Annie and Penny's tale.

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Let's make a deal!

Chapter 1
Annie and Penny's tale

Chapter Description: Let's make a deal!

Annie, a 70-year-old dowager had made an appointment with a reputable dealer named Natasha. She started early as her age only allowed her to slowly walk the several blocks to Natasha’s “Dreams come true” business establishment. She wasn’t worried about the return trip because if she got what she desired, the way back would be a snap. If Natasha was a dealer in dreams and his business was reputed to always come through, so on this day, she was hoping to lop a few years off her aged frame, and hopefully, the price wouldn’t be too terribly high.

Money wasn’t a problem, her abusive husband George, (may he rest in wherever his soul had been taken to), left her with millions. Annie, ever frugal, didn’t squander the money by living modestly. She kept their original house, cleaned it herself, didn’t drive, and cooked her own meals.

She stopped for a rest on a park bench to catch her breath. Soon, she hoped! She wouldn’t be so easily fatigued. As she rested and enjoyed the green of the park, the coolness of the breeze, and the hot sun beating down on this spring-like day, she encountered a young girl. “Excuse me, ma’am, could you spare some change? I haven’t had anything to eat for a while and I’m very hungry.” Said the girl. Annie’s heart went out to her and decided to get some conversation in before she parted with the cash. That would suit her frugality and make it easier to do so.

“What’s your name, young lady?” Asked Annie. The young girl hesitated a bit and very wisely with a patience that was above her years took a seat next to Annie and said that her name was Penny. “Well, Penny, may I ask why you can’t get any food at home?” Penny just shrugged and thought very carefully; she then replied that she currently had no home and was sleeping at a friend's house while the friend’s parents weren’t there and didn’t want to alert them by stealing food from their pantry or refrigerator. “My dear, don’t you have parents? Are you a runaway?” Penny replied that her parents had passed away years ago. “Well then, aren’t you living at an orphanage or foster care facility?” Penny replied that she was doing her best to avoid such a situation and wouldn’t elaborate any further on the subject.

Annie now had most of her answers and the young girl’s mature demeanor reminded her of a young lady decades older than the person next to her on the park bench. She decided to take her to a fast food joint that was just up the block, buy her a meal and then watch her making certain that she ate it and wasn’t going to use the money for some other purpose.

On the way there, Annie observed that the young girl looked just on the beginning side of puberty and that she wore oversized blue jeans with the cuffs rolled up a bit too much to make a proper fashion statement, converse sneakers that made a slight floppy sound as she walked with the laces tied up as tightly as they could be and a faded, oversized t-shirt with sleeves that came down to her elbows sporting a logo from a band that hadn’t existed past the seventies.

Annie had Penny sit down and asked her what she’d like to eat. “Anything! I could eat anything, I’m so hungry!” Exclaimed Penny. Annie ordered a double cheeseburger, large fries, a Dooky Cola, and a large salad for Penny. The staff said that they’d bring it out to her table in a few minutes. So Annie went back to the table where Penny was at and sat down explaining that there’d be a small delay while they cooked up her order.

The food arrived and Penny tore into it; she devoured the burger, inhaled the fries, and sucked down the cola in one massive slurp. Afterward, she apologized for not thanking Annie due to her hunger. She sat on the seat, letting her brain register the meal, and made little belching noises as the cola’s fizz worked its way back out of her stomach. “Aren’t you going to eat the salad, my dear?” Asked Annie worrying that her money might have been wasted on it. “Yes I am, I’m just coming up for air before I eat it.” Replied Penny as she went over to get a free refill at the Soda Bar.

After Penny had eaten every last scrap of food put before her, she relaxed in her chair with her legs splayed and let her stomach work on the process of digestion and asked Annie why she hadn’t had anything to eat as well? “Well, I shouldn’t tell you but when you get older, you’ll find that elderly folks like myself don’t eat as much or as often. But don’t worry about me, I just enjoyed watching you eat enough food for the two of us and it reminded me of my daughter at your age.”

