Fifteen Steps Down: An AR Anthology

by: nico | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2018

Chapter 7

Chapter Description: Content Warnings: Mental AR, Shrinking, Strong Language, Gay (M/M/M/M), EXTREME SEXUAL CONTENT

“Hey – did you put something in these brownies?”

Jake smiled. Now the evening could truly begin.

There was, admittedly, a part of him that hoped they’d never get there. It wasn’t that he feared his friends and boyfriend would get upset over being unknowingly drugged – lord knows that they’d been more than delighted to act as his guinea pigs in the past. No, Jake’s only real concern was that the compound he’d slipped into his world-famous double-fudge brownies was still unstable and perhaps even a touch dangerous. There was no telling what side effects it might have…but if the heat rising under his collar was any indication, its intended effect was already coming through loud and clear.

“I don’t know, Danny.” Jake’s smile widened. “Surely you’ve had enough edibles to be able to tell.”

“Usually, yeah.” The short but well-built shark eyed his half-eaten treat with suspicion, still chewing. “But I’ve never had any kinda pot that made me feel like this.”

“Don’t tell me you sprinkled acid on these too.” Danny’s husband Miguel chimed in. Though his tone was only half-joking, his concern didn’t prevent him from taking another bite. “I like to have the chance to pack my bags for a trip like that.”

“Don’t be coy with us, babe.” Added Marc, Jake’s boyfriend. “We’ll all have a better time if we know what we’re getting into.”

Jake dug his teeth into his lower lip to keep himself from bursting out in excitement. Though his friends and boyfriend could already tell that he had planned something special, none of them could know what the evening had in store for them. That’s because even Jake didn’t know.

Either way, tonight would provide a fitting end to what had been the wildest and most wonderful summer of his life.

Just having Marc all to himself had been great enough. Though the two of them had been friends since the simultaneous sprouting of their first pubes – and open boyfriends throughout all of high school – it was rare that the couple got to spend such a long stretch of uninterrupted time together. With their upcoming joint journey to college looming in the distance, the two young men decided to devote their last days of youthful freedom to each other and to having the best summer vacation possible.

That task was aided greatly by Danny and Miguel moving in next door.

Jake and Marc had always been sexually adventurous – that’s partly why their open relationship worked as well as it did. It was not until Danny and Miguel moved in, however, that the sexual boundaries of all four men started really being pushed. The kindness that the married couple showed the high school pair quickly evolved into a friendly familiarity, which then jumped all the way to unashamed intimacy shortly after the summer began.

With Jake’s parents off researching in Europe – and Marc’s dad typically absorbed by his work on a new downtown high-rise – the teenage boys were free to hang out with the married couple whenever they pleased and to take advantage of the good booze and high-quality reefer that they always seemed to have on hand. The first time that the four of them had enjoyed those controlled substances together was also the first time they had enjoyed each other. Though their four-way (sometimes three-way, sometimes paired) experiences started off exploratory and respectful, they became increasingly indulgent and raunchy with each evening in which the couples shared a bottle of wine or a tray of pot brownies.

It was, in fact, those frontier-expanding experiences that inspired Jake to whip up his special treat for this, the last evening the four of them would get to share together for some time. Though the party was already feeling pretty loose thanks to Miguel’s homemade arepas (and the joint that was passed around as they were devoured), Jake hoped that the extra little something he’d put in his brownies would do away with whatever inhibitions still lay between them.

“Woof. Okay.” Miguel blinked and put down what remained of his sweet. “I’m, uh…it’s coming on pretty strong now.”

“Yeah?” Danny grinned as he finished off his own fudgy square. “Then let’s see how it feels if I do…this.”

Danny punctuated his statement by grabbing Miguel through his jeans. He moaned and squirmed in his chair as Danny’s grin grew vicious and domineering, as Jake and Marc shared a knowing smile. The sawed-off army brat had always been the more dominating of the couple and never missed a chance to show it – not that he was ever cruel in his demonstrations. Miguel was as much a natural sub as Danny was a natural dom, and everybody at that table knew that he was getting his own enjoyment out of being put on such shameless display. If anything, this was right in line with what Jake and Marc had come to expect of their friends and lovers.

What they didn’t expect was for Miguel to suddenly clamp his lips on Danny’s – they didn’t expect Miguel to kiss his husband with the passion and need of a shore leave sailor.

