Cindy-rella (A modern ABDL tale)

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Many recall how the mouse combined the many tales and “standardized” into what we know today. I propose a step backwards with an up to date twist.

Chapter 1
Cindy-rella (A modern ABDL tale)

Chapter Description: Many recall how the mouse combined the many tales and “standardized” them into what we know today. I propose a step backwards with an up to date twist.

Chapter 1

Cindy Moved the vacuum around, pulling up the dust and detritus that had settled into the living room carpet since the last time it had been vacuumed. As she turned off the appliance, her stepmother came up to her and wanted to know if she had done the rest of her Saturday chores. “Yes Stepmother, the dishes, garbage, mopping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming are finished.” Said she. Her stepmother was pleased.

“Would it be possible to go to the College Dance tonight? The band called ‘The Charming prince’ will be playing and they’re my favorite.” Asked Cindy with a hopeful look in her eyes. “Certainly my dear, but first you must help get your sisters ready as I understand that the band’s lead singer is single and a most eligible bachelor.” Replied her stepmother.

And so, Cindy went off to assist her two stepsisters in their task of getting ready for the ball. Not that they needed all that much as they were two “smokin’ hot” babes that would look good if they showed up to the ball in T-shirts, shorts and sneakers instead of the ballgowns that they sported. “Off you go.” Said stepsister two. “You’ll need all the help you can get with that plain-Jane body and straight boyish hips. Oh! Stepsister One and I have left you a little present for your appearance at the ball as well.” Said she with a kindly smile. Cindy thanked the two and made a hasty departure.

Cindy was pleasantly surprised to find a diamond studded tiara displayed next to her taffeta ball gown which was laced with fine pearls. They matched perfectly! Cindy took her time to get properly “gussied up” as these things do take time. Her step family had already departed to the ball as she’d told them to not wait up for her and that she would drive herself in her rusty clunker mobile.

It was two hours to the festivities as she finished her coiffure and stepped back to admire the results. She saw a young woman in her mid-twenties with fair locks wearing a beautiful gown, a matching diamond tiara and shoes stare back at her in the mirror. “I guess that’s the best I’ll ever get.” She murmured, slightly disappointed that she was no competition for her stepsisters but determined to make the best of it, anyway.

As she readied herself to leave, a bright, bouncy light came in to her room straight from the wall and with a low melodic tinkling sound, reformed into a kindly looking grandmotherly type holding a pointy wand and bearing translucent wings. “Hello, my dear!” Said the woman. “I’m your fairy godmother and I’m here to assist you in obtaining the man of your dreams!” Before Cindy could even open her mouth to ask “who?” the fairy godmother was casting her magic.

Chapter 02

“To catch the man of her dream,

We resort to measures most extreme,

For in his nature lies a quirk,

Let’s change these clothes to make it work!”

Chanted the fairy godmother as she charged up her wand with a click-click sound like a shotgun being pumped, waved it and showered glittery, sparkly fairy dust every which way. As the dust cleared, Cindy’s taffeta skirt raised itself from the floor stopping at her derriere, exposing her panties at just the hemline. More magic dust settled on her shoes and transformed them into a fetching pair of baby booties which matched the taffeta perfectly. Yet still more dust hit her panties and they transformed into a poofy diaper that started at her belly button, covered her butt, and ensconced her nether region with so much bulk that it gave the appearance of her butt being overly big and pushed her legs apart. The taffeta skirt gracefully sat on top of the whole affair and only covered half of the diaper’s bulk.

“What the hell!?” exclaimed Cindy. “How is this supposed to catch the man I love? There’s no chance for me now!”

“My dear, your heart’s true love is an ABDL. These clothes will attract him and your charm will do the rest. Now get in your car and go to the ball!” Said the fairy.”Oh, I forgot! There’s one last caveat to consider and that is that as the clock approaches midnight, you’ll grow physically younger. It’s a side-effect of the magic. So get home before midnight! That’s the only way to stop the spell.”

