baked goods. She looked at the plate, picked up the cookie that has her name on it, and inspected it. She finds it odd because her name was on the cookie, but why does it say 32 on the bottom? Just before she would come up with an answer, her mother appeared and she was holding a dish in one hand and a bowl in the other.

“O.K. sweetie, brunch is here!” said Nicole as she approached the table and placed the plate in front of her daughter. “I made your favorite, blue berry pancakes.” Suzy looked at the plate that has two pancakes stacked together with blueberries in them and topped off with butter and maple syrup. “Wow! Thanks mom, you’re the best!” she said with a cheerful expression, getting her mind off the gift. “Your welcome Suzy.” Nicole said as she placed a bowl of low fat oatmeal with a strawberry swirl on her side and headed back to the kitchen to get the drinks. When she returned she placed a tall glass of orange juice on her daughter’s side and a cup coffee on her side. She then took a seat but notices that Suzy was still holding on to her cookie.

“I see you’re a little impatient.” Suzy’s mother said, “Very well.” She reached her hand to the plate and picked up the second cookie that has her name on it. “We were going to save this for desert, but I believe they will count as an appetizer as well.” She raised the cookie up in the air and gave a toast. “To a very wonderful Christmas.” Suzy raised her cookie and toasted back. “Ah yes! To the best Christmas ever!” After their toasts, they both took a byte at their cookies and were amazed at the taste of it. They continued munching down on the cookies until there was nothing left. “Mmm... that was the most delicious cookie I’ve ever tasted.” said Nicole. Suzy licked the remaining crumbs off her lips and said, “Oh yes mommy, it tasted soooo good.” Once they were done with their cookies, they started eating their brunch.

They were just halfway through their meals when suddenly Nicole felt a small gust of wind on her side. “Whoa, did you feel that chill Suzy?” she asked, “Must’ve came out of a window or something.” “No mommy, I didn’t feel anything.” said Suzy as she takes another byte at her pancakes. “In fact, I feel a little warm. Maybe too warm.” “That’s strange. I thought I set the heater to low.” Said Nicole as she got out of her seat and left the table. “I’m going to see if any windows are opened and check the heater to see if it’s on the fritz.”

As Nicole left the kitchen to see if there are any problems in her apartment, Suzy was enjoying her delicious pancakes one byte at a time. But just as she was about to have another piece, she noticed a small foreign white object on top of her half eaten pancakes. When she picked it up with her fingers to inspect it, she realized what it was. It was a tooth, her tooth! She immediately dropped it and it landed back on the plate. She was shocked to see her tooth fall unexpectedly but before she could do something about it, another tooth fell on the plate. That made Suzy concerned at what’s happening to her. She then picked up her clean spoon and smiled at the back end of it, revealing three black gaps on her perfectly line baby teeth. While she was looking at her teeth, her mother returned and shaking her head.

“I just don’t get it.” said Nicole, “All the windows are closed and the heater is fine. I don’t understand why-“ She stopped in mid sentence when she saw her daughter looking at herself through the back end of the spoon. “Sweetie, what are you doing?” she asked as her daughter looked up to her and answered. “Mommy, I think I’m loosing my baby teeth.” While she said that, two more pairs of teeth came out of her mouth and went on to table. Nicole looked at the table to see four of Suzy’s teeth, then turned her head back at her daughter with a look of concern. She approached her daughter’s side of the table and bent over to see Suzy, face to face. “Open your mouth please.” She said as Suzy reluctantly opened her mouth. When Nicole took a closer look at her daughter’s mouth that a few of her baby teeth were a little loose and on the verge of falling off while adult teeth were slowly coming of the gums, filling out the gaps. She was going to say something but somehow, her mind click and began saying something different.

“Why sweetie, you’re beginning to grow up. It looks like you’re loosing your baby teeth, but don’t worry. When you grow up, you will have a set of strong healthier teeth. You are going to be an adult before you know it.” Upon hearing the news, Suzy looked at her mother, smiled, and said, “Really?” Her mother nodded. “Cooool!” she said when another baby tooth went out her mouth and fell to the floor. Lucky for her, Nicole lifted her hand and grabbed the tooth before it went to the floor. “I’m going to get a napkin for you to hold the discarded teeth.” She said as she left the kitchen table to get the napkin and came back with it with the last tooth she saved. She then places it on the table to let Suzy get the other teeth on the napkin. “There you go my little angel”. Nicole said in the nicest of tones. “Just hang on to them until tonight and I’m sure that the tooth fairy will give you a huge check.” Suzy couldn’t help but smile, only to have another tooth fall out of her mouth and on her lap. When she picked it up and places it on her napkin, Nicole shrugged her shoulders a little and straightened her neck. “It’s getting late. Why don’t you go to your room and watch that movie I got you until I get back there and help you dress up.” she said, “Now be a good girl until I’m there.” “O.K. Mommy.” Suzy said as another tooth came out of her mouth while talking.

Once she picked up the tooth and put it in the napkin, she got off her seat and started walking to her room. Her mother watched as her little six-year-old trotted back to her room with her pajamas look a little small on her. Before she got suspicious, something in her mind made her think differently. “My girl is really starting to grow up. She will be going to need new clothes pretty soon.” She then sat back down to finish her oatmeal, but not before she readjusted her chair a little as she was getting pretty uncomfortable on it.


A few minutes later, Suzy was sitting on her bed in her room, watching “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses”. Right next to her was the napkin that has some of her discarded baby teeth. So far she has lost four to five more during the past few minutes with a couple of others that will join them soon. Just like that, another tooth feel out of her mouth and onto her lap. She picked it up and placed it on the napkin just as always. After a few more minutes, all of her baby teeth were out of her mouth, leaving her adult teeth to grow out of her gums and fill out.

After another few minutes through the movie, she squirmed on her bed and readjusted the collar of her buttoned long sleeve shirt and waist tied pants as they felt a little snug on her. She went back to her movie but after a while, her pajamas feel a little more tighter then usual. She tried to adjust her clothes a little more but it kept getting worse. “Why are my clothes feel so uncomfortable?” she asked herself, “It’s getting hard for me to breath even.” She jumped off her bed, leaving the movie on, and walked around furiously; trying to remove the clothes she had on to get some air but with very little effort.

