Family Playtime

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Chapter 2
Mummy and Daddy bedtime

Chapter Description: Its bed time for the two baby parents

’Ok dearies, if you want to play baby again just give me a call’ said Grandma as she hug Jessica

Jessica hug back, she just changed into her long sleeve top and sweat pants, wanting to forget what happen to her and her husband as she hug Kim back, ’Yeah I’ll think about it’ she said as she wave her goodbye, then closing the door

Walking into the kitchen as Daniel was drinking his coffee, its dark out so both parents missed work but lucky they called them saying they were feeling rather ill today, Jessica sigh as she’s glad she didn’t get fired

Daniel got up as he hug her, ’Wow, can you actually believe we were acting like babies?’ he jokingly said

Jessica giggle, ’Yeah and we wore diapers, and I can’t believe your mother spanked me’ she rub her bum, still feel the stinging

Daniel smile as they walked to the living room, ’Well at least Kevin got the playtime he wanted from us’

’Yeah’ she said as they sat on the couch, Jessica cuddle up to him as they began watching their adult shows, Kevin was sent to bed so they got all night to enjoy some peace and quiet

Unaware that Kevin was looking at the baby juice, he needs something that isn’t suspicious so he could make his parents babies again, but what should he do? Give them drinks? Give them food? He needs to think this over some more. As he lay in his bed, he looks over to the window, and noticing a new item on his table. Getting up he looks closely as there is two pacifiers. Kevin pick them up, one is blue and one is pink, he smiles as he could shove these in their mouths, but just hopes it regresses them like the juice did.

Kevin sneak down as he sees them cuddling up on the couch, Daniel and Jessica watch their cop show as they are completely unaware that Kevin was sneaking up behind them, Kevin figure he should get their attention so he could put the pacifiers in, so he walked around and face them

Daniel and Jessica jump in shock at him standing there, ’Hey sport, why are you out of bed?’ said Daniel

’I can’t sleep’ said Kevin innocently

Jessica sat up, ’well little kids need to sleep so you can grow up to be big and strong’ she said

’But what about babies?’ he ask

Daniel and Jessica look at each other, feeling uneasy, ’Well, babies need to sleep most of all’ said Daniel

’Yeah they can’t stay up late’ said Jessica

’But you two are staying up, and I’m more mature then you guys’

Daniel sat up as Jessica look to him, ’Well today was just mummy and daddy feeling sick’ he said

’Just because we wore diapers, doesn’t mean we are babies sweetie’ said Jessica

Kevin smile as he shove the pacifiers into their mouths, Daniel and Jessica sat back in shock as they suckle the nipple, chewing it as they suddenly feel much calmer, laying back as they suckle their pacifiers, Kevin smile as he could see the regression is working as the parents relax their bodies, ’Ok mummy and daddy’ he stop suddenly, he shouldn’t call them mummy and daddy anymore, ’I mean Baby Danny and Baby Jessie’ he grab their hands as he help them to their feet

’Ok follow me’ said Kevin as he held their hands, leading them towards their bedroom. Daniel and Jessica followed him as they entered, Jessica smile as Kevin sat them down on the bed, Daniel wave his legs around as Jessica lay back, feeling the soft mattress as Kevin proceed to pull off their pants, he got them off and on the ground as soon their underpants came falling off, The parents sat on the bed on their exposed bums as Kevin grab out some supplies, baby powder and most importantly the adult diapers.

Grandma left them just in case they wanted to play baby again, lucky Kevin watch her changed them so he knows what to do, he made them held their legs in the air as he powdered their bottoms, the powder making them giggle, Daniel blew raspberries as the paci fell out and Jessica laughed like a infant, Kevin slid diapers under them and manage to tape them up snugly around their huge waists. Once they freshly diapered, Daniel and Jessica sat on the bed poking each other diapers

’Dip dip feel good’ said Daniel rubbing his diaper, Jessica nodded as she sat back, rubbing her butt against the plastic to hear the crinkle, giggling like an idiot

Kevin clap, now they could play all night, but he can’t leave them wearing those stupid adult clothing, so where is he going to find baby clothes? He went through their closet to find something but notice a box, that has never been there before, he open it up and discover the pile of baby clothes, filled with onsies, plastic pants, footed sleepers and baby style shirts and shorts, he pulled out the sleepers as the material is so soft, he could dressed them up in these just in case they get sleepy.