The two of them made some small talk for the next little while and Annie could feel that Penny was on the verge of revealing a bit more of the situation that she was in when Penny let slip something about a contract and immediately stopped, never to broach the subject on Annie’s insistence for the rest of their conversation. The two prepared to depart and Penny’s pants slipped down a bit as she began to get up and she went to adjust her belt which Annie noticed had had an extra notch added to fit her slim waist. “Darn it! Looks like I need another notch.” Muttered Penny. “Well good luck to you, Penny! I realize that I should ensure that you’re needs are taken care of, but I’m a bit late for my appointment at Natasha’s” said Annie. Penny gasped. Her eyes lit up like a deer when she realizes that the car coming towards it isn’t going to stop.

Annie was in a hurry and didn’t notice the reaction that Penny had and departed the burger joint, making her way to Natasha’s business. She arrived “a bit late” and was ushered into a small office with a very beautiful man sitting behind a large, expensive modern solid oak desk. He had blond hair, sparkling blue eyes that seemed to swallow you up and peer into your soul, a blissful smile stretched perfectly on rosy lips underneath a strong Greek nose, perfect ears, and a slim face. His slightly muscular body was tanned and gave off a healthy glow. (So healthy that he almost looked like light was coming off his entire being.) He wore a dark blue Brooks Brothers suit, with a neat pocket square and Marcoliani socks complementing his Red Wing shoes.

Natasha greeted Annie by taking her hand with both his in a very warm embrace. (It caused Annie to blush a little bit, but she kept her composure). He then sat her down on a very comfortable chair in front of his desk and sat down behind it. “Well Annie, it’s good to see that you made it, don’t worry about the lateness, I can very well sympathize with your age being a causal factor. Hopefully, we can rectify that if you’re willing to make a meaningful negotiation and sign a contract.”

Their negotiations began. Annie outright asked if it had anything to do with her soul, Natasha did his best to assure her that what he was contracting to do wouldn’t be that expensive. They drifted off into money matters and Natasha insisted on no more than a few hundred dollars. Annie, ever alert to a “too good to be true” bargain, was starting to feel her doubts. She asked to go over the contract and have him point out the salient points and they did so. “So you see, Annie, the only thing that you lose according to the contract will be a few decades and few dollars. A mere pittance, truly.” Said Natasha in his most reassuring tones. Annie thought for a bit and finally asked: “What about my intelligence, and my experiences? Will I still have them as well?” “As stipulated in the contract, you’ll keep whatever experiences that you want. If you want to be a blond bimbo, that can be negotiated too.” Natasha said in a reasonable tone.

All of Annie’s questions were answered, she could see no half-truths, off-color claims, or even an outright lie in them. “Can I null and void the contract at any time?” Asked Annie. Natasha said yes and wrote in a clause stating so. “Of course there will be a small fee, a pittance really if you decide to do so,” Annie asked how small and Natasha assured her it would be very small using his thumb and forefinger to emphasize the point. “One final thing, can I have a trial period where I choose whatever age I feel like and see if I like that particular year for my final decision?” Natasha complemented Annie on her shrewdness and proffered the contract for her signature with the added clause in bold letters just above her signature. Annie signed it. Natasha signed it, called for his secretary/notary, and after it was notarized, shook Annie’s hand with both his in a most gentle, (almost tender), fashion. “It’s done, my dear. As agreed, for the next week, you only have to think about what age you’d like to be and it will happen as fast or as slowly as you like. Give it a try.” Purred Natasha, happily cradling their negotiated document in his arms.

Annie wondered what age she should try first. After some consideration, she decided to try her twenties as that would be too extreme for her and that she could get it out of the way first. She said aloud “I should like to be twenty-three and not too quickly!” She felt a warmth spread over her entire body as her wrinkles began to disappear and her spine, compressed with age, uncompressed improving her stature, bones brittle with age began to strengthen, her teeth whitened, her receding gums reversed themselves, sagging muscles gained back their firmness and tone. Her sagging bosom followed suit and seemingly stood at attention like two soldiers on guard duty, her nose shrank and she lost her facial hair as her feet, no longer flat shrank into her shoes while her varicose veins disappeared while losing their blue tint. Her stomach lost its paunch and Annie gained back her girlish figure. Annie was still wearing her dowager clothes and they looked entirely out of place on her now “smokin’ hot” body.

Natasha did a double-take and said “My dear, you look positively splendid! As a businessman, I realize it would not be professional but would you care to an evening of dining, dancing, and perhaps a little nightcap?” Annie with all her experiences intact offered a counteroffer of a rain check to which Natasha merely smiled and said “As you can see, while your body is that of a gorgeous twenty-something, you still have your wisdom. Let me know about that rain check, soonest!” Annie bid farewell to Natasha and left the building with a spring in her step and feeling wonderful to be at an age where aches and pains were minor and usually short-lived.