“Whoa.” Marc murmured as Danny and Miguel sloppily, fervently – almost violently – made out right on the other side of the table. If the sudden widening of Danny’s eyes had been any indication, he’d been just as surprised as his teenage guests. Though Miguel loved teasing even more than the act itself, it appeared tonight that he had no patience for foreplay. Not that Danny seemed to mind – he reeled for but an instant before returning the kiss with just as much wild, unbridled desire.

“Guys?” Jake chuckled when neither member of the couple so much as slowed down. “Marc, do you wanna – ”

Marc’s lips were on his the instant he turned his boyfriend’s way. Having gotten a ‘yes’ to the question he didn’t even get to ask, Jake surrendered himself to the kiss and to the growing, roaring, pounding heat within him. Suddenly Jake understood why Miguel had thrown himself at Danny – the aphrodisiac he had whipped up was proving to be very powerful. This was not the sort of drug one took to savor a long and leisurely fuck. This was an urgent and needy rush, a storm of sensation that demanded to be fed.

Jake and Marc’s lips never broke contact as they rose from their seats. Out of the corner of his eye, Jake saw that Danny and Miguel were already on their feet – that the former, in fact, had pinned the latter to the fridge and was now grinding up aggressively against him. Miguel’s moans filled the dining room as Danny sucked and nibbled at his neck, as he made his husband’s ears burn with the dirty and demeaning whispers decisive to his domination.

Excited as he was by the sight, Jake’s attention was monopolized by the gorgeous hunk in his arms. Much as he enjoyed the openness of their relationship, there were times when Jake felt a fiercely possessive love for the man he’d shared all of his first sexual firsts with. This was one of those times. He growled as he thrust up against Marc with reckless and unabashed abandon, humping with enough force to bang his boyfriend’s bubble butt against the counter.

“I…I’m gonna fuck you.” Jake hissed in Marc’s ear and then bit on its lobe. “Gonna go…gonna go so deep… so fuckin’ deep…”

“Do it.” Marc demanded. “I want…I want it all…fuck me, babe…fuuuck meeeee…”

At the time, neither thought it strange that their tentative and inexperienced verbal foreplay was essentially that of a middle school kid who’d learned dirty talk from free porn. Both had said more embarrassing stuff than that during sex, after all, and besides – as hot as Jake and Marc were for each other in that moment, it’d take nothing less than a tank crashing in through the living room wall to distract them from the task at hand.

A tank, Jake would muse in hindsight, might have been less destructive.

He had been an instant away from ripping Marc’s clothes off – an instant away from, as he’d promised, fucking his boyfriend right there on the dining room floor with Danny and Miguel just a few feet away. It was him catching sight of the couple, however, that had frozen Jake in his tracks. The changes were small, so much so that they would have been difficult to spot even without the haze of lust and druggy euphoria to power through. Puddled pant cuffs. A drooping waistband. Baggy sleeves. For another man, signs of a sloppy dresser. Not for Miguel, though. His outfits – like the one he was wearing had just a few minutes prior – always fit him perfectly.

Miguel was smaller.

For that matter, so was Danny.

Marc hadn’t yet taken notice – he continued to rub and kiss and pinch and nibble at his boyfriend, which made it all the more difficult for Jake to focus on the potential disaster that was unfolding before his eyes. He hadn’t, to be fair, been caught completely off guard – this wouldn’t even be the first time he’d induced a strange transformation in a loved one. There was, for instance, the time that their attempt to get Marc more in touch with his femme side had resulted in his boyfriend becoming a biological woman (with a bangin’ set of tits, no less) for the better part of a day.

Jake was just bisexual enough to very much enjoy plowing Marc’s new pussy as he handled those tits.

There was also the incident in which Jake, fascinated by Danny’s desire to dominate, had gone over to his neighbor’s house to literally take him down a peg. The two of them had already made love a handful of times with each occasion marked by both members of the pairing attempting to dominate the other. Jake established himself as the temporary victor by halving Danny’s size and bending the reduced (but still surprisingly strong) man over his knee. As though that hadn’t been humbling enough, Danny was then shrunk to action figure size and told by Jake – in what must have been a booming, godlike voice from his perch on the toilet seat – that he’d only be grown back to normal once he’d satisfactorily fucked Jake’s piss slit with his centimeter of cock.