Little does Suzy know that her body was actually growing out of her clothes. If she had a full-length mirror in her room, she would see her 7-year-old body showing a little more exposed skin. The bottom of her shirt began to rise up, showing off her belly button stomach. The cuffs of her shirt that were just around her wrist were now below it. Even the cuffs of her pants legs were riding a little higher showing off the skin of her now growing legs. She removed her slippers to get some comfort but her growing feet were getting cramped in her short socks. While her body was growing, Suzy’s face was changing as well. She was loosing some of her chubbiness but it was still rounded on her cheeks as her nose was growing a little bigger. Her light brown hair grew a few inches as her pigtails were filling out a little more.

As time went by, her pajamas were constricting her movement, making it hard for her to walk around. After trying a walk to her bed, she then fell to the ground and landed on her back. She lay there on the carpeted floor, letting her body grow out of her Barbie pajamas.


Back in the kitchen, Nicole was washing the dishes of the brunch both her and Suzy had. She sighed at the fact that her little girl is growing up so fast, but no matter how old she’ll be, her mother we’ll be around to see it. After finishing washing them, she dried her hands and combed her hair with one of her dry hands. But she went to the back of the head, she found something odd. For her raven black hair that was down her neck now grew a few inches and almost went down to her shoulders. “That’s strange...” she said with a curious look, “I thought I had my hair cut a few days ago for my date.” She tried to figure it out why her hair grew too fast but something in her mind made her click again. “Oh well. I guess its nothing to worry about.”

She then tightens her robe when she realized it was a tad too loose on her 30-year-old body. After doing that, she placed the wet dishes into the dishwasher and let it do the rest of the work. When she was done, the phone hung on the wall rings a couple of times before she could pick it up and answers. “Hello?”

?Hey there baby.’

“Oh hey there Richard!”

On the phone was Richard Raimundo, Nicole’s boyfriend for six months. He’s a 31-year-old businessman that buys and sells houses. She met him one day at a caf? in town and it was love in first site. They’ve been on a couple of dates every month and they’ve done everything from romantic movies to strolls in the park. Now they are going on a Christmas dinner in one of the most popular exquisite restaurants in town.

?Merry Christmas my dear Nicky.’

Nicole couldn’t help but snicker at the remark. She hasn’t heard that name since she was in college.

“Merry Christmas to you to Rich”

?So how was your Christmas morning?’

“It was pretty good. I was glad with all the presents I have but Suzy was so happy with what she got for the holidays. By the way, thanks for the diamond encrusted necklace you gave me. I’m going to wear it on our date tonight.”

?That’s good to hear. I can’t wait for this date tonight, especially your little daughter you told me about.’

“Oh you mean Suzy? You are going to love her when you meet her. She is a sweet, generous, wonderful kid.”


Speaking of Suzy, she was still lying on the floor moaning in agony as her growing body was tightening her pajamas beyond the limit. Her arms and legs were a little longer, letting the cuffs on her sleeves and legs tearing by the threads. The pants lace that was tied around her waistband was untying itself from the increasing body mass as her pajama pants slowly slid down her waist. The bottom of her shirt was slowly sliding up past her stomach as the buttons that was holding the front of her shirt begins to pop and flew off and the seams on the side were ripping and tearing. Her socks were losing most of its cloth material when they were looking more like spider webs around her feet then socks. She couldn’t take the pain much longer as her clothes were suffocating her circulation of her body as all the fabrics and threads was shredding to bits. Just as she thought she was going to die due to constricting outfits, there was one loud...


Suzy finally took a breather as what’s left of her pajamas looked like the end results of the She Hulk hulking out. She was able to stand up to see her world looked a little smaller then before. What she doesn’t know was that her height had increased by ten inches on her 8-year-old body. Her arms and legs were lengthy and thin, her body was slim, and some of the baby fat she once had being five was long gone. Even her face had changed as her features looked less rounded, her nose was a little flat, and her hair was thinker and was down her neck.

Suzy then looked down at her tattered clothes and was a little embarrassed for the moment. The only thing that wasn’t exposing her entire body was her cotton panties with a Hello Kitty character on the front, covering her lower area but that was going to tear apart by the elastics. As she was starring at her half nude body and was disgusted by it. “Why am I wearing these stupid clothes?” she said as her voice sounded like a young kid then a child. She tried to figure out how children pajamas were on her, but she was having a hard time remembering it. It’s like a dense fog blanketing her train of thought, making it hard to think. After trying to get her head straight, she brushed that question off her mind and shrugged her shoulders a little. “Oh well, better get some new clothes fast. Don’t want to be naked in the apartment all day.”

Suzy removed the tatter remains of her shirt and pants as well as the bands that hold her pigtails together that made her hair go down to the bottom of her neck; thinking that they look stupid on her head. She even ripped her child panties off her waist, exposing her bare privates. She then headed to the closet door to find new clothes for her. But when she opened her door, all she found was nothing but clothes fit for a 5-year-old. “What?!” Suzy outburst, “These aren’t my clothes!” She took out a pink t-shirt with a Bugs Bunny face on it that’s a tab too small for her and tossed it to the side. Then she took out a pair blue jean shorts with flowers labeled on the pants pockets that were really short and threw those away. Suzy kept on throwing out children clothes everywhere, trying to find her proper attire. She can even reach the clothes on the second rack since her arms were long enough to get them. She was unaware that when she threw a green long sleeve shirt, it covered the napkin with all her baby teeth on it. “Where are my clothes!” she said as she continued on her onslaught against her former pieces of clothing.


Back in the kitchen, Nicole was still talking to her boyfriend on the phone while tightening her robe a little more as it was getting loose again. As she listened in on her boyfriend’s conversation, she twisted the tips of her now longer hair, which now grew down her upper back.

?Look, I know it’s been hard for you all these years.’ said Richard through the phone, ?You’re struggling to make it in the business, trying to pay rent in the house. But the most important thing you ever done was raising a kid all by yourself while sacrificing everything for her. You must be one strong woman.’

“Thanks for the compliment Ritchie.” said Nicole, “Ever since Suzy was born, I was still a college girl. But after that, she was the one that help me accomplish my goals and help go through with life. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what to do.”