On her way home, she entered the park to look and admire and feel and smell and hear all the things that she lost out on due to her prior advanced age. She couldn’t sit down! This was total bliss and she was lost in the euphoria of being in her twenties again. On the park bench she approached, Penny sat, looking dejected. Penny looked up and looked like she was ready to ask for money when her eyes widened and asked “Are you Annie?” Annie’s walk came to an abrupt halt and she found herself simply flabbergasted. “Yes, Penny. How do you know it’s me?” Penny motioned her to sit down, as she could finally reveal what had happened to her. Annie complied, as she burst with curiosity about Penny’s situation.

Penny took a breath, thought a little bit, and said “my story isn’t complicated, but I need to think a little bit to present it in a meaningful way.” Annie patiently waited, saw that the child wasn’t feeling very good about what she had to say, and reached out, taking Penny’s hand gently in hers, giving it a small squeeze of reassurance. This helped and Penny began her story.

“I was an 80-year-old spinster. The firm I worked for was concerned about my age and gave me a retirement at 78”, began Penny, “Retirement was dull and when I found out about Natasha’s business, I jumped at the offer of practicing law again. As it would turn out, my prior lawyerly savvy didn’t even begin to prepare me for the contortions that were written into my contract with Natasha. Didn’t you wonder while reading it that there wasn’t any small print?” She continued on, not skipping a beat, not expecting an answer, her words became a torrent of information. She wanted to return to the age of 40 or so as that would still garner respect in the world of lawyers. Natasha gave her the contract and she took it home, studied it, added clauses, consulted law books, questioned all the abstract clauses, and signed it with Natasha. She left Natasha’s business at the ripe young age of 40 and couldn’t wait to get back into lawyering again!

As the weeks passed, she noticed that she wasn’t getting any older, but rather she was getting younger! She looked at the contract and realized that there was no clause for getting older, nor was her contracted age of 40 permanent. That left her with the only way for her to age was in reverse! She went to Natasha and asked for a renegotiation. He said, “certainly, but the stakes are a bit higher this time! Here’s the new boilerplate, read it and let me know what you think.” She read it and found nearly all of her added clauses revoked and one clause added that chilled her to the bone. “What are you, the devil? She asked not believing that in this day and age, a soul would still be a hot commodity. “I’ll give you a clue, my dear, it’s in my name.” It took Penny a little while, but she found out that if you spell “Natasha” backward…

“Penny continued: “Well, I refused to sign it! I’ve still been getting steadily younger ever since and it looks like the process is speeding up. I think I was maybe 15 a few months ago and now look at me! I think I just went through puberty backward! I felt it as my last pubic hair withdrew into my body just this morning! I’ve been walking around in a daze and can’t get into my rented apartment as the doorman won’t let me in. He hasn’t since I went out in my t-shirt and jeans that I wore when I was 18. He said that I’m too young to be Penny the spinster and almost called the police on me! I ran away real fast from that scene, let me tell you!” Penny took in a deep breath, wiped a tear away with the edge of her bilious t-shirt, and finished her story. “The only saving grace about this whole affair is that the one clause that I had put in for fun was left in the contract, that being that I’d be no younger than 2 years old. I don’t know what prompted me to put that clause in, but I’m so glad it’s there! Maybe he left it in just in case he needed a second chance to get my soul as I’m certain that he wouldn’t get it if I went backward through conception.”

Annie stared ahead, deep in thought. She went over all the clauses that she’d entered into her contract with Natasha and one clause seemed to spring to her mind; “The Trial Period”. Looking to Penny, she asked “if I were to ask for a trial period and there was no stated limit on it, would it be the same as an ‘unlimited trial period’?” Penny thought about it, then agreed that it might take a court to decide it, but if there wasn’t a limit then it was probably legit. “Oh, wow! That means I get to be whatever age I want to be for the rest of my life!” exclaimed Annie. “But Penny, why couldn’t you tell me who Natasha was when I mentioned him earlier?” Penny explained that there was a non-disclosure clause in her contract that wouldn’t let her talk to anyone who hadn’t made a prior negotiation with Natasha and since Annie now had dealings, well, that should be kind of obvious…