All good and harmless fun to be sure. Though Jake and his partners had emerged from those couplings – and several others – closer and with an even greater yearning for sexual exploration, the young inventor had never before unleashed a creation of his on a crowd like this…he’d never before induced a physical transformation while also messing with the inhibitions of his subjects. Still, there didn’t seem to be any reason to panic. Even if they all became inch-high fuckboys, there was no reason to think that things would get any wilder than they had in the past.

Then Miguel opened his mouth.

“Wan’…wan’ Danny weenie…” He babbled in a voice whose higher pitch matched both his reduced frame and the childishness of the declaration. “Wanna…wan’ touch it…an’ suck it…an’…an’ put it in my tushiiiiieee.”

“Uh-huh…” Danny slavered between kisses and nips. “Gonna make baby Miggy happy aw over…gonna give him good feewings…”

Okay, that was enough for Jake to finally tear his lips away from Marc’s. ‘Baby Miggy’ wasn’t anything new – Miguel made no secret of how much he loved being infantilized – but the rest was beyond any sort of foreplay or dirty talk Jake had ever heard before.

“You guys talkin’ siwwy.” Jake clamped his hands over his mouth and stared into Marc’s widened eyes. A quick look at his boyfriend – a quick look at himself – revealed that the two of them had lost nearly as much height as the other couple…and if his slip in dialect was any indication, he was very much feeling the same infantilizing side effects that Danny and Miguel were experiencing. “Me talk siwwy!”

For a moment, the four of them simply stared at one another.

Then Danny and Miguel went back at it.

“Guuyyysss!” Jake wavered on his feet as he whined. Tearing himself away from his own pleasure was made all the more difficult by watching the married couple have so much fun. “No fair! Dis weal bad!”

A touch on his cheek. Jake turned to see Marc wearing his naughtiest grin.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaake,” he teased as his fingertips snuck beneath his sagging waistband. “Lookit what I got.”

It was nothing more than an instant, a flash of frilly fabric – but it was enough to get Jake to forget all his concerns and focus on what was really important. The aphrodisiac surging through his veins was difficult enough to resist on its own, doubly so with Danny and Miguel dryhumping like it was going out of style. The task became impossible when Marc revealed that beneath his jeans lay his favorite pair of lacy underwear. Jake had been driven wild by the mere sight of the delicate and shamelessly sexy garment ever since Marc’s brief foray into womanhood. Though he could’ve guessed that his boyfriend had been wearing them – the guyliner and painted nails he broke out for ‘special occasions’ was a dead giveaway – he still felt a thrill like he’d never before experienced from that mere peek at pink panties.

“You so pwetty,” Jake blurted out as the blush returned to his cheeks. Marc merely giggled in reply as his fingers wandered over to his fly…as they undid its button…as they pulled down its zipper with a dramatic flourish, which was all that was needed to send his already-loose jeans slopping to the floor. He stepped out of them and tossed his shirt aside, standing before his gaping boyfriend in nothing but that luscious lingerie. Though it too had started to slip from Marc’s hips, the girly garment remained in place thanks to the propping power of his egregiously erect cock, the tip of which leaked profanely through the sheer and slight fabric.

“Say me pwetty again.” Marc cooed as he fondled himself through the silk, one strong hand stroking his sizable shaft while the other played with his sizable balls.

“You…you weal pwetty,” Jake whimpered. He was, for a moment, so struck by the vision of this androgynous god/dess that he could do nothing but admire the utter beauty of his boyfriend. That only lasted until the aphrodisiac demanded action, though. “You…you got pwetty nipples…an’ a pwetty tummy…an’…an’ a extwa pwetty pee-pee…”

Jake moved closer to Marc as he ran down his boyfriend’s best features, punctuating each declaration with a pinch or a twist or a stroke or a squeeze. Marc whimpered and pulled at Jake’s hair as his fingers traced their way down that chiseled and familiar form, as Jake fell to his knees and nuzzled his boyfriend’s dick through his panties. Seeing it up close like this – seeing the way it stretched the delicate fabric to its limits – was enough to make Jake want to suck it through the softly scented silk.

It was not until another heavy drop of pre-cum soaked into the material – so thickly that it beaded right through the bewitching barrier – that Jake did just that.

