Teacher Knows Best

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 11, 2015

Chapter 5
Teacher Knows Best -Final Chapter

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Teacher Knows Best PT5 CONCLUSION

’Angie, this is not funny! Tell me your joking!’ Kelly said upon

seeing Angie acting as childish as she had ever seen.

’Huh uh! I don’t like ’Funnies’ ’less they’re colored!’

’Angie?! Dammit! What have they done to you?’

’Ummmmmm Teacher showed us ’Flash Cards’ for a little bit and then

we got play-time!’

Kelly spun around and headed for Ms. Crow’s station.

’Margaret... what’s up with Angie this morning?’ Kelly asked trying

not to show her frustration.

Ms. Crow looked up from her book with a gaze that implied she had

better things to do than talk about the children.

’She had a meeting with a ’shrink’ this morning. ~I~ think it did

her some good’ she said and then returned to her book.

’So, she sees a ’shrink’ ~and~ you decide to actually hold a proper

class this morning?’ Kelly asked sounding a bit incredulous

’~Imagine that~!’

Ms. Crow sat her book down and slowly looked up at Kelly. ’Yes....

Well it wasn’t ~my~ idea. Word came from above that we needed to

hold class...of some kind. I guess we’re close to election time. As

for the ’shrink’.... I thought Angie was a little quiet. Didn’t get

along wih the other kids, you know? Kept to herself. Apparently

someone actually read my daily report.’

’Since when do you fill out those reports?’

’Since ’word’ came down that If I didn’t I would be looking for

another job!’ she answered and went back to her book.

Kelly went back to Angie. Angie now was busy grooming a Barbie


’Angie, honey? Have you forgot all about our little talk


’Uhhhhh I dunno? Wanna help me dress Barbie?’

’Angie, put Barbie down. I want you to tell me about this

morning....what you did?’

’I hadda see the Dr.’


’Ummmmm.... she talked to me a and stuff.’

’About what kind of ~stuff~?’

’How I’m too little to worry and stuff.... You think Barbie’ll look

better with this dress or that one?’

’You have to put Barbie down and try to think like an adult. I know

you can. Grownup Angie is still in there somewhere..... I hope! You

haven’t fought all this stuff this long to lose it all now.... not

when you’ve got someone on your side now! Try.... You have to try!’

’This game ain’t no fun. Can we play somethin’ else? Pleassssse


’NO! I’m not giving up YET! C’mon’ she sad taking Angie’s hand

’Let’s get away from all these children... And leave Barbie HERE!’

Kelly took Angie to her office. Once in private she started started

repeating the story Angie had told her earlier. Every detail. Angie

seemed mostly uninterested. Kelly then started telling her about

what she had learned about Angie’s life while looking into Angie’s

story.... her husband.... her child. It was when she started

telling her about the birth of Lara that a distant spark of

recognition shown in Angie’s eyes.

’I knew it! You’re still in there! I can see it in your eyes. You

have to remember the birth of your child. You carried her in your

tummy for 9 months!....Lara is your little girl.’

’Lara?...... I.....ummmmm...... it’s hard to ’member........ Am I

in trouble?’

’Angela... you have to remember! THINK! Think about school....HIGH

SCHOOL! And getting married! And baby Lara coming home from the

hospital in your arms! Don’t you remember?’

’Ummmmm kinda.....’

’Focus! Come on! Focus!’

’Am I not really little?’

’No, you’re not! Are you remembering now?’

’A little....I think.... Do I hafta ’member? It hurts.’

’Yes!.... Don’t fight it! Think!’

’I kinda ’member some stuff...... ’

Kelly smiled ’Yes! Tell me...what kind of stuff?’

’Uhhhhh....like my first day of ....... WOW ....high school?.....

you know...like, .with the big kids and stuff?’

’You’re on the right track, it’s just buried. Keep trying!’ Kelly

implored of her.

’Maybe I oughta go check on Barbie...K?’