Annie offered to take Penny in and if necessary, raise her as her own. At first, Penny tried to object, but Annie made her see reason. After all, an immortal 2-year-old would probably be dissected by eager scientists for clues on rejuvenation. Penny stood up to go with Annie to Annie’s home and her pants fell. Her baggy t-shirt sleeves now covered her elbows entirely. Annie glanced over to the fallen pants and noticed that Penny’s cotton panties, the kind that had a stretch band at the top and legs had fallen with the pants. Annie grabbed the pants and pulled them up around her waist, but they were too big and wouldn’t stay put. Annie reached into her purse and pulled out two large safety pins which after folding the top seam on the jeans back and pinning it in place with them, was now just tight enough to keep Penny’s unintentional public nudity under control.

“Jeez, this just sucks! I must be 10 or 11 years old now!” Penny griped. Annie asked jokingly whether she preferred paper or cloth diapers and got an honest answer: ”Cloth. With those Gerber plastic pants, if they still make ‘em. I remember my toddler-hood quite vividly.” Annie then let her know that she probably had some in her storage area as she didn’t want to throw them away after their first was out of them in the hopes that George, her husband, would conceive with her and create another child. It never happened as George was constantly making excuses and eventually let on that he only let her have one to shut her up about it and that he hadn’t informed her about the vasectomy until a decade or two later. “What a fucking dick move!” remarked Penny to which Annie mockingly replied, “You watch your mouth, young lady!” This time Penny got the joke and they both had a good tension-relieving laugh as they headed for Annie’s house.

Penny settled into Annie’s house and the two of them set up the spare bedroom with all of the old things that Annie had kept in storage. Annie had to order new Gerber pants as the old ones had rotted with age, (thank goodness they had overnight delivery these days!), Penny found a playsuit that fit in the available items. It was a faded denim overall style pants with a row of 5 snaps at the bottom of each leg, the cotton t-shirt that went with it had pink piping and a cross-hatched series of lines that complemented it superbly. Cotton ankle socks with kitty face pictures on the front and a pair of old Keds Sneakers created a look that would have landed her on a fashion runway as a kiddy model had her situation been otherwise.

After some time and finishing touches, Annie called Penny into Penny’s new bedroom and showed her the crib and changing table that she’d pulled from storage. Penny looked at them and the supplies on the changing table with a bit more interest than the normal reaction expected of most people. Annie, ever sharp of mind and experience noticed her glances and outright stares and asked if she’d like to do a “trial fit” to see if she really wanted the cloth diapers instead of the paper ones. At this stage of Penny’s age reversal, the cute outfit that she wore and adored was becoming too big for her. The neck of the t-shirt went from strap to strap on the denims, the sleeves hung down past her elbows and the crotch portion of the overalls hung loosely over her privates and was coming up fast on her kneecaps. Penny’s age wasn’t known at this point, but she had the appearance of a 6 or 7-year-old. She was missing a few teeth as well, her old ones had fallen out and were in the process of being replaced with baby teeth.

Penny agreed to the “trial fit” and Annie had her lay down on a changing mat that she put on the floor. “no need to undress, dear, I need the practice.” Penny giggled and said that given enough time, she’d have plenty. Annie laughed back and stripped Penny down in no time flat as the baggy clothes were really easy to take off. She then lifted her legs and slid a large-sized, thick cotton prefold under them with 2 cloth inserts, sprinkled powder on Penny’s groin and butt, pulled the diaper through her legs, and fastened each side with a robin’s egg blue topped safety pin. Then she slid a large kids-sized Gerber pant up over the bulky diaper and dressed penny in a cheerleader outfit with a striped short skirt that would show off the diaper when Penny stood up or bent over. The top of the outfit bore the words “Toddler U” across the chest area and Annie declared Penny finished “Get up and let’s see how you look.” Penny stood up, the outfit was a little bit small,(but she’d grow down into it in no time at all). Penny did a twirl as best as she could with all the bulky diapers pushing her legs apart and performed a cute little curtsy while holding up the sides of the skirt.