She smiled when she said that but stopped there when her mind started to click again. Since when did she gave birth to her daughter when she was in college? She tried to recollect her memories on when Suzy was born but they were being completely clouded in her brain. She started remembering giving birth to her when she was 21 but her mind was having a hard time remembering if she gave birth to her in the later years. After trying to figure it out, she leaves that question behind and asked Richard a question.

“So, when are you going to come?”

?I’ll be here like... an hour and a half. Thought maybe we leave early so we have time enjoying ourselves before our dinner.’

“That’s sounds great! I’ll tell Suzy the news.”

?Are you sure you want to bring your daughter along with us.’

“Of course I’m sure. She wants to see you so bad and I think it is the right opportunity to see you in person. Besides, her babysitter is away for the holidays, so I don’t know anyone else that would take care of her.”

?You think she will behave?’

“Of course she will. My girl is 9-years-old, I think she is mature enough to behave in the restaurant.”

Suddenly, Nicole heard a scream of Suzy coming down to the kitchen.


Nicole sighed at that loud tone and rubbed the temples of her head.

?What was that?’ was all that Richard would ask.

“Nothing.” She answered, “I better go and get ready for tonight. See you soon. Call me.”

Before Richard could ask a few more questions, she hung up the phone and turned her head at the direction where hers and Suzy’s rooms was. “Ah Susan, what have you done now?” she whispered as she came out of the kitchen and ran as her 28-year-old, athletic legs could take her.


Back in Suzy’s room, Suzy was flinging clothes around trying to find the one that fits her. “No, no, no, NO!” Her frustration and anxiety was building up. But just before she was about to lose it, her mother appeared through the doorway and looked around to see clothes lying on the floor, bed, desk, and even on the chair. “What is the meaning of this!” Nicole said in her angriest of tones.

Suzy turned around and see her mother, letting Nicole stare at the body of a skinny, pre-teen girl at the age of ten instead of an adorable 5-year-old. Suzy’s arms and legs looked like branches from a tree while her ribs were visible underneath her flat chest. Her face was also maturing as it crosses the line from child to adult. The shape of her face is right between round to oval as her cheeks were thinning, her nose a little longer, and freckles were beginning to fade away. Her hair had grown down to her middle back as the strands of hair were shining through the light.

“Mom, where are my clothes!?” said Suzy in a demanding voice, “I’ve been looking for them in my closet and all I could find is these baby clothes!” Nicole shook her head and tried to calm her daughter. “Look Suzy, I don’t know-“ “Don’t call me Suzy!!!” she said in a very loud voice, “I’m not a little kid anymore!” Nicole just sighed. “All right Susan, I thought that all your clothes were inside your closet the whole time.” “Oh no it’s not, my closet has nothing there but clothes fit for a toddler. They’re too small and way to embarrassing for me to go out in public. You’ve got to help me find my clothes right now! I don’t want to be walking around with nothing to wear all day.”

Nicole rubbed her forehead and groan in despair. Ever since her daughter turned ten, it was getting hard for her to keep her straight. Susan had become bossy, arrogant, and downright mean. Plus whenever they go shopping, Susan always forces her mother to get what she wants, which makes it bad for her credit bill. Her daughter was no longer the child she once was and Nicole was afraid of what would happen when she turns into a teenager.

After trying to think this through, Nicole came up with an idea. “I got it. Why don’t you wear one of my shirts for a little while and when I’m done getting ready for my date, I’ll help you find your clothes. What do you say?” Susan turned her head away from her mother and pouted. “Fine, whatever...” Nicole took that as a yes but was sad to see her daughter acting like a complete brat to her. She thought that maybe when she grows up, she’ll be more mature then before. Hoping that would happen, she left Susan’s room and headed to her room to get a t-shirt.

After a few minutes of searching, Nicole returned with a large shirt she used when she was indoors cleaning. She offered it to Susan, who was still exposed to her naked 11-year-old body. She had already gained a few inches while she was waiting, but the first signs of puberty were beginning to take place. Her boyish hips grew an inch or two wide as a few little light brown hairs began sprouting on her smooth lower region. But the most important thing was that her nipples were beginning to poke out of her chest, becoming the first development of breasts

“Here you go.” she said, “It’s not much, but it will cover your entire body until I help you with clothes.” Susan looked at the shirt and thought it was better then wearing nothing. So she took the shirt and put it on over her head, letting the bottom part fall right to the knees. “Thanks Nicole.” she said with a smile and a tone much pleasant then the last one, “You are the best sister ever.” Nicole couldn’t help but smile at her little sister. “Why you’re very welcome my little sis.”

Just when she said that, her mind snapped as she realized what she said. Since when did she ever call Susan her sister? And was she supposed to be the mother of this kid? All these thoughts were spinning around her head, but this strange force inside her brain was clouding her judgment. After what seems to be like an eternity of pondering, she came to the conclusion that she’s too young to become a mother. Being 26, she has no time in being a mother of children let alone raise them. Come to think of it, she does remember her mother telling her to take care of her little sister while she was away on Christmas vacation, not that she will cause any trouble what so ever. So her guess is that her sister won’t do anything too problematic for her date tonight.

“Sister...” said Susan as her big sister looked at her, wondering what she’s going to say. “Yes Susan.” “I was wondering... When I grow up to be just like you, do you think that I- you think that I would- do you think that I would have big breasts like yours?” Susan asked as she touched her pointed nipples that her shirt covered with her fingertips at the same time looking at her big sisters cleavage in her robe. Nicole just smirked and cupped her precious rack. “Of course you can sis.” she answered, “But give it a few more years and trust me, you’ll have jugs as big as mine.” Susan smiled at that thought and imagined herself with huge breasts.

“Listen squirt,” interrupted Nicole, “it’s getting kind of late. I should head back to my room and get ready for tonight. Now be a good girl and stay in your room till I get back. Okay?” Susan snapped out of her trance and answered, “Okay...” As soon as Nicole left, Susan went back to rubbing her nipples when she felt flesh around them growing. At first her mind was telling her to panic, but for some strange reason, her mind then told her it was all-natural. So she went back to rubbing and kept dreaming about her future. “Soon,” she whispered to herself, “when I grow up, I’m going to be big and beautiful as my big sister.”