’Ok babies, time to get dressed’ he said as he carry the sleepers to the bed, Daniel and Jessica drooled as Kevin remover their tops, undoing Jessica’s bra so the baby parents are left in just their diapers.

Daniel and Jessica stared at their own topless bodies, drooling and giggling as they only saw each other nakie when they are alone at night, but it is night so it must be nakie time, Daniel grab a boobie as he dribble, ’Boobie’ he giggle

Jessica laughed as he squeeze, feeling a tingly from down there, ’Hehehe, stop Danny’ she giggle as she pat him away, Daniel was getting hard in his diaper as he wanted to hug her, but Kevin lay him down

’Ok Danny, time to get dressed’ he said as he pulled his long legs into the sleeper, pulling his arms in as soon Daniel was zipped up in her blue sleeper, wiggling his toes under the footies covers as he dribble, Jessica was next as Kevin got I halfway but hard trouble with her big breasts, Jessica kick and laugh as soon she was also in the sleeper, pink as she bounce up and down.

Kevin smile as he got them to their feet, ’Ok now we go play!’ he said as he ran off, wanting them to chase him, which they did as they waddle ran after him, running around the house as the parents laugh as they chase him, soon it was Jessica’s turn as the boys chase her, then it was Daniels turn, soon the family were sitting down in the living room laughing,

’Lets play hide and seek’ said Daniel getting up

Kevin smile as Daniel began to count, he ran and hid in his closet, giggling as Daniel began looking for him and Jessica, Daniel waddle as he look in the bedrooms, opening the closet as he found his son, ’Found you!’ he said, Kevin smile as he help him go look for Jessica

Jessica giggle, she is hiding behind the curtain, her back viewable from the window as she giggle, anyone passing by would see the woman in her bright pink sleeper, Their neighbour was just walking by towards home

The young girl, same age as Kevin, with long blonde hair in pigtails as she held her mummy’s hand, the mother was also blonde as she tied it in a ponytail, dressed in her business suit and skirt as they spot Jessica in the window

’What is she doing?’ wondered the mother Chloe, seeing Jessica by the window in a ridiculous sleeper, she look so childish

Her daughter just giggle, ’She looks like a baby’ said Mary

’Its probably a new fashion’ said Chloe as they walked towards their house, Mary just keep staring at her, especially at the thick bulge around Jessica’s waist.

Kevin and Daniel continue their search for Jessica, soon Kevin spot a figure by the curtain, knowing she’s there he poke Daniel and point to the curtain, Daniel smile as he went and open it up wide, revealing Jessica, ’Found you!’ he said

Jessica cheered as she hug him, then she let go and began squatting down, groaning as she push, face going red as she release a load right into her diaper. ’Me made doody!’ said Jessica standing up, the foul aroma filling the room as Daniel laughed, Kevin clutch his nose as he held her hand

’Come on Baby Jessie, time for a change’

Jessica drooled as she waddle behind Kevin as he lead her back to the bedroom, laying her right back on the bed. Jessica giggle as Kevin unbutton the bottom of her sleeper, so he could change the diaper as he open it up to her waist. Kevin began removing the diaper, opening it up to her big mess as he wipe up her notty parts, Jessica giggle as she was clean up, Kevin rolled up the diaper as he put it on the ground, sliding a clean one under his former mother, powdering her vagina and big butt as he tape the fresh diaper up snugly

Jessica smile as Kevin re-button her sleeper, ’Thank you Kevie!’ she said hugging her son, she then sat up as she let out a big yawn. ’Me sleepy kevie’ she said rubbing her eyes

Kevin sigh, guess he could continue playing with them tomorrow, he lay Jessica down as he went to grab Daniel, who was tired also. Putting his parent in the bed, he covered them up snugly, Jessica cuddle Daniel as he held her tight, soon both falling asleep as Kevin tucked them in

Walking out as he turn off the light, leaving them to sleep peacefully.