Annie asked how the outfit felt, Penny was too busy making crinkly noises with the Gerbers to hear her at first but answered that they felt really nice, but she needed to wear them for a while longer to make sure. For the rest of the night, Penny marveled at the feel of softness between her legs and the crinkly sound of the Gerbers over them. When Annie wasn’t looking, she would rub herself with her hand and sometimes against the furniture. Annie could hear her all the way to the kitchen where she was preparing the evening meal. She wondered what all the fuss was about as the diapers would be hot and sweaty soon enough and not at all comfortable. Thinking on it, Annie came up with a plan to give Penny a “playdate” and find out herself.

Time passed. Penny, now in her second day of diaper wearing, had shrunk to fit in the cheerleader outfit. It fit perfectly, and she had only crapped herself once. Annie changed her without complaint and laundered her diapers fastidiously as she didn’t want to run out of them. Penny was rubbing against the arm of an overstuffed chair, crinkling loudly and having the time of her life when Annie walked in wearing an identical cheerleader outfit, just a little bigger than Penny’s, she had a pacifier on a cord around her neck covering most of a big grin and was sucking on it. She wore Gerber pants over a large toddler diaper with 2 inserts and walked with the “toddler gate” that came wearing thick cloth diapers. This caused Penny to do a double-take. The surprise of seeing Annie the same age as she stopped her in mid-crinkle. Then she remembered that Annie had the “unlimited trial period” and relaxed. “No fair! Where’d you get the pacifier? You didn’t give me one!” Annie popped out her pacifier and replied with a child’s high-pitched voice: “All you had to do was ask, there’s more of them in your room upstairs. I just wanted to see what was so great about wearing diapers, although I must admit that they’re quite comfy around my nethers, though.”

The two girls played inside for most of the day. Penny continued to get smaller, she started losing more of her adult teeth, in particular, her incisors were getting looser by the hour. Her once perfectly fitting cheerleader outfit started hanging on her frame, her now loose soggy diapers were starting to sag with the skirt and Gerber pants following them down exposing her belly button and round little tummy. Her incisors fell out and her face became more rounder and chubby-cheeked. Her belly protruded more and more as the day went on. Annie attempted to distract her a bit by having a philosophical argument about diapers and the lack of comfort they provided to which Penny took a counterargument and beat her handily. Penny’s closing argument was that if Annie hadn’t at least gone “number one” in her diapers, then she’d never know. To which Annie agreed and took not only a pee but a rousing, flatulent chorus complete with “cannon fire” as she loosed her “salvo” and emptied her bowels into the “wearable toilet” that was around her waist. “Well, I’d say that’s your Waterloo!” Quipped Penny. Annie just laughed and sat down on the floor in her diapers rocking back and forth making squishy sounds and enjoying the feeling of being unhindered and free from adult affairs for a little while.

Annie went to the bathroom and got cleaned up, bringing her soiled things out with her as she left. She had changed her age to a fifteen-year-old as she next wanted to play the pretend role of a babysitter with Penny as the baby being “sat upon”. She picked up Penny from the living room floor and then took her into the bathroom for clean up. Penny’s diaper and Gerber pants just slid off her little toddler hips. All of her teeth had become baby teeth. Annie quickly cleaned her in a large bassinet, took her to her room, put on a fresh diaper with 3 inserts on her for extra protection during her nighttime nap, dressed her in pajamas with snaps that went up one leg, crossed a midsection, and down the other leg. As Penny was put in her crib, she stirred a little bit and said “night-night, mommy”, Annie’s maternal instincts kicked in and she kissed Penny lightly on her forehead, put a teddy bear in Penny’s arms, and covered her with a blanket. She then crept out of the nursery on quiet feet and left a night light on.

When she had prepped the used diapers and toddler clothing for the wash the next day, she decided to play the “naughty” teenager and get into the booze cabinet. After mixing a Tom Collins, she went to the living room only to find none other than Natasha himself sitting on her overstuffed chair with a whiskey straight up lightly gripped in his hand. “Hello my dear, I’m just checking in to see if you’ve found an age that you might like to be and to see if that rain check might be up for grabs.” Annie didn’t even blink, she just sat on the side of the couch closest to Natasha and replied “No and not at this time, thanks for asking.” Natasha stirred a little bit uneasily on the comfy chair, “well, you might want to do so soonest, the trial period won’t last forever after all.” Nancy decided to push her luck and sent out a soft probe at Natasha in the form of a question: “I don’t recall there being a time limit imposed on our agreement, Natasha. Is there some reason for hurrying me along?” Natasha sighed, took a swig of whiskey enjoying its mouthfeel and smoky taste, and then turned his attention back to Annie and replied “I just like to conduct my business expediently, I can wait a little while, but don’t expect it to be a lifetime’s worth. Besides, considering who I am and the reputation that I’ve earned over the years, who would blame me if I called in my marker? I am the ‘Father of Lies’ and all that, after all.”