’No...forget about Barbie and and think about yourself. Think about

growing up.....Do it for me... Think about high school.... Tell me

what you remember about high school.’

Suddenly, Angie laughed.

’What?’ Kelly asked.

’I just ’membered some stuff’

’What now?’

’I was with a ~boy~....and we was in his car...... and uhhhhhhhh he

had some beer and I drunk one..... and then another and got all

dizzy.... and then we uhhhhh we ummmmm......... ’

’Yes, you what? Come on! You can do it!’ Kelly told her sounding


’Whoa!...... Kelly! I’m back! ......I think. Thank You! Thank

you!.... This was the worstest yet. It’s still kinda hard to think

right! I kinda still feel like a little girl ’stead of a grownup.

Ever’thing is so funny in my mind. And I can’t ’member some stuff.

Uhhhhh How old ~am~ I???? My last name....what’s my married name? I

can kinda ’member some stuff but not right...like getting

married... but it’s like all mixed up with Prom. All the boys...

ummmm men in tuxes.... I dunno!’

’Well, you were pretty far gone. It might take a while.’ Kelly told

her sounding sympathetic.

’I hope not. This is scarin’ me bad!’ Angie replied

’I kind of would like to hear some more about you and that boy in

the car’ Kelly joked.

’’Better not!’ Angie answered.

’I think it’s coming back! It’s just slower this time. You seemed

pretty far gone. Anyway, You’re married name is Fletcher. You’re 26

years old.’

’Ooooooh 26? That’s ~old~’ Angie whined.

’Well, right now no one would guess you’re 26! Besides, it not THAT

old! Listen I have plan. I went by your house but I think there are

some people watching it. Maybe they’re looking for you? There was a

van and a car with government plates. They both had tinted windows

and were parked on your block. Do you remember where the anti-dote

is in your house? Maybe I could sneak in. Somehow, I need to get

you out of here before before someone here regresses you to diapers

or something! Unfortunately, ~I~ don’t have any authority to take

you outside...much less off the premises! So, where is the


’Ummmmm Jim put it ummmmmm...... lemme think....... up high.....

ummmm OH! In a pitcher on the shelf. The red pitcher! Do ya think

somebody here knows who I really am?’

’Maybe. I don’t know. It seems strange that they would single you

out for an early morning shrink session... but then again you ~are~

a really strange little girl when you have your adult mind.’

’Hmmmm... So how are you gonna get the anti-dote?’

’They’re probably looking for a 26 year old . Maybe if I dress a

bit younger I can blend in with the neighborhood and sneak in

somehow. Hopefully, I can pull it off. I’ll let my hair down and

dress younger and try to look like some teenage girl from the

neighborhood. I’ll just try and blend in and then get in from the

back. Do you think I can pass for a teenager?’

’Ummmm from my per...spec...spect... uhh size, you look like a

grownup..... but then about everyone does!’ Angie said, her mind

trying to find adult words as her adult persona slowly fought its

way back.

’But they probably know what I look like.... I bet they have a

picture or somethin’...or ~something~’ Angie added as she corrected

her childish speaking pattern. ’Why not go as yourself?’

’Because, they might get suspicious if they saw someone from ’The

Home’ hanging around the neighborhood. My plan kind of kills two

birds with one stone. I’ll be disquised and plus they won’t suspect

a teenage girl! I’ll have to try. But that still leaves you here!

If I get it and bring it here, and you take it, how are we going to

get you out of here as an adult? It’s not like you can just walk

out the door! And if I don’t get you somewhere where you can take

the anti-dote before too long, I’m afraid you’re mind will be

totally gone.’

’We hafta.... ~have to~... try somethin’.... I still can’t think so


’Just do whatever you can to keep your mind from slipping and think

I know what I can do... IF I can get the anti-dote’


’You’ll be the first to know! Now, let’s get you back out in the

rec-room and I’ll get started.’