Jessica smile as she started to dream, she was running around with Kevin at the park, she was laughing as she was wearing adult clothes, a pink singlet and sweat pants as she ran with her son, Kevin caught her as she hug him, ’Ok sweetie time to go’

’We can’t yet mummy’ said Kevin ’I still need to change you’

Jessica frown as Kevin pull down her pants, she look down to see her own big messy diaper, ’Guess I do need a change’ she smile as she sat down on a change table as Kevin began changing her diaper

Daniel was dreaming of their time at the beach, he was wearing swim trunks while Jessica was wearing that sexy red bikini, she turn as she smile at him, Kevin was running around in the water as Jessica stood in front of him, ’Come on Daniel, let’s be nakie’ she said in a cute baby voice as she un did her bra, showing him her big magnificent breasts, Daniel stood there gawking as Jessica turned and pulled down her panties, showing her big soft bum as she ran to the water, ’Come on join me?’ she yell hitting the water and splashing

Daniel look over to Kevin playing in the sand, ’But Kevin will see us’ he said

Jessica shook her head, ’Daddy won’t mind, now come play!’ she splash some more as Daniel took his shorts off, soon joining her as they splash each other. They giggle as Kevin call them over because they’re going home now, he put them into big baby diapers

Daniel look over to Jessica, ’Jessie, why are we diapers?’ he ask

Jessica groan, ’Cause we’re babies stupid’

Daniel frown, yeah that must be right as he and Jessica laughed together in their big baby prams

Daniel and Jessica smile as they enjoy their dreams, Kevin was in the kitchen putting more juice in their baby bottles, soon he hears a knock from the back

Walking to the back door he sees his friend Mary, patting the dog as Kevin let her in, ’Hey Mary’ he said as she walked in

’Hey Kevin’ said Mary, she was dressed in her pyjamas as she look around, ’mummy thinks I’m asleep, but I came here to see you’ she smile

Kevin smile as Mary notice the baby bottles, ’What are those for?’ she ask

’My parents’

’They drink baby bottles?’

Kevin smile as he told her about the juice and pacifiers, Mary giggle, finding it really funny that his parents are big babies, ’I think the regression is wearing off so I’m going to give them a big dose’ said Kevin ’Wanna help me?’

Mary nodded as she grab a bottle and follow him to the parents’ bedroom, the kids woke them up as they moan and groan, ’hhh, what’s going on?’ said Daniel rubbing his eyes, Mary put the nipple in his mouth as he began to suckle, Jessica look up at her son as he put the bottle in her mouth, making her drink down the juice. The parents suckle down their bottles till its empty and they fell back asleep, Kevin and Mary leave them to dream

’That is so cool’ said Mary, ’Can I have some juice for my mummy and daddy?’

Kevin giggle, he doesn’t see why not, so he gave her some juice and a pack of diapers, ’Remember, do not call them mummy and daddy’ he said as Mary held the items and walked back out

’Ok Kevin’ smile Mary ’I’ll bring Baby Chloe and Baby Brian for a play date sometime’ she giggle, Kevin giggle too as he wave goodbye, soon going to his room to sleep.


Kevin yawned as he sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes as he climb out and ran to his parents’ bedroom, opening it to make sure they are still babies, they are as Daniel and Jessica were both sitting on the bed laughing and giggling, spotting Kevin by the door as they wave

Kevin came up to them as they both mess their diapers during the night, he took their sleepers off, then remove the messy pampers they have, once he clean them up he stood the two naked adults up and lead them out

Jessica dribble, ’what about our diapies?’ She ask

’You get your diaper after you two have a bath’ said Kevin as he lead them straight into the bathroom, Daniel and Jessica were helped into the tub as Kevin turn on the water, filling it up to their waists as he gave them some bath toys, Daniel and Jessica splash as Kevin wash their hairs and bodies