Annie was beginning to feel as though she were a frog facing upwards at a large stork. No matter how hard or valiantly she’d fight, it seemed inevitable that the outcome would be in the stork’s belly. But there was still a will to fight in her. Years of living with George taught her that if you wanted something, you had to give it your all. If that stork took her in its beak to swallow, she’d grab it by the throat and squeeze hard. This would have the effect of blocking her entrance into said bird’s belly and choke the wretched creature at the same time.

“So you’re going to renege on our contract? That would be absolutely tasteless and not your style, in all honesty.” Annie volleyed in Natasha’s direction in hopes of appealing to his ego. Natasha just laughed and said “I am the Father of Lies! That should tell you something, besides I know of no person past or present that could fight me on this and win, with you being the least of all! There’s nothing you can say or do to change my mind, Annie. Here’s a little taste, let’s see you argue your position now!” Annie started to grow younger, her face grew rounder her boobs shrank, the outfit she was wearing became baggy. She stood up in surprise, the skirt and panties she was wearing fell to her knees. The sweater she wore began creeping over her hands as one shoulder started drooping over a revealing very loose bra strap and exposing a way too big D cup. Annie’s skirt fell to the floor over her too-large socks and shoes as Annie lost her balance and followed suit, falling on her now tiny behind. “I wiw agew wif yew Natatha! What you’re doing simply isn’t right and I call for justice from the one most high!” Squeaked Annie’s tiny voice from a nearly toothless mouth.

“You haven’t a leg to stand on, my dear.” quipped Natasha “In fact at your present age, It’ll be at least a year before you learn how to walk!” He then snapped his fingers and Annie found herself in a lavender onesie with crotch snaps covering and holding a thick disposable diaper that was taped around her torso. Annie could only sit up and crawl at this point, she attempted to crawl away from the bad man as fast as she could scoot, but Natasha with an irritating grin bent over and picked her up. “So now what do you think you’ll do, little one?” tickling her cute little chin with a forefinger. Annie was ready to cry, her thoughts became more and more babyish. The tears began to fall down her cheeks as she began to regret her actions. It had been fun though, playing with Penny, being a mother, playing a teenager, and enjoying her free time as a young adult. She was ready, she steeled herself and awaited the final blow.

Natasha’s booming laughter filled the room! He had won another victory over his father! Another soul would go to hell and be denied its rightful place in heaven. Natasha readied himself, he’d do it slowly and savor every last bit of essence that this tasty morsel had in it. But just before he began the process of extraction, a blinding light filled the room. As it faded an angel wearing bishop’s clothing appeared. “Did someone call for the Bishop Police?” Quipped the angel. “Right, Sonny Jim, just put that child down and step away!” Natasha was nonplussed, to say the least, “Gabriel, what are you doing here, and why are you imitating a bad comedy sketch?” He queried. “Well, I don’t get out much these days, so I thought I’d do it in style” replied Gabriel, his bishop’s outfit changing into a very tasteful black Armani suit with a matching silk tie, “But seriously Lucifer, the person you’re holding is very important to a certain someone’s eyes and you don’t want to piss him off, now do you? Oh, he also wants you to reinstate the contract complete with the ‘unlimited trial period’ intact. This is the message from he who is the ‘Ultimate Judge of The Universe’ and the sooner the better!” Natasha stood fast refusing to comply.

“Well, he did say that you’d be stubborn about it” quoted Gabriel. Little Annie dissipated in a puff of smoke and reappeared in Gabriel’s arms. Natasha seemed to melt into his suit and reappear as a 9-year-old boy. The suit was now garishly huge on Natasha’s boyish frame with the sleeves hanging down over his diminished arms covering his hands, making them disappear. With his pants laying about his ankles, Natasha screamed in a high-pitched childish voice “You change me back, right now! You have no right to deprive me of my prey! She signed the contract and her soul belongs to me!” Gabriel tut-tutted and said “Sorry, not for this one! You can get away with pulling the wool over the sinner’s eyes, but this one is a saint. Perhaps you’d like to stay that way for a few decades? I very much doubt that as a 9-year-old boy you’ll get too many adult souls in your current state.”