Angie headed back to the rec-room still trying to remember more of

her adult life. Kelly went the opposite way preparing her plan.


Angie tried to find a newspaper to read but there was nothing to be

found except the comics page. All the newspapers and magazines were

gone. She tried to put the TV on CNN but it wasn’t long before

someone grumbled and changed it to the Cartoon Network. She finally

just sat by herself and ran memories through her mind trying to fit

fragments together. A short while later she saw Kelly hurriedly

clock out of the facility. It was too early for her to leave

normally, so Angie knew the plan was in motion. She hoped Kelly’s

plan would work...whatever it was!


Kelly drove off and then stopped by her mother’s house. Luckily her

mother wasn’t home. She grabbed the key from under the flower-pot

and went inside. She immediately headed for her sister’s room. Her

sister was 17 and a senior in high school. Kelly figured she could

find everything she needed to look like a legitimate teenager in

her sister’s room. She only hoped her 21 year old body could wear

her sisters clothes. She stripped down to her bra and panties and

looked in the mirror. ’Not too bad’ she thought as she admired her

trim figure ’I this this’ll work!’ she said lightly.

She settled on a pair of cut-off blue jeans to begin the ensemble.

She slid them up her toned legs and was glad to see that they

fit.... albeit a ~little~ tight. She then tossed off her bra and

picked out one of her sister’s ’sports bras’. Finally, she decided

on a cut up, midriff exposing, T-shirt to finish the look.

She looked in the mirror. It was close.... but her hair was still

pulled back. She let her hair down and brushed it out. Even closer

but she still felt she looked too mature and she didn’t want anyone

to even consider she could be in her 20’s or else they might get

suspicious! After some thought she realized that her makeup was not

what a teen would be wearing. She sat down at her sister’s

nighstand and went through her beauty supplies. Soon, she had

scrubbed her face of her old makeup and applied some of the younger

looking lipstick and makeup of her sister’s. A quick applictation

of younger colored nail polish, a cheap necklace and ankle bracelet

and she began to look like a schoolboy’s dream! She let the bright

nail polish dry and then padded over to the closet and saw some

rollerblades. ’These oughta complete the look....If I can just

remember how to skate!’’ she said to herself. She gathered up her

clothes and carried them and the rollerblades to her car. She

popped a CD into the indash player and was off on her mission. She

half expected to hear a voice saying ’Kelly, this is your

mission........’ finally finishing with ’ .....this CD will explode

in 60 seconds’!


Back at the Children’s Center, Angie was shocked to see the man

from yesterday approach her.

’Angie? I’m Dr. Blackwell... Kelly’s friend. She explained to me

what’s going on. Quite a terrific story but I’m inclined to believe

her. Being a Dr. I know there are a lot of advancements in that

area of research. Besides, everything checks out. Otherwise nothing

makes sense about you.’

Angie was understandably taken aback. Kelly wasn’t ~supposed~ to

tell anyone. But she HAD mentioned that she had a plan to get her


’Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. Kelly knows she can

trust me otherwise she never would have said anything. It’s a good

thing that she did. There’s been some people asking around about

Lara and her mother. I think it’s only a matter of time before they

figure out who you are. After all, if Kelly can trace your records

back to their dead-end, I’m sure those fellows can if they ever

try! Another thing, Kelly was right about thinking you need to use

the anti-dote outside of these walls, otherwise they’d find out

about you.’

’I dunno...... People are asking about me... the adult me?’

’They seem to be getting desperate. I think maybe you are a loose


’Oh .... wow.... It’s atleast as bad as I thought!’

’I’m afraid so. But Kelly’s getting the anti-dote as we speak.

Kelly can’t check you out of here, but I can.... after all I’m a

doctor here. Kelly could never get you past Ms. Crow. But I’ll get

you out and then we’ll meet Kelly. We’ll get you fixed up and then

I can see to it that Lara gets out too.’

’I dunno.... I guess....’

