Easter Down

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 5, 2015

Being cute for Easter sounds enjoyable

Chapter 1
Easter Down

Chapter Description: Being cute for Easter sounds enjoyable

*Done in this format since it’s how the ideas are wanting to be written*

“Don’t ask”

“Don’t ask what? How this happened to you?

“Aye, don’t ask”

~A minute passes~

“So how did it happen? I had to ask anyway”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”

“Try me”

“You know those really cute Easter baby onesies?”

“Aye, seen them a lot in the past few weeks”

“Well my mum remarked that I would have looked adorable in those when I was a baby, they weren’t around then”

“You would have, but how did this happen exactly?”

“I’ll get to that, anyway my mum kept remarking on how much she wished she could see how cute I would have been and she made some enquiries”

“Enquires that resulted in this happening?”

“Aye. Last night she gave me one of those chocolate Easter bunny things and I felt pretty tired after eating it”

“And you woke up like this?”

“Not exactly, I woke up in a nappy and such for sure but I wasn’t like this at the time”

“So how did you get like this?”

“Same way as you I imagine, the milk”

“Ah yes, the milk, that bloody baby bottle of milk”

“Only for you it was your girlfriend who did this to you”

“She did remark on how much she wanted a baby since she wasn’t able to and nor was I”

~Neither says anything for a moment~

“It was weird to become so young in so short a time, I never knew I could be so small”

“Nor me, although the nappies are actually pretty comfortable so I guess that’s a plus”

“How many others do you think has this been done to?”

“No idea. Here they come with their cameras, think we’re going to look cute in this Easter onesies?”

“Probably, they’ve been cooing over us since making us this young hours ago”

“After they’re done, want to race to the cuddly toy over there?”

“Sure, we may as well enjoy this since we’re probably not going to be adults again any time soon”

“Well smile I guess”

~Pictures are taken of two adorable babies in their very cute Easter onesies that had puff tails and floppy ears while their thick nappy are peeping out from the leg holes and from the bulk between their legs~

“Okay, on your marks, get set and crawl!”



End Chapter 1

Easter Down

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 5, 2015


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