Marc, perhaps understandably, did not last long. He pulled at Jake’s hair, he squealed and shuddered, he babbled and cooed as he hammered shot after shot into the inside of his panties. Jake kept sucking at the head as it surged and throbbed between his lips, kept sucking even when his boyfriend tried to push him away in the unbearable sensitivity of his post-high. Though the young inventor had always treated Marc’s essence like a rare delicacy to be saved and savored, his current state of hyper horniness had elevated the sticky stuff to the level of ambrosia. When there was no more to be sucked from the semen-soaked silk, Jake peeled off Marc’s now-ruined panties and licked the insides clean.

Then he dropped them and clamped his lips around the shiny, dripping head of Marc’s naked cock.

“Ooooooooo…!” Marc squealed as he pressed his hands against the back of Jake’s head, as he started fucking his boyfriend’s mouth with wild abandon. “Wub…wub Jakeyyyyy…wub suck weeeeeeenie…”

Jake hadn’t expected much from this second serving – just the few dribbles and drops that a proud cum slut like him would never dream of letting go to waste. It was to his delight, then, that he found Marc’s recursion period to be non-existent. He hardened back up instantaneously beneath Jake’s swirling and talented tongue, and it was but a few seconds before he coated that tongue with another healthy load.

Jake swallowed and kept sucking. Though Marc’s cries became ragged and almost tortured, he made no effort to remove his cock from the paradise in which it had been placed – if anything, the lack of a necessary cooldown led him to pump and thrust with even greater speed and vigor. Jake murmured happily around the dick that so deliciously violated his lips. As its tip scraped against the back of his throat – as it splattered that throat with a third load – Jake glanced across the room to see what Danny and Miguel were up to.

“You naughty, Baby Miggy! Dis what naughty baby get!”

“Naaa…naughty baby…Miggy…aaa baa baa…”

It didn’t surprise Jake to see how quickly the couple had moved from grinding to full-on penetration – he’d seen them on multiple occasions go all the way at the drop of a hat. What did surprise him was just how unconcerned they seemed at having at least a foot of height each. If anything, their new diminutiveness had inspired the position in which they currently found themselves – Miguel bent over the seat of a low chair while Danny ruthlessly fucked the ass that his husband so willingly offered up. Each thrust was accentuated with a spank to a well-toned cheek – each spank was strong enough to instantly redden Miguel’s tanned bottom, to fill the dining room with SMACK! after reverberating SMACK!

With each thrust, a new surge of seed shlorped from Miguel’s opening and trickled down his toned, hairy legs. They had, it seemed, discovered the absence of recursion all on their own.

Jake had to get in on this. He coaxed a fourth load from Marc before tottering his way over to the married couple, leaving both his oversized clothes and his boyfriend behind. Super-sexed or not, it seemed as though Marc could use a break – if the way he slumped giggling against the counter was any indication – after completing his quartet. Though it was but a brief trip across the kitchen, Jake was still cognizant enough during those few seconds to appreciate the wild and unpredictable transformation he had instigated in himself and in his friends. He’d never tested any of his inventions on himself, and as such everything about this experience was entirely new to him. He grinned up stupidly at the furniture and furnishings that – despite already towering above him – slowly and gradually stretched towards the ceiling. He grinned at how his painfully erect and dripping cock waggled before him with each step. Everything was wondrous and woozy, intense and euphoric. It was as though he’d taken a mega-hit of ecstasy and washed it down with two tabs of acid and a fistful of bootleg Viagra.

Dimly he realized that he might have something marketable on his hands.

That was a matter for another time, though. At the moment, Jake had more pressing issues on his mind.

“Me wan’ Miggy tushie!” He declared to Danny, somewhat less intelligibly than he’d intended. “Iss my turn!”

“Nuh-uh! Iss my tushie!” Danny countered. He lorded his possession over his babbling, spurting, moaning husband by smirking right in Jake’s face and continuing to hump without so much as slowing down. “Go ‘way!”

Jake considered this counteroffer.

Then, he positioned himself behind Danny and thrust his throbbing cock deep into the brat’s unprepared passage.