’Don’t worry. Kelly is a bright girl..... I’ll help all I can.’

’But won’t ya get in trouble for helpin’ us to get out of here?’

’You know, I thought about that. What can they say? They know you

can grow up again. Once you do and take your daughter.... and

husband too I suppose.... what could I do? It’s not like they are

going to spread it around. And I’ll just play dumb to how this

aging and de-aging is possible. They won’t want to cause any

trouble with me because their secret could get out. This way I’d

look like a nut and lose my job and good standing if I said

anything..... And I’d be missed here if ’I’ turned up missing. They

don’t want anymore suspicion. It’s ’you’ they want. I imagine

they’re not looking for a little girl like you just yet!’

’I never thought of that.... I guess I don’t have a job or nothin’

to lose like that. I could work pretty hard to ex....ummm to ’spose

’em and stuff’

’It sounds like you’re speech is regressing?’

’Uh huh... It’s gettin’ real hard....’

’Do you want to get dressed before we go?’ The doctor asked upon

noting that she still was wearing only her sleepshirt from the

night before.

Angie looked down at what she was wearing. She hadn’t even noticed

she hadn’t gotten properly dressed yet. The sight of her young legs

surprised her. She took a moment to examine her hands and feet...

Everything was so much smaller than her adult body....It seemed a

bit strange to her at first.... and then the stange feeling seemed

to be fade. ’Uhhh Better not.... We gotta hurry.. My thinkin’s not

too good’

’Well, we’ll get a move on then. We have a ways to go to meet

Kelly. We are going to meet up way out of town. Where no one will

see us. Walk with me...... ’ he told her

’...Margaret, I’ll be taking Angie out for a bit. Write it up for

medical reasons please. Buzz us out.’

’But....’ Ms. Crow stammered as she pressed the button that opened

the door and watched the two leave ’...I need the forms....’


Meanwhile, Kelly had parked in the same parking lot as Angie’s

broken down car. Oddly enough she noticed another car with

government plates nearby. Its window was down and she could see the

man inside the car watch her as she got out of her car.

Fortunately, he was ’eyeing’ her ’form’ more than suspicious about

her. She hadn’t thought about drawing suspicion THAT way!

She ignored him and hopped up on the hood of her car and put on her

rollerblades. She took her time lacing up the rollerblades....

always being a bit ’shy’ in school she had never really took

advantage of her good looks. She rather enjoyed knowing that she

was being ’scoped’. Satisfied that she was ready, she hopped down

and gave the man a smile before rolling off. He quickly looked

away, obviously feeling guilty for his thoughts.

She skated down the sidewalk towards the Fletcher’s house. She drew

looks of appreciation from all the men along the way....and looks

of apprehension from all the women. Kelly wished she had been more

outgoing when she was younger.... the ’attention’ felt pretty good!

Atleast it’s not too late now she thought! As she neared the house

she could see the suspicious vehicles still there. She scanned the

neighborhood and tried to finalize her plan. Then she saw the

neighbor’s large shrubs. They lined the drive and fence. Big

shrubs. ’Perfect!’ she thought. She rolled in like she lived there.

She ducked down and was quickly out of view. She sat down and

pulled the rollerblades off and tossed them aside. She looked

around quietly and slipped over the fence, hidden by the large

trees and shrubbery.

’This is ~easy~!’ she quietly said as she neared the back door of

the Fletcher’s. She grabbed the sliding door and...... and it was

locked! She hadn’t considered THAT in her plans.

’Damn!’ she mumbled.

She looked around and found a rusty screwdriver. After a few

attempts She was to pry open the door .


Dr Blackwell led Angie to his car. ’You better get in the back.

It’s safer for children there.’

’But I ain’t no ’child’’ Angie countered sounding and looking

exactly like she WAS a child.

’I know...but.... I’d feel better...OK?’

She reluctantly agreed and after the Dr. checked some things they

finally were on the road. It was pretty quiet for some blocks

before Angie spoke.