Meanwhile, Nicole was in her room getting ready for her date. On her bed were her clothes needed to make her look beautiful such as a long black one shoulder strap dress, a black strapless bra, black high cut panties, dark silky pantyhose that goes up to her waist, and a pair of black 3-inch heels. She even has baby oil to make her skin look shiny before dressing up. But before she would do anything, she has to take a shower to keep her body clean.

Nicole untied the knot on her dark red robe to and removed the silhouette piece of cloth then slid down her pink cotton brief panties. After doing that, she took a quick glance at her full-length mirror to admire her young body. Even thought she’s 25, she is one HELL of a bombshell. Her huge 32C cup breasts stood proudly on her chest, her arms and legs are tones, firm, and shapely, her lower area had a nice soft patch of dark pubic hair, and her waist, which once had a few extra pounds in her, was now flat and had a slim hourglass figure that women would kill to get one. She turned her back at the mirror to see her bubble shape rear with hips that make her look like one of them dancers that shake their ass in the music videos as her hair grew down between the middle and lower section of her back. She turned back around to get a close up at her angelic, lineless face and pouted her lips for a kiss. “Damn girl, you look mighty sexy.” She said as she took a pose, “With a killer body like this, there’s no way Richard would resist you.”

She then took a few posses at the mirror while tracing her slender body with her delicate fingers that had inch and a half long nails. She always dreamed of going out with a hot guy like Richard, now her dream has come true. Even though they were five years apart... or was it six year? ... Yes it was six years. Even though they were six years apart, he was still such a mature and handsome man. She then took one more pose and placed her hands on her soft squishy breasts. “No more college girl life for me. From now on, I am a full fledged independent woman.” Nicole said as she winked to the mirror. But just when she did that, something in her mind made her rethink of what she just said. “Wait a sec... Did I graduate from college already?”

Just as she thought she was still in college or not, there was a knock at the door. “Sister...” it was Susan at the door and her voice sounded a little lower then before, “Could you please open this door? I need help.” Nicole just sighed and shook her head knowing that her little sister always come in her room and interrupt her privacy. “I’m coming!” She walked over to her white bathrobe that was also on her bed to pick it up and cover her nude 24-year-old body. She then approached the door and opens it to reveal 13-year-old Susan. She somewhat gained a few inches for the last ten minutes as the bottom of her temporary T-shirt seem to have risen above her knees and her legs were beginning to fill out and take shape.

“What do you want this time shrimp?” asked Nicole as she was tapping her foot furiously. “Sorry if I interrupted something Nicole.” said Susan in an apologizing way. “But I was wondering if you have any of your old training bras? I’ve been looking for mine in my room but I can’t find them anywhere.” That made Nicole did a double take. “Training bras!?” she yelled, “Since when did you start wearing training bras!?” “Since they started growing.” Susan answered as she lifted her shirt up to reveal her pre-teen body. “Look!”

Nicole did look as she sees a pair of budding breasts sticking out of her chest. She even noticed her hips have widened a little more as her waist was showing some curves forming. Not only that, but more hair was sprouting out her nether region and is beginning to curl as her back end started to plump up. She then looked at her sister’s face and saw it was almost oval as the roundness in her cheeks is flattening, her nose is less upturned and long, and they’re very few freckles left on the bridge of her nose. Even her hair looked a little longer as it went down a few short inches before it stopped.

Nicole placed her fingers on her chin and said, “I see... Well the truth is that I don’t know where my training bras are since I never wear them when I was fourteen. So right after I take a shower, I’ll find my training bras immediately. Now stay in my room and wait for me till I get back.” “Okay Nicky.” was all that Susan said as she went in her big sister’s room and sat on the bed. Nicole then headed out the door but looked at her sister and said, “I’ll be there in ten minutes. Just stay right there and don’t move.” “Got it.” Susan said.

Nicole then closed her bedroom door and headed to the bathroom to begin her shower. Once she was in the bathroom, she removed her robe and, turned the faucet on, and adjusted the temperature of the water. But before she stepped foot into the shower, she then thought about Susan’s recent development. “My little sister, already growing up.” she said with a smile, “Too bad she won’t grow up to be as hot as me.” She then stepped into the shower and washed her 23-year-old body.


Back in Nicole’s room, 14-year-old Susan sat on Nicky’s bed patiently, waiting for her sister to come out and help her look for training bras. “Boy, Nicole is taking so long in the shower.” She said as she felt the urge to cross her legs, “I wonder how long is she going to take?” While she was waiting, she looked at the full-length mirror and thought of something that she could do to kill time. “Oh well, might as well look at myself in the mirror till she comes out.” She got off the bed and approached the mirror to observe herself.

She first took a look at her face and noticed how beautiful it looked. Her face looked less rounded as her nose looked long and her lips were beginning to widen. All her freckles on her face were long gone, leaving her face clean and fresh with the exception of two or three pimples dotted across her face. She sighed to see something like that on her face, but set that aside when she knows that they will soon fade away. After examining her face, she decided to look at her entire body. She removed her shirt and tossed it aside and saw her body, still undeveloped but still maturing.

Her budding breasts grew to an A-cup as her hips continue to grow wide and her stomach thinned and curved. She grew a few more inches with her arms and legs toning and firming up. More hair appeared around her privates and covered it all up while the color of her nipples change from a dusky pink to maroon hue. She then turn to the side to see her expanding ass and her long light brown hair. She then placed her palms on her small breasts and imagined herself in a more womanly shape. “I can’t wait to grow up to be like my sister.” Susan said as she massaged her chest, “That way I’ll have every man in town fall for me.” She then moved left and right to take a couple of poses in front of the mirror.

But while she was doing that, her body continued to grow and mature each passing minute. By the next three minutes, she had become a high school freshmen at the age of fifteen. Her breasts continued to grow as her height increased to another four inches while her body took shape of a young girl’s hourglass. The muscles on her arms and legs swelled as they keep lengthening on her growing body.