Cindy considered and weighed her options carefully. She had a shot at her prince, but if she didn’t play her cards right, she could end up in a dire consequence. She made up her mind and picked up her car keys, went to her car, opened the door and tried to sit on the driver’s seat. “This bulky diaper isn’t letting me sit properly.” She said as she adjusted her seat as best she could, but she still wasn’t confident that she’d be able to drive. Her fairy godmother dipped her wand and the car changed form to suit her new clothing. The driver’s seat morphed into a giant baby carry-all and she found that she could drive comfortably. To the ball!

Chapter 3

Cindy arrived at the ball, presented her ticket and waddled onto the dance floor. She got the occasional odd looks and hairy eyeballs, but nobody seemed to want to openly challenge her “interesting” attire. The band was playing so she waddled onto the dance floor and did her best impression of the toddler stomp. While she was swaying to the beat and barely able to keep her balance, the singing star of the band noticed her and couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. After the number was up, he signaled to the rest of the band members that he wanted to do a dance and they complied.

Stepping off the stage, Cindy’s prince stepped up to her and gently took her hand. Cindy, totally surprised that this could happen so quickly simply stepped closer to him and they danced a slow dance. (Well actually, he danced, she waddled. But you get what I mean.) For the next two hours they moved up and down the dance floor before Cindy’s bowels protested due to all the excitement and she let off a large load followed by a heroic piss in her diaper. She went to run away then, so embarrassed was she, but he gently stopped her, guided her to the changing room and put her up on the table, pulled the tabs on her diaper, wiped her behind and crotch, rolled up the used one and tossed it into a waiting receptacle. He then pulled out a new one and lovingly slipped it under her tush, powdered her and then pulled the front through her legs, fastening the tabs securely on both sides. He then kissed away the tears and plopped a gentle smooch on her forehead. “How did you know that I’m a ‘daddy’ of the ABDL scene, then?” He asked and she replied “would you believe I have a fairy godmother?”

As they went out to the floor to get drinks and have conversation, he remarked that she seemed a bit smaller than before and maybe it was just his imagination. She got a glimpse of herself in the changing room mirror and saw a 20 or maybe even a 19 year old version of herself stare back. “Five years in about two and a half hours. I hope it doesn’t accelerate! I still need to drive home.”

So they sat a table, ordered drinks and food, talked the evening away and the side-effect of the magic continued to manifest. At 11:30, Cindy now a 16 year old, noticed that it was time to go when the band began to play a childish melody based upon “Hickory Dickory Dock”. The secondary singer was screaming into the microphone while the band did a metal back-beat and that roused her from her stupor. She hurriedly got up, said a quick and lame goodbye, and waddled as fast as she could to her car. In the process of running out, she lost one of her baby booties, but she wasn’t about to pick that up with the little time that she had left and continued hurriedly to the car.

Cindy got blocked in traffic, missed her turn and turned up at her stepmother’s house just as midnight was approaching. As she thanked her lucky stars while going up the steps, her now 14 year old bowels cramped up and she had to grab the railing to keep from falling down the steps. As she voided a second time that night, she still struggled to make it to the top of the steps and get her 10 year old self inside the house. Her house key struggled with the lock, but she managed to unlock it. She tried to turn the knob, but her 8 year old self was having a bit of a struggle with that as well. Finally, the door was open, she went to go inside, but her 5 year old self stumbled on the now enormous diaper that had fallen to her ankles, slipped and fell into the doorway. She abandoned her clothing and crawled her 2 year old self into the house. The spell had finally been broken!

Chapter 4

Cindy wasn’t very happy right now, she had taken a chance with magic and in her eyes, failed miserably. Dressed in a daytime diaper and wearing a onesie at the age of two after all she had worked for being lost just wasn’t in her playbook of “winning strategies”. She sat on the living room floor, watching a kid’s cartoon show and not really following it because she was so depressed. Her stepmother entered the room and saw that her stepdaughter wasn’t in a state to be reasoned with, but she decided to settle the issue that had brought her here off of her ample middle aged chest anyway.