’Shouldn’t ya go faster?’

’What? Oh... We don’t need to get stopped and get a ticket.’

’Ya.... But.... I’d kinda like to hurry... Are ya even goin’ the

speed limit?’

’We’ve got a ways to go yet. It won’t take long. Just be patient.

We’re going fast enough.’

’Sorry... I’m just anxsh.... just anxsh...just wanna get there! I’m

kinda worried’

’I know...but it won’t do any good to get there before Kelly.

You’re too young to worry.’

’What?’ Angie asked upon hearing the same thing the other Dr had

told her.

’You’re too young to worry.’

’Ummmmm.... I think I gotta worry. OK?’

’I’m sorry.... you just look so innocent and all.....’

’Uhhhhh I better not talk to you right now.... ’K?’

’Sure, whatever you want. You remind me of my little girls.... and

they always get ~whatever~ they want. I guess I spoil them.’

’When we gonna meet Kelly? Can’t ya go any more faster?’

’It won’t be long now, sweetie’

’I’m havin’ trouble thinkin’. Drive faster, ’K?’

’Settle down... We’ll get there. Oh! Look over there’ He said while

pointing out the window.

’Ooooooo is that the zoo?’

’Yes, that’s it. You can see a lot of animals from the highway

here. And.....well darn!’

’What’s wrong, mister?’

’I guess we’ve timed it to get here during rush hour. It’ll be

pretty slow going along this stretch of road at this time of day!’

’ We need to hurry.... Ain’t there nothin’ you can do?’

’I’m afraid not, dear. We just have to take our time’

’Boy! I dunno..... Maybe you can honk or somethin’ I really need to

get that anti- uhhhhh... anti-stuff’

’No, we’re stuck. Stuck here by the big ’ol zoo. We’ll just have to

wait it out! Lot of kids at the Zoo this afternoon, though.’

’Is that a El-phant way over there?’

’You mean an elephant? I think it is. He sure is big!’

’Ya... Look at him. He’s this biiiiiiiig’ she said stretching her

arms out as far as she could.

’I bet it feels good being little......All that energy. I bet you

just want to play all the time!’ The Dr. asked, changing the


’Uhhhhhhh hmmmmmm sometimes. I like playin’ but....ummmmm maybe I

better no talk ’bout that...’

’Yes, my little girls are about your age. Yip, little girls about

your age. They like to play all the time.....Hmmm look here. One of

them left this in the car.’

Angie was still trying to spot animals but turned around to see the

Dr. showing her a Barbie.

’Wow...’ she said. ’That’s like the one back at the place. Uhhhhh

maybe you better put it down... ’K?’.

’Little girls like these I guess’ he said waving it over the seat

’lotta fun for em....I guess...You want to play with it?’

’Ummmm I better not.... Ummmm.....Barbie’s pretty though ain’t

she?’ she said, her eyes following every movement of the doll as

the doctor waved it around.

’You like Barbie don’t you?’

’Uh huh’

’You sure you don’t want to play with her?’

’Maybe I can just hold her a little bit? I better not play with

her..... but maybe I can hold her.’

’Why can’t you just have fun and play with her?’

’Uhhhhhhh I dunno....’

’Oh, I don’t know either. It seems such a shame for a little girl

to just hold Barbie and not play with her. Maybe I better put her


’Ummmmm ....... I’ll play with her? Pleassssse’

’Sure you can! Go ahead and play, hon! If a little girl wants a

Barbie I don’t want to stand in the way!’

As she reached for it, the Dr. turned the rearview toward Angie so

she could see herself reaching for the doll.

Angie smiled innocently at her youthful reflection.

The Dr. smiled also. ’I bet you don’t remember much about being a

grownup do you?’

’Huh?’ she asked, her attention on the Barbie doll.

’Never mind. I didn’t think so.... Yes, Kelly is a bright girl....

but a little naive’

’I like Kelly!’ Angie stated happily, not really undrstanding the

Dr’s statement.

