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Chapter 3
Part 3

Chapter Description: Taylor thinks she has rebuilt the machine, but she's yet to understand how it could have worked in the first place. Taylor and Suzy are both heading into their teens... and beyond if Taylor can't reverse things. Suzy is growing content with being a kid again but will she want to give up her mature body? Taylor is still not comfortable with getting older... but will that change as she becomes a young woman?

While Suzy splashed around in her sudsy bathwater, Taylor took stock of the situation. She realized sitting around crying wasn’t going to accomplish anything and she needed to be strong for Suzy.

The first order of business was to check her height. Her seemingly tighter than normal clothing indicated what she feared when she saw her height. She had grown an inch... or a little more... since the last time she’d checked. And that had only been a few days ago!

So now she knew she was physically getting older. It only stood to reason that Suzy must be getting physically younger. She quickly realized that at some point she and her mother would be the same physical age and then from that point their physical age gap would begin to match their mental faculties. She wondered if at some point they’d forget what is real and their new roles become reality? Of course, right now it was reality! Taylor didn’t want to forget being a kid! She wanted to get back to being a kid!

She walked sullenly to her room to try and research just what she had invented. How could it possibly have worked she mumbled. She knocked on the bathroom door as she passed “Sweetie, You better get out of there and dry off before you turn into a prune!”

“’K!” Suzy answered and Taylor heard a splash as she obviously stepped out of the tub.

Suzy grabbed a robe to wear but before she put it on she stared in awe at her body. It looked so mature and different! She couldn’t help but touch herself. She finally put on the robe and padded in to find out what Taylor was up to.

Taylor had rounded up most of the raw materials that she’d used to make her invention. Unfortunately, she had thrown away her notes that morning when she thought her invention had been a silly failure. Still, she was a child when she invented it.... how hard could it be to rebuild it?

With her fresh scrubbed face, Suzy looked even younger. Taylor figured that their ages had changed between 1 and 2 years. She wished she knew exactly when the changes had started so that she could calculate the rate at which time they’d be the same age and at which time their ages would be totally reversed.

“Whatcha doin?” Suzy asked.

“I’m trying to rebuild my “Role Reverser” machine so that we can switch back. You do remember us using it before don’t you?”

“Kinda” Suzy answered.

“I’ve got to figure it out so you can be the mommy!” Taylor explained.

“I can’t be the mommy, silly!” Suzy giggled “’cuz I’m just 6 years old! Mommies gotta be Ooooooooooold!” she explained.

“We’ll discuss it later” Taylor replied, not excited with the prospect of approaching 30 years of age within the week... or sooner! “Why don’t you go to bed now... it’s nearly your bedtime anyway!”

Suzy groaned and left to her room. She liked Taylor’s room better. There were dolls, a TV, a computer and all kinds of neat stuff in there.

Taylor grew frustrated trying to retrace her earlier steps in rebuilding her machine. There was junk everywhere. Dolls in the way, an annoying TV right in the way.... Stuff everywhere!

She finally fell asleep while reading some materials but didn’t sleep well. Her legs ached all night. Her chest itched. The room seemed extra warm. When she awoke the first thing that she noticed were her fingernails had grown longer. Her hair was longer too. And a quick look confirmed her breasts were beginning to grow as well. Excited and nervous, she ran to the bathroom for a better look in the mirror. She could definitely see the subtle beginnings of womanly curves! She figured she was at least 12. Some quick math told her that if she was 12 her mother must now be.... 21!

There were other complications. She needed to somehow get her absence excused from school. And she needed to make sure her mother wasn’t expected at her job. She couldn’t show up for school as a 12 year old and her mother surely couldn’t function as a 6 year old in a 21 year old body at work.

“Mom...errrrrrrr.... Sweetie..... errrrrrrrr Suzy... I have to ask you to do something. I need you to act as serious as possible and call my school and tell them I am sick and won’t be in. You just say “This is Taylor Jackson’s mother and she is too sick for school today” ...and then you hang up! Got it?”

“Can’t I go to school?” Suzy asked disappointed.