Jake giggled at his new partner’s sudden squeal, at how Danny was able through one prolonged squeak to express the indignant shock that quickly became his overwhelming delight. The trio of bodies slapped sweatily against one another as this new tripling quickly found its tempo. Miguel’s experience had admittedly changed very little, though Jake swore he could see him grinning – when he wasn’t whimpering or begging in babytalk for his husband to go even harder – at how quickly and thoroughly Danny had been dominated. The middle of the sandwich, meanwhile, was admirably serving both his masters. Though he continued favoring Miguel with the rough treatment he craved, he also pulled back so that Jake could more easily suck at his neck, nibble at his lobe, and generally treat Danny like a tasty little morsel he could gobble up at any time. Jake remained focused on this task even after reaching his first climax of the night, a soul-shaking surge of unbearable pleasure that nearly overloaded his already-saturated senses. His all-encompassing ecstasy was such that his knees buckled and would have given way had Jake not been able to center his focus – had he not realized that passing out meant no longer getting to fuck Danny’s sweet (and now well-lubricated) ass.

They writhed and bucked. They squealed and screamed. They thrust and dribbled and whimpered and came and came and came and came until Miguel’s sudden slip sent the three of them tumbling to the floor. It had been difficult enough for him to remain bent over the chair while his husband plowed away at him – it was impossible to do so once he became covered in his and Danny’s sweat, once he could no longer reach the chair’s seat with his midsection without standing on his tippy toes. Though both Danny and Miguel whined their disappointment at being so suddenly disengaged, it was quickly stymied by the two of them finding each other (and Jake) and engaging in a more gentle and lugubrious form of lovemaking. The evidence of their rougher play trickled onto each other and onto the floor as each of them indiscriminately sought out toes and fingers and lobes and nipples for them to lick and nibble and suck and bite. It was only when he lapped at the sources of those trickles that Jake could tell who he was pleasuring – he had swallowed enough of his and Danny’s emissions to gain a sommelier’s sense of whose was whose.

Jake had moved on to drooling all over the set of toes he had crammed between his lips when he, through his Caligulan haze, noticed that Marc was crawling towards them – and not in a seductive way. If anything, his boyfriend’s uncertain but determined movements made him seem incapable of any other form of ambulation. A mild panic flared in the back of Jake’s mind, a sharp signal of distress that cut through the pulsing fog of pure pleasure. Dialectic slips and vanished inhibitions were one thing – it would be something else entirely if their motor functions were to become as weak and unpredictable as those of a common infant. Their greatly reduced bodies might have still been as manly as ever, but all that muscle and hard-won development could prove dangerous if none of them could exercise any control over it.

The young inventor reluctantly released the drool-drenched toes to declare, with what eloquence he had left, that things might be getting out of hand. That declaration died, however, when Marc plopped onto his bottom just a few inches away from the indulging trio…when he, instead of diving into the pile, simply sucked his thumb while clumsily fondling his rock-hard, reinvigorated cock. Jake nearly cried from the surge of love that swelled up within him, so warm and strong that it overpowered both his reason and his all-encompassing lust. Marc had always been a giving partner and it touched Jake deeply to see that his boyfriend – even in this strangest of circumstances, even when his own desire must be nigh unbearable – would rather stay on the bench than disturb the rhythm the trio had created for itself.

“Wub Mawkie.” He shared a grin and a blush with his boyfriend as he unsteadily pulled himself to his feet, giggling at the realization that he no longer stood even as high as the seat Miguel had been bent over. “Mawkie get tweat.”

Though Jake had positioned himself before his boyfriend with the intent of spewing a load all over his upper body (a favorite activity of Marc’s), his body had other plans. Soft for the first time in many minutes, his penis was but a conduit for what resulted naturally when a man drank too much wine before losing control over his bladder. Both Jake and Marc gasped – the former in surprise, the latter in delight – as the young inventor quite intentionally treated his boyfriend to an impromptu golden shower.

Jake would’ve been mortified were it not for the fact that Marc had never been afraid of a little piss play, even if he only asked for such raunch when he was at his horniest. Jake figured that this certainly qualified, though, and what little concern he still had disappeared as he watched Marc squeal and coo beneath the sudden spray. As crude as the act was, Jake still felt a special and private connection to his boyfriend in that moment. Marc wouldn’t let just anyone pee on him, after all, and Jake felt an odd but fierce pride at being a recipient of that honor.

“Jakey may pee-pee,” Miguel giggled.

“He dur-tee boy,” Danny teased. “Him an’ Mawkie.”

Jake jumped and squeaked as he spun towards the couple, who were saved from his spray only because his flow had slowed to a few final trickling drops. So lost was he in admiration for his lover that he had completely forgotten about Danny and Miguel. Though he tried to babble out an apology for pissing all over their new hardwood floors, neither seemed particularly upset by the defilement. If anything, their re-hardening cocks suggested the opposite.