’Yes, we had a problem. A couple of regression pills missing and a

couple of the reversing pills. A lot of people didn’t realize how

close we watched the ~inventory~. I thought we should have locked

the place down all along but those damn liberals at the agency

would hear nothing of it! We should have put our people in there.

Keep a few of the originals as needed and ~dispose~ of the rest...’

’What’s ~dis...pozed~? mean?’ Angie asked, trying to follow the


’Uhhhhh kinda like ’fired’ but a bit more ’permanent’! Anyway....

now that the President has been ummmmm well, his attention is

elswhere so to speak.... We can start running the agency like we

need. Not that we ever answered to ’The Big Guy’ too much but he

has his cronies everywhere. But they have other things to contend

with. Our people are pretty focused, always looking for an

advanatge. Imagine the military potential of these pills! This

technology! Anyway, when the pills came up missing we had to act!’

Angie was no longer paying attention. She was pointing out animals

to Barbie.

The Dr. continued for his own amusement. ’The mental regression is

the most fabulous part. We’ve done some side work on that.... WE

have no problem getting human ~volunteers~. Ol’ Jim was onto what

was happening but didn’t realize just how much each mental

regression could erase if it was allowed. And with a little work we

found other ways to speed it up. For whatever reason, the mind

wants to erase that stuff. We can just speed it up....

hypnosis...drugs.... ~brainwave manipulation~....whatever. We kind

of suspected it, but weren’t sure about you. We figured it couldn’t

hurt to give you a little ~push~...just in case. Dr. Frantz isn’t

one of us...just a handy pyscho-babble dupe. But a little girl like

you doesn’t care about that stuff do you?’

’Nuh uh.... ’ she answered enthralled with a giraffe she could see

in the distance.

’Yes, a little girl like you..... You see, early on we had a

problem. We didn’t know WHO took the pills. We suspected some

different people but wasn’t quite sure which one actually did it.

Ol’ Jim knew how to keep his mouth closed! He would have been good

for the agency. Brilliant man. Your car in the parking lot had us

fooled. We thought maybe you had sold the pills....or been

abducted.... Or maybe just ran away. But your dissappearence made

us pretty confident that Ol Jim was the thief! We figured you

either had the pills or knew where they were. You had to be in on

it. We just didn’t know where you were! We never thought about you

using them, though. We totally over-thought the situation! Figured

it was a spy thing! And then that day you saw the regressed Jim. I

had to wonder about you. And then Kelly... lovely young... ~naive~

Kelly.... I guess she has a crush on me. She trusted me! Tsk Tsk.

She had the key..... It WAS you! You were under our noses all

along!... Right there in our very own ’Children’s Center’. Yip,

~The Home~ is ours! Tell people there’s a problem and that they

need to throw some money at it, and we get a brand spankin’ new

Test Facility, paid for right out of the pocket of the taxpayer’s!

A perfect place to send our ~volunteers~ when we’re done with ’em!

And the community gets to send some real kids there which helps us

keep up appearances! But I think it’s all worked out now. I think

we have everything well in hand!’

’You sure talk a lot, mister! I wish I understood all that stuff!’

’Yes.... I imagine that’s a little more than a little girl can

comprehend....Hey, traffic is starting to move! Why don’t you take

this for me?’

The Dr. handed Angie a mirror. ’Just look at yourself in it.’

’Hows come, mister?’

’I just want you to see how young you are’

’I’m 6 years old, silly!’ Angie told him as she looked into the


’Yes you are.....’


Dr. Blackwell and Angie pulled into a dirt road that led to an old

farmhouse and barn.

’We ’bout to Kelly’s yet?’ Angie asked.

’We’re here’ The Dr. replied.

The Dr. got out but left Angie locked in the car.

’Hey... lemme out!’ she yelled.

