Susan's Life

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Susan needed a break.

Chapter 1
Susan's Life

Chapter Description: Susan needed a break.

Chapter 1

Susan was finishing her day. Another day of stress, personal conflict and strife. She looked forward to getting home and relaxing with only the daily traffic jam to navigate before that happened. She locked her computer, closed her file cabinets and grabbed her coat as she left her office. She unlocked her car and proceeded to join the busy traffic which she slowly navigated knowing that it’d be at least an hour before she got back to her apartment. At a stoplight, she saw a small shop with a sign in the window that said “We have what you need, Susan. Come inside!” A quick double-take and several re-readings later. Susan found a place to park and entered the shop.

Susan’s curiosity had gotten the better of her. She should have ignored the sign and continued on home, but still here she was in the small shop and trying to figure out why she heeded the message. It was a strange shop, curios and various bric-a-brac were strewn in a haphazard fashion about the interior. She paused to look at a full-length mirror with ornate wood carving and saw herself; short and on the chubby side wearing a pair of unappealing glasses, her business suit looked a bit out of fashion and her mousy brown hair cropped in a page-style just above her shoulders.

This wasn’t her concern however, what she really wanted was to get some of the stress out of her life, maybe find a person who cared for her and that she could care and love in return. A voice behind her that made a soft “ahem” noise broke her reverie and got her attention. “Hello, Susan! So good of you to come.” Said the shop-keep, “I suppose you’re wondering why you’re here, then?” Susan looked at the merchant with a confused look could only shrug her shoulders.

“You’re here because I have something that you need in order to get your life out of its painful rut. Well, without further ado here then is what you seek.” The shop-keep handed her a medium-sized package with the words “For Susan” written on it. “Don’t open it until you get home and follow the directions contained inside most carefully.” In so doing he ushered her out the door, pulled down the sign and locked the door. Susan was still confused as she walked back to her car, package in hand. As she unlocked her conveyance, and started to get in behind the driver’s seat, she saw the small shop disappear, leaving a bare lot behind.

Susan continued to her small apartment, entered and bolted the door. She had the package that the now nonexistent shop-keep gave her and her curiosity was running on overdrive. Placing the package on her dinner table, she opened it and found a package of diapers with a note that read: Only use for stress-relief and nothing else.” Well, didn’t that take the cake? Was it possible that there were people of magic that liked to play tricks on unsuspecting rubes such as her? She examined the diaper packaging more closely and found instructions how to put on the diapers whether lying down or standing up. The name on the package read “Happy Life!” and further stated “For a clean change and that warm, warm feeling.” A large and furry cartoonish-looking bunny was next to the name with a wide toothy smile, arms akimbo and large inviting lightly brown eyes seemingly beckoning for the use of the contents.

Susan snorted back a laugh at the absurdity of the situation and proceeded to cook some dinner for herself. As she seasoned the pasta sauce for her Italian meal, the thought of her wearing one of those diapers kept creeping into the edges of her consciousness. All the while that she was eating her meal and enjoying a full bottle of red wine (it was a stressful day, after all), the thoughts of her putting one on and hugging her stuffed bunny (a memento from her childhood), kept invading her thoughts and prevented her from finishing her meal. Finally, as she readied her self for bed, she decided to give in to her newly developed desires and put one on. Hell, maybe she could over this new fixation and go back to her humdrum in the morning.

She retrieved the package from the dining room and placed it upon her bad and opened the package using the convenient pull-tab on the side. The bag of diapers seemed to let loose a soft sigh as she did so. Susan grabbed one of the diapers from the middle and slowly pulled it out. The diaper seemed to give a velvety sort of feeling as she did so. After unfolding it, she realized that the diaper was too small for her and let out a sigh of disappointment. “Ah well, even if there are practical jokers with magical capabilities I guess they can’t get all the details right.” Said Susan, turning away for a moment and deciding that she needed to brush her teeth, heading for the bathroom.

Chapter 2

Susan was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. The package on the bed began to shimmer a bit as the cartoon rabbit exited the side of the package and made a gesture at the too small diaper which made the diaper increase in size. As the diaper grew, so too did the package which also refilled its missing diaper slot and zipped itself back up again good as new. The cartoon rabbit quickly jumped back on the side of the package and froze in place, this time, with one arm akimbo, leaning forward and presenting one paw forward with the thumb and forefinger exposed. All this was unnoticed by Susan until she entered the bedroom and found that the newly sized diaper seemingly waiting for her on the bed with the package looking like new and unopened.