By the time she reached sixteen, she had the body that would pass her as a young cheerleader. Her breasts were solid B cups as she moved up and down to see them bounce. Her pubic hair darkened and thickened on her crotch, the same goes with her long hair that went from light to muddy brown. Her ass continues to inflate like a balloon and was rounding and taking shape to match her ever-widening hips. Her fingers were long and thin as her nails grew inch by inch each passing minute.

Susan then took another look at her 17-year-old face. The shape of her head completely oval with what little remains on her childhood complexion. The pimples of her face were replaced by smooth, soft, angelic skin. Her nose was long and thin with a pair of deep hazel eyes that once shown her childhood innocence was now showed her exquisite beauty. She pouted her wide and plushy lips to the mirror and gave a kiss the same as Nicole did it.

When she stepped back and away from the mirror, Susan couldn’t take her eyes off her 18-year-old body. Her big C cup breasts hung proudly on her chest, her hourglass figure looked curvy and sweet, her arms and legs were well-developed and sinful, and her ass was round and plumped. Her face was completely matured with no signs of her childish looks left and the color of her hair was darkish brown as it was down to her mid back. She put her hands on her expanded hips and had a sly grin on her face. “Damn girlfriend, you look as scrumptious as your sister.” she said with a voice that belonged to a young woman then a little girl. But what she didn’t know was that she said scrumptious, a word she never said before let alone heard it.

For not only was her body was growing, so is her brain. As a minute of her progressing life passed new long words keep filling up her mind, including cuss words. Even her intelligence was increasing as she went from a 5-year-old with the knowledge of a kindergartener to an 18-year-old with the knowledge of a high school senior.

As Susan kept looking at herself at the mirror, she was unaware of the door opening and someone entering, watching her posing to herself. “Couldn’t help but to admire yourself in front of the mirror hey sis?” said the stranger as Susan jumped up and screamed. She turned her head left at the stranger, only to see her 19-year-old sister chuckling with a wet towel wrapped around the top her head and a bathrobe that looks a little damp.

“Oh! Nicky, you scared me!” exclaimed Suzan as she was catching a breather after her shocking experience. “Sorry Suz,” Nicole apologized, “but the next time you want to look at yourself in the mirror, just ask me.” Suzan nervously smiled but went back to her reflection. Nicole sighed and approached her sister to look at her reflection. “So, you like what you see?” asked Nicole. “Oh yes sis. After all these years in waiting, I have finally got the hot bod I deserve.” Susan delightedly said as she shook her body to make her boobs wiggle freely. “That maybe true,” stated Nicole, “But you will never have a hotter body then mine.”

Upon saying that, she removed the tower over her head to let her hair flow downwards and untied the knot and removed her robe to reveal her voluptuous body. “BAM!!!” Susan couldn’t help but to watch her sister strut her stuff in front of the mirror while examining her body as well. Even thought she noticed Nicole had lost a few inches in height, she still looked as sexy as ever with her C cup breasts, well developed curves, shapely built arms and legs, expanded rear, and long flowing hair that was lightening from raven black to dark red. Suzan then joined her sister and the two stood there side-by-side, naked in front of the full-length mirror.

“You know what Nicky?” asked Susan, “Between you and me, we almost look like twins.” “I guess you’re right sis.” exclaimed Nicole, “But there is one difference between us.” Susan turned her head to her sister and asked, “And what’s that?” Nicole looked at Susan and answered, “That I’m bigger then you.” “Um... Don’t you mean that I’m bigger then you?” Nicole kept starring at her sister a little confused at her question. But when she looked back at the mirror, she got her answer.

In their reflections, she could tell that her body shrunk a few inches while her sister gain a few inches. Now Nicole was the 18-year-old high school senior while Susan was the 19-year-old college freshman. Nicole was trying to figure out why she shrunk, but her brain continued to go into a reversal phase. After trying to get it through her head, Nicole shrugged that thought out of the way and sighed. “Yeah, you are slightly taller then me.” she said, “Guess my mind is playing tricks on me.” “You’re right for once.” said Susan, “Well now that you’re done, I’m going to take a shower.”

Susan walked away from the mirror and headed off to the shower. But before she was out the door, Nicole looked at her and wanted to tell her something. “Hey sis.” Susan turned around to see her ?little’ sister. “Just want to let you know,” Nicole started, “that I’ve used the only bathrobe in the apartment. So you have to get a towel to cover yourself up.” “That’s good to know Nicky.” Susan said, “Thanks for the advice.”

When Susan left for the bathroom, Nicole took a closer look at the mirror and noticed the tips of her hair beginning to kink and curl as the color of her hair reverted back to its reddish tint. She kept combing her hair with her fingers trying to make it straight but it didn’t work. “Stupid hair!” protested Nicole, “I wish that my hair would straighten up so I won’t have trouble combing it constantly!” She kept combing it straight as her hair curled upwards to the middle.


In the bathroom, Susan was in the shower cleansing her adult body. She kept washing her hair with fragrant shampoo to make her long hair smell intoxicating. She then started to wash her body with lavender soap, letting the suds spread all across her body from neck to toe. She rubbed her soap filled hands all over her breasts on the sensation on her nipples made her tingle all over. She then moved her hands down to her lower region and felt electrically charged once she rubbed it. She kneeled down on the floor of the shower and felt sexually aroused for a 20-year-old.


While Susan was in the shower, 17-year-old Nicole just starred at the mirror looking at her teenage self, not paying attention to the world around her. She didn’t even started on putting on her clothes, let alone trying to get her red hair straight, she just watched herself in the full length mirror turning and spinning around to get a view of her youthful body. But as her body was regressing through her teenage years, all her womanly attributes she had were slowly but surely eroding away.

Nicole’s body begins to shrink four to six inches, reliving one growth spurt after another. Her breasts shrank a few centimeters yet still they look big for her. Her hips started to loose its fullness as her hourglass was loosing bits of her curves. Her arms and legs muscle mass started to lessen but still remained tone and shapely on her body. As her body regressed, her mind was taking the journey as all the knowledge of college education disappeared while her high school education was still intact. “Mmm Hmm girl, you look mighty good.” She said as her voice was a pitch higher then before, “I can’t wait for school to start again so that I can totally show it at cheerleading. GO TEAM!” She then jumped up in the air with her young athletic body did a snap with the legs and landed back down.