“Fine. You win. Change me back!” With a poof, Natasha filled out his suit again, (he had to adjust his underwear though, it hadn’t popped back into its proper place). Natasha sneered at Annie and she found herself a teenager again, still wearing a diaper and a onesie, but back to the age before Natasha had reneged on the contract. “You’re still on earth, my dear. The longer you linger, however, the more temptation can work its way in. When that happens, guess where you’ll be going?” With that, Natasha disappeared in a puff of sulfur and brimstone. “Sour grapes.” Muttered Annie and promptly fainted from all the excitement she’d been put through.

Annie awoke to the sound of a young childish voice calling for her from Penny’s room. She got up and found that she was still in a teenager-sized onesie and a now moist diaper, but ignored it and went to Penny’s room. Cute little Penny was standing on her feet, supporting herself by grabbing the railing. “It’s about time!” She said “I’ve been calling you for a long time, I was afraid you’d been taken by Natasha and I can’t undo the locks on this crib to get out. Also, I’m soaked! Would you please change my diaper?” Penny was cleaned up from head to toe and dressed up in a pink frilly number complete with rumba pants and black buster brown strap shoes over pink cotton socks with frills on them as well. (the frills on that getup were just to die for.) “I’m not too crazy about the outfit, Annie. But I can’t complain, it’s you that’s changing me after all.” Said Penny with a sigh. She was put down on the floor where she toddled off to the kitchen and patiently awaited her breakfast. Penny was put in a wooden high chair and given some oatmeal with raisins to eat, she clumsily spooned it into her mouth, but most of it managed to make it in with the rest ending up on the high chair, Penny’s bib, and a few spots on the floor.

Afterward breakfast, Penny was wiped down and given a sippy cup with juice which she promptly turned down in favor of a ten-ounce baby bottle. The two then adjourned to the living room. Penny lay on Annie’s lap and drank from her bottle. Both were happy with each other’s company. Annie had found a good friend who fulfilled her mothering needs and Penny had also found a friend that fulfilled her need to be nurtured and cared for. “Well,” said Annie “I’ve had enough of teenager-hood for now, these zits are driving me crazy! I think I’ll try out my thirties for a change.” She called out “Make me a 33-year-old woman with no delay!” Instantly, Annie was 33 years old with the bonus of Penny still in her frilly toddler outfit but resized to that of a 17-year-old. She sucked on her bottle for a while before it sunk into both of them. “Hey!” said Penny, “I was enjoying that age, you change me back right now!”. Annie complied by saying “I wish to be a teenager again!” and with a poof, she was 13 years old and Since she hadn’t specified the age, the contract put her just over the edge of being a teenager.

Penny was reverted to a 3-month-old infant, the frilly dress at the size Penny was at the age of 2.

Annie sat in her teenager’s outfit that was several sizes too large with a bra to match, thought for a bit, and puzzled out what had happened. “Sorry, Penny! I’ll bring you back to being a 2-year-old momentarily.” Penny, unable to do much other than rhythmically move her arms and legs in a circular motion, said “Thass okay! I don’ min’ dis age eever!” (Translation: “That’s okay, I don’t mind being this age either.”)

Annie had a thought, then. She put Penny on the far end of the couch, pulled Penny’s oversized diaper up a bit to catch “accidents”, (which wasn’t easy to do with her saggy teen clothes in the way), moved to the other side, and said: “I wish to be a 3-year-old!” Poof! There she was, 3 years old with cute baby dimples on a cherub’s face and tight curly red hair. The teenager clothes were so large, she just stepped out of them. Jumping off the couch, she went to Penny’s room and put a diaper on as best she could, pulled up some Gerber pants on her tiny legs and with only the diaper and Gerber pant on, went to the couch in the living room, climbed back up the couch, carefully put Penny in her lap and proceeded to feed her some of the grape juice from the bottle. “I’m bein’ da mommy!” she declared. Penny didn’t know if she was joking or not, but being a 3-month-old infant didn’t give her many options. She played the baby.

The end.



End Chapter 1

Annie and Penny's tale.

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2021


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Ambrose · Apr 9, 2021

Cute story! Always be careful whom you make deals with! ;-)

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