’Hold on.... I’ll be back!’ The Dr. said and pushed a button on his


He walked on towards the barn. And Angie suddenly quieted.

There was a dark van inside. A van with government plates. As soon

as Dr. Blackwell entered the barn one of the van doors opened and a

man walked out.

’Any problems?’ The Dr. asked.

’Nope... she showed up just like you said. She was pretty surprised

to see us though!’

’I imagine she was.... let’s have a look’

They opened the side door to see Kelly unconscious on the floor.

She no longer had any trouble looking like a teenager. At best she

wouldn’t pass for much more than 16 right now. The sports bra was

growing flatter on her chest as they watched. Her features were

rapidly becoming softer and rounded. The cut-offs were growing

bigger on her.

’How much did you give her?’ Dr. Blackwell asked.

’Just one of the new ones. They work pretty quick once they take

affect. I was gonna give her two but Stan kinda liked her.... I

guess she flashed those baby blues at him when she got out of her

car... he didn’t want her to take THAT long to grow up!’

The two laughed.

In the van, Kelly was still getting younger. Her top completely

flattened. Her once toned legs now were growing progressively

skinnier. Her feet slid across the van floor and closer to her

torso as her height lessened. In the 30 minutes or so that the Dr.

was there, he watched her regress from 16 to just over 10 years

old. No trace of the 21 year old’s womanhood remained. Her curves

had been straightened. The cut-offs were huge and the once skimpy

cut up T-shirt now was no longer skimpy on her smaller frame.

’She had the headphones on ever since you picked her up?’ Dr.

Blackwell asked.

’Yip, we forced her to take the pill, gave her something to make

her sleep, and then put ’em on her. And man, she didn’t want to

take that pill! But I told her ’Either you take this one pill on

your own or we’ll give you an injection with the strength of 5!’.

She did the math and pretty quickly decided 10 1/2 years was better

than ending up about 6 months old!’

Both men again laughed as the Dr. reached down and removed the

headset from Kelly. ’I think we can wake her now.... she’s had

those headphones a LONNNNNG time...I bet she should be really

scrambled by now.’

’What about yours, Dr. Blackwell? The one in the car.’

’She was pretty far gone already by the time I got her here. I

worked on her mind pretty good. She’s more interested in her Barbie

doll than anything. Just to be sure though, I left her in the

car... WITH a special CD in the player.... A CD a whole lot like

what ~little~ Kelly has been listening to!’

’Those are really great tools. They pretty much scramble the ol’

noggin’’ the other man said.

’Kelly?.. Honey?... You better wake up......’

’Huh? Hey...Where am I?’ Kelly groggily asked in a much higher

voice. ’I feel kinda ~funny~ ......????’


A short while later:

Angie looked out the window and saw the Dr. returning. He was

helping a young girl that Angie thought looked familiar. She was

barefoot and had on a large cut up, faded pink T-shirt. She was

struggling to hold up a pair of shorts that looked much too large

for her skinny body.

The Dr. again pressed a button on his keychain and then opened the

door and helped the other young girl in.

’Angie, here’s Kelly...’ he said.

Angie looked at the older girl. The short time with the CD had left

her mind foggy. ’Ummmmm I thought Kelly was ummmmmm....’ her voice

trailed off as she studied the other girl.

’You thought what?’ the Dr asked with a touch of concern.

’Ummmm Nothin’ She just looked diff’rent or somethin’ in those big

clothes! .... Hi Kelly!’

Kelly’s extremely fragmentented mind still recognized Angie. Not

totally, but the memory of the face was there, floating around

amongst a sea of distant and foggy memories. Dr Blackwell figured

the scrambled memories would suit him well, especially as he

returns Kelly to ’The Home’. She should only remember it in flashes

and that should be plenty for her to be convinced that she ~lives~

there... and has ~lived~ there before. Plus he figured Dr Frantz’

psycho-babble would quickly work to fill in any blanks!



End Chapter 5

Teacher Knows Best

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 11, 2015


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