She then went back to posing herself in the glass reflection as her body retreated back to sixteen. Her breasts reverted back to a pair of perky B cups as her hips continued to loose its fullness. Her arms and legs thinned as half of her muscle mass dissolved away. Her red pubic hair thinned out and started to shrink back into her skin as her back end turned into a deflating balloon. Even her face was loosing its adult features with her cheeks rounding, her nose getting smaller, and her lips loosing its fullness. Her bright red hair was curled all the way up to her roots as it went up from just below her mid back to above it.

Nicole didn’t notice the changes as her mind was regressing the same way as her body. Yet in her point of view, it all seems normal. When she turned fifteen, the world around her grew bigger as her youthening body becomes smaller. As she continued to regress, her body was becoming undeveloped and was getting to the skinny side, inching her closer to her pre-teen years.


Back in the bathroom, Susan was drying herself off with a long white towel. She finished her shower a while ago and was drying her long dark brown, almost black, hair up since the towel she had was the only tower in the bathroom long enough to handle such a task. After her hair was completely dry, she wrapped the towel around her voluptuous 23-year-old body as it showed a lot of cleavage on top.

She then exits the bathroom and headed into the bedroom. But when she entered the room, she saw a gawky 14-year-old girl looking at herself in the mirror. She was 4’10” with a pair of undeveloped A-cup breasts, less defined curves and hips, nearly hairless crotch, an almost flatten ass, and less shapely arms and legs. Her face is almost rounded with a small nose and red curly hair that went up her back.

Susan was shocked to see her little sister admiring her pre-teen body and started booming at the top of her voice. “What are you doing!?” Nicole, or Nicky, looked at her big sister cupping her A-cups with her small hands. “Nothing...” she said in a pre-adolescent voice, “Just observing myself in the mirror. Tell me, does my body look sexy?” Susan couldn’t help but to chuckle at Nicky’s undeveloped body and said, “Not yet sis. But give it a couple of years and you’ll have a fully build body like mine. So what are you doing here?”

“Well, I uh...” was all Nicky could said as she was having a hard time remembering how she got into this room. Technically, this was suppose to be her room but with her mind getting younger, the room she was in was unrecognizable. She then thought that it was Suzan’s room but it was now harder for her to know how she got there. “I don’t know.” She answered, “All I remember was looking at the mirror and that’s it.”

Susan rubbed her chin a little, “Is that so?” After giving it some thought, she then decided to let it go. “Well if you don’t mind, I have to get ready for tonight. Go to your room and wait for me to get there to help find your clothes.” “Okay!” said Nicky ever excitedly as she put on a T-shirt she found on the floor, left her former room and headed to Susan’s old room. Susan shook her head when she watched her little sister leaving. “Poor girl, still have no idea of the changes in her body.” She then closed her door and started to prepare herself for her date tonight, which was suppose to be Nicky’s former date.


Speaking of Nicky, she was in Susan’s old room waiting for her sister. She removed her T-shirt to take a look at her budding body. At thirteen, her breasts were nothing more then small bumps while her hourglass was nothing left but hips that were one or two inches wide. She continued to grow skinny by the minute as ribs were slowly sticking out of her body and her arms and legs were nothing but pairs of toothpicks. She traced her small index finger around her smooth, nearly hairless privates while her rear was about to be flat as a pancake. With her face crossing her childhood stage, freckles appeared on the bridge of her upturned nose and spread across her rounding cheeks. Even her hair went up to her shoulders and there was no sign of it stopping.

“I can’t wait for my body to grow up.” She said, “That way I’ll be as hot and pretty like my sister.” Nicole then put on her shirt and approached the television where the Barbie movie was just about finished. She picked up the remote and changed the channels to find something good for her to watch. It was then she spotted an old Looney Tunes cartoon on Boomerang, but to her, it seems all new. She sat on her bed that had clothes lying around and watched the cartoon, unaware that her body was shrinking and her 12-year-old frame was diminishing.


Meanwhile, Susan was covering herself up with baby oil for her date. She caresses the oil all over her 25-year-old body to make her skin feel shiny and smooth. She then rubbed the lotion on her huge breasts, making her feel a lot of new sensations. She continued rubbing her body until she was all done.


Back to Nicky, she kept watching her cartoons and laughed at the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck squabble. But as she was watching it, her body was shrinking downwards to her childhood. At age eleven, all of her womanly features from head to toe were all gone as her hair continued to move away from her shoulders and up to the lower area of her neck. Her small feet lifted off from the floor as her bony legs made the journey upwards. But with all the changes happening to Nicky, the 10-year-old girl couldn’t keep her eyes off the cartoons.


In Nicky’s old bedroom, Susan finished her oil treatment and went to putting on her clothes. So far she already put on her black strapless bra and high cut panties and went on to slipping in her silky pantyhose. Once she successfully slip them up her smooth, creamy legs and up her waist, She then picked up Nicky’s black one shoulder strap dress and put it on, covering her 28-year-old adult body. When she fit her feet into the 3-inch black heels, she approached the mirror and looked at herself.

Indeed her body filled out her dress pretty well, but what got her attention the most were her CC cup breasts that stood proudly on her chest, showing some unique cleavage on the top hem of her clothes. She then turned to her backside to see her round rear, but noticed the bottom hem of her dress was down below her knees. That made Susan upset even though her face was calm. “Maybe I should’ve gotten a shorter dress.” said Susan but shrugged off the thought, “Oh well, at least Richard wouldn’t resist these fine beauties right here.” She turned around and showed her bouncy boobs in the mirror. She then headed to her closet room to put on her makeup and add some jewelry to her look.


Back to Nicky, her body continued her downward spiral as her mind was not far behind. She now has a body of a 9-year-old and it continued to remove the months of her life away. Her face continued to get rounder as her hair was now up her mid neck. Yet the only thing that was left from her old adult self were her actual adult teeth, which were starting to loosen up in her gums. But by the time she hit eight, one of her canine teeth fell out of her mouth and onto the floor. But she didn’t notice that because her eyes were glued to the television screen. When she started to laugh at the funny part of the cartoon, two more pairs of teeth came out of her mouth. Now she’s really losing her adult features!