“Dur-tee Mawkie.” Danny murmured as he and Miguel clumsily stroked themselves to their full length. “May Mawkie more methy.”

Jake couldn’t tell what Danny had planned until he realized that the miniaturized man had aimed his dick right at Marc’s lips – and that Miguel, who was always on his husband’s wavelength, had done the same. Eager to get in on the fun, Jake quickly positioned himself between the couple and caught up to them by stroking with every bit of speed and coordination he could muster. Marc peered up curiously at the trio of tiny masturbating men that surrounded him. When he realized what they had planned, his eyes lit up in eager anticipation and he opened his mouth wide to enjoy as much of his oncoming gift as he could.

Jake swelled with pride when his first shot was the only one of the three to completely hit its target.

“Moooooorrrreeeeeee…” Marc babbled as his chest and cheeks and chin were marked by thick strands of hot white sticky stuff. “May more fow methy Mawkie. Dur-tee. Fill-fee. Nas-tee…naaaaa…ahhhh…aaaa ba ga ba baaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Though Jake had seen his boyfriend get worked up like this before – being painted never failed to do the trick for him – his wild lust was seemingly taken to another level by the fact that Jake and Danny and Miguel could just keep shooting and shooting and shooting as they stood over him like the world’s most erotic (and least effective) firing squad. Though Marc was typically content to be an impassive, submissive little slut during these moments, there had also been times when this sort of treatment flipped a switch within his sexual subconscious. As his excitement grew he would devolve into a sort of parody of himself, a humiliation-hungry whore whose pronounced lisp and bottomless voraciousness would put even the most flaming of queens to shame. He begged for more like the baby-sized bitch he’d become, supplanting the efforts of the trio by flogging away at his own cock so that he could add his own paint to the palette. Soon his spurting fountain erupted with the pool of his belly button too small to hold it all. The excess (and that of the trio) trickled from his sweaty, pissy, thoroughly tainted form and into the golden puddle in which Marc luxuriated.

Soon even that was no longer enough to satiate Marc’s ravenous desire. After climaxing for a second time, he grabbed Jake’s arm and pulled him roughly to the floor, surprising his boyfriend by reaching a plateau that even he had only seen a few times before. Marc, when in this insatiable state, was usually content to take whatever cocks were available (along with whatever liquids they might happen to produce). Every once in a great while, however, his libido became so supercharged that even the most humiliating treatment could not satisfy him – not even the grandest of invaders was enough.

He needed to fuck.

Surprised (but thrilled) by the realization that Marc had reached that peak, Jake was more than ready to forgive the rough and somewhat inelegant way in which his boyfriend went to work. He didn’t even mind that, in being laid out on his back, he had essentially been forced to soak in the stinking swamp of emissions that the quartet had created. If anything, sloshing about in the stuff – feeling it soak into his body hair as his nostrils flared at the sharp and musky scent – seemed the natural progression for the unbelievably filthy and debaucherous evening he had unintentionally set in motion. He squirmed and squealed when Marc hit his magic spot for the first time, a sudden hit of unbearable ecstasy that instantly brought him to a chin and cheek-painting climax. He babbled babyish and unintelligible declarations of love whenever his tongue wasn’t wrestling Marc’s for dominance. He bucked his hips towards his boyfriend with every thrust, determined to get as much of his beautiful cock in him as possible.

Miguel and Danny could hardly be blamed for wanting to get in on the fun.

The married couple pulled Marc back so that he could continue to fuck Jake while propped on his knees. This new position gave the space they needed to set themselves up on either side of the young inventor…to smirk devilishly down at Jake as they waggled their dicks mere inches from his lips.

“Jakey wan’ aw da pee-pees,” Miguel giggled.

“He wub suckin’ weenie.” Danny teased. “Jakey da betht widdle weenie suckah, idn’t hims?”

Jake was never one to back down from a challenge. In a second both dripping heads were stuffed between his lips, his tongue swirling around those angry red helmets as he grinned inwardly at how Danny and Miguel instantly and simultaneously squealed at the intensity of this new pleasure. Jake loved the way they rubbed together inside his satisfyingly full mouth, loved the shared saltiness of their shafts and the unique notes that set the flavors of their flesh apart…loved when his glorified fuckhole overflowed with the copiousness of their twin culminations. The young inventor moaned in complete contentment as he swallowed what he could – the sensation of which bringing him to his latest and perhaps most powerful pinnacle yet – and let the rest dribble down his chin.