Daniel stares as Jessica got her body soak and soapy, Jessica giggle as she notice him staring, looking down to his willy as she giggle, the two adults getting tingly but don’t know what to do about it, Kevin pat her shoulder as he help her to stand up, so he could wash her bum, Jessica giggle as Kevin soap up her soft cushy bum, sticking her finger in her mouth as Kevin did the same to her front, soon Daniel stood as well as Kevin washed him up as well

The parents then were helped out of the tub, Kevin drained the water as he wrap and dried them off with towels, Daniel and Jessica held their towels as they follow their son back to the bedroom, where two comfy diapies are waiting for them

Kevin put the diapers on easily, as he led the freshly padded adults out to the kitchen, hearing the hungry rumbling in their tummies, he left them just in their diapers as he doesn’t want to make a mess on their clothes

Once they entered the kitchen, Kevin was greeted to a shock as two really big high chairs are position right by the table, Kevin figure this is a another gift from someone, he led his parents towards them and help them into it

Jessica dribble down her chin as Kevin tied a bib around her neck, she look down as he began wiping up her drool, looking at her pretty pink bib, there is a cute cartoon on it, showing a mummy in her big diaper on the ground and cheering as drink lines surround her, with a bright caption that says ’Poopy Mummy’

Jessica giggle at that as Kevin gave Daniel a blue bib, with a daddy on it with baby food mush on its face, with the caption ’Messy Daddy’, he giggle too as the parents waved their legs as Kevin found some baby food in the fridge

He put it in a big plate as he sat in front of them, sitting on a big chair as the kid started to spoon-feed them. Jessica open her mush as the mush entered her lips, she chewed the mushy around her mouth as she shallowed, banging her hands for more as Daniel got a bite, Kevin smile as he fed them, Daniel got his chin dirty as Jessica couldn’t stop laughing at how her boobies are jiggling, spilling drool and food down her chin and onto her bib

The bowl became empty as Daniel and Jessica both burped, Kevin remove the bibs and clean up their faces, soon helping them out of their high chairs, he gave them their bottles of milk as he lead them to the living room, patting their padded bums as they waddle

’Now drink your babas and watch some cartoons, while I go have breakfast’ he said sitting them on the couch as Daniel and Jessica held their bottles and drink their juicy milks, ’and after we can go outside to play with Rexy’ finish Kevin

The parents held their hands in the air, holding their bottles as they cheered, Kevin smile as he turn on to a baby show and went to the kitchen to eat, mummy taught him how to make toast and he could easily learn how to cook from YouTube

Daniel and Jessica finish their bottles as they threw it away, giggling at the noise it made as Shawn the Sheep plays on the TV, ’sheep funny’ said Daniel

Jessica nodded, she loves Shawn the sheep, its one if her favourite shows, she drooled as she watch the sheep play jokes on the farmer, she began to remember watching this with Kevin, they were sitting on the couch as it came on, Kevin laughed at it as Jessica smiled, she was wearing adult clothes at the time, but the memory changed to her wearing a onesie and extremely thick diaper

Jessica frown, trying to remember properly but Daniel burst out laughing as she lost focus. Kevin came back, just finished his breakfast as Jessica smiled, ’kevie play now?’ She ask

Kevin nodded ’yep now we can play’ he said

Daniel and Jessica cheered as they got up and ran to the back door, opening it as they began running around the back yard, with the dog running with them

’Rexy!’ Dribble Jessica as she sat down on the grass, patting and hugging the dog, Daniel sat too as he gave Rexy a pat. Kevin smile as he began tapping his mothers shoulder

’Tag your it’ he said as he ran, Daniel got up and ran too as Jessica got on her feet and chased them, the family play tag some more, running around catching each other, soon Daniel got a new game to play, grabbing his diaper he rip it off and threw it away

’Nakie play’ he said as he ran, Kevin watch in shock as Jessica tear off her diaper as well, throwing it away as she ran naked as the day as she was born, chasing after her husband

Kevin should do something but he hears the doorbell ring, he could leave the two jaybirds to play a little as he went to answer the door

Opening up he sees his Aunt Kate, standing there in her small skirt and blouse as she look down at him with her green eyes and long red hair

’Hey Kevin’ she smile ’how’s my baby sister?’



End Chapter 2

Family Playtime

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 17, 2017


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