A Childish Thing

by: Rufus Mendax | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2018

A short AR poem in two versions, one for those who like having daddies, one for those who prefer mommies. (moderately mature content)

Chapter 1
A Childish Thing (Daddy version)

Chapter Description: A short AR Poem about a man regressed by another man (Daddy version)

"A Childish Thing" (Daddy version)

Crawling, crying little boy,

now you’re daddy’s little toy,

once you were a man, so big,

now you’re just a little twig.

Sitting naked on the floor,

not a grown-up anymore,

tugging on your little nub,

you’re the wolf man’s little cub.

"What’s the matter little guy?"

Daddy asks from up on high,

"Not the man you were before

you walked in my hotel door?"

Grown-up clothes lay all around,

where they’ve fallen on the ground,

they were left all strewn about,

as you shrank and tumbled out.

As an infant you’re too young

to make words with your small tongue,

so instead you start to cry,

baby fist to rub your eye.

"Look at you, so very cute,

not like when you wore a suit.

Fussy little baby man,

you had your chance, you should have ran."

"Now you can’t escape your fate,

time rewound and it’s too late,

no more chasing grown up goals

you’re now cribbed in baby roles.

"Once you had a man’s big stalk,

until I turned back the clock,

now it’s just a tiny wee,

only good for making pee."

"So there’s something I must get,

just in case you have to wet."

Then I get a little dydee,

"Can’t let baby be untidy."

Laid upon a changing table,

now you fuss for all you’re able,

and your crying gets much louder

when you see the baby powder.

"There, there now, my little guy,

you’re a baby, don’t be shy."

Then I give your dink a sprinkle

rubbing it in each small wrinkle,

As a man you were quite hung,

now you’re just so very young,

and although I made you younger,

I left you a grown man’s hunger.

Paci suckled in your mouth,

missing what you had down south,

realizing that it’s too late

infancy your final state.

Will I let you grow back? Never!

You’re my baby boy forever.



End Chapter 1

A Childish Thing

by: Rufus Mendax | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2018


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