“And just what were you thinking young lady?” She asked and began berating her stepdaughter about how magic wasn’t to be trusted, how she was lucky to be alive (albeit in a diminished state), how magic was never the answer, how no good solution ever came from magic, etc. etc. etc.

Finally, with all that worry behind her, she picked up Cindy and placed her on her lap, tickling her chubby little cheeks. Cindy just glared at her. “Well, you are indeed fortunate to be alive, my dear stepdaughter! At least you didn’t disappear into nonexistence! In fact, you have your whole life ahead of you! So cheer up and thank the stars for second chances! So saying, she picked Cindy up, took her to the changing table in the nursery, unbuttoned the onesie and changed her diaper adding plenty of powder as Cindy it turned out was a champion pooper and wetter. She put Cindy in her crib and announced that it was “nap time”. Cindy was just too depressed and tired from all the stress to argue, so she went to sleep.

Chapter 5

The days went by without much fuss, Cindy was now two years and six months old. She was having arguments with her stepmother about what age was right for potty training. Her potty chart had nothing but frowny faces on it and she was proud of that fact. “I still don’t see what the fuss is all about, I don’t think you need to do this potty training at all as I know how it works, but my plumbing isn’t ready for it yet!” Lisped Cindy in a cute little 2 and a half year old voice. She stomped her foot on the floor just like a tantrum laden 2 year old would and stormed out of the bathroom. She then went to the nursery and grabbed a diaper off the changing table shelf and laid down on the floor and proceeded to put it on. “Darned clumsy toddler hands!” She said and then took a few deep toddler breaths, found her center and slowly but still a bit uncoordinated, put the diaper on.

“You could wear the pull-ups you know.” Said her stepmother. “They don’t last as long. I get maybe 1 or two uses out of them and that’s it. Never mind the fact that every time I poop in one, it ends up down my legs! Until they make a pull-up that can handle the damage I can do, I’ll stick to the diapers, thank you very much.” Said Cindy. The stepmother gave up. Cindy was changing most of her pee diapers and needed help for the poo diapers. If she gave it time, it’d probably work itself out. She decided “watch and wait” would be her best strategy in this battle of wits. Stars above only knew what her teen years would be like…

There came a knock at the door. This was strange as the house was equipped with perfectly good doorbells (5 of them!). Upon opening the door, stepmother found herself face to face with none other than Cindy’s partner from the disastrous date at the college ball. She invited him in and he got straight to the point after declining her most kind offer of “coffee, tea or...”

“So, I’ve got this spangled baby bootie that I think your stepdaughter wore to the ball and I just wanted to put it on her and see if it fits, right? I’m just lost without the person who stole me heart that night and I’m really wantin’ to hook up with her again.” (He pronounced again as “a gane”). “You’re most certainly welcome to do so, but you’ll see why it just won’t work in a moment.” Said stepmother with an amused smile. “Cindy! Come over here and meet this nice young fellow, won’t you? Cindy! Come here this instant!”

Cindy knew who it was in the living room and she dreaded what was going to happen when she appeared in all her 2 and half year old glory, but she knew she had to get it over with and this what you got for taking a chance on magic. She slowly toddled into the living room, bare-footed, toddler shirt coming down to her rounded toddler stomach showing off her belly-button, snaps on the shoulder to make it easier to put her head through the smallish collar and a slightly moistened diaper with childish teddy bear prints on the plastic landing zone at the front.

“Hewwo.” She said in a shy, quiet voice. She stood with her hands behind her back, one foot in front of the other and her head cocked to the side almost touching her shoulder. “Well now, you’re a lot younger, but I’d say that you’re definitely the girl what stole me heart that night, I would.” Said the charming young man. “But I can’t wuv you ‘cause I’m too little now.” Said a saddened Cindy. “Now don’t you worry ‘bout that, my dear ‘coz you tole ol’ Charming you had a fairy godmom, yeah?” Asked the charming singer. “S’pose you put this bootie on and see what happens, eh? I suspect that you’ll grow up to your original age and we could go off and have our happy ever afters, right?”