Meantime in the closet room, Susan was at the makeup counter, making her face look pretty for tonight. She dabbed her cheekbones with a dash of red blush, straighten her long eyelashes, painted her inch long nails, and applied light blue eyeliner. She then used the red lipstick to press it on her full lips to complete her complexion. Once she was finished with that, went on to putting on some jewelry.

Once she was done attaching the gold bracelet on her wrist and a pair of jewel earrings on her ears, Susan headed out of the closet room and gets one last look of her mirror. Standing before her was a 30-year-old single woman in a black dress, ready for her date. Her breasts were big, her hourglass and hips were wide and curvy, her arms and legs tone and a little muscular, her back end very shapely, and her dark brown hair long and wavy. She moved her body from side to side and like what she had done to herself.

But while she was looking at herself, she completely forgot something. “Oh no, I completely forgot about my daughter!” she said, knowing that Nicky is her daughter, “I better help her dress up before Richard comes.” She left the room and headed to her old room hoping that Nicky was in there.


Fortunate for her, little Nicky was still in the room watching cartoons. Her body continued to grow smaller and smaller while she was sitting on the bed. Her face kept on getting softer with her hair shirking up to her upper neck. She even lost half of her adult teeth, making them look like sommer teeth, but her old baby teeth came out of her gums and grew. While she was watching the TV, Susan stormed in the room and saw her ?daughter’ making herself comfortable.

“Nicky!” she said at the top of her lungs as Nicky looked at this strange woman and said something she never thought would say. “Hey mommy!” she said in a childish tone, “Are you here to watch cartoons too?” Susan looked at her daughter with a worried expression and said, “No dear, I want to know why aren’t you dressed up for tonight? My date is coming real soon and I can’t let him see you dressed in an old shirt.” Nicky bowed her head and was sad about it. “Sorry about it mommy, but all my clothes are mysteriously on the floor.” she said as Susan looked at realized what she means. All over the room were clothes laying on the floor, bed, desk, and chair. “Hmm... I see what you mean.” she said, “Well, I’ll see if I could find some suitable clothes for you.” Nicky nodded in agreement and went back to the TV.

Susan approached the closet to see if there’s any clothes left in there. There were a couple of clothes hung nicely and one of them was suppose to be the dress that was meant for a younger Susan. There was a small black jumper dress so she picked it up and took a pair of black Mary Jane shoes from the bottom. She approached one of the dressers and opens one of the dwares to pick out a pair of white cotton panties and white socks. She then approached her daughter that was still watching her cartoons. “All right dear, I got your clothes right here.” Susan said, “Now take off that awful shirt and help you put on your respectful clothes.” Nicky looked at her mother, jumped off her bed, and removed her large shirt.

Once Nicky removed her shirt, it revealed her 6-year-old body. Her chest was completely flat, her hips were completely boyish, her lower area was smooth and hairless, and her arms and legs, small and thin with hints of baby fat showing. Her stomach was getting a little chubby as her cheeks were getting kind of puffy. If Susan was paying attention, she should’ve noticed the last of Nicky’s adult teeth falling out of her mouth and her baby teeth growing in her mouth. Not only that, but her red curly hair was completely short, making her look more like a boy. Susan gave her the clothes and helped her put it on.

When she was done, little Nicky looked adorable in her black jumper that went down her legs and covering her 5-year-old body. Once Susan finished latching the Mary Jane shoes, Nicky was ready for tonight. “How do I look?” she said as she turned around and showed her outfit. “Just one more thing”, said Susan as she headed to another dresser to open it and took out a black headband. Once she approached her daughter and placed the headband on top of her curly red hair, Nicky’s look was totally complete. Susan smiled and said; “Now you look beautiful sweet heart.” Nicole smiled and jumped with glee. “Now I want you to stay in your room until my date gets here. Think you be a good girl until he comes.” “Oh yes mommy,” answered Nicky, “I’ll be a good as I can be.” With that said, Susan left Nicky’s room and headed to the living area while Nicky went back to watching her cartoons.


Susan headed to the living room where the tree was and started looking for the gift Richard gave her. She then spotted a small-unwrapped box showing the name of the jewelry store on the lid. Once she opened the box, she saw a 14k diamond encrusted necklace with three big crystal clear gemstones in the middle. She took the necklace out of the box, wrapped it around her neck, and snapped it on behind her. Once she was completely done with herself, she turned on the TV and watched something interesting until her boyfriend shows up. She kind of find it funny though. One minute she was once a sweet little girl of five, the next she had become a hot beautiful woman of 32. It almost felt like yesterday she was a child, in fact it almost felt like today.

Suddenly, something in her mind made her snap back into reality. She looked at her hands with long finger and inch and a half long nails coated in a red paint. Her facial expression went from happy to downright scared. “Wha- What happened to me?” she said a little speechless. She hurried to find a mirror to get a look at herself. When she found the mirror, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Starring back at her was the face of a thirty something woman with high cheekbones, dark hazel eyes, long brown hair, full lips, a long thin nose, and laugh lines around her eyes and mouth. Her eyes were wide and surprised when she saw her own adult face and said, “That’s not my face!”

She shook her head in disbelief when she saw her grown up self. She was supposed to be a sweet little girl. And that other girl that is in her room, that wasn’t her daughter, it was her own mother! What’s going on? How did all this happen? These were the thoughts that were circling around Susan’s head. After a while in thinking, she discovered what caused this bizarre metamorphosis.

“The cookies!” she said very hysterical, “They must’ve had magic in them. When I had my cookie with the number 32, I aged 27 years. And when Nicky, er I mean mom had the cookie with the number five, that regressed her to my former age.” She then tried to figure out how to reverse this mess and after a few minutes, came up with the solution. “I have to get the box that had the cookies and see if there’s something that can get us back to normal. And fast!”

She headed to the kitchen where the box was laid on the counter and took a look around and inside the box. There was something in there so she placed her hand in it and took the strange object out. But what she took out wasn’t a cookie or spell, it was an envelope. Once she opened the envelope, there was a letter. She reads it.

Dear Susan Linhart,

We here at Wishful Thinking would like to thank you personally for our services. We hope your gift for you and your mother will change your lives for a long time. Just a few little things we have to remind you before you partake on this gift.