Though Miguel and Danny tried to pull away afterwards – to give themselves or their cum dumpster a break, who could say – Jake wasn’t about to let them get away that easily. He crept his hands between their thighs and his fingers between their cheeks. He jammed them into their leaking holes so he could play with their prostates while they – Danny stroking his stunning sausage while Miguel mashed his more modest member – jerked off right above his face. It was but a few moments later that Jake got to enjoy the results of his efforts, as the couple’s concurrent climaxes resulted in a beautifully debasing facial that Jake would dream about for years to come. And all the while Marc kept surging within him, kept thrusting and grunting and pounding and coming, kept hitting Jake’s perfect little secret spot with such technique and frequency that the young inventor distantly wondered whether it was possible to be driven mad by pleasure.

By now the men had stopped shrinking, all four locked into a state of perpetual and infantile horniness that would seemingly not cease until they grew back to their normal sizes. Though Jake could not be certain that they’d ever be normal again, he did know that there were worse fates than remaining an everlastingly happy fucktoy for the rest of one’s life. It was that gleeful fatalism that carried him and the rest of the quartet through the evening, that drove them to top newly-achieved sexual peaks with even wilder and filthier acts. Though mere recollection could do no justice to the pure hedonism of that night, there were a few moments that would be etched crystal clear within Justin’s memories until the day he died.

They jerked off in a saucer and lapped at it like dogs.

They licked sweat from pits and pereniums, from cracks and crevices.

They played pattycake in a puddle of piss.

They wandered into Danny and Miguel’s dungeon and used its whips, gags, plugs and paddles to redefine the boundary between pleasure and pain.

Wherever they went, they crawled.

Whenever they spoke, it was in a babyish babble that made their dirty talk feel even more deliciously obscene.

The moon was hung well in the sky by the time the festivities drew to a close, by the time the quartet – each one of them flushed, sore, dribbling and happy – silently decided that they’d had enough fun for one night. Jake yawned and murmured something about how it was time to “go sleepy-bye” as he curled up on the mostly-unmarred carpet of the living room floor. He purred in pure contentment as his companions joined him in his slumber – Marc allowing himself to be spooned by his boyfriend as the married couple cuddled them on either side. They nuzzled and nibbled and licked like puppies as the need for sleep finally won out, as they each drifted off on the deepest and most comforting sense of satisfaction any of them had ever experienced.


We’d appreciate a warning next time, kid.

And there’d better be a next time!

Love –

Danny & Miguel

That was the note Jake found adhered to his forehead when he awoke – normal size, reeking of bodily fluids, and with his horniness turned down to its typical and comparatively tame level. Though the married couple was nowhere to be found, the work they’d done before departing was evident by the spotlessness of the dining room and the piss-free sheen of its gleaming hardwood. They’d also been kind enough to fold Jake and Marc’s clothes into neat piles beside them. Though Jake appreciated the consideration, he couldn’t help but sigh as he eyed those outfits – they seemed almost like prison uniforms after the freewheeling and shameless nudity they’d so thoroughly enjoyed.

He awakened Marc with a nibble at his ear and laughed when his boyfriend drowsily declared that he’d had the most fucked-up dream. Jake could hardly blame him for not initially believing that everything they’d done had actually happened – the evening had been such a blur of firsts and fucks that he had a hard time believing it himself. Luckily, Danny & Miguel had been kind enough to give their counterpart couple some privacy and time to parse all the impossibilities of the evening prior – something Jake planned on doing while he made gentle love to his favorite man in the world.

“Hello? Anybody home?”

Their eyes went moon wide. Brandon – Marc’s dad – had arrived.

It wasn’t as though his appearance was entirely unexpected. Brandon knew that Jake and Marc spent a lot of time at Danny and Miguel’s, and their home was often the first place he checked when he couldn’t find his son or his son’s boyfriend. In most circumstances, neither teen would’ve even been embarrassed about being caught post-coitus by Marc’s bear of a dad. Though he always preached safe sex, Brandon had never sought to limit the boundaries of either boy’s sexuality – matter of fact, he had on more than one occasion told the pair exceedingly detailed stories of the wild times that’d occurred when he’d “swung that way.”

Jake would’ve fucked him silly if given the chance. He suspected that Marc would do the same.