“That’s odd” Said Susan, “It looks like it’ll fit me now and wasn’t the rabbit in a different position before? Oh, well.” Pulling off her pajama bottoms and cotton panties, she wondered if she should put it on standing up or laying down. She decided to do it laying down. So down she went on the bed and pulled the tabbed part of the diaper under herself, pulled the front part through her legs and over her pubic area and then held down each side as she taped up the two tabs to the plastic landing zone at the front. It felt soft and warm up against her nether region so she rubbed her hand up and down the front in a swirling motion and enjoyed the sensation. She pulled her pajama bottoms back on and went to bed. She wasn’t able to sleep right away so she continued to rub her hand up and down the front of the diaper as the thumb on her left hand stole up and placed itself in her mouth.

Susan began to get aroused. Her hand began to make rhythmic strokes in a very sensitive place under the diaper and she began to moan. The erotic feelings of diaper against flesh began to take over her conscious mind as she increased her pace, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing until she cried out in ecstasy at the pleasure and joy, falling back into a sweaty heap on the bed, fully satisfied. She lay there for awhile, spent, breathing hard and perfectly happy. She decided to clean up the mess in her diaper in the morning, grabbed her stuffed bunny (Mr. Cottontail!) put her thumb back in her mouth and fell quickly asleep.

Susan beat the alarm clock getting awake that morning. She felt better than she had ever felt since taking that job. In fact, the last time she’d felt this way was when she was in middle school during summer vacation! Getting out of bed, she had to pull up her pajama pants and hold them as she went into the bathroom. There, a slightly taller, slimmer version of herself appeared in the mirror. Susan had always been overweight, (okay, chunky!), and the surprise caused her to let loose of her pajamas which promptly fell to the floor. Her diaper slid down her now narrowed hips for a little ways as well, slightly askew. Her pajama top had risen an inch or two and her now enhanced breasts stood out like two marines on guard duty.

After the initial shock of seeing a more beautiful woman in the mirror, Susan inspected her “goods” and was very happy with the results. Meanwhile in the bedroom, the cartoon rabbit snapped his fingers and her wardrobe contents updated itself to more a more slimmer, fashionable set of clothing. The cotton panties, bras and stockings were gone and had been replaced with more svelte, stylish ones. The rabbit’s hand returned to the side of the package and froze with a double “thumbs up” gesture. Susan slid out of the diaper without unfastening the tapes, pulled off her pajamas and started her daily ritual. “That diaper is huge for my frame now” thought Susan as she went about her business and finished her toilette.

Her ritual complete, she went to the bedroom to get dressed up for work. She did notice the rabbit’s new gesture and the new clothing but didn’t mention it as it could be bad luck to question her sudden bounty. Dressed for work, Susan went to do a quick clean of the bathroom and found her pajamas, but the last night’s diaper had disappeared as if into thin air. Susan mulled over it while she made a quick breakfast and then left her apartment heading for her car.

Upon returning that Friday night, Susan reflected upon the stresses of her day, what should have been a more relaxed day was turned into chaos by the fact that some of her peers in the office pool noticed that she had now a rockin’ body and and sported an updated attire. Jealousy ensued and the various ladies proceeded to make her life “a bit more difficult”. The steno pool questioned her standard form filing, the secretarial pool wondered about her finances to each other and the bosses hit upon her in a discreet manner that would be hard to prove to HR as harassment. Only one person actually came out and questioned her improved appearance (as egged on by the rest of the staff), in order to find out what she was doing and why it had such a significant impact on her looks. She had replied that she had been going to the gym for months and that only now had anyone noticed her personal improvements.

All of this added to the stress she felt as she wasn’t used to all the attention, personal and private. She ripped off the seal to the package of diapers and padded up, reveling in the soft comfort that the diaper gave her, masturbating twice as she watched some television programs, not even registering what was being shown on the screen. She went to bed cradling Mr. Cottontail and sucking her thumb in earnest.

She awoke the next day in the middle of the bed, her pillows were just bumping her head, the pajamas that she wore were too big for her body. Upon getting up, the bottoms fell down to the floor and the top draped over her shortened arms and torso with a a bagginess that suggested that a younger girl was playing dress-up with a parents clothing. She looked into her wardrobe’s full length mirror and saw a cute sixteen year old staring back, her pajama collar askew, nearly reaching her shoulder. Taking off her pajama top, she noticed that the diaper she had put on last night was threatening to fall off. At that point, the bunny on the diaper pack came to life, jumped off the package and snapped his fingers. This caused the diaper to shrink, rise and position itself perfectly on her hips, hugging her with an increased softness that seemed to surround and caress her crotch in an arousing manner. Susan looked at the diaper, then at the rabbit and asked why this had been done to her. The rabbit smiled it’s big smile and replied that Susan needed a day off to enjoy the sights and get the stressors out of her life. “Go see a movie or visit an amusement park, Susan. Try to forget about your troubles for a while. You’re still old enough to drive and your license reflects your current age.”