First of all, you should already know that the cookies you’re going to eat are in fact, magical. You noticed that one cookie has your name with the number 32 and your mother’s name with the number 5. Once you and your mother eat the cookies, your bodies will grow and change into the proper ages.

Secondly, not only that your bodies would change physically, but also mentally. Your mind will age dramatically; giving you all the knowledge and information you need to survive as a full-fledged woman. Your mother’s mind, on the other hand, will regress to the point the point where she has the mind of a kindergartener. In short, while you still have your old memorize before you had the cookie, you will have your mother’s intelligence, experience, and motherhood while your mother is back to your childhood years with no memory of her adult self.

Lastly, once you ate the cookies your lives, fates, and reality will change all around you. Your mother’s job will be your job, your friends will be Nicole’s friends, and her boyfriend will be your boyfriend. You will no longer be the little girl you use to be, you’ll be the woman your mother use to be. And mother won’t be the workaholic she was, she’ll be the little girl you will take care of.

Please note that there’s no way reversing this process when you eat the cookie, so there wouldn’t be no turning back. Understand that you made this wish and there would be consequences after you ate your cookies. We hope your wish came true and your Christmas is the best Christmas you ever had.

Sincerely yours,

Wishful Thinking

Susan couldn’t believe what she just read from the letter. Her wish had come true but at what cost? Did she really want this wish to happen? And if so, did she really want to eat the cookies before she reads the letter or if her mother did the same thing and prevent it from happening? Then something else came up her mind, what if the letter was true? What if reality around them did change?

Solving this, Susan headed to a table where it holds all the pictures of her and her mom. When she got there, she noticed that the pictures were completely changed. On those pictures were Susan’s adult self and Nicky’s child self. She then looked up at the diplomas her mother had on the wall about her success and saw that hers, “Susan Linhart”, has replaced her mom’s name.

Susan was shocked for words. Her wish did come true. She is now the mother while her mom is now her daughter. What is she going to do?

Just then, there was a knock at the door. She heard the knock and looked at the direction of the door. “Coming!” said Susan as she headed to the door. She knew it was her mother’s boyfriend, but now that her wish had come true, will he be hers? Once she was in front of the door, she took a deep breath and opened it. Standing in the apartment hallway is a 31-year-old man wearing a black and brown suit with a tie and a pair of brown dress shoes. He had tan skin, maroon colored eyes; black hair cut short, and a clean-shaven face. No doubt that this man is in fact Richard.

“Hey there Susan.” He said, “Merry Christmas.” Yep she was right, she’s now his girlfriend. Thinking not to make a scene, she looked at him and said, “Merry Christmas Rich.” Suddenly, Nicky came out of nowhere and came next to her mother. “Hi there Mr. Raimundo!” she said very hysterical voice. Richard looked down at his once former girlfriend and said, “Oh hey there little Nicky. Boy your mom was right. You are as cute as a button.” “Oh thank you!” she said followed by a giggle.

While the two kept on talking, Susan looked at them and couldn’t believe that the little girl talking was once her mother and Richard’s boyfriend. She then thought to play along with this until she heads back to the store to get everything back to normal. But in the meantime, she would enjoy being an adult for a little while.

“Hey Susan?” Susan looked up and saw Richard a little concerned. “Are you ready to go? You seem a little spaced out.” She didn’t want to make him feel all worried so she said, “Yes, I’m ready. Just let me go get my purse.” When she got her purse, Susan, Richard, and Nicky left the apartment and headed for the night out.


A few days later after Christmas, Susan headed to the mall to find the Wishful Thinking store to set everything right. But when she got to the place she spotted it, the place was gone. It was like it vanished into thin air. She was shocked to see it gone and was sadden by it, but she won’t give up until she finds it.

Throughout the course of the year both Susan and Nicky were spending lives in each other’s shoes. Nicky spent her time in grade school hanging out with friends that were once Susan’s. Plus she was living a happy and carefree life that Susan use to have. One day, Susan tried to tell her if she remembered about being an adult one-day. But Nicky didn’t remember anything about it. Susan thought that she regressed to a child; all the memories and knowledge of her grown up self had vanished. So that made this problem a little more difficult.

Meanwhile, Susan was getting use to life as an adult. She works at her mother’s job as a sales rep in Nordstrom. It’s a good thing she had the knowledge on marketing and driving or she would’ve been completely screwed. Yet during her break hours, she kept searching for the store where she made her wish but had no luck what so ever. But she still hoping it would come.

Ask for her love life with Richard, it made a complete turn for the better. One day, on a date, Richard proposed to Susan for marriage and she, with having no other choice, said yes. They got married a month later and at another two months, Susan was pregnant with a baby boy. Now that’s where the trouble really starts.


One year later, Christmas Day, the Linharts were all gathered around the Christmas tree in their family room. Ever since the marriage, both Susan and Nicky moved to a two-story house in a peaceful neighborhood with the husband, Richard Raimundo Linhart.

“Wow mommy! That’s what I always wanted!” said Nicky all cheery as always holding up her new Barbie doll, “Thank you!” “You’re welcome sweetie.” Susan said in the softness of her voice. She was now six months pregnant and was wearing Maternity dress pajamas to match her increasing stomach of a little baby boy inside her. Her husband was sitting next to him and smiled at her little 6-year-old angle.

“You know,” he said to his wife “I bet that when she grows up, she’ll be just like you.” Susan chuckled a little and said, “I hope she does.” Too bad that was the half of it. For she knows that Nicky use to be her mother and girlfriend of Richard and was now just a child.

Susan sighed when she had no luck finding that wishing store and decided to give up. She couldn’t believe that last year, her life changed fast when she had that cookie along with her mother. She grew up way too fast and she never had the experience in being in high school, college, or even her first date. She could no longer be the little girl that Nicky is. She then thought about her last wish that would’ve been better and whispered in her own breath.

?Maybe I should’ve wished for a pony...”

The End

Merry Christmas!



End Chapter 1

Chirstmas Cookies

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 11, 2006


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Brian · Oct 10, 2021

Love the detailed, gradual role reversal. Well written!

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