“Yeah dad!” Marc squeaked with the hyperactive embarrassment of a teen caught masturbating. “Just, uh, give us a second.”

“…okay.” Brandon called back, voice heavy with curiosity and/or suspicion. “I’ll be in the kitchen when you guys ready.”

Jake and Marc grinned sheepishly at one another as they got dressed in record time. Though neither believed that Brandon would find out what had happened, the mere possibility of it added a naughty thrill to the morning that reinvigorated their lust like a fresh hit of Spanish Fly. Jake registered the desire in Marc’s eyes and – with a deep, loving kiss – silently told him to put it away until they had some time to themselves.

“There you are.” Brandon beamed at the boys as they entered the kitchen. “How was your – ”

He suddenly stopped and straightened, nostrils flaring. Jake and Marc froze and eyed each other nervously. Though they knew that they stank of the fluids in which they had practically bathed, neither had realized that Brandon would be able to smell them from across the room. The silence hung heavy between the trio for what felt like years until the older man finally shooed it away with a good-natured chuckle.

“I was going to ask how your evening was,” he mused. “But I think I already have my answer. You guys have a good time?”

“Uh, yeah.” Jake managed. “Really good.”

“The best,” Marc chimed in.

“Good. I won’t ask for details – but maybe they’ll come out just the same once I get a few beers in you guys.”

Jake and Marc joined Brandon in his laughter as they shared a relieved glance. Though they both knew that they’d have to come up with something that explained their discombobulation and their ungodly stench, at least they could wait to come up with a story until Brandon invited them out on the porch for a few lagers.

“Anyway, I just wanted to come by for a quick breather before I get back to work.” Brandon sighed as he sipped at his coffee. “You wouldn’t believe the shit that my foreman is trying to get away with. Just yesterday he said…”

Though Jake tried to pay attention to Brandon’s story, he wanted nothing more in that moment than to get Marc home, fuck him gently, and then brainstorm with his boyfriend over how they could top themselves the next time the quartet got together. It was as he was thinking of a way to gracefully exit the conversation that he noticed something out of the corner of his eye – or, rather, an absence of something.

There had, at the end of the evening, been four brownies left in his tray.

Now there were only two.

A cold sweat prickled at the back of Jake’s neck. He turned back to Brandon.

“…an’ I wanted da big twucks but he said I could’n have ‘em so I got weal mad an’…”

Was his cap creeping over his head? Were the shoulders of his shirt looking a little roomier? Though Brandon didn’t seem to take notice of any of this, his son – if his dropped jaw and pale cheeks were any indication – was all too aware of the trip his dad was about to take.

“Hee hee. Gotta happy peepee.”

Suddenly uninterested in his own story, Brandon’s focus was now on the raging erection that was singlehandedly keeping his pants on his reducing form. The shrinking man giggled as he wiggled his hips to relieve himself of those pants, to free a needy cock that he immediately began flogging away at. Though neither Jake nor Marc could take their eyes away from this astonishing and unbelievably arousing spectacle, Marc at least had the presence of mind to pull out his phone and dial a number with shaking fingers.

“Hey – hey, it’s Marc.” He swallowed as Brandon shook off his cap and squirmed out of his shirt. His now four-foot and fully-naked father whimpered and whined as he stroked his fat cock and squeezed at his meaty, hairy balls. “Yeah. Mm-hmm. Listen, my dad’s gonna have to take a personal day – there’s been, uh, a family emergency that he has to tend to.”

“MAY CUM-CUMS!” The boy-sized man suddenly screamed as he reached his unexpected crescendo, as jets of his mature offering splattered all over the floor. “DADDY BWANDON MAY WOTSA CUM-CUMS, MAWKIE!”

“No! No, I didn’t hear anything.” Marc scrambled, shooting Jake a mean look for how gleefully he smirked at his boyfriend. “Okay, yep, I’ll be sure to tell him. Okay. Okay, bye. Bye. BYE!”

Marc hung up and slugged Jake in the arm, which did little to diminish his howling laughter. Even he had to admit that there was something hilarious – and strangely adorable – about the way the still-shrinking man licked his essence from his fingers while continuing to stroke away with his free hand.

A look passed between them. A moment’s hesitation. A devilish decision.

They grinned as they each took a brownie.



End Chapter 7

Fifteen Steps Down: An AR Anthology

by: nico | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2018


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