Cindy looked at her stepmother, got no encouragement there, looked into the eyes of her hopeful suitor and saw that he was sincere and very much in love with the young lady “what stole his heart”, and put the bootie on.

There was a flash of bright light and the bootie shrank down to her foot size. A miniature tiara of gold laced with diamonds planted itself on her head, her toddler shirt became a gown of finest taffeta with the short skirt resting midway on her diaper and a new bootie appeared on her other foot. “So when do I grow back up?” She asked pensively as nothing more seemed to be happening to her other than the diaper she was wearing magically changed itself to a plain white number with “Congratulations!” written on the front in baby blue.

“I don’t rightly know.” Said the singer “I’d reckoned it’d right itself out instantly.” Then the singer saw that his lovely Cindy wasn’t looking at him with love but with a “deer in the headlights” kind of look. What was going on? He then noticed that his sleeve was rapidly growing along with the rest of his clothes and the room and everything in it, too! He got up and his pants fell down followed by his boxers as they were too big for a 14 year old boy. “Crumbs!” Said the singer. “Looks like a double-whammy this magic does!” Still getting younger, a 10 year old boy stood in the singers adult boots and wished the process would stop, but it continued on with steady alacrity. 5 years, 4 years and finally 3 years old. His clothing began to adjust itself to his body. The shirt became a toddler shirt, his shoes and socks became designer baby booties and his underpants became a toddler diaper with the slogan “It’s a boy!” written on the landing zone. The rest of his clothing pulled into itself and reformed into a package of boy’s nighttime diapers with superheroes peeking up from the landing zone of each and every one.

“Maybe it’s for the best.” Said Cindy. “I guess magic is just not to be trusted. What a hard way to learn it! Now I’ve destroyed your career and life as well.” “Oh, Lovie, Lovie! That’s not so, right? Let’s just say my career’s on hold, yeah? I used to model for diaper commercials and that’s how I made me first pile of money. Let’s you and me get hitched and bugger the details! It’ll work out, it will.” The singer’s 3 year old voice was just so cute!

Enter now, the fairy godmother. She appeared in a soft flash of light, wings still translucent as ever. “Right! That’s all sorted, I’ll just wave you to the singer’s house and his attendants will see to your happily ever after.”

“If you don’t mind, fairy godmother, we’ll just take the bus. Ciao!” After saying that, Cindy and her hubby to be packed a diaper bag and strolled out the door.

“Well, your magic really messed that one up! Good thing it all worked out in the end.” Said the stepmother. There’s just one thing left, and that being filing suit and having your license revoked and your wand burned. You’ve really screwed the pooch on this one.”

“Wait! I have a proposition for you and your lovely stepdaughters. What say I take a few years off of your mature frame and give your daughters a rewind ticket as well?”

“Hmm. Sounds good, I’ll take that offer! I could use a few years taken off, anyway.”

“No problem” Said the fairy godmother and waved her wand. Three coupons appeared and the two stepdaughters appeared with them. “What’s the fuss?” asked stepdaughter One. Fairy godmother briefed the two as to the situation and the stepdaughters agreed.

“Right! I’ll just redeem my coupon now.” Said the stepmother as she waved it into the air. “It’s working! I feel younger already. But why are my daughters also getting younger? What’s going on? I’m so confused! Mommy! Mommy! She’s being mean to me. Babababa! Bububububu! Daaaa!”

The fairy godmother didn’t say that the tickets could be used individually nor did she say how young the coupon holders would get. Too bad they didn’t read the fine print. And now without any worries of malpractice or court dates, she could get on with her own “happily ever afters”.



End Chapter 1

Cindy-rella (A modern ABDL tale)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 19, 2018


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