Susan decided to comply, who could argue with a cartoon rabbit? Especially one that was magical to boot…

Susan went a movie theater and enjoyed several movies. Romance and animation kept her attention and helped her to forget about personal problems for a little while. During the presentation, she peed herself several times not realizing she had done so. Upon leaving the movie theater she realized that she was very wet. When she sat down in her car, the diaper squished alarmingly and seemed to threaten her seat with moisture filled bulk. They held all the way back to her apartment however, and Susan breathed a sigh of relief upon entering. She removed her diapers and considered putting on a new one, when the rabbit on the side shook his head in a “no” gesture. Ah well! It was fun while it lasted, maybe she could get some other diapers to wear she was really enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about toilets and doing the potty dance. Then she had a thought. “Mr. Rabbit, could you conjure up some non-magical diapers for casual wear?” She asked. The rabbit seemed to think about it and then snapped his fingers. A package of “Waddle-gators (TM) The fun diaper for grown up kids!” appeared and Susan donned one. “It’s not as good as the Happy-Life ones.” She said, but she wasn’t about to argue.

And so, 16 year old Susan, clad in a Waddle-gator, wearing a snap-footed bear-themed onesie with a hood that sported bear ears, (the rabbit had provided that, too), sat down with a bottle of juice and enjoyed some TV time on Saturday night. Changing herself twice due to the extra fluid intake and enjoying it immensely. As she drifted off to sleep on the couch, she had a dream of being just aware that her legs were being lifted into the air, her tushie powdered and a Happy-Life diaper was put on her. She was then lifted most carefully and put into a large crib with Mr. Cottontail to hug as she happily drifted off into deeper sleep. On Sunday morning, Susan awoke to being in a crib, (the bars were a dead giveaway), clad in a very wet diaper and she found out that she was only able to stand by grabbing the bars and pulling herself up. She couldn’t get out and she wasn’t too happy wearing the wet diaper, so she whimpered a bit. After a while, the whimpering became a soft cry as the diaper seemed to chafe, she couldn’t take it off as the tabs seemed welded shut, so she began to cry loudly and then bawl. This awoke the rabbit who promptly popped out of the Happy-Life package and picked Susan up from her crib prison, put her on a changing table, ts-tsked at her wet and reddened bum, applied some zinc salve, and then put her in a brand-new Happy-Life diaper.

Susan looked at the diaper and worried that she might become smaller and began to cry. The rabbit picked her up and soothed her, wiped her tears and then dressed her up in a very cute romper-suit with rumba panties. He then took her to the living room where a playpen awaited with lots of toys including Mr. Cottontail and put her into it. Susan enjoyed her playtime that day, she went through several feedings, diaper changes and a nice bubble bath. By the time that she was put into her bed, all worries had resolved themselves and she slept happily.

Monday’s alarm woke a fully grown Susan from her heavy slumber. Her body felt relaxed, full of energy and ready to meet the day. After a shower and a dump, Susan donned a two-piece business combo with the added addition of a Waddle-gators for her underwear. The rabbit on the Happy-Life package gave her the “Hairy eyeball”, but kept mum about any comments. Work went well, being less conscious about her appearance and caring less about the negative comments from the peanut gallery allowed Susan to breeze through her day with ease. She even disposed of her wet diaper in the women’s toilet waste bin and went commando for the rest of the day. When she got back to her apartment, she was ready to pad up again and even considered getting an adult diaper bag for work. The rabbit just smiled from the Happy-Life package and didn’t comment.

Fast-forward to several months of success powered by confidence and we find Susan with a new job position, (assistant to the bank president) and lording it over the worthless clucks that would attempt to drag her down from her lofty perch. She even had hired hands to change her diapers while she dictated policy concerning the mundane tasks that affected the everyday running of the bank. Soon, she would be considered for regional manager-ship as she rose ever higher on the payroll food-chain. Her dependence on diapers would grow the higher she went up the career rung, but that would have no effect on her job prospects.

She came home to her posh Fifth avenue apartment after an evening of dining, dancing and drink only to find the pack of nearly used Happy-Life diapers sitting on her kitchen table. “Hmm. One left, what to do with it?” She wondered as she felt it’s soft bulk in her hands. “It’s just not the same as these Waddle-Gators I’m wearing now. Ah, what the heck? It’s only one diaper after all...”

Had Susan been able to see the rabbit, it would have been obvious. Unfortunately, the rabbit was nowhere to be seen having long since split for other parts of the world.

Susan took off her current diaper and donned the Happy-Life...



End Chapter 1

Susan's Life

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 11, 2018


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