“Not like that” she said motioning at the 21 year old sitting on the floor wearing only a T-shirt and watching cartoons.

Taylor noticed something else... her mother’s voice had gotten a little higher. “Make sure when you talk to the school you don’t get excited. You need to talk slow and clear....” She didn’t want her sounding like a Suzy Co-ed!

Taylor dialed the number and handed the phone to Suzy. Suzy just stared.

“Tell them! C’mon! Just like I told you!” Taylor implored in a quiet voice.

“Ummmmmm Hello?? Hello?? Ummmm I’m Taylor... Taylor ummmm Jackson’s ummmmm.... mommy.... and ummmmm she’s too sick for school today.”

“Now, say you gotta go and hang up!”

“Uhhhh I gotta go and hang up!” she said and stared at Taylor for more instructions.

Taylor put her finger on the phone and hung it up. “Not the best but it’ll have to do” she said “Now I need to call your work”

“Kids don’t work!” Suzy explained. “They go to school”

“Welll.... whatever... I’ll call anyway” she said as she hit the speed dial for her mother’s workplace. “I just hope they don’t ask too many questions.”

“Yes, this is Taylor Jackson and I am calling about my mother... What? ..... Uh... Yeah.... No.... She’s better.... but.... OK... I’l tell her....” Taylor hung up the phone.

“Just what happened there yesterday? They were worried about you and told me to tell you to take all the time you need! I didn’t even have to make up a story!”

Taylor decided to put the finishing touches on the machine and give it the first try at reversing things. Her only drawback was figuring out how it worked in the first place so that she could reverse it! She was fairly certain she had it the same as before. Right now, the only idea she had was to sit in different places.... but since their roles were now reversed... maybe they should stay in the same seats as before? Taylor couldn’t think straight any longer. She had to hurry! Figuring that they’d changed approximately 5 years overnight... Taylor knew they’d be passing each other in age later that day if that rate kept up! There wasn’t any time to waste!

“Sweetie.... errrrr Suzy.... Does my invention look the same to you?” Taylor asked.

“I dunno... Can I be a ballerina?” Suzy asked, changing the subject “I wanna be a pretty ballerina... or a singer.... or a pilot!”

“A PILOT??? How’d that get in the list?” Taylor asked.

“I dunno...”

“We’ll talk about that stuff later. Do you see anything different?” she asked.

Suzy wasn’t paying attention. She wished she had dolls and stuff in her room.

“Suzy! Suzy Jackson! You pay attention to me RIGHT NOW!” Taylor ordered.

This got Suzy’s attention and she waited for Taylor’s question.

“I said..... Does my invention look the same?”

“I guess so” Suzy answered as she absently kicked at the floor.

“Well... Let’s try it. I’ve decided since things are already reversed we’ll do it EXACTLY like before. Maybe that’ll put everything right again?” Taylor explained.

“Do we hafta?” Suzy whined.

“Yes... Yes... Yes we ?hafta’” Taylor snapped and led Suzy to her chair.

Suzy sat on one leg and made a face. “If this works I’m gonna be a movie star instead of a mommy” she said.

“I thought you wanted to be a ballerina... or a pilot?” Taylor replied as she put the salad bowl on Suzy’s head.

“I changed my mind” she said.

Taylor took her place in the closet. “OK... here we go...” she said as she turned on the light. That was what she remembered was supposed to activate the process.

She didn’t feel any different. Did anything happen? She opened the door and saw Suzy fidget with her pigtails.

“Your dumb ?ol machine’s broke!” she said “Can I go play now? Let’s go to the mall!”

Taylor didn’t know what to do. Nothing at all had happened. If anything her mother had slipped even further... as had she. She calculated that her mother was now physically in her teen years... and she knew that meant she was a well. The growing weight on her chest was a constant reminder. Her clothing was growing tighter in different places now.

“I wanna go to the mall!” Suzy whined.

Taylor knew that was a bad idea. A 19 year old hottie with the mind of a 6 year old and the hormones of a teenager was a recipe for trouble! Only around 5 years separated them physically but Taylor could feel the chasm growing and growing between their mental state!



End Chapter 3


by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